How Can You Tell Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Pick The Right Timing

How can I know if my girlfriend is pregnant?

You can’t delay any longer to tell your mom about your girlfriend’s pregnancy, but you should not be in a rush either. Pick the right timing to talk to her since it affects her response.

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  • Don’t be dramatic and tell her when she relaxes so she can give all her attention to you.
  • Don’t talk to her when she’s feeling tired or stressed. If she is working, then choose the weekend as the best time to talk about this.
  • Pick the right time for you too, because you have to be mentally prepared to answer her many questions . Make sure your emotion is under control during the conversation.
  • If you plan to talk about this together with your girlfriend, consider the suitable time for her as well.
  • Wait for the best time but don’t wait for too long.

Preparing To Talk To Parents

No matter how close you are to your parents, you’re going to wonder how they’ll react. It’s one thing if your parents realize you’re having sex and they’re OK with that. But it’s another thing if they’ve forbidden you to date or if having premarital sex is completely against their values and beliefs.

Most parents fall somewhere in the middle. For example, some parents have pretty liberal values but they’re still shocked to learn their teen had sex. Even parents who know their teens are having sex can still be disappointed or worried about their future.

Your parents’ personalities also play a part in how they’ll react. Some parents are easy to talk to or calmer in a crisis. Some are more emotional, more easily stressed out, more likely to get upset or angry, to yell or cry, or express themselves loudly.

Most parents want to be supportive of a daughter who is pregnant , even if they are angry or upset at first. But a few may react violently to the news and let anger get out of control. If you think your parents might fall into this category for example, if they have a history of physical violence read the section on “Protecting Yourself” at the end of this article.

Some parents don’t show how they feel at first. They may take time to absorb the news. Others react quickly and there’s no mistaking how they feel. Some will listen and be sensitive to your feelings. Some parents will spring into action, taking charge and telling you what to do.

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How Unmarried Men Respond To Their Girlfriends Unexpected Pregnancies

  • Most working-class men in one town greet the news of an unplanned pregnancy with a mixture of fright and excitement.Tweet This
  • ” I felt like it was my time to grow up and to be a man and to do what was right.”Tweet This

James, then 20, was shopping with his girlfriend at Walmart when he teasingly suggested that she should get a pregnancy test. They had been together for a few months, and were just about to move in together.

Ill buy it for one day, James told his girlfriend, you never know.

When his girlfriend got home, she took the test: positive.

At first I kinda laughed, because I was like, Whoa!, remembers James. And she laughed, too. She thought it was funny, you know, because she didnt think nothing bout it. She took another one and it was positivetook two. And I was like, Whoa! Shes crying. Im like, Oh, shit, you know? It was like, Oh, man. Thats not cool. She didnt want a kid.

James wasnt intending to have a child yet, either. But he didnt use condomsI dont want something thats gonna have to block that and his girlfriend didnt use birth control. They talked about getting her on birth control a few times, and they had even agreed that she should get on it. But they were hesitant, he says, because they didnt want to approach her mom about it.

We wanted to get on birth control but at the same time didnt want to tell her mom, he says. Because her mom would be like Oh, so you guys are just havin sex all the time?

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Dont Pressure A Quick Fix Youve Got Options

When we were about to meet with the abortion provider, I remember she was telling me she felt like it was the only option and I remember agreeing with her, because I couldnt imagine life with a baby, and I knew that she had these crazy goals in life and I knew that her life would be drastically different. something I regret saying.Reid

It might feel like youre hemmed in more than youve ever been before, but you have options. Unplanned pregnancy isnt a simple problem. Each option comes with a unique set of physical, mental, and emotional ramifications. Its a complex situation that merits careful thought and thorough discussion.

If you feel cornered, take your time. You dont have to make a decision today.

How To Know If Your Rabbit Is Pregnant

Why I Don

This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 29 testimonials and 87% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 777,296 times.

Rabbits are wonderful animals that are bred for both companionship and for commercial purposes. Sometimes breeders don’t fully know the history of a litter of rabbits, and may sell or adopt a rabbit to a new home without knowing whether the rabbit was spayed or neutered.XResearch source Whether you’re trying to breed rabbits for yourself or have recently adopted a rabbit and fear it may be pregnant, knowing about rabbit physiology and how to check for signs of pregnancy can help you plan ahead and prepare for your rabbit’s future.

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As The Boyfriend Do I Have Any Say

In this situation, ultimately the choice is up to your girlfriend as to what she chooses for the pregnancy. You can, of course, express your opinions and beliefs about the pregnancy and how you would or would not like to be involved, but you can NOT force her into any decision. If her parents are in the picture , they also cannot force her to make a specific decision. It is important to remember that if you decide you do not want to be involved, but she decides to parent the baby, you will likely be required to pay child support. This would be up to her to decide if she feels she needs financial help to raise the child.

Sharing Your Faith With Grace And Purpose

You can confidently and lovingly share your faithyou just need to learn some new tactics to do so! In this Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast, apologist Greg Koukl outlines the Columbo tactic of asking questions, the self-defeating argument tactic to find holes in your opponents arguments, and other specific methods for engaging in faith-building conversations with others. Greg pulls from his over 30 years of experience debating atheists and agnostics to help you share your faith with grace and truth.

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Video: How To Confirm Pregnancy Without Taking A Test

While pregnancy tests are the sought after option, there are a few ways by which you can know with reasonable certainty that you are pregnant. In this article, we will look at how to confirm your pregnancy without a test, for the benefit of expecting parents.

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I’m Confused About Being A Dad


Having mixed feelings about the possibility of being a dad is normal. It is not uncommon to feel excited and happy about the idea of being a dad.

You might find it hard to deal with the idea of being a father because you feel:

  • Not ready
  • Too young
  • Not settled enough in life to take on this role

It may take time to understand these feelings and taking time to think about them is a good idea. However, try to keep in mind that there is a limited time period to consider the options, especially if the option is to have an abortion . You can talk to the Family Planning NSW Talkline or your doctor for more information.

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Reconciling Faith And Science In A Medical Crisis

Dr. Lee Warren is a neurosurgeon who has faced many heavy challenges in his life from serving in the Iraq War to removing deadly brain tumors to experiencing the loss of a teenage son. Hell share about his difficult quest to find answers to some of lifes toughest questions, while holding onto his faith in God and the sure hope of heaven

Baby Girl: Bigger Left Side

Around the 4th to 6th week of your pregnancy, hormonal changes will make your bust more tender, and this will usually last through your first trimester. You can also expect them to grow bigger around 6-8 weeks. You may be able to flaunt a cup or two bigger than the usual size. However, as they grow, they may feel itchy as your skin stretches. You may also develop stretch marks. The same hormones that cause linea nigra and the pregnancy mask will also cause your nipples to grow darker as they grow bigger.

The old wives tales have it that these symptoms can tell you your babys gender. Inspect your growing bosom in front of a mirror, or ask your partner. If the right mound is bigger than the left, then its a boy. If the left side looks bigger than the right, then its a girl. Also take a look at your nipples. If they are darker, then expect that a boy is on the way. Your breasts will likely change again after baby is here, and this is all very normal.

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Your Relationship With Your Partner

Pregnancy will bring about big changes to your relationship, especially if this is your first baby. Some people cope with these changes easily, while others find it harder.

It’s quite common for couples to have arguments every now and then during pregnancy. It’s important to realise that during pregnancy there are understandable reasons for the occasional difficulty, and good reasons for feeling closer and more loving.

These communication tips can help to nurture your relationship during pregnancy:

  • Talk to each other about how you feel about being pregnant and what’s to come the positives and negatives. Try to talk in a way that explains your views rather than blames your partner.
  • Talk about your hopes and dreams for your family and what rituals and traditions are important.
  • Talk about your individual parenting styles. If your styles turn out to be different, you might need to work on solving problems together with negotiation and compromise.
  • Be open and honest about your sexual needs.

There are also practical ways you can help to manage the impact of pregnancy on your relationship:

Talking About Your Decisions

Pin on Natural Pregnancy Tips

Now that you’ve told your parents, you’ll have some important decisions to make. Talking decisions over with others can help. Sometimes parents including your boyfriend’s parents can offer a new angle or ideas.

Whatever you decide, it needs to be what you want, not what someone else wants you to do. That’s especially true if you think most of the child-raising will fall to you. It’s a big job.

Becoming a teen parent affects your education, job, and financial future and often your boyfriend’s too. Over half of teen pregnancies end with the birth of the baby. Some teens decide to keep the baby. Others let someone adopt the child. Some teen pregnancies end in miscarriage, and about one third end in abortion.

Talking about your options isn’t easy, especially if none of them is what you had in mind. Some families need the help of a counselor to talk about this difficult and complicated situation in a way that lets everyone be respected and heard.

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Your Pregnancy Tests Are Negative But You Still Think You Might Be Pregnant

While false positives are very rare, false negatives with pregnancy tests are more common. Here are some reasons you could be getting a negative pregnancy test.

If you’ve gotten negative results multiple times but are experiencing the signs of pregnancy, and especially if you’ve missed your period, then you should see a doctor who will be able to conduct additional tests and see what might be going on.

Preparing For Being A Parent

It can be helpful for both expectant mums and dads to learn about ways to help themselves and others through this time of change.

Read parenting books, talk to family members and friends about their experiences as new parents and take some time to think about who might be able to provide support if you need it. It can help to develop a network with others who are also pregnant or who have children of a similar age.

While preparation is important, it is also good to remember that you can’t prepare for everything.

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My Girlfriend Is Pregnant What Do I Do

Many people think of pregnancy as a womens issue, but men have a big role in the process as well. When your girlfriend tells you shes pregnant, you might be scared, angry, or confused. However, one thing is always true you need to know where to turn for help.

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we provide support and help for men as well as women. If youre facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy and you arent sure what to do next, we can help.

Well help you understand how to support your girlfriend, what you should and shouldnt do, and how to get help now. Call us at .

How Do I Tell My Parents That Im Pregnant

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant – What Should I Do? | Dad University

Even though it might feel scary, talking with your parents can really help. They can talk through your options with you, and make sure you get the health care you need.

Many people worry that their parents will freak out, but thats not always what happens. If you can, try to be open and honest. Start by telling your parents that you trust them and need their help and support. Most of the time, they just want to make sure youre healthy and safe. If your parents do get upset, they may just need some time to calm down.

Sometimes parents are shocked or angry, and sometimes they’re understanding. Theres really no way to know how your parents will feel unless you talk with them about it. It might help to find a time when you can talk in private and there are no distractions. If youre feeling really nervous or scared to talk to your parents, you can always ask a friend or other family member to be there with you during the conversation. That way, youll have support no matter what happens.

If you really feel like you cant talk to your parents, try talking to another adult who you trust . If youre worried that telling your parents youre pregnant may put you in danger, tell a teacher, nurse or doctor, or other adult you trust.

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Your Girlfriend Tells You Shes Pregnantnow What

by Josiah Friedman | Jul 24, 2019 | Fatherhood, Unplanned Pregnancy

She tells you, Im pregnant. Great conversation starter, right?

Youve got a career ahead of you, big dreams, an education youre midway through, and no plans to settle down. Or maybe you didnt feel so on-top-of-the-world before those two words sent your already crumbling life crashing down on youbecause $80,000 in student loan debt and just trying to make rent wasnt a big enough problem.

Either way, your mind just skipped the reasoning phase and went to full freak-out mode. Viva fight, flight, or freeze, right?

Heres a few things you need to remember.

First, breathe. In the words of Chris Pratt, If you dont, youll suffocate.

Second, youre not alone. I interviewed 4 young guys who faced the same dilemma.

Reid was a 17-year-old Christian high school student boosting his resume to attend West Point for college when his girlfriend called him on the phone to break the news. It was just one time. He was in disbelief.

who grew up with an abusive father. He had little direction in life when his girlfriend took the pregnancy test. He thought this might be his chance to get serious about life.

PJ was a sophomore football player at the University of North Dakota with NFL dreams when his sort-of girlfriend broke the news. He bought her 6 pregnancy tests just to be sure.

Sound familiar?

Ask Advice From Others

Even if you are not on a good term with your parents, you still have to tell them. But before that, you may get help by asking for advice from others.

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  • You can ask your grandparents or your siblings. But of course, you need to tell them first. Rather than your parents, they might accept the news more calmly. They will be deadly shocked at first, though.
  • You know that you are not alone in this situation. Those people will be genuinely helping you and making this difficult situation less stressful.
  • They might warn you that your mother could get very angry and end up not talking to you for some time. At least you know that there are people who still care about you.

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