How To Be Fashionable While Pregnant

Staying Stylish During Pregnancy

How to Look Fashionable While Pregnant – “I’m Pregnant, Now What?” (English)

Staying fashionable throughout pregnancy doesnt have to break the bank. Rather, you can re-purpose your pre-pregnancy clothes to accommodate your changing body, stock up on a few new essentials, and mix and match clothes for endless variety and much-needed comfort.

Do wear your old cardigans, blazers and oxfords open over a tank or camisole. This not only saves you from having to buy extra clothes, but is a great option for moms-to-be who dress business-casual at the office.

Dont hide your tummy. Its acceptable to wear form-fitting, stretchy pieces. Just make sure theyre long enough to completely cover your belly. Also, consider making large, flowy clothes more curve skimming by adding a belt.

Do don leggings. These wardrobe staples are often stretchy enough to accommodate a growing tummy, and high-waisted styles can provide additional support. Solid black is classic and slimming, while colors and prints paired with a solid top add pop to an otherwise basic outfit.

Dont be afraid of prints. While its easy to think an all-over print can make you look larger, the opposite is true. As long as you steer clear from chunky horizontal stripes, patterns are a wise and slimming wardrobe option.

Do understand if you have to size up or shop for maternity duds. Though it might be tempting to try and squeeze into your old clothes, looking constricted makes you appear larger than if you wore well-fitting items.

Get Some Nice And Cozy Footwear

While you may be used to having a six-inch heel aesthetic, you might want to ditch that for some more comfortable wedges. You can still be dressy if the occasion calls for it, and it’ll keep your feet from getting swollen.

If you like having something light on your feet, you can pack some flats in your bag. It’ll take the pressure off of your feet, and these are a bit more flexible for your growing feet later in your pregnancy.

You don’t have to put on boring maternity wear to stay comfortable in your pregnancy. Choose some fashionable items to accentuate your features while you go through this unique phase in your life.

How To Look More Fashionable During Pregnancy

First of all, congrats on getting pregnant. You are entering these 9 months that may seem hard but they will bring something you will care for and love for the rest of your life. Being a fashionable woman, you are trying to adapt to these changes on your body while still looking great.

That is really easy these days with so many different options and ideas you can get from the internet. Just remember that you dont have to change your style completely, you can just upgrade it.

We made this article to ease your transition into this mommy season, tell you some tips and tricks on how to style your new look and be confident.

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Stay True To Your Signature Style

During pregnancy, French women stay true to their signature style, while switching up the cuts. They are generally reluctant to buy new clothing in the beginning. And rather than buying maternity clothes, they just shop at regular and/or vintage stores and sizes up, stressing the value of comfort. In an interview for Modesens, Leia Sfez, the Parisian model and creative director said: For me, its very important to stay as close as possible to my natural, non-pregnancy style, but just take into consideration a belly that is growing day by day.

What Pieces Keep You Stylish And Comfortable

9 Tips on How to Dress While Pregnant

While its important for you to maintain your personal style to keep feeling yourself and confident throughout your pregnancy, comfort has to come high on your list of priorities.

There are some definite maternity fashion pieces to opt to keep you both stylish and comfortable when dressing your bump.

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Only Buy Pieces That Can Grow With You

If you feel the rest of your closet is lacking in wearable items for your changing figure, buy new pieces that can grow with you. Dont buy something that will only fit you for a week or two. Consider adding wrap dresses to your uniform. Not only are they very flattering but they accommodate expanding tummies superbly. Thats a pregnancy fashion must!

Fashionable Maternity Wear: How To Be Fashionable While Being Pregnant

Tip 1: Make your face the focus point in any outfit when you are pregnant.Tip 2: Wear as much Stretch and Lycra outfits as possible while you are pregnant! Tip 3: Even though your pregnant waist is expanding, still try to wear items that define the waist. I don’t think so!Tip 4: Try Bias Cut designs while you are pregnant. Tip 5: Embrace your soon to be new body!

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Choose Styles That Last Beyond Your Nine Months

It’s a lot better for your wardrobe and the planet if you avoid buying and wearing maternity clothes that you cannot wear anymore after your pregnancy. If you want to save precious space in your closet and protect the environment, be mindful when shopping for maternity wear. Choose styles that last beyond your nine months. Most women switch to maternity-friendly clothing in the earlier stages of pregnancy before the sixth month. But the best advice for pregnant women is to invest in fashionable garments that make you feel beautiful for your nine months and beyond. Check out our selection below for the best affordable and sustainable maternity clothes you can wear after pregnancy.

Wear Your Normal Clothes For As Long As Possible

How To Dress Stylish While Pregnant

French women try to wear their normal clothes for as long as possible, while still making a few concessions. Instead of buying pregnancy clothes that theyll only wear for a few months, French women prefer to stick to what they usually wear and adapt their outfits to accommodate their bumps. With oversized tops, jackets, large sweaters, classic shirts, trenches, oversized coats, comfortable dresses, and mens jackets, French women wear as much of their existing wardrobe as possible.

Jeans addicts also wear their normal jeans. And when its no longer possible to fasten them, French women attach their jeans with the elastic trick. To do so, just loop a hair elastic around the button, pull it through the buttonhole, and loop it back around the button to secure it.

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Tips To Look Stylish And Cute While Pregnant:

Avoid Too Many Layers

Leopard Cami – Nordstrom // Belt – Uniqlo // Leather Boots – Blondo // Knit Pencil Skirt – H& M

Accentuate With a Fitted Silhouette

Bodycon dress – ASOS // Thigh-high Boots – YesStyle

Shop The Look:

Peplum to Hide the Bump

Peplum top – Zara // Maternity skinny jeans – H& M // Block heel – Zara
The baby bump looks more prominent on the side

Shop The Look:

Add Belt for Waistline

Wearing my favourite pleated skirt that comes with a belt. Skirt bought in Seoul.

Shop The Look:

Tie Knot Cardigan for Style

This stripe dress is non-maternity as seen here – Blooming Jelly // Block heels – Zara // Tie Knot Cardigan – Zara


Chunky Heel to Add Height

Monotone Chic

Knit Pencil Skirt – H& M // Leather Boots – Blondo // Belt – Uniqlo

Kill it With Thigh High Boots

Shop The Look:

White Sneakers on Warmer Days

Shop The Look:

If Youre Gonna Shop Buy Dresses You Can Wear During *and* After Pregnancy

Lets be real: You own a bodycon and/or a flowy floral dress, so consider them contenders for your new pregnancy rotation. Bonus: You can wear them again after you give birth and knock a few purchases off your to-buy list, which will be as ever-growing as your new belly. Why are these options great? Because the fabric of the tighter dress can snap right back into its original shape, and the looser, more oversize dress will look chic during your pregnancy and after.

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Wear Regular Clothes For The First Trimester

You can wear conventional clothes in early pregnancy. Most women continue to wear their regular wardrobe and favorite outfits for most of the first three months or first trimester when pregnant. Keep in mind that clothing is your second skin. So the clothes you wear should always make you feel beautiful and comfortable, especially when expecting a child or nursing. You can start looking for affordable and sustainable maternity wear after the first trimester of pregnancy or at the beginning of the fourth month. Many clothing designers and fashion brands make affordable and sustainable non-maternity clothes for pregnant women. Check out our selection for the best non-maternity clothing, including dresses, tops, jeans, pants, leggings, and more that are easy to wear before, during, and after pregnancy.

Show Off Your Legs In Maternity Skinny Jeans

The World of Ms. Penelope Red: Fashionable Maternity Wear: How to be ...

Slip into a pair of skinny jeans that show off the shape of your legs at least one great pair of maternity jeans will go a long way as you head into the third trimester. Not a fan of tight denim? Slouchy boyfriend jeans can look just as stylish, especially in a petite, cropped-at-the-ankle style.

Tuck a maternity T-shirt into your jeans, throw on an oversized sweater jacket in a neutral hue, and, if you’d like, make it feel a little more tailored by adding a knotted belt. Accessorize with a felt hat and a pair of casual sneakers for an all-around-easy ensemble.

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About The Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune is a global health and environmental advocate. He founded Panaprium to inspire others with conscious living, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Alex has worked in many countries to address social and environmental issues. He speaks three languages and holds two Master of Science degrees in Engineering from SIGMA and IFPEN schools.


Diy A Belly Band From Control

Im not totally saying to nix belly bandstheyre actually amazing under a looser sweater, because they can protect your tummy from itchy fabrics, or dress, to protect it from getting drenched in the stretch-mark-prevention oils and creams youll have to lather on. Just so you know, though, you dont have to spend on a belly band. Instead, you can DIY your own in a pinch. Simply fold a pair of control-top stockings that you have lying around in half, then cut them right at the crotch. This creates a belly-band-like accessory that can be worn under your clothes. Genius.

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Wear Stylish Oversized Clothes

Let’s be honest. Not every day is a bodycon day. Sometimes you will want to let loose but still look good. Oversized clothes win this round. Quality t-shirts, cashmere sweaters, and oversized shirts are always the right choice for those lazy days. Try to accessorize your look to give it a little more spice.

You can wear a quality t-shirt together with stretchable jeans and cut flat shoes. Accessorize this with a beautiful bag and jewelry of your preference. Everyone has a unique sense of style. Depending on your taste, choose baggy clothing and style it up to your liking. Make sure not to overdo the size of your outfits.

Pair A Stretchy Tee With A High

We Wore Pregnancy Bellies For 48 Hours

If you’re looking for cute summer pregnancy outfits, bookmark this one. Start with a high-waisted maternity skirt in a comfy material, like a jersey knit or cotton blend. You can also save the standard black skirt for fall or winter and instead and get a little playful with a lighter hue or even a colorful pattern.

Tuck in a maternity tank in a complimentary but different color, so the outfit is visibly broken up. Throw on a breezy cardigan, espadrilles, and a statement necklace. Grab your sunglasses and you’re set.

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Use Whats Currently In Your Closet

You dont need to run to the mall and go on a shopping spree…unless you really want to! If you have the extra spending money and want to treat yourself to a new wardrobe of the trendiest pregnancy fashion, by all means, go for it. However, you really dont need to spend a lot of money to adjust your weekly attire to accommodate your pregnancy. You can easily incorporate pieces from your current wardrobe into your new pregnancy wardrobe. As a matter of fact, most of your clothing can really be worn throughout your pregnancy.

Is It Ok To Wear Leggings When Pregnant

Wearing leggings during pregnancy is perfectly safe. They are simple to put on and remove, and they are extremely comfortable to wear. If you have varicose veins, you should avoid pregnancy leggings with elastic waistbands. If you wear the wrong type of leggings, your varicose veins may become irritated.

When pregnant, the body size and wardrobe are vastly different. When the baby is born, the need for new sizes will not change. What if I found a pair of leggings that fit when you were one week pregnant, 40 weeks pregnant, and also after youre pregnant? Align Leggings were still my preferred legging by the end of 40 weeks. When my water broke, I put on Align leggings to take me to the hospital. I still enjoy them even after eight months of being a parent. They can be used in public as an excellent alternative to breastfeeding.

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Tailor Your Bathing Suit To Your Body Size With A String Bikini

If your pregnancy falls during the summer months and the thought of buying lots of new bathing suits to fit your ever-growing bump sounds worse than trying on new bathing suits when youre not pregnant, try string bikinis . Youll get more wear out of them since you can customize their size thanks to the tailor-able ties, and then you can wear it again after you push the tiny human out.

Pregnant And Chic: How To Stay Warm And Fashionable This Winter


Choosing the right outfit when youre pregnant can be tricky, especially when youre trying to stay warm in the winter. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect winter wardrobe for your growing body. First, youll want to make sure you have a good selection of comfortable, stretchy pants. Leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants are all great choices, and you can dress them up or down as needed. Pair them with a cute tunic or a flowy dress, and youll be good to go. If youre looking for something a little more substantial, consider a pair of maternity jeans. There are lots of great styles out there that will give you the support you need without sacrificing style. Just make sure to avoid anything too tight or constricting, as that can be uncomfortable for you and your baby. Finally, dont forget to accessorize! A cozy scarf, a cute hat, or a pair of stylish boots can really help to complete your look. And dont forget to layer, as youll want to be able to take things off if you get too warm. With these tips in mind, youll be sure to stay warm and stylish all winter long.

Maternity clothes will not be required until 12 to 18 weeks of pregnancy, but once youre pregnant, you should start wearing them, especially if youre having a baby shower or having a baby.

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How To Choose A Maternity Bra

You do not have to wear a maternity bra during pregnancy. But for some women, especially those with larger breasts, a maternity bra can be more comfortable.

Breasts prepare for lactation quite early in pregnancy and most changes to the breasts have finished by about 16 weeks. This is a good time to invest in a maternity bra, if you want to.

It is a good idea to be professionally fitted. A correctly fitted bra will support your breasts and make you more comfortable.

Underwire bras are not recommended during pregnancy or when you are breastfeeding. Your breasts will change in size and shape and the underwire may put pressure on your breasts. This can lead to an increased risk of a blocked milk ducts or mastitis. However, some maternity bras do have flexible low-gauge wire support that is less likely to cause problems. Some women find a sports bra is all they need.

Nipple Covers Come In Handy To Conceal And Protect Your Belly Button

If your once-innie belly button starts becoming an outieand gets sensitive from rubbing up against your clothinglean back in a chair or lie flat on your couch and apply a disposable nipple petal or reusable, silicone nipple cover over it. This keeps your belly button in a neutral position instead of protruding outward and protects it from scratching against irritating fabrics. Try the ones below or a silicone option for light to deep skin tones found here:

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Pregnancy Fashion Dos And Donts

Do be comfortable. You may not feel so comfortable in your changing body, but at least your clothes can be comfy. Do wear what you like. Your sense of style does not need to change just because youre pregnant. If youre a bit rock and roll and you like to wear a lot of leather, you can still wear leather! Dont change who you are just because you are now expecting a baby. Wear what makes you happy and makes you feel like the best version of you. Pregnancy fashion does not have to be drab and utilitarian. Have fun with it!

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