How To Know Pregnancy Girl Or Boy

Carrying The Baby High

Pregnancy Tips : How to Identify a Boy or a Girl in Pregnancy

Of all common myths related to baby gender prediction, the most popular is having a higher bump means youre conceiving a girl. However, you shouldnt expect any scientific basis as its just a myth.

Where a woman carries her baby depends on: her body type, fitness level, weight gain, and muscle strength.

How To Tell A Baby’s Gender On The Ultrasound

Brian Levine, MD, MS, is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Most parents today will want to find out the sex of their baby before birth. One of the most common ways to do this is with an ultrasound, most frequently performed at between 18 and 20 weeks of gestation.

According to a 2012 study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, no less than 69% of parents wanted to know. Among the reasons cited, 77.8% wanted to know “out of curiosity,” 68% “just wanted to know,” and 66.8% did so “because it was possible.”

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Want to share your babys gender in a fun way? Think beyond the pink and blue cakes, and try some of these ideas:

  • Fill a box with blue or pink balloons, then release the balloons in front of friends and family.
  • Fill a piñata with all pink or all blue candy and get smashing.
  • Stage a photoshoot where you and your partner wear white T-shirts and paint on each other with blue or pink paint. Share some of the photos in black and white, and then make the big reveal in color.
  • Get some containers of Silly String for your guests and then have them all shoot it at the same time to reveal boy or girl.
  • Buy a pink or blue outfit or pair of shoes and share that as your reveal photo on social media.
  • Grab some pink or blue confetti cannons and have friends and family release them at the same time.

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Youre Eating More During Your Pregnancy

Is it a boy or a girl? Your appetite may offer a clue. One study tracked the diets of moms-to-be and found that women who were pregnant with boys ate about 10 percent more calories than those who were pregnant with girls.

Why the greater appetite? Researchers suspect testosterone secreted by male fetuses could be sending their mothers a signal to eat more. And that could explain why baby boys tend to be bigger at birth than baby girls.

Positioning Of The Linea Nigra

Pregnancy: Girls vs. Boys â Raising Bookish Brunettes

Do you have a dark line reaching down over your belly bump? This dark line is called the Linea Nigra and is a very common symptom of pregnancy. They say that if this line reaches from your navel to your pubic bone, then you are having a girl. If it reaches above your navel, reports Refinery 29, and travels from your pubic bone to under your rib cage, then you are having a boy.

I’ll be honest, with both of my girls, I didn’t have a Linea Nigra at all. Sporting no line along my bump meant I would have been left in the dark about my girls’ gender if this was the only method to predict your baby’s sex. So, while this is a cute way to try and predict the gender, it is most certainly not fool proof.

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Pregnancy Myth #: The Drano Test

Myth:Stir some Drano into your urine. If the mixture turns green, it’s a boy. Other color changes have been proposed for this myth, but green is one of the most common.


Reality: Mass doesn’t know of any medical reason why a Drano-urine mixture could predict a baby’s sex. “There’s no change in the acidity or alkalinity of a boy or girl chromosome,” she says.

The few studies that have been done on the subject also refute the claim. In the early 1980s, researchers at the University of Wyoming performed the test on 100 pregnant women and found it to be “roughly equivalent to flipping a coin” for predicting gender. A 1999 Canadian study yielded similar results.

Even if the technique did work, Drano is a caustic chemical — not something you want to be playing around with or breathing in while you’re pregnant, Beard says.

Sleeping Positions A Symptoms Of Baby Boy

During later stages of pregnancy, sleeping in a comfortable position becomes very difficult which leaves you utterly exhausted. Stupid as it may sound, sleeping position is a common symptom to indicate if you are having a boy or girl. Do you prefer to sleep on a particular side? You may be interested to know that, sleeping on the left side indicates that you may have a boy.

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Your Baby’s Heart Rate Is Low

You’ll probably hear that amazing beating sound sometime around 8-10 weeks at one of your first doctor’s appointments. And many people believe this treasured experience can also be one of your first possible clues into your baby’s sex: male fetuses supposedly have a heart rate that’s 140 beats per minute or slower, while girls’ hearts beat a bit faster, at 140 beats per minute or higher.

The truth: Numerous studies have proven this to be untrue.

Signs You Are Pregnant With A Boy Child

How to tell if your pregnant with a girl or a boy (6th pregnancy)

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating periods of a womans life. The experience of carrying a baby inside ones body and giving birth to a completely new human being is absolutely unparallel. The expectant mothers body undergoes tremendous changes and more often than not, these changes are permanent in nature. Childbirth, again, is an unforgettable and life-changing experience, one that completely changes a woman for better or for worse.

It is to be noted that other than the expectant mother, her partner or the father of the child also undergoes a journey of their own. More often than not, these two paths merge to give way for a mutual journey towards parenthood. In this context, it is important to know that most parents are often curious about the biological sex of the baby. They often try to find ways in which they can get to know the sex of the baby beforehand. In this article, we will discuss 11 signs which can indicate that you are about to welcome a baby boy in your life. The list is given below-

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What Is The Heart Rate Gender Prediction

There is one folktale, however, that scientists have studied and it has to do with whether fetal heart rate can predict gender.

Conventional wisdom holds that if the babys heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute, youre having a boy if its more than 140 beats per minute, youre having a girl.

Medical research has debunked this heart rate gender prediction theory. A 2018 study of nearly 10,000 pregnancies found that while the baseline fetal heart rate of girls was very slightly higher than for boys, any differences they noted were very small and essentially not meaningful in the big picture.

The truth is, a normal fetal heart rate fluctuates between 120 and 160 beats per minute. If you measure your babys heart rate at random intervals, its likely youll get a different reading each time.

The only time when there is an actual difference in heart rate between a boy and girl? Its during labor itself, when female babies seem to have faster heart rates than males, for reasons unknown.

What The Sex Ratio Means For Today’spregnancies

In a stable population, there is typically a balance betweenthe likelihood of a man fathering sons vs. daughters. But its interesting tothink that in times when large numbers of men died or were killed before havingchildren, nature might have found a way to correct the population imbalance.

If you’re wondering whether your baby-to-be will be a girlor a boy, look at your partner’s siblingsfor clues. Remember, this type of research is more significant at thepopulation level than at an individual level. But Im still interested inhearing your family stories during your ultrasound.

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New Technologies To Find Out The Sex Of Your Baby

Did you know that it is possible to accurately find out the sex of your baby before the 16-week ultrasound?

As we explained in detail in the article on cell-free foetal DNA in maternal blood, we can detect fragments of DNA from placental cells in the mothers bloodstream from the sixth week of pregnancy onwards. To be able to test with an adequate concentration of cell-free foetal DNA, it is recommended to wait until week 10.

This has been a breakthrough discovery, as it allows us find out if the baby has any chromosomal abnormalities with a non-invasive screening test that uses a sample from the mothers blood.

In addition to detecting possible chromosomal abnormalities in the baby, it is also possible to determine the foetal sex and therefore see if there are any abnormalities in the sex chromosomes.

Lower Fetal Heart Rate

boy vs girl baby??

Is there any connection between your babys heart rate and the baby gender?

In accordance with the old wives tales, the lower fetal heart rate means you will conceive a baby boy. Meanwhile, you will have a girl if the heart rate beats faster.

A scientific study has shown that the heartbeat of a male fetus is quite fast, but its only by about 3 beats per minute.

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Pregnancy Myth #: Carrying Low

Myth: If your belly hangs low , you’re having a boy. If it’s high , you’re having a girl.

Reality: This one is pure myth. “How you carry simply has to do with the tone of your muscles and the position that the baby is in,” Beard says. These factors, along with your body shape and how much weight you gain during pregnancy — not the baby’s gender — will determine how low or high your belly sits.

Best Medical Tests To Indicate Your Babys Gender

Why medical tests are necessary for baby gender prediction?

As I told you earlier, its fun and interesting to predict your babys sex with all the popular myths and theories above. Nonetheless, none of them are scientifically proved so you are recommended not to believe in those results completely.

For more trustable predictions, personally I think you should try the following medical tests:

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Scan Signs That May Tell If Youre Having A Boy Or A Girl

Some gender prediction tests involve looking at images taken from your 12-week dating scan to work out whether your babys a boy or a girl . They include:

1. Nub theory

This one involves looking at your 12-week scan, and making a note of the rather intriguing angle of the dangle.

This is to do with how the genital tube is angled compared to your babys spine.

2. Skull theory

This one says theres a difference between how a boys skull and a girls skull looks in the womb.

If youve already got your scan picture you can use it try and work out what youre having.

3. Ramzi Theory / Ramzi Method

The Ramzi Theory claims 97% to 99% accuracy at being able to predict if youre having a boy or girl based on where your placenta is placed in your uterus as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy.

4. Heartbeat

As well as seeing your baby at the 12-week scan, you should hear their heartbeat too and get an idea of how fast it is.

Some of the mums on our forum reckon the speed of your babys heartbeat whether slow or fast indicates a boy or girl.

5. Three lines on your 20-week scan

In the NHS, using the 3 lines or potty shot at the 20-week scan is the main way a health practitioner will look to see if youre having a boy or girl.

Tests To Find Out The Sex Of Your Baby And Take Care Of Their Health

How to Know Boy or Girl during Pregnancy without Ultrasound At Home

Now you know why the probability of having a boy or a girl depends on genetics, and you are also familiar with the tests that inform you about possible chromosomal pathologies, as well as provide you with all of this information in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Would you like to know the sex of your baby as soon as possible? Are you curious to know if he or she might develop any diseases?

Its possible to find out with Veritas myPrenatalDNA test, a non-invasive test designed to rule out chromosomal abnormalities such as Downs syndrome, and to find out whether you are expecting a boy or a girl earlier than normal.

With the myNewbornDNA test, you can find out if your baby has any actionable diseases postpartum that are not detected by the heel prick test. This is highly valuable information that allows you to take preventative measures or decide on the most appropriate treatment of a possible disease, subsequently preventing more serious consequences.

At Veritas we know that your babys health is the most important thing to you, which is why we have both of these tests available to you. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to explain all the benefits they bring for the well-being of your children, in detail.

This article is based on the original written by Paula Penedo from the Scientific Department.

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Herbs And Supplements For Conceiving A Baby Boy

Perhaps the more precise home method for increasing the chances of conceiving a boy consists in charting ovulation. It recommends having sexual intercourse 24 hours prior to ovulation and no more than 12 hours after this process, as male sperm has a different lifespan than a female one.

Knowing this fact is very helpful when trying to determine the babys gender, but its not enough. For precise charting ovulation, one has to use a very accurate method and the most accessible one is charting cervical mucus or analyzing changes in mucus consistency and colour. When mucus becomes watery and more elastic than usual, your ovulation period is about to start. So, you should have intimate contact then, as the more fertile mucus is, the greater chances of conceiving a boy.

Foods For Conceiving A Baby Boy

Planning to get pregnant can be one of the most exciting decisions you and your partner will ever make together. If you are trying to have a baby you may already know that you would like to have a baby boy. Changing your diet to include certain foods may increase your higher chances of getting pregnant with a male baby and you will notice symptoms of baby boy. Remember to eat these natural foods more daily and ensure accurate ovulation day before having sex for getting pregnant with a baby boy.

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But Im Having Twins When Do You Find Out The Sex Of Twins

So youre having twins? Lucky you: You have double the love to look forward to! The downside? You might have to wait longer than some mamas to find out the sex of your babies. Because tests like MaterniT screen for chromosomal abnormalities, theyll tell you what chromosomes are present in your blood. If the Y chromosome is present, youre having a boy. What the test cant tell you? How many Y chromosomes are present. So if a Y chromosome is detected, the test can only tell you that one of the babies is a boy. The other baby could be a girl or a boy! On the other hand, if there is no Y chromosome present, youll know both babies are girls!

Which Is The Best Time To Conceive A Boy

Know the gender of baby during pregnancy

According to Shettles, timing sex as close to or even after ovulation is the key to sway for a boy. Shettles explains that couples trying for a boy should avoid sex in the time between your menstrual period and days before ovulation. Instead, you should have sex on the very day of ovulation and up to 2 to 3 days after.

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When To Have Sex

Its all about a race to the eggShettles found male sperm to be smaller, would swim faster and have a shorter life span than the female sperm. He believed that if a couple had sex around the time of ovulation the male sperm would be more likely to reach the egg before the female sperm. If the egg fertilised the couple were more likely to conceive a baby boy. Female sperm were found to be slower, fitter and would live longer than male sperm so making love earlier in the fertile window meant they would still be alive to fertilise the egg, and more likely to conceive a baby girl.Whilst its a fascinating theory, studies since then have shown that the timing of sex in relation to ovulation doesnt actually influence whether you conceive a boy or a girl.2Whether you are interested in conceiving a boy or a girl, its still important to remember that there are only a few days in every cycle when you can get pregnant. Using identifies your 2 most fertile days so you can be confident you are trying at the right time.Whether you are interested in conceiving a boy or a girl, its still important to remember that there are only a few days in every cycle when you can get pregnant. Using typically identifies 4 or more fertile days giving you more opportunities to get pregnant.3

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