How To Lose Saggy Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Ways Of Losing Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Lose saggy belly fat & Flatten wrinke skin – Post weight loss, post pregnancy #3

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Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for every lady but it leaves your body puffed with fat. To accommodate the baby in your belly and to provide nutrition, your body cells absorb fat and nutrients. The biggest challenge post-pregnancy is to lose this fat.

Months of stored fat doesnt get burned in days. It takes at least two months for your body to get on the fast track to lose your body fat. Whatever you do, it is highly recommended that you dont go on a diet. Losing your fat is important but not at the cost of your strength.

While losing belly fat after pregnancy, you must focus on two things, first, to tighten your sagging muscles and skin and second to burn those stored fat cells.

Don’t Only Treat The Changes You Can See

The skin on your belly seems to go through far more during and after pregnancy than any other area of the body, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore everything but your bump. Stretch marks and loose skin can occur on areas of your body, such as your torso sides and back. So be sure to treat them with the same attention that you treat your belly.

“Our skin is really one continuous piece,” Yoon says. “So, even though its our belly thats doing the most physical stretching, I always think of it as all the way around, the entire 360 around to the back and extending downwards towards the hips and pelvic area.”

Ultimately, stretching happens in all of these places, even if to a lesser degree, so it’s important to care for all of them, not just where you see your baby growing.

What Should I Avoid While Trying To Reduce My Post

The number one thing you should avoid while trying to reduce your loose belly skin is crash dieting.

A crash diet is when you make a drastic change to your eating patterns in order to lose weight as quickly as possible.

Common examples of crash diets are: only eating carrots and celery for 30 days, or following a tea and toast diet consisting of 800 calories per day etc.

This is a big no-no!

This type of diet will:

  • destroy your metabolism,
  • increase the chance of disordered eating ,
  • interfere with your happiness and feelings of self worth,

and most of all

The results are temporary. You will never be able to sustain this type of eating. Once you get out of the crash diet, you will re-gain all, if not, most of the weight, creating a never-ending cycle.

So please, please, please, do not crash diet to try and speed up your results.

Instead, check out The Postpartum Trainers Nutrition Guide for clinically proven methods of decreasing your body fat percentage.

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The Amount Belly Fat Can You Safely Lose During Pregnancy

There is no genuine characterized measure of Belly Fat reduction that is protected from loss in pregnancy. You should think about the amount you gauged preceding pregnancy and the amount you at the present gauge.

On the off chance that your weight record was typical or beneath ordinary, I would firmly prompt against shedding kilograms. Truth be told if your BMI was beneath typical you need to put on more weight .

On the off chance that your BMI preceding pregnancy was more noteworthy than 30, a humble measure of weight reduction, probably wont have adverse results.

Make certain to follow up with your medical care supplier intently if you do lose some weight. As per the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, if your BMI is

> 30 you shouldnt put on any weight during your pregnancy, anyway, you should be firmly trained by your PCP to screen the development and advancement of your child through ultrasound.

Is Bodytite Worth It

Is it possible to lose the mommy belly without a tummy tuck ...

A hanging belly can make many women feel self-conscious about their bodies. In which case, BodyTite is an effective and worthwhile solution for getting rid of a hanging belly. In particular, due to its minimally invasive methods that require minimal downtime while providing the dual benefits of fat removal and skin tightening, it is a more attractive option compared to other contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck.

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Breastfeed If You Can

One of the simplest ways to help you cut down on weight gain after pregnancy is breastfeeding.

Especially in the early months after childbirth, breastfeeding burns extra calories to help you produce milk. This means youll lose weight more quickly than women who dont nurse.

Nursing is also closely connected to your hormones. It triggers contractions that help shrink your uterus faster and puts tension on your abdomen to keep it toned.

Its also possible that some of the weight gain during pregnancy is in order to aid in milk production. These additional fat stores are meant to protect you after birth and keep your child fed.

Therefore, following through on breastfeeding can help restore your body to its previous state.

Eat Foods That Promote Skin Elasticity

The second thing that you can do is to eat foods that promote your skins elasticity.

Your diet is the best way to provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to be healthy.

If you only eat Pop-tarts and candy all day, you will never give your skin the nutrition it deserves.

The best part is, you dont have to overhaul your diet.

All you need to do is include nutrient-rich foods into your diet.

The most nutritious foods are fruits and vegetables.

Which ones? It doesnt matter which ones you eat.

Just eat more of them, as often as you can!

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Sad Over Your Post Pregnancy Belly Heres How To Lose Belly Fat After Having A Baby

Wondering how to get rid of the stubborn belly fat after giving birth?

Losing the post pregnancy belly is a top priority for a lot of new mothers, but it can be a lot harder than youd think to get results. Pregnancy fat is known to be stubborneven more so than regular abdominal fat. Its hard to lose, but easy to gain.

But if youre serious about getting back into shape, these tips can help flatten your tummy in no time at all. You can be back to your pre-baby body just weeks or months after giving birth.

Wear A Postpartum Girdle

How To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

You can wear medical-grade belly binders a day or two after delivery to jump-start your postpartum recovery process. In fact, celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba wore post-pregnancy girdles to bounce back from their pregnancy bodies.

Today, this best kept celebrity secret is out of the bag and accessible to moms everywhere. The Bellefit postpartum girdles are doctor recommended and the FDA-registered. They’re the top choice for smart moms looking to get comfort and support during their postpartum recovery whether they had a natural or c-section delivery.

There are many benefits to wearing a postpartum girdle immediately after delivery. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Compression therapy helps to reduce pain from involution
  • Aids the process of uterus involution
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Supports the abdominal muscles and back during exercise
  • Helps you fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes sooner

All these benefits combined among others not only support and speed up child birth recovery but also help to get rid of baby belly fat.

Take a look at these from savvy moms, and see the difference for yourself.

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Can I Go On A Diet To Get Rid Of My Pregnancy Pouch

A strict diet regime is definitely not recommended after delivery, especially if you are breastfeeding. However, if you put on a lot of weight and belly fat after pregnancy, watching what you eat is a good way to start losing those extra pounds. Yet, it is best to gove nature sometime, and exercise should be your first line of action. Even to cut down on calories, wait at least 6 weeks to start. Do not start a strict dieting regime as losing those kilos quickly can eave you fatigued and exhausted and if you are nursing, your milk may also get affected. Eating a healthy, balanced diet with a watchful eye on empty calories coupled with some gentle exercise, can actually help you lose weight effectively.Just remember, patience is the key for you. It was a nine-month period in which your abdomen stretched to accommodate your baby, so please dont be in a hurry to tighten your belly and also dont compare yourself with celebrities as they have lots of resources and money to spend on hiring the personal trainers, dietitians, and chefs, unlike normal people. Set your expectations real and stay away from self-criticism.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

As the parent to a newborn baby, your schedule largely revolves around the offsprings daily whims and moods. You may experience stressful multitasking, sleep deprivation, and persistent exhaustion in the upcoming months. Under these unpredictable conditions, the stress of caring for your baby can take a toll on you, both physically and psychologically.

Self-care is important after your pregnancy. When you dont take care of yourself, your body lacks the proper rest and energy that it needs to replenish itself. Over time, the stress and exhaustion may cause your skin condition to worsen. If you want to tighten your skin after pregnancy, it starts by attending to your mental health. Get plenty of sleep, engage in relaxing activities, and recharge your body to handle each new day with vigour.

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Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is important for anyone who is trying to lose weight. Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated, satiate cravings, and boost your metabolism. Water is particularly important for breastfeeding moms, since your body will spend extra water producing milk.

Drinking 1 to 2 liters a day is a good baseline, but you should also use the color of your urine to guide you. If youre properly hydrated, your urine be light yellow and youll need to urinate every 3 to 4 hours.

Would You Be Able To Lose Belly Fat While Pregnant

Pin on Skin Tightening Tips

Indeed, you can lose muscle versus fat while pregnant-anyway. I dont suggest it.

Nonetheless, look for the assistance of both your obstetrician and nutritionist before considering anything like that.On the off chance that you lose a lot of weight, you will expand your danger of pregnancy entanglements.

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Wear A Bellefit Postpartum Girdle To Get The Most Benefits

Most of our advice here is pretty straight forward make a goal and stick to it with the right mindset, solid advice, and dedication to reducing your belly fat, and you’ll see results.

One of the best investments you can make in helping you stay on track and feel great doing it is a Bellefit postpartum girdle.

Doctor Recommended & FDA-Registered Bellefit Girdles To Speed Your Postpartum Recovery

We’ve made it our mission to help moms bounce-back from their pregnancy bodies and regain their confidence with our premium-quality girdle collection.

With over eight-styles to choose from in sizes XS 3XL, you’re bound to find a style that suits your needs. Many moms found that wearing a girdle significantly helped with their postpartum recovery because it contains the loose skin and weak core muscles to support your movements from daily activities to your exercises.

As an added bonus, these girdles look great too say good-bye to bulky postpartum wraps. These corsets and girdle styles are virtually seam-less under clothing, allowing you to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans or form-fitting dresses without anyone knowing your little secret.

Dont Forget Your Kegels

Youve probably heard that Kegels are a great exercise for moms-to-be, but theyre also very important after birth. Some new moms might experience pelvic floor weakness, and Kegels are the easiest ways to relieve this issue. You can start doing your Kegels immediately after birth, even if at first you might not feel yourself doing them.

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Bonus Tips: Other Things You Can Try

Lastly, here are three other things you can try to help tighten loose skin.

Belly/ Skin wraps

Some women have noted improvement in skin health with the use of belly wraps. This kind of treatment is often used in spas.

I think this is less likely to help your skin health, but it probably wont harm it either.

Collagen Supplements

Another popular recommendation is to take a collagen supplement. There is some research to show that collagen supplements can help improve skin wrinkles and joint health. In theory, it might help with loose belly skin, but this is yet to be determined.

Always keep in mind that the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA. Do your research before investing.

Vitamins A, C, ESupplements

Lastly, you could also supplement with Vitamins C and E which are the major antioxidants that protect your skin from oxidative damage.

Vitamin A has also been described to help with skin health.

I prefer that you get your vitamins from food but supplements could serve as an easy alternative for you.

Last Resort: Surgery

If none of the above have helped you in reducing your loose skin and this is causing you a lot of distress, then surgery remains an option.

A plastic surgeon could perform an abdominoplasty to get rid of loose skin and excess abdominal fat.

This is beyond the scope of this post but I want to present you with all your options!

Be sure to do your own research before undergoing any surgical procedure.

What Is The Best Vitamin To Take For Skin Elasticity

How I Tighten Loose/Sagging Belly Skin After Pregnancy:This is Fastest Natural Method

Aside from collagen, there are several vitamins that may help with skin elasticity. These are vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. All three of these antioxidants are useful for protecting your cells from damage .

Although they wont directly contribute to tightening loose skin, if these vitamins are taken during pregnancy, they can help increase elasticity, which can help you avoid excess loose skin after your baby is born.

The best way to absorb vitamins is through food. Look for foods high in antioxidants, including vitamins C, A, and E to help prevent loose skin. Some good choices are citrus fruits, melon, berries, sweet potato, leafy greens, carrots, avocado, cocoa, nuts, and seeds.

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What Can I Do To Embrace My New Body

While you can focus on your physical health with your doctor’s approvalwith things like mindful eating and postpartum exercisethe best thing to do is to embrace yourself, here and now, and prioritize your mental well-being.

“It is very normal for new parents to feel uncomfortable as their stomachs contract back down, and they deal with the excess skin, fat, and fluid needed to grow a baby,” says Nina. “I encourage new parents to try and boost their confidence in alternate ways, such as doing their hair, makeup, reading affirmations, painting their nails, and taking other small steps to feel more comfortable.” Journaling can be very grounding, particularly if you make these entries about your growth and successes. Use the phrase “I’m proud of” as a jumping off point. You also can and should do things you enjoy, particularly with people who uplift and inspire you, as these activities will help you feel more like yourself.

If you’re still struggling with accepting your new form or your self-esteem, you can and should seek support from a mental health professional, Nina explains. “Transitioning to a postpartum body can be completely overwhelming, and having the support of a professional can make all the difference.”

When Will My Postpartum Belly Return To Normal

While many new parents want to know when their body will “bounce back” or return to “normal,” the answer is nuancedand quite complex. Your size and shape before conception will affect your size and shape postpartum. Your activity level will play a role, as will the rate at which your stomach grew. Dietary decisions will impact your waistline, and genetics will affect how your body changes. The number of children you’ve had also matters. Baby number one is very different than number three or four.

That said, assuming your body will “bounce back” is part of the problemand is toxic, through and through. Some people never “bounce back” after birth. Rather, their body changes, taking on a new form. Some people return to their pre-pregnancy shape but find certain features have changed. You may have stretch marks or sagging skin, for example, and both are OK. There is no right way to look after having a baby. What’s more, no matter what happens postpartum, realize your body is strong. It is resilient, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

“Parenthood changes you, inside and out,” says Veronda Brooks-Bellamy, a therapist and life coach from Charlotte, North Carolina. “Remain present… shift your focus away from your stomach and, instead, toward you and your mental health.” Be patient. Have realistic expectations, and give yourself grace. “Your stomach is a badge of honor,” she adds, one which you should celebratenot meet with shame.

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Avoid Added Sugar And Refined Carbs

Though they may be tempting, sugar and refined carbs are high in calories and usually low in nutrients. And there are healthy and delicious alternatives.

Research associates a high intake of added sugar and refined carbs with an increase in weight, diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and even cognitive decline.

Common sources of added sugars include:

  • sugary drinks
  • biscuits
  • pastries

When youre choosing food at the grocery store, read the food labels. If sugar is one of the first ingredients on the list, that product is probably better to avoid.

Its easy to reduce your sugar intake by avoiding processed foods and sticking to whole foods such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, meats, fish, eggs, nuts, and yogurt.

Here are some examples of low sugar breakfast ideas to get your wheels turning.

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