How To Use Kinesiology Tape For Pregnancy

What Is The Pregnancy Spider Tape Made Of

Kinesiology Tape for Pregnancy

All SpiderTech Tapes are made using 95% cotton/5% Spandex, with a 100% poly acrylic adhesive. They are drug-free, latex-free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic. Pregnancy Spider Tape is a stretchy, cotton-mesh fabric tape that is latex free, breathable and waterproof. The tape was designed to mimic the properties of skin, while the glue itself has a wavelike pattern that imitates the pattern of a fingerprint. The glue is body heat activated, and the tape allows the skin to breathe and moisture to evaporate.

What Are The Functions Of Kinesio Tape

KT is most often seen used by athletes to support muscles, joints, and ligaments that need some additional reinforcement. However, theres more to this tape than youd think! Here are a few of its functions:

  • Lifts the skin, promoting increased blood circulation while relieving pressure on pain receptors beneath the surface
  • Provides proprioceptive stability when applied to muscles surrounding the target area
  • Distributes heavy forces to other areas of the body
  • Improves lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation/swelling

When applied correctly, KT can have immediate and lasting effects for 3 to 5 days per use.

Kinesiology Taping For Pregnancy #: Belly Band With 2 Strips

This technique uses two I strips under the belly to provide lift and support to unweight the belly and decrease low back or sacroiliac discomfort. If you feel like 2 strips is not enough, you can even add a third strip.

How to do it:

  • Cut two to three pieces of tape to desired length
  • Tear the tape in the middle of the strip
  • Apply the tape under the belly, rub it to provide heat activation
  • Pull each side up with some tension, rubbing again to adhere
  • Apply the last inch or two without any tension
  • Apply each strip starting at the same mid-point and then pull up at varying angles on the sides of the belly

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What Is Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is an elastic therapeutic tape that is used to treat muscle injuries by helping with circulation and recovery. Many sports athletes use it, and it has been used for others like the elderly, and pregnant women. Other than helping with injuries, it can also be used to help with posture. For more information on how we can help during pregnancy using SpiderTech Kinesiology tape please go to.

Kinesiology Taping For Pregnancy #: Belly Band Plus Rectus Abdominus Front Support

10 Ways to Use Kinesiology Taping for Pregnancy

This technique combines the Belly Band technique with the 2 strip technique for rectus abdominus support for increased overall belly, back and abdominal support and discomfort relief.

How to do it:

  • Cut a piece of tape to desired length
  • Tear the tape in the middle of the strip
  • Apply the tape under the belly, rub it to provide heat activation
  • Pull each side up with some tension, rubbing again to adhere
  • Apply the last inch or two without any tension
  • Then, , cut two pieces of tape to desired length
  • Tear the tape at the end of the strip
  • Apply the tape under the belly and to the side of the centerline , rub it to provide heat activation
  • Pull up with some tension, rubbing again to adhere
  • Apply the last inch or two without any tension
  • Repeat with second strip on the other side of the belly

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What Is The Pregnancy Spider Tape

The Pregnancy Spider Tape is a drug-free, safe alternative, which can help relieve many pregnancy symptoms including back pain, swollen feet, sciatica, and other aches and pains. The Pregnancy Spider Tape is an ideal option for expectant mothers seeking relief from the physical ailments associated with pregnancy. Its pre-cut shape allows easy application by yourself.

How To Use Kinesio Tape During Pregnancy

The beautiful thing with k-tape is that its effects can be felt immediately. You can apply it yourself by following these tutorials or have your chiropractor apply it at your next prenatal appointment. Some midwives have even begun using the tape!

DiaryOffFitMom has beautifully documented a few great ways to use k-tape!

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Kinesiology Taping For Pregnancy #: Diaphragm Support For Relief Of Shortness Of Breath

This technique uses just a single I strip over the top of the belly to provide support for the diaphragm. Often as the belly gets bigger through the second and third trimesters, moms feel like they are short of breath with simple activities like climbing the stairs or walking short distances. Sometimes, this feeling is present even at rest!

Thats because Baby is taking up more and more room, squishing all the internal organs, including the diaphragm and the lungs.

Placing a strip over the top of the belly and pulling it downward on either side will help position baby and uterus down a bit to give mom a little more breathing room!

How to do it:

  • Cut a piece of tape to desired length
  • Tear the tape in the middle of the strip
  • Apply the center of the tape over the belly, rub it to provide heat activation
  • Take a deep breath in and pull one side of the tape downward with some tension, rub again to adhere
  • Apply the last inch or two without any tension
  • Repeat with the other side of the tape, so that you create a C over the top of the belly

How To Use Kinesiology Tape For Pregnancy

Tutorial: How to Apply and Remove Kinesiology Tape | Kinesio Tape Application for Pregnancy

Different taping patterns are used depending on the point of pain. One pattern, which resembles the top of a bicycle helmet, is used for pubic symphysis pain . Taping to support more general belly and back pain follows the curve of the ribs and diaphragm above the pregnancy bump with one strip, an anchor strip around the bottom of the bump , and a third strip vertically between the two. Supporting the weakened diastasis recti usually involves a 5-inch X-shape above and below the woman’s navel.

As with any treatment, caution should be taken depending on any pregnancy complications and each individual’s unique situation. If you try taping, consider the following guidelines:

Specialized kinesiology tape can offer pregnant women respite from many of the aches and pain associated with a growing baby’s extra weight and is an alternative when other traditional methods have been exhausted. Although support tape for pregnancy is not yet well studied, most women find relief when applied to a specific region for their particular pain. Pregnancy tape for pain allows freedom of movement, modularity, and can be altered easily, making it excellent belly support while pregnant. Of course, the real cure for most pregnancy ailments is to give birth. However, kinesiology tape can be used throughout an adult’s lifetime to reduce pain and inflammation, support weak muscles or relax overused ones.


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What Pain Does Pregnancy Spider Tape Target


Sciatica can result in agonizing pain that is debilitating and disabling it makes it painful to sit, stand up, get out of a car, walk, and even sleep. The pain worsens when coughing, sneezing, and sitting on soft surfaces, or sitting for an extended period of time. Sciatic nerve pain can feel like tingling, numbness, burning, or stabbing, originating in the lower back and extending down to the hips, buttocks, down the backside of the legs and to the feet.

Belly Cramps

Pregnancy Spider Tape helps with belly cramps. Stomach pains or cramps are common in pregnancy, and usually nothing to worry about. Mild stomach pain in early pregnancy is usually caused by your womb expanding, the ligaments stretching as your bump grows. It can also be caused by hormones, constipation or trapped wind.

Round Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain is a sharp pain or jabbing feeling often felt in the lower belly or groin area on one or both sides. It is one of the most common complaints, and is considered a normal part of pregnancy, most often felt during the second trimester.

The round ligament connects the front part of the womb to your groin, the area where your legs attach to your pelvis. The round ligament normally tightens and relaxes slowly. As your baby and womb grow, the round ligament stretches, making it more likely to become strained.

Lower Back Pain

Hip Pain

Taping Vs Other Supports

Taping is a good alternative to using a belly band or support belt as it is much less cumbersome.

No need to worry about adding another layer of clothing or gear which some moms just cant tolerate. This can be sensory in nature, or it could just be too hot to add another layer!

Tape can be worn for several days, decreasing the need to take a belly band off and on throughout the day. A belly band or belt can be especially annoying if you need all-day support and have to take it off every time you need to use the bathroom! This makes KT a great alternative option. You just put it on, and forget about it!

Disclaimer: Although I am a physical therapist by profession, I am not YOUR physical therapist. This video is for informational and educational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice and does not establish any kind of therapist-patient relationship with me. I am not liable or responsible for any damages resulting from or related to your use of this information.

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Kinesiology Taping For Pregnancy #: Rectus Abdominus Front Support With 2 Strips

This technique uses two KT strips along the sides of the belly to support the rectus abdominus . The RA has to separate some to accommodate a growing belly during pregnancy. For some women, this can develop into a diastasis. For others, the stretch is just so intense that it feels like the abs are coming apart.

This technique will help provide frontal support for the two halves of the RA for increased comfort and decreased pain.

How to do it:

  • Cut two pieces of tape to desired length
  • Tear the tape at the end of the strip
  • Apply the tape under the belly and to the side of the centerline , rub it to provide heat activation
  • Pull up with some tension, rubbing again to adhere
  • Apply the last inch or two without any tension
  • Repeat with second strip on the other side of the belly

Kinesiology Taping For Pregnancy #: Belly Band Plus Cross Rectus Abdominus Support

Kinesiology Tape During Pregnancy

This technique uses the Belly Band Technique as well as a variation on the Belly Belt technique in combination for more support and relief.

When crossing the two strips from the hip bone across the belly, draw the tape along side the belly button instead of directly across it. The two pieces should cross under the belly button and then pull upwards toward the top of the belly.

How to do it:

  • Cut a piece of tape to desired length
  • Tear the tape in the middle of the strip
  • Apply the tape under the belly, rub it to provide heat activation
  • Pull each side up with some tension, rubbing again to adhere
  • Apply the last inch or two without any tension
  • Then , cut two pieces of tape to desired length
  • Tear from the end of the tape
  • Apply under the belly, rub to adhere
  • Cross under the belly button and then with tension pull up alongside the belly button
  • Lay down the last bit without any tension
  • Repeat with second piece of tape

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Experts Weigh In On Whether Kt Tape Is Really Helpful For Moms

Kinesiology tape, more commonly known as KT tape, is widely used by athletes and fitness fans for muscle support, but recently we’ve seen it popping up on Instagram and Pinterest on pregnant women’s bellies. When you think about it, it makes sense as a pain reliever for dealing with the lower-back pain that comes along with pregnancy, but before being fully convinced, we checked with two experts.

Dr. Hansa Bhargava, senior medical officer and WebMD’s in-house pediatrician, said there have been no negative effects reported when pregnant women use KT tape for pain relief.

She went on to explain: “Kinesio taping is often used to help muscle pain. Although a lot of research has not been done, in a small study of pregnant women, it seemed to help back pain in the group that had the taping done. Also there wasn’t any harm.”

So now the question becomes, what is the best way to apply it to your muscles to maximize relief? Physical therapist Heather Armstrong said, “KT tape can definitely help unweight the baby” but that it can be difficult to apply on your own. Armstrong recommends using at least two pieces of tape stretched from the back and around the bump. She said you can do more beyond that, like using more in a crisscross pattern , but going under the belly is the primary support.

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Heres How Kinesiology Taping Techniques Can Help Your Pregnant Clients

Women experience a myriad of discomforts and pains associated withthe hormonal, physiological and biomechanical changes that occur duringpregnancy there are common reports of back pain, pelvic pain, neck pain,sciatica, swelling in the feet and ankles, carpal tunnel syndrome, and otherissues.

Because pregnant women tend to avoid pharmacological interventiondue to concerns about the safety of the baby, strategies for pain may includemassage, instrument-assistedsoft tissue mobilization , exercise, adjustments, supportive garmentsand kinesiology tape.

Kinesiology tape is a drug-free, safe, non-invasive, low-costintervention that may markedly improve pregnant womens comfort and movementcapability. The tape is lightweight with a consistency similar to that of skin,allowing for improved comfort on hot days and for use in conjunction with othersupportive garments. It can be worn sleeping, showering and exercising.

The tape is made from cotton with medical-grade acrylic adhesivethat does not seep into the skin or bloodstream.

Studies concerning the efficacy of kinesiology tape techniques fortreating pain are prevalent in the literature however, there are few studiespertaining specifically to kinesiology tape used during and after pregnancy.Some notable research in this area includes:

Kinesiology Taping For Pregnancy Pains And Baby Bump Support

Kinesiology Taping (KT) for Pregnancy #1: Belly Band Technique Using a Single Strip

by Mandy Drum |

When it comes to applying kinesiology tape, weve always said to tape movement not muscles. This philosophy applies to every patient and/or athlete ever to adorn themselves in that colorful sticky goodness regardless of your fitness level, you have the potential to benefit from a good taping just as much as the next person.

Fortunately, taping for pregnancy is no exception. Indeed, we are no strangers to helping you mothers-to-be out there weve and/or posted about it extensively and even have . If you have a bun in the oven and feeling uncomfortable or just want a little relief, RockTape can help!

As Dr. Sally Moores, DPT, OCS of Artemis Physical Therapy can attest, RockTape can help a mama-to-be feel better in many ways. Read on for a case study regarding one of her patients who presented with multi-site pain at 24 weeks.

How was the patient feeling initially when she saw you?

Dr. Moores: This patient was 24 weeks into her third pregnancy and presented with left-sided low-back pain and pubic symphysis pain.

What type of taping application did you use?

A post shared by Sally Moores, PT, DPT, OCS on Jul 11, 2019 at 8:26am PDT

What feedback did the patient give regarding her tape application?

Dr. Moores: She felt like she could contract her abs more. decreased her back pain and made her feel more stable. She also said she could breathe better.

Are there any contraindications to taping while pregnant?

How early can taping help with pregnancy pains?

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Taping Diastasis Recti: How To Use Kinesiology Tape On Separated Abs

In the 2008 Olympics, a volleyball player named Kerri Walsh Jennings won gold while wearing Kinesio Tape, which had been invented in the 1970s by Kenzo Kase, a chiropractor in Japan. Suddenly, the concept of taping trouble spots went mainstream, but using tape on tummies with Diastasis Recti has only recently gained attention. In this blog, youll find two videos showing how taping can be a tool for supporting abdominal separation and my top tips on how tape can be used effectively.

Pregnancy Taping For Diastasis Recti

A common side effect of pregnancy that pregnant mothers experience is Diastasis Recti, or Abdominal Separation. This condition affects 100% of pregnant women to some degree in their third trimester. In this article well explain what Diastasis Recti is, how it affects pregnant women, and a potential form of treatment.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis recti is the separation of the abdominal muscles in ones body. During pregnancy, its a completely natural condition that usually isnt harmful. At the most, a pregnant woman suffering from Diastasis Recti will usually experience mild to moderate lower back pain, constipation and bloating.

Causes of Diastasis Recti?

During pregnancy, as the fetus in ones womb grows, the body needs to make changes in order to accommodate the larger size of the fetus. One of these changes includes your body undergoing Diastasis Recti. The separation of your abdominal muscles allows more room for the fetus to grow.

Preventing a Diastasis Recti Pregnancy?

How to keep stomach from splitting during pregnancy is a commonly searched term by pregnant women. That being said, you shouldnt really worry about trying to prevent Diastasis Recti. This condition is completely natural, and if your body is undergoing it during pregnancy, its because it needs to.

Pregnancy Line on Stomach? Does Diastasis Recti cause that?

KT Tape for Stomach Line Pain Pregnancy

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