Is Dermalogica Safe For Pregnancy

She Chooses Mandelic Acid To Deal With Acne

Dermalogica Smart Response Serum Review

“Mandelic acid is the largest alpha hydroxy acid, so it penetrates skin slowly and doesn’t cause irritation. But, boy, does it work well to keep skin glowing, prevent breakouts, and fade dark spots.”

Vivant Skin Care 8 Percent Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum
Vivant Skin Care 8 Percent Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum

She Also Chooses The Same Brand For Her Vitamin C Face Serum

“This serum fights against free radical damage and helps fade dark marks. It’s also packaged in one of the best dispensers out there that truly protects the unstable vitamin C so it doesn’t degrade.”

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum
Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum

How To Check If Your Skin Care Products Are Safe

First, discuss the safety of your skin care products with your dermatologist and OB/GYN, especially if youre taking prescription medications or are concerned about a pre-existing skin condition.

Next, you can scan your products list of ingredients for any weve reviewed or others that may be concerning to you. A very credible resource for learning more about skin care and personal product ingredient safety is the Environmental Working Group .

Because personal care products arent heavily regulated, the EWG developed a database of over 87,000 personal care products, delivering a safety rating for each. The safety rating is generated by referencing each products ingredients with over 60 toxicity and regulatory databases.

You can reference the EWGs Skin Deep® database online or get the app . In the app, you can quickly scan a products bar code to get its safety rating.

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Skincare During Pregnancy: What To Avoid

I love being a beauty blogger. I have the opportunity to try out different skincare, haircare, and makeup products. And I love the process of reviewing products and creating artistic content its a dream job for sure!

Unfortunately, my beauty blogging came to a halt during my first pregnancy. My doctor gave me a long list of skincare ingredients not to use while pregnant.

I was so confused that I simply stopped using all of my usual skincare products. And started using only olive oil and argan oil during that time!

It made me wonder: with so many ingredients in a single product, how are we supposed to fish out all the pregnancy-safe chemicals from the bad ones?

Skincare During Pregnancy: Good Ingredients

Ultracalming Serum Concentrate, Shop

These are the skincare ingredients that are safe to use during pregnancy and nursing. As long as there are no known allergies.

Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreens have physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to stop harmful UVA/UVB rays. Just make sure they have an SPF of at least 30 or higher.

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+ is a good option. It works great for both mom and babys skin and has a pleasant smell.

Exfoliating Acids

Glycolic, lactic, and mandelicacids are safe to use during pregnancy. These remove dead skin and oil buildup by exfoliating the top layer of skin.

Try Biossance Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Mask. Its a glycolic acid-based product that works as a peel, exfoliator, and mask.

Vitamin C

If you use retinol products, you can replace it with a vitamin C product during pregnancy. Vitamin C products are considered safe. Benefits include promoting the production of the skin-plumping protein collagen and brightening hyperpigmentation.

Be sure to wear sunscreen daily if using vitamin C products.

My personal favorite is Kate Somerville Kx Active Concentrates Vitamin B3 + Vitamin C Serum. Its lightweight, absorbs well, and works beautifully.

Acne Products

Many over-the-counter products for acne are not safe during pregnancy. So look for azelaic acid or glycolic acid ingredients.

Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring antibacterial that has keratolytic, comedolytic, and antioxidant activity.

Moisturizing Products


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Dont See Your Product Read This Before You Ask About It

Please read the Pregnancy Beauty Guide intro first, where you will learn which products you actually need to worry about . I will not review products that fall into the dont worry about it categories. If you want to ask about a specific product, I require that you follow these guidelines for asking about pregnancy/nursing safety. You can also learn more about how to use these pregnancy safety lists. I will delete questions that dont follow the guidelines or are rude.

These Are The Beauty Products New Mums Use Everyday

We get lots of skincare questions from expectant mums and new mums what the best beauty products are to use for specific skin concerns and what beauty products to definitely avoid during pregnancy. We asked two of the new mums here at Jersey Beauty Company to share their experiences and the tips they have learnt along the way, and we also quizzed skin therapist Naomi for her top tips on skin care during and after pregnancy.

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#skinfluencer: Dermalogica Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Im delving deeper into the world of Dermalogica and Im not gonna lie, I bloody love it.

Since getting pregnant, my skin has been a bit of a state. No matter what I do, theres been one problem area around my nose and chin that is just persisting. The use of Dermalogica products has massively helped, thank God. Their products have been the only thing thats helped. Admittedly, I still have a couple areas where theres still some work to do on them. But, theyre so much better than they were before.

My skin sucks. What doesnt help is the changing weather. I always suffer badly with dry skin at this time of the year but with that, having sensitive skin and being pregnant My hormones and skin are fully raging and trying to destroy me. God, I sound fit right now dont I? Plus, in addition to all this from the crying, tissue blowing etc, certain areas of my face are suffering.

Anyway, Ive been trying to work out what the best skincare routine is for me whilst being pregnant.

Especially since there are so many things you have to consider whilst pregnant. Like I thought skincare was skincare but even in pregnancy, apparently there are products/ingredients that are just massive no nos. Who wouldve thought? Thankfully, Dermalogica are experts in skincare so I had no worries cross my mind when a package arrived at work containing their products.

I was super excited to start trying them all to see if these products would become part of my staple pregnancy skincare routine.

Finally We Have The Super Sensitive Shield Spf30*

Safe Beauty Tips for Pregnant Moms

This is probably the product that I have used the least, purely because Im a bit of a dope and stupidly think that suncream should only be worn in summer . So this hasnt had much use from me as of yet. This would be ideal though because its part of the Dermalogica Ultra Calming range. The same as the Barrier Repair it contains oat and botanical actives. I imagine this and Barrier Repair would be a great combination. According to the Dermalogica website, the sunscreen is ideal for sensitised, reactive and recently resurfaced skin. Once the sun comes out a little bit more in the UK, I will definitely be putting this to the test and especially with my upcoming holiday to Portugal in June! If you are interested in this product though, it comes in at £44.50.

All in all, these products have been amazing for my skin. Theyve definitely become a staple part of my pregnancy skincare routine.

Ive been as honest as possible because my skin still isnt perfect but I just want to reiterate that its not due to the products that my skin has taken a turn for the worst again. It is down to stress, the fact that Im grieving and that I stopped doing my skincare routine because Im grieving. Its a vicious cycle. However, that being said when I started writing this post, my skin was almost back to its perfect state so these products did make a significant improvement to my skin thats for sure. Its just a case of getting myself back there. If that makes sense?

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What Is Dermalogicas Return Policy

Have an item that youre not gelling with? Aside from final sale, free, and promo items, everything else can be returned within30 days of purchase.

Its all an easy, step-by-step process to get your money back into its original account. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Head to the Return Center online
  • Select the item for return and fill out the required information
  • An email will be sent with a shipping label and step-by-step instructions
  • Package the items, attach the label, and ship them out
  • Refunds will be sent to your account within three days following the packages return and confirmation of quality. Thats all there is to it.

    Dry Skin And Stretch Marks

    Theres no doubt that pregnancy requires a lot from your body, so if your baby-to-be needs more water at any point, it will pull it from your body. That in addition to hormone changes can lead to dry skin.

    In addition to drinking plenty of water, moisturizing products that have coconut oil, cocoa butter, peptides, and hyaluronic acid can improve hydration. And when it comes to stretch marks, one strategy to prevent them is frequently moisturizing prone zones to help the skin stretch naturally as your bump grow.

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    What Are The Risks Of Using Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy

    So far, there are no definite risks associated with using artificial sweeteners during pregnancy. But, some recent studies have found possible risks associated with using them.

    Some risks include:

    • Preterm delivery

    • Increased birth weight of the baby

    But, its important to understand that other studies havent found the same level of risk. This means we still dont have a clear answer, and more studies need to be done looking at this question.

    What Is Dermalogicas Shipping Policy

    Shop Dermalogica Precleanse Jumbo 473ml limited edition

    Youll have a solid selection of options when it comes to shipping your Dermalogica products. The company offers up to five shipping prices depending on your location. Ill list them all below:

    • Ground Shipping
  • Available only in LA
  • Costs calculated at checkout
  • Currently, Dermalogica only ships within the US, so any international customers should look to outside sources to get their products. Once the order ships, a tracking number will be sent to your email. Just follow the link and watch out for the goods.

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    Mums The Word Choosing Your Skin Care Routine Throughout Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is the time when you can expect the unexpected, even whenit comes to your skin. At a time when hormonesare at an all-time high, skin changes during are extremely common with about90% of women experiencing some sort of skin problem throughout their pregnancy.

    What are the most common skin complaints during pregnancy that we see asProdermal skin therapists and what can we do to help guide you and your skin throughoutyour journey into motherhood?

    One of the most common skin complaint has to be pigmentation or Melasmawhich affects 10- 25% of women throughout their pregnancy. This pigmentation, often referred to as themask of pregnancy affects the forehead, chin and cheeks. Hormones, UV exposure and genetics also playa part in triggering pigmentation but during pregnancy, the increased levels ofhormonal activity of estrogen, progesterone and the melanocyte stimulatinghormones exacerbate it. The good news for some is that when hormones rebalance afterpregnancy, transient Melasma can fade on its own. For others, Melasma can be a challenging skincondition that can be difficult to rid completely.

    If you are noticing the tell-tale signs of brown spots or patches of Melasmadeveloping during your pregnancy, the best options for your skin care regimeare:

    Wishing you a Happy Mothers day!

    Yours in skin,

    Pregnancy Skincare: What To Use & What To Avoid

    Sounds like youre expecting – congrats! There are a lot of adjustments to be made: temporarily giving up your favourite tipple, avoiding soft cheeses, and no more sushi, to name a few. But one unexpected change you might have to make involves your skincare routine – the list of skincare to avoid in pregnancy includes anti-ageing favourites and acne-busting ingredients.

    However, giving these up doesnt mean youll have to make do with a skincare routine without these fantastic active ingredients! Heres our guide to the best pregnancy skincare products to use instead.

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    How Does Pregnancy Change Skin

    How does pregnancy affect the skin in the first place? The truth is, being pregnant can kick start changes in ways that you might not expect! Many find that their skin type changes, their skin clears, or in some cases, pregnancy actually causes breakouts. Boiled down, the three most common pregnancy-related skin concerns are:

    • Extremely Dry Skin

    The underlying cause of these three changes is how different your hormones are while pregnant! After all, your body is busy creating another being – so there are bound to be some compromises. The tricky thing is that some of the ingredients that wed normally reach for to help with these concerns are off the table while pregnant.

    They can affect your babys development and shouldnt be used if youre pregnant or even trying to get pregnant. Heres our list of skincare to avoid in pregnancy

    Pregnancy Skincare Products For Anti

    ACNE Skin Care Routine! (Dermalogica Products)

    Instead of retinol, opt for skincare thats formulated with peptides, antioxidants, or bakuchiol. Peptides work hard to reverse the signs of ageing on the skin, signalling skin to produce more collagen. Theyre surprisingly effective at softening wrinkles and boosting collagen production for a more youthful glow – and bonus, theyre actually less irritating for your skin compared to retinol.

    Antioxidants protect skin from external causes of ageing and include ingredients such as Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Bakuchiol, and Vitamin E. Pregnancy skincare with these baby-safe ingredients are ideal for anti-ageing, whether thats just using something to tide you over while retinol is off the table or even in the long run alongside your usual skincare products.

    Bakuchiol, often referred to as the natural retinol, is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that stimulates skin in a similar way to over the counter retinol boosting collagen levels and supporting cellular regeneration to keep wrinkles at bay and firm skin.

    Fortified with Bakuchiol, this facial oil from Omorovicza deeply nourishes skin and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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    Does Dermalogica Have An Auto

    Did you find a favorite product after reading this Dermalogica review? Mine was the Superfoliant! Heres some good news for all of us: Any product can be part of a recurring subscription.

    Choose your preferred frequency and make changes when needed for lower prices, constant products, and easy service.

    Pregnancy Skincare Dos And Donts

    When it comes to pregnancy there is a lot of information about what is good and not good! Today we are going to talk about the specifics of skincare when it comes to what you should and should not use while pregnant!

    Full disclosure, I am not a doctor. All of this is knowledge I have read or picked up over the years. Keep in mind some things/ingredients are okay in moderation. As a skin care therapist, it is my job to stay on the safe side of things and provide as much information to you as I can, and recommend treatments/products that give you not only the best, but safest results.

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    Pregnancy Acne Skincare Routine

    Pregnancy acne is very tricky to treat because 1) hormonal changes cause a lot more acne, but at the same time 2) most acne-fighting ingredients arent safe for use during pregnancy. So how are we supposed to fight acne when we cant use the necessary weapons? Pregnancy Acne Skincare Routine

    Well, Im very grateful that this time round I have much less acne and I have Dermalogica to thank.

    If youre pregnant and are looking for a skincare routine to combat acne, check out my pregnancy acne skincare routine below!


    • This post is NOT sponsored by Dermalogica. Some of the products were generously sent to me by Dermalogica, but I am NOT being endorsed or paid to publish this post and/or mention them in any way.
    • I have consulted multiple specialists, including my obstetrician and dermatologist, before using any of these products. I suggest you do so with your own doctors and specialists before purchasing skincare products of any kind during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy Skincare For Hyperpigmentation

    Sheer Tint SPF20 Dark, Shop

    The pesky thing about melasma is that its often kick-started by pregnancy in the first place – hence the nickname pregnancy mask. One of the most effective prescription treatments for hyperpigmentation, hydroquinone isnt safe for use during pregnancy. Luckily, there are alternatives that you can reach for!

    One of the best things to use is Vitamin C skincare. Safe for pregnancy and effective at fighting off the signs of ageing, Vitamin C is a superstar thats pregnancy safe and helps to tackle melasma for radiant, brighter skin – with the added bonus of firming skin and fighting off wrinkles in the long run.

    At the end of the day, always refer to your obstetricians advice when it comes to pregnancy-safe skincare – your best bet might be to bring your routine to your next appointment and get the all-clear for your skincare routine!

    Or, if youre still trying to put together a skincare routine in the first place, try our skin analysis. Youll get best recommendations for your skin concern to help you get your beauty affairs in order for radiant, glowing skin.

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