What Are Uncommon Signs Of Pregnancy

Diarrhea Is One Of The Worst Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

10 Unusual Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Most people associate constipation with being pregnant, but diarrhea is another weird symptom of being pregnant.

Most people assume that they have contracted a stomach bug and head to the doctors only to find out that they are pregnant! This subsides during pregnancy in most cases.

If youre experiencing diarrhea, its important to stay hydrated. Diarrhea can quickly result in you becoming dehydrated, which can land you in the emergency room.

It can also make you sicker, and harm your baby. Pick up some Gatorade to make sure that you are getting plenty of fluids.

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A Sensitive Gag Reflex

Are you suddenly gagging as youre brushing your teeth? One odd symptom of pregnancy is a more sensitive gag reflex, among other dental issues. Because of the increase of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, accompanied by an increased blood flow, gums may begin to swell. You may even notice bleeding when flossing or brushing.

An important note if you notice strange symptoms while brushing your teeth: visit the dentist to check for periodontitis and gingivitis, especially if youre pregnant.

A severe version of periodontitis is linked with low birth weight, preterm labor, stroke, loss of teeth, and other health risks. The good news is that most dental issues disappear after giving birth.

Metallic Or Strange Taste In Your Mouth

Does it suddenly taste like youve been sucking on a mouthful of pennies?

Nope, you didnt forget chomping down on some change this is probably just one more of the unusual early pregnancy signs were talking about.

The medical term for this condition is dysgeusia. Its most noticeable during the first trimester but can occur throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

In fact, up to 93% of women notice strange tastes in their mouths throughout different moments during gestation.

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The Most Uncommon Pregnancy Symptoms 12 Signs You Have One

Pregnancy is flooded with symptoms that can take all of your mental strength to deal with. Some of them youll actually love, most are just plain annoying, but then there are a rare few that pop up here and there as most uncommon pregnancy symptoms. Theyre weird, likely unheard of, and strange to say the least.

But they can be a laugh after all too because, honestly, if you dont laugh about them, then youre baby will just feel your frustrations and thats not very nice of you. Anyway, make sure youre aware so that if you do happen to have one or two, you wont be thrown for a loop.

How Reliable Are Home Pregnancy Tests

Pin on Early Pregnancy Symptoms

According to the NHS, home pregnancy tests are reliable as long as you follow the instructions correctly. It may not be reliable if you didnt follow instructions or youve taken the test too early.

Most pregnancy tests can be taken after the first missed period, with any tests taken before this time running the risk of being inaccurate. Professionals also recommend avoiding drinking too much fluid ahead of doing a test, as it can dilute the level of HGC.

Negative tests may not be reliable if youve taken it too early, as the level of HGC might not be enough at the time of taking it. Tests can also vary in their sensitivity and so its recommended you read instructions thoroughly before using one, as theres no guarantee each one will be the same.

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Signs Of Pregnancy In First Month

It is a myth that symptoms of pregnancy show up after several weeks of conception. The most prominent sign that a woman is pregnant is missed period cycle. If your menstruation is regular, missing the date is the first indication of pregnancy. However, missed periods can also occur due to numerous other reasons including hormonal imbalance. Certain symptoms of first trimester of pregnancy like nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue and loss of appetite are usually seen in first trimester of pregnancy. Even these symptoms, when exaggerated are a matter of concern.

Other uncommon symptoms in pregnancy could be bloating, mild uterine cramping, Constipation, Food aversions, nasal congestion leading to a stuffy or runny nose. Mood swings and extreme emotions may also be noted by a few women.

Other Early Signs Of Pregnancy

These early pregnancy symptoms tend to appear around or after the time that you miss your period, usually sometime between weeks 4 and 9. But again, every woman and every pregnancy is different, so you may not experience these symptoms at all, while other moms-to-be may notice them a little earlier.

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The Room Will Feel Like Its Spinning

During the first trimester, its common for pregnant women to feel dizzy or lightheaded. While pregnancy lowers blood pressure, it also dilates blood vessels.

Keep a close eye on your symptoms, however. If you have severe dizziness, vaginal bleeding, and severe abdominal pain, you may be suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. Fertilized eggs implant outside the uterus in an ectopic pregnancy. A doctor should be consulted as soon as you experience these symptoms.

Watch How Pets Act Around You

What are Some Uncommon Signs of Early Pregnancy | Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Are they acting weird around you and YOU only? You could be pregnant!

The same goes for kids. Small children may get more emotional and clingy, and rub, kiss, or point to your stomach. Older, verbal kids might catch you off guard with odd comments about your appearance or a new baby. If you dont have any kids of your own but spend time with some, it is very possible that they wont want to leave your side now. If youre pregnant, that is

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The Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Your body experiences a lot of changes during pregnancy and this can result in many different symptoms from early on, such as the ones below. But keep in mind, these symptoms dont automatically mean youre pregnant and there can be other medical reasons why youre experiencing these changes.

Here are some of the common signs and symptoms, and what else they could mean if you have them.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

While pregnancy tests and your practitioner can offer definitive answers, these early pregnancy symptoms may be clues that you’re expecting.

Keep in mind, just because youve experienced some of these symptoms doesnt mean youre pregnant. You could also have none of them at all and still go on to have a perfectly healthy pregnancy.

Although every woman is different, these early symptoms can first appear before you even miss your period.

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Nosebleeds Are Becoming More Common

As we said earlier, strange stuff is happening to the body from head to toe. This actually starts in the top of the body with the blood flow and supply. Normally, the blood flows in a way that it is evenly distributed across the body. However, once theres a baby growing in there, the blood supply increases which leads to increased pressure to certain blood vessels.

The blood vessels around the nose are the most slim and fragile, so they dont respond too well to this increased pressure. In fact, they liked things how they were before that egg became fertilised. Therefore, a more unusual symptom of pregnancy is nosebleeds, which happen once those tender vessels rupture and leak out.

They wont occur too often, but they wont be pleasant when they do. If youre trying for a baby, start carrying around some extra tissues anywhere you go, just in case.

Be Sure Youre Taking Your Vitamins


Ideally, youve already been taking a daily multivitamin, even before conception. However, make sure your vitamin of choice has folic acid. If it doesnt, start taking a folic acid supplement. A prenatal vitamin or multivitamin with folate can help prevent birth defects of the brain, spine or spinal cord.

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Your Teeth Are Wobbling

Years ago, it was common for women to loose teeth during pregnancy. Better nutrition and dental care mean this is less likely, but hormonal changes can increase the acidity in the mouth, leading to an increase in cavities. Its true that ligaments and bones in the mouth may relax during pregnancy, so sometimes teeth may wobble, but with the right care they shouldnt fall out.

Metal Taste In Your Mouth

Increases in progesterone and estrogen hormones may lead to changes in taste for most pregnant women. The condition is known as dysegusia. Pregnant women with this condition will feel like they chomping on old pennies as they take their lunch. As a pregnant woman, you can eliminate this taste by chewing sugarless gum. Additionally, consider taking many cold foods as well as taking spicy food.

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Uncommon Signs Of Pregnancy

Not all pregnancies are the same. Moreover, if youve had more than one pregnancy you might be able to compare the different symptoms that you experienced throughout the different pregnancies. Also, these pregnancy symptoms dont usually last long and these are often experienced in the first trimester and second trimester of your pregnancy. These are some of the notable signs of pregnancy that arent always present in most pregnancies:

Starting To Snore Like A Machine

My First Trimester Experience | Miscarriage | Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

If a lifetime of peaceful and noiseless sleeps are suddenly interrupted by noises through the night coming from your own mouth that sound like a leaf-blower starting up, youve got reason to be suspicious. Pregnancy can often lead to women experiencing snoring, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Snoring can happen early on in the pregnancy in the first trimester. It is primarily due to nasal congestion and extra weight that the body is starting to gain. There is no reason to be concerned if you are snoring all of sudden once you know youre pregnant. Aside from more disturbance while you are trying to sleep, it typically isnt a problem for the pregnancy itself.

However, no one likes an interrupted nights sleep, especially not a pregnant women whos hormones are raging all the time. It might be worth investing in ear plugs once you start trying for a baby!

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Superhuman Sense Of Smell

It may sound exaggerated, but some women are shocked at how sensitive their sense of smell becomes. All of a sudden, the assault of odors you pick up from the most mundane items may cause you to feel alien in your own skin — or worse, nauseated.

As many as two-thirds of pregnant women experience hyperosmia, which is caused by pregnancy hormones like estrogen. Keeping a small handkerchief handy with a drop of your favorite essential oil for sniffing is a good way to distract the nose with a more pleasant scent. It typically goes away after the first trimester.

How Soon Can You Get Symptoms Of Pregnancy

It really depends on the woman or pregnancy. The biggest tell tale sign that youre pregnant is a missed period.

If you want to go a bit deeper though, we need to start at the beginning of conception. If you have indeed conceived, you can expect implantation to happen to happen 6-12 days after ovulation or 8-9 days after conception.

Some women can feel implantation while others wont notice. I noticed with 2 out of 3 babies- there was an intense stabbing sensation with mild cramps.

With my 3rd baby, I had a CRAZY feeling that I was pregnant immediately. Dont ask why, dont ask how. Within a few days of conception I was experiencing a heightened sense of smell, horrible gas and a strong craving for chocolate.

My husband thought I was nuts when I told him but I got a faint positive at 8 days past ovulation. It was wild!

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About Our Fertility Expert Dr Amin Gorgy

Dr Gorgy co-founded The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy in 2004 and is now its co-director. Previously, he was the deputy director of the Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Brittle Hair And Nails Are An Uncommon Pregnancy Symptom

Pin on Pregnancy

Some women are in heaven with pregnancy. Their skin in amazing, their hair is strong and they can finally grow real nails! Others are in the minority, but they do exist.

In some cases, pregnancy results in nails that break easily, hair that stops growing or breaks off, or even hair that slowly falls out.

Check your vitamin intake to make sure that youre getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, which can help offset the negative impact that pregnancy is having on your body.

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Almost No Hair Growth

Some women have the polar opposite of this. Instead of the hair growing too fast and in unusual places, they quickly discover that they only have to shave their legs every other week.

My daughter was blessed with this pregnancy symptom. If you no longer have to shave your legs while youre pregnant, enjoy it while it lasts! This also returns to normal after childbirth.

What Are Some Uncommon Signs Of Early Pregnancy

The first week of the pregnancy is when the egg has been released from the ovum, the egg then combines with sperm and conception occurs. Progesterone and estrogen hormones, which are a part of the normal menstrual cycle, rise dramatically. A new hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin begins to be produced as well. These hormones promote the increase in blood flow to the uterus and prepare the uterus lining for the implantation of the fertilized egg.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the female may be unaware of the pregnancy. The woman may experience symptoms similar to a menstrual period. The first week of pregnancy usually does not cause any noticeable symptoms and may vary in different females. Some common and uncommon symptoms include

Pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman. Some women may notice symptoms, such as spotting or a headache, during the first week of pregnancy. Others may only experience a missed period. Some women will have no symptoms at all.

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Strange Stuff Happening To The Skin

They say that women glow during pregnancy, but they might be saying that just to make us feel better about the whole process. In reality, pregnancy causes some weird stuff to start happening on your skin, to the point where it is more or less growing, not so much glowing.

Changes to the skin are very common in pregnancy, especially the early stages. These changes have a wide range, from things such as dark patches, spider veins, dark lines on the belly, and saggy skin around the armpits and breasts. Lets not even mention stretch marks yet, thats for later on literally later on in the pregnancy!

The reason that your skin starts developing a mind of its own is because of the increased levels of melanin. This increase leads to the dark patches popping up. As for the spider veins, you can blame that increase in blood production that is also making your nose bleed.

/98 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That No One Will Tell You About

Early Signs of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

From missed periods to morning sickness, there are some clear symptoms of pregnancy which might help you detect it. These are termed as the first signs of pregnancy which help you confirm the good news. Apart from these, there are a list of symptoms that women experience during the initial days. If you too have recently conceived, then you must look out for the below given symptoms, which no one usually talks about.

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Increased Frequency Of Urination

Do you feel like youve been spending a lot more time peeing these days? It may not be your imagination you might just be pregnant!

Hormonal changes in pregnancy increase the blood flow to your kidneys. With all this extra blood to filter, the kidneys produce up to 25% more urine, starting soon after conception.

The New Hormones Will Change The Flavor Of Your Breastmilk

If you have a little one that is still breastfeeding, they might start refusing your milk once you become pregnant.

This is because the sudden influx of new hormones can change the flavor of the breastmilk. It can take some time for little ones to adjust, but some moms stop breastfeeding when their little ones cant seem to adjust.

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How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant

After both of my IVF cycles, I became a slave to the Google machine.

I spent hours each day pondering various symptoms I thought I might be experiencing. It didnt matter what I felt everything was a possible sign of pregnancy.

If you could see my search history from those times, you would think you were reading the psychotic ramblings of someone coming unhinged:

  • Is back pain an early pregnancy sign?
  • How soon do pregnancy cravings start?
  • What does discharge look like if youre pregnant?
  • Was that a small baby movement, or am I just hungry?

The list goes on-and-on.

And the most frustrating part is that so many early pregnancy symptoms, like mood swings, abdominal pain, and feeling bloated, are also symptoms of PMS.

Thanks for that, universe. Awesome move there, really.

While an eye twitch or toe pain might not be early pregnancy signs, there can be uncommon pregnancy symptoms during the first month. You can look for these symptoms as you drive yourself crazy waiting to take a home pregnancy test .

If youre sitting there asking yourself, How do you know if you are pregnant, weve got several great suggestions to help you along.

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