What Happens At 25 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Movement At 25 Weeks

25 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect Your 25th Week of Pregnancy

You should be feeling lots of fantastic fetal movement regularly now. Your little ones got room to move in the womb and theyll be busy kicking, punching, and changing position. You may notice movement patterns. For example, your baby may be extra wiggly after you eat certain foods or exercise. Enjoy this precious part of pregnancy.

Your doctor may want you to monitor your babys kick counts, which can provide reassurance that your baby is active and alert.

Your Pregnant Belly At 25 Weeks

Youve probably gained about 15 to 18 pounds total so far. Are you 25 weeks pregnant with twins? For you its probably more like 25 to 40 pounds.

When youre 25 weeks pregnant, weight gain can be a source of anxiety. We know, we know, weve been telling you to gain slowly and steadily, but its also really common for the number on your scale to jump around during this time in the second trimester. Part of that may be due to the amount of water weight pregnant women put on in mid-pregnancy. And realistically, gaining the exact same amount of weight each week just isnt going to happenthere are naturally going to be some fluctuations. Your doctor just wants you to make healthy weight gain a goal so you and baby stay as healthy as possible.

So dont sweat a few extra pounds, and keep up with your healthy eating and exercise. If your weight gain really is a problem, your doctor will let you know. Instead of stressing too much about your weight, focus on whats going on inside that 25 weeks pregnant belly.

Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect

If you cant quite catch your breath these days, youre not imagining it! Breathlessness strikes for a few reasons:

The bigger your uterus grows, the more it crowds your lungs. That means they cant expand quite as far as they used to, so even deep breaths feel shallow. You can free up a little more space in your chest by raising your arms above your head and stretching.

Youre breathing for 2, these days. Theres more carbon dioxide in your blood, forcing you to breathe more quickly and rapidly than usual.

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Is 25 Weeks The 3rd Trimester

Not quite, but youre getting close! The third trimester starts at week 28, when youre 7 months pregnant. Until then, youre still in your second trimester. But enjoy it! The third trimester often brings the return of intense exhaustion and discomfort with that big belly.

“In order to make the best decisions for you and your baby, you have to know all of your options. Hiring a doula for birth support can help with that! A doula provides physical, education and emotional support before, during and after birth. – Jacquelin Knighton, co-owner, Doulas of Capitol Hill and Doulas of PG County

Babys Nose Starts Working

Week 25 of Pregnancy: What to Expect

The lungs aren’t the only system that’s gearing up for air intake. Your baby’s nostrils and nose are starting to work this week, too. This allows your little one to begin taking practice breaths.

It was previously believed that the nostrils stay plugged up until around now in the pregnancy, but the latest research shows they open much earlier and stay that way through all three trimesters.

Of course, since there’s no air in there, your baby is really only “breathing” amniotic fluid, but it’s the practice that counts, right?

Baby could also be able to smell various scents in utero by this week, too. If not, that sense will kick in by the third trimester.

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Weeks Pregnant: Whats Going On In There

At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is now as big as a carton of milk, or an average of 35 centimetres long and nearly 680 grams . Her skin is still getting pinker as blood vessels develop underneath the surface, and she is beginning to plump up a little, too. Her lungs are still growing, but theyre maturing quickly, and her nose is now functioning, allowing her to take practice breaths of amniotic fluid in utero.

Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby’s Development

At 25 weeks, your little one is starting to plump up! Sheâs adding fat every day, which is helping to smooth out the wrinkles in her skin.

In your baby’s brain, the cortex is forming layers. Most of the action is still controlled by other brain areas that developed much earlier. In addition to the brain, other parts of the nervous system are continuing to develop. Itâs this important system that will help your baby learn to take in information from the outside world, process it, and react.

Have you been wondering if your baby can hear you? Her hearing is developing quickly and, at 25 weeks pregnant, she may even start to respond to familiar sounds like your voice by moving or changing her position. Give it a try!

You and your partner can sing or read to her now so she gets used to both of your voices. You may notice certain times of day when your baby is more or less active, but in general, at 25 weeks pregnant, youâre more likely to feel her movements when youâre still.

Want to keep up with how you and your little one are progressing during the last weeks of the second trimester? Download our second trimester guide for more information about your babyâs development, and more.

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Symptoms And Body Changes At 25 Weeks

As your babys hair grows, youll probably notice your own hair growing more quickly too. Try to enjoy this thicker hair because once the baby is born, chances are it will fall out. Continue to drink plenty of fluids in order to avoid dehydration, which leads to dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and other pains. Dont lie flat on your back. Hopefully you began to practice lying on your side in the early stages of your pregnancy, so even if you normally sleep on your back, the transition shouldnt be too tough.

Your skin may be dry and itchy from all the stretching, but lotion can help relieve the dryness. You may also notice that your eyes are dry, and they may be sensitive to light. You may experience hot flashes due to the continued increase and fluctuation in hormone levels. If you are suffering from constipation, try eating more fiber and exercising routinely to help your bowels move.

Are There Any Pregnancy

What Happens at 25 Weeks Pregnant?

Yes. Two types of medications are used to treat COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies and antiviral agents. Because pregnant women are at high risk of complications from COVID, they’re eligible to receive these treatments under the FDA’s emergency use authorization. They may be especially helpful for pregnant women with other risk factors, such as obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease.

If you test positive for COVID, talk to your provider right away. They can recommend treatments that are safe during pregnancy and can help reduce the risk of becoming seriously ill. Here’s more information about the available treatments:

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Pregnancy Checklist At 25 Weeks

Know the signs of a pregnancy problem

Pregnancy comes with plenty of aches, pains, and weird symptoms that are completely normal. But some pregnancy symptoms can signal a problem. Call your doctor or midwife if you have bleeding, spotting, or pain if your baby seems less active or if your water breaks. Other signs of a potential problem include intense itching, a serious headache, rapid weight gain, sudden swelling, painful urination, strange vaginal discharge, a fever, and shortness of breath. If you have any of these issues, call your doctor or midwife immediately.

Think about your baby’s sleeping space

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sharing a room with your baby for the first 6 months or ideally for the first year. That means having your baby sleep in a crib, bassinet, or play yard set up in your room near your bed. Room sharing can cut the risk of SIDS by as much as half, according to the AAP. It also makes it easier for you to comfort, watch over, and feed your baby. In addition to a safe place for your baby to sleep, you’ll want to have other nursery essentials like a changing table or changing pad, a baby monitor, a sound machine, and perhaps a glider or rocker to relax in while you feed your baby.

Do some financial planning

Investigate maternity leave

Get vaccinated

Your Next Midwife Appointment

If this is your first baby, youre likely to have a routine antenatal appointment at around 25 weeks.

Your midwife will check your blood pressure and take a urine sample to check for protein and glucose. These are normal checks to make sure you don’t have signs of pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes. The midwife will also measure your bump.

This is a great opportunity to talk to your midwife about anything on your mind. Remember that they are not there to judge you and there are no silly questions. You can ask them about anything you need.

Your midwife will call you back for further tests if they have any concerns after your routine checks.

Read our guide to your antenatal appointment schedule.

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Should I Still Get The Covid

Yes, it’s recommended that you get the COVID-19 vaccine if you’ve already had COVID. You may have heard that natural immunity is better than getting vaccinated, but that’s not true. Having had COVID doesn’t mean you can’t get it again, and doesn’t protect against severe repercussions like hospitalization. Being vaccinated after having COVID gives you added immunity and protection from moderate to severe complications. The latest booster shots, which are available from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, protect against both the original strain of the virus and more current variants.

Don’t get the vaccine or booster while you have a COVID infection, though. The CDC recommends delaying your vaccine by 3 months from when your symptoms started or, if you had no symptoms, when you received a positive test.

How well you’re protected from COVID after having an infection depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your illness, how long it’s been since you were infected, and your age. In fact, those who aren’t vaccinated after recovering from COVID are twice as likely to contract the virus again than those who got fully vaccinated after recovery. And there’s no test to tell for sure if you’re protected from infection.

ACOG. COVID-19, Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding: Answers from Ob-Gyns. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Weeks Pregnant: Your Checklist

25 Weeks Pregnant With Twins: What to Expect, Symptoms &  Belly Pictures ...
  • Research your options, and talk to your healthcare provider about pain relief possibilities during labor.

  • If you havenât already done so, sign up for a childbirth class, including your partner if possible. These classes will prepare you for what to expect during labor and delivery, and your partner will find them useful, too.

  • Start planning your maternity leave.

  • Learn more about cord blood banking, and talk to your healthcare provider if this is something you feel you may be interested in.

  • Download our fetal movement tracker so that you’re ready to start monitoring your little one’s movements when your healthcare provider suggests that you do so. It’s easy to use: Simply jot down your start and end time, and make a note of each movement you feel. Your provider can also give you an idea of what to be aware of when tracking your babyâs movements.

  • Sign up for even more weekly pregnancy tips:

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Key Takeaways At 25 Weeks Pregnant

  • Things are getting real! Your bump is no longer concealable, and youve probably gained about 15+ pounds so far.
  • Baby is establishing a sleep pattern in utero. Youll notice that theyre active for part of the day and then quiet for 12 to 14 hours while they snooze. If youre worried about limited activity, try having a sip of water or juice to see if it motivates baby.
  • Pregnancy symptoms abound. You may have trouble sleepingespecially with that bump in the way. As organs shift and your uterus expands, you could experience heartburn and frequent urination too. You may also have Braxton Hicks practice contractions too.

Youre 25 weeks pregnant, and its probably dawned on you that soon youll actually have to deliver this baby. That might be a little scary, but its also exciting! Whats cool is that most hospitals will let you pre-register for delivery, which means you can fill out your admissions paperwork early so you dont have to stand around filling out a bunch of forms while in the throes of labor.

Pregnancy Week 25 Tips

Have you begun to think of baby names yet? This is a good time to choose one male and one female name, especially if you are choosing to wait until the birth to find out the gender. Ideas can come from family membersyou may name the baby after an ancestor or use a common family name. Or you can also venture out on a limb and name your baby after the place they were conceived, or maybe after your favorite place to travel, or even after a favorite literary or film character. Write a list down with your partner and make a game out of it. This could be a fun, lighthearted time, especially as the third trimester approaches and new pregnancy pains and symptoms appear and hormonal changes occur. Next is pregnancy at 26 weeks.

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Gearing Up For Baby: The Things You Really Can’t Live Without

At Week 25 it’s easy to start feeling a teeny bit overwhelmed by this whole baby thing: After all, you’re a mere three months away from being a real, live parent . Sure we talked about what to put on your baby registry in an earlier episode, and yeah you’ll need all kinds of stuff, but today we get down to the bare essentials. Maybe you’re not having a baby shower, or you’re on a tight budgetor maybe minimalism is your thing. So what do you REALLY need when you have a baby? Turns out, not very muchbabies are pretty basic, especially in the beginning. But there are a few things you’ll want by your side in those first weeks home with your newborn and it’s good to go in prepared.

Pregnancy Week 25 Fetal Development

25 Days pregnant Labrador female| Labra female| Labra female Cute puppy

During week 25 of pregnancy, your babys nose and nostrils begin to function. During this week, your baby will start to breathe in amniotic fluid. The capillaries that are forming on your babys skin will also form inside his or her lungs, allowing the baby to take practice breaths from now on.

Your babys lungs have also started to produce surfactant, which will help them breathe after birth. However, their lungs are still immature and cant oxygenate the babys blood.

A 25-week old baby is also starting to develop its sense of balance. Theyll be able to differentiate which way is up or down inside your uterus. Theyre also becoming more dexterous, and theyll be able to perform grasping motions. They can even grab their own umbilical cord!

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Baby At 25 Weeks Pregnant

Crown to foot, your Baby Natural is about 13 inches long, and weighs in at 1.5 pounds. Yass!

This week is all about breathing. Baby’s lungs are growing stronger by the day, as new blood vessels form that will eventually help baby breathe deeply. His lungs have entered the saccular phase and have started producing a soap-like substance called surfactant, which helps drain the amniotic fluid and replace with air once baby takes those first unassisted breaths outside the womb.

Baby’s alveolar ducts and air sacs are beginning to develop, too. And he’s starting to breathe now through his cute little nostrils… aww! In other words, baby’s slowly getting the hang of this breathing thing we do outside the womb.

What If I Test Positive For Covid While Pregnant

The first step if you test positive is to call your healthcare provider for advice. It’s a good idea to also call your provider if you’ve been exposed to the virus and develop symptoms, such as a fever or cough, even if you haven’t tested positive. They’ll give you instructions about what to do.

In addition to calling your provider, here are some other steps to take if you have COVID:

Go to the emergency room or call 911 if you have:

  • Blue lips or face

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Your Body At Week 25 Of Pregnancy

Your baby isnt the only thats changing during week 25 of pregnancy. During this week, youll probably see an increase in your weight, and you might experience new symptoms. Some symptoms of pregnancy can be uncomfortable, but remember that theyre a sign of all the things your body is doing to help your baby grow strong!

What Happens During The 25th Week Of Pregnancy

25 Weeks Pregnant With Twins: What to Expect, Symptoms &  Belly Pictures ...
  • Theyre finding their voice: Those little vocal cords have finally formed, ready for laughter, tears, and eventually that wondrous moment your baby says momma.
  • Youre not the only one feeling tired: By week 25, your babys going to start to find a sleep schedule of its own, and it wont always match yours. Its not uncommon to feel your babys active movements when youre relaxing and sedentary.
  • Boo! Your babys reflexes are so developed that you can actually startle your little one.
  • Appointment time: At 25 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound probably isn’t on the schedule unless your OB-GYN has requested some additional monitoring. However, you may be getting the glucose challenge screening test to rule out gestational diabetes if you havent done so already.

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