What To Know About Early Pregnancy

Consider Having Vaccinations That Are Offered

What I Wish I Knew About the First Trimester | OB-GYN Pregnancy VLOG

Youll be offered vaccinations during pregnancy.

The whooping cough vaccine

Whooping cough is a respiratory infection that develops into severe coughing fits. This illness can be very severe, especially in very young babies. Pregnant people are recommended to have the vaccine to protect their baby until they are old enough to have their first vaccinations.

The best time to get vaccinated to protect your baby is from week 16 up to 32 weeks of pregnancy. But you can have the vaccine anytime from 16 weeks right up until labour. However, it may be less effective if you have it after 38 weeks.

There are no recommendations in the UK for your partner to have this vaccine.

The flu vaccine

All pregnant people are recommended to have the flu vaccine, whatever stage of pregnancy you are at. This is because having the flu in pregnancy can cause complications, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy.

Read more about having these vaccinations in pregnancy.

Covid-19 vaccine

Pregnant people are recommended to have their COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible. Find out more about the COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Does A Ct Of The Abdomen Show The Uterus

Your doctor has ordered you to have a computed tomography scan of your abdomen and left hip. CT scans can produce high-quality images of your body using X-rays and computer analysis. A CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis can help detect issues such as bladder, uterus, prostate, liver, and bowels.

Ct Scans Of The Abdomen And Pelvis

Other organs in the pelvic area, such as the bladder and rectum, are also visible during a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis.

Unusual Feelings And Emotions

If your emotions feel a little out of balance in early pregnancy, the reason is once again hormones. Its most common in the first trimester, so the feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster will likely settle down after a little while.

As with other early pregnancy symptoms, you may find that staying active, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a social life can help you deal with these symptoms.

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How Do I Use The Pregnancy Calculator

To find out your due date, you just need to select the date of the first day of your last period on our pregnancy calculator tool, adjust your average cycle length and click ‘submit. Your cycle length is the number of days between your periods, counting the first day of your period until the day before your next period starts.

You will then receive your estimated due date and the option to sign-up to our pregnancy email. This weekly email gives you fun pregnancy facts, useful tips and great recipe ideas to help you and your baby have the healthiest possible pregnancy.

Try Not To Eat For Two

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Your baby will take all they need from you as they grow, so theres no need for extra calories in the first or second trimester. In the third trimester, you might need an extra 200 calories if you are active. This is the equivalent to around half a sandwich.

Find out more about how much to eat in pregnancy.

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Pregnancy And Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are one of the most common complications women experience during pregnancy. Bacteria can get inside a womans urethra, or urinary tract, and can move up into the bladder. The fetus puts added pressure on the bladder, which can cause the bacteria to be trapped, causing an infection.

Symptoms of a UTI usually include pain and burning or frequent urination. You may also experience:

Nearly 18 percent of pregnant women develop a UTI. You can help prevent these infections by emptying your bladder frequently, especially before and after sex. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Avoid using douches and harsh soaps in the genital area.

Contact your healthcare provider if you have symptoms of a UTI. Infections during pregnancy can be dangerous because they increase the risk of premature labor.

Finding Your Gestational Age:

Pregnancy is divided into three stages, each consisting of three months, called trimesters. With each passing stage, physiological changes occur in your body in the form of hormonal changes, blood pressure, breathing, and metabolism. One should monitor such changes from the beginning of pregnancy to understand the other stages and your progress through them. It is also necessary to know your delivery due date, which is mostly determined from the date of your last menstrual cycle. A normal delivery can happen anywhere between 37 and 40 weeks.

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When To See A Health Care Provider About Your Early Pregnancy

Everyones experience of pregnancy is different, and every pregnancy is different even in the same person. Be aware of this when looking for signs of early pregnancy. Learn about common signs and symptoms and be alert to your own body and the signals it sends you.

Make sure you see a health care provider as soon as possible after conception. This may contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

How Much Weight Gain Is Normal

First Trimester Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

Most women are worried about weight gain during their pregnancy for the first time and are eager to lose it at the earliest post-pregnancy. Your weight gain depends on your BMI before pregnancy. If you are overweight when you conceive, then you are advised to put on fewer calories than someone who is of normal weight. The basic idea is that the fetus should get necessary nutrients to grow and have a healthy development. So eating the right meal and understanding the needs of the baby are a priority .

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Choose A Doctor Or Midwife

If you already have a doctor or midwife you love, you’re set. If not, you’ve got some homework to do. Talk to friends and relatives, ask one of your other providers to recommend someone, check out the preferred providers under your health insurance plan, or search online. Find out more about what to consider when choosing a doctor or midwife.

What Are Some Less Common Signs Of Early Pregnancy

There are some additional signs of early pregnancy that arent as common. Just like with the most common symptoms, these signs of pregnancy may or may not happen. Its important to remember that everyone is different and experiences signs of pregnancy differently.

Less common signs of early pregnancy can include:

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How To Check Pregnancy Through A Pregnancy Test

When you have any of the above symptoms, you should do a pregnancy test either by yourself or can go to the doctor. However, we will guide you on how to do the home pregnancy test.

Purchase the test kits from a drug store, grocery store, or online. These kits are designed to detect the pregnancy hormone in the urine. When you go to the bathroom, urinate in a cup and put the dipstick in the urine. Dip the stick for almost ten seconds and remove it from the urine afterward.

Wait for a while until it shows the results. The single line on the display means that you are not pregnant. However, the stick should show double lines for a positive pregnancy test. Moreover, according to the manufacturers, pregnancy sticks show accurate results 99% of the time.

In addition, for accurate results, use the first urine in the morning, as the concentrated urine shows clear results. Diluted urine may not have enough pregnancy hormones to show the results. Moreover, they must consult the doctor after getting positive pregnancy tests. A home pregnancy test may vary in results sometimes.

Less Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Signs You May Be Pregnant

Besides the above symptoms of pregnancy, other signs enable you to predict pregnancy. However, these are less common among women and may not happen to everyone in the first few weeks. Regardless, you should also read the following if you have seen any symptoms in your body.

Here are the less common symptoms of pregnancy:

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What Do I Do If The Pregnancy Test Is Negative But I Observe Pregnancy Symptoms

If you take a pregnancy test that results in a negative display but observe the symptoms, it may be a sign that your periods are about to start. However, there is something known as a false negative. So you might be pregnant despite a negative test result. Therefore, you should retake the test after a few weeks if you have not gotten your period.

How Many Types Of Pregnancy Tests Are Available

There are two types of pregnancy tests available. One is through urine testing, and the other one includes testing through blood. Most doctors check pregnancy through urine tests, but if the results are ambiguous, they advise you to take a blood test. The higher level of pregnancy hormones is checked to confirm the positive pregnancy test.

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Start Taking Belly Photos

Have someone take a picture of you every week, or take your own picture using your reflection in a mirror. It’s a great way to see your progress, and you’ll love having the keepsake. Tips for a great shot: Consider wearing the same outfit, standing in the same spot, and striking the same pose for each photo. For inspiration, check out our pregnant bellies photo gallery.

What Should I Do Next

What are the early signs of pregnancy?

If you dont already have a midwife, you may be able to self-refer to your local maternity unit directly for your antenatal care. Visit your local hospitals website to find out more.

Speak to your GP if you cant self-refer or if you think your pregnancy may be high-risk. For example, if you have a long-term condition, had complications in a previous pregnancy or experienced a late miscarriage or stillbirth. Your GP will tell the midwifery team you are pregnant.

You will be given a date for your first appointment with a midwife. This should happen before you are 10 weeks pregnant.

We know pregnancy can be an overwhelming time. We created our Healthy Pregnancy tool to try to take away some of this anxiety by giving you a personalised set of tips for your pregnancy.

Not pregnant yet?

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Best Medical Tests To Indicate Your Babys Gender

Why medical tests are necessary for baby gender prediction?

As I told you earlier, its fun and interesting to predict your babys sex with all the popular myths and theories above. Nonetheless, none of them are scientifically proved so you are recommended not to believe in those results completely.

For more trustable predictions, personally I think you should try the following medical tests:

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Avoid Losing Weight During Pregnancy

Cutting out food groups to try to lose weight may stop your baby getting nutrients they need for growth. Instead of restricting your diet, the best thing to do is manage your weight through eating a healthy, balanced diet, with a variety of foods from each of the main food groups.

Find out more about managing your weight during pregnancy.

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What Are The Most Common Symptoms During The First Trimester

Every person and every pregnancy is unique. An increase in hormones cause most pregnancy symptoms. Some of the most common are:

Your heart is pumping more blood during pregnancy. This means your pulse may be quicker and you may find yourself losing energy more easily. Be mindful of how much demand pregnancy puts on your body and take rests when you feel tired or out of breath.

Weight Gain In The First Trimester

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Gaining weight is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Experts say it’s normal to gain between one and five pounds in the first three months of pregnancy though some women may gain more or less, or even lose weight during the first trimester due to morning sickness or other reasons.

Your provider will monitor your pregnancy weight to make sure you’re in a healthy range and gaining at an appropriate pace. You can also use our Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator to stay on track.

Don’t worry if you can’t eat a well-rounded diet in your first trimester nausea and food aversions can make this feel impossible. Just do the best you can. Many women feel better eating small, frequent, carbohydrate-heavy snacks.

When you’re able, make your pantry, fridge, and freezer pregnancy-friendly by filling them with healthy eats like nuts, fresh and dried fruit, multigrain pasta, and yogurt. Get a shopping list of healthy pregnancy foods.

During pregnancy it’s especially important to avoid foods that could contain bacteria, parasites, or toxins including undercooked meat, unpasteurized soft cheeses, anything that contains raw eggs, sushi made with raw fish, raw oysters, and fish that’s high in mercury. Find out more about foods to avoid during pregnancy.

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Will I Get A More Accurate Due Date Later In The Pregnancy

You will have your first appointment with the midwife, the ‘booking appointment’, by 10 weeks. At that appointment, you will be offered an ultrasound scan this is often called the dating scan.

This scan will check how many weeks pregnant you are and work out a more accurate due date. Youll also be able to find out whether youre having more than 1 baby and how your baby is developing.

But if you’re impatient to know when your baby will arrive, our due date calculator can give you an estimated due date now!

What Is The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

During the first trimester, your body undergoes many changes. Hormonal changes affect almost every organ system in your body. These changes can trigger symptoms even in the very first weeks of pregnancy. Your period stopping is a clear sign that you are pregnant. Other changes may include:

  • Extreme tiredness

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What Happens To Your Body

For some women, the first trimester is characterised by nausea . But remember that every pregnancy is different and while some women have food cravings, others experience food aversions, and some have no change in appetite at all.

Other changes in the first trimester include changes to your breasts as they become tender, larger and heavier, while your uterus will grow and put pressure on your bladder so that you need to urinate more often.

Best Pregnancy Test Strips In The Market

Important Precautions to Take During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

A wide range of pregnancy strips easy to use at home are available in the market varying in result time, results display, price, or packaging. They may also be categorized based on whether they are disposable or reusable.

A few of the best easy to use at home pregnancy test strips along with their specifications and price in US dollars, Indian and Pakistani Rupees are also listed here

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Pregnancy And Vaginal Discharge

An increase in vaginal discharge is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Your production of discharge may increase as early as one to two weeks after conception, before youve even missed a period.

As your pregnancy progresses, youll continue to produce increasing amounts of discharge. The discharge will also tend to become thicker and occur more frequently. Its usually heaviest at the end of your pregnancy.

During the final weeks of your pregnancy, your discharge may contain streaks of thick mucus and blood. This is called the bloody show. It can be an early sign of labor. You should let your doctor know if you have any bleeding.

Normal vaginal discharge, or leukorrhea, is thin and either clear or milky white. Its also mild-smelling.

If your discharge is yellow, green, or gray with a strong, unpleasant odor, its considered abnormal. Abnormal discharge can be a sign of an infection or a problem with your pregnancy, especially if theres redness, itching, or vulvar swelling.

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Signs You Should Take A Pregnancy Test: Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Different people have different reactions to the idea that they might be pregnant. Whatever your feelings are, you can prepare for the future by learning about the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

If you want to find out if youre pregnant for sure, youll need to get a testing kit. You can buy a pregnancy test at most drugstores and pharmacies or order one online.

Many of the early signs of pregnancy are very similar to those youd experience around the time of your period. None of these early signs of pregnancy can determine that youre pregnant for sure, so consider them symptoms to look out for, rather than a reliable test. Youll need to take a pregnancy test if you want to confirm that youve conceived.

Here are 10 common signs of early pregnancy:

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Tips For The First 13 Weeks Of Your Pregnancy

Congratulations youre about to be a mother! Becoming a parent is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also feel overwhelming at times and you likely have lots of questions. Thats to be expected and we hope this guide will be a useful companion throughout your pregnancy. During the first 13 week of pregnancy, your body is growing and changing, and so is your babys. Heres what to know as you start this amazing journey together.

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