What To Get Newly Pregnant Friend

The Best Gift Ideas For Your Newly Pregnant Friend

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Congratulations..Your friend just announced shes having a baby!! Whether she is your best friend or an acquaintance you must be so excited for her. To celebrate this special moment, here are some gift ideas for your newly pregnant friend!

Depending on how close your relationship is, she may have told you weeks or even months after finding out that she was expecting. Giving mom-to-be a little gift, shows how much you love and appreciate your friendship. Its important to give her something that is useful, especially since once the baby comes. She will have more infant things than she can imagine.

Give The Gift Of Knowledge To The Mama

1. Birth It Up: Online birth classes

Too many mamas skip out on childbirth education for a number of reasons. They dont think its worthwhile, its too expensive, or they dont have room in their busy schedules.

Insert the online birth class!

Give the gift of a birth class that they can take anywhere, at any time. They will be SO grateful later. I know it will give them a better birth experience, and you can be the one to gift it to them

  • BIU: The Natural Series is here for mamas to learn exactly what they need to achieve their goal of unmedicated birth but still want education surrounding medical interventions just in case
  • BIU: The Epidural Series is perfect for mamas that already know they want an epidural, but want a deep dive into what thats all about PLUS strategies to deal with labor pain before their epidural is placed
  • BIU: The C-Section Series is for mamas that are having a planned C-section and want to erase every ounce of the unknown and have a more positive mindset surrounding their unique birth experience

If youre not sure which one to get, go with the Epidural Series and we can issue you a gift certificate for her to use on the class she prefers

Breastfeeding education is often not on the mind of expectant mamas, but learning about breastfeeding before youre in it can give you SUCH a leg up.

This is a great gift to pair with some loungewear or great maternity/nursing bras!

3. Taking Cara Babies: Newborn sleep class

What Should I Put In A Pregnancy Care Package

The best pregnancy care package for a pregnant woman includes pregnancy self care products to help her enjoy her pregnancy more, as well as pregnancy super foods to give her a nutritional boost from the inside! You might also want to include pregnancy and birth affirmation cards or self care books to lift her spirits if she’s been feeling down. Those pregnancy hormones can really create havoc with an expecting mom!

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The Gift Of Knowledge With Sneakpeek

The best gifts for newly pregnant friends can be everything from a keepsake journal to a spa day. But one of the best gifts for pregnant friends is the gift of knowledge with the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test.

The SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test lets moms know the gender of their babies as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy. The kit comes with detailed step-by-step directions, a simple sample collection method, and packaging with a prepaid shipping label. Once your friend has collected her sample, she can ship it off to SneakPeek Labs and learn her babys gender in as little as a day after the sample is received!

Give your friend a gift shell never forget with a little help fromSneakPeek!

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Best Gifts For A Newly Pregnant Friend

Pin on Crafty gift ideas

Today were talking all about the best gifts to give a newly pregnant friend. You know, when you find out a dear friend is pregnant and there are still months before a baby shower? Dont miss all these great ideas to help her feel loved and celebrated while expecting.

A week or so after I got that positive pregnancy test a small package arrived in the mail. It had a little note, a cute wooden teething rattle, some baby socks, and a beautiful gold heart necklace for me. It said congratulations and in the time when I was mostly keeping this news to myself, it was such a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate. I felt loved and special .

Are you ever unsure about what to gift to a newly pregnant friend?

Baby things seem appropriate but the birth is probably a long ways off at this point. There will be gender reveals , baby showers , hospital visits, and newborn snuggles where you can gift baby items. Right now is the the time to celebrate her. Its possible, if shes a first time mom with no baby things, shell be thrilled with a onesie or a baby item. But, even if she is, its going to be many months before she can use something like that.

Today Im talking about gift ideas to celebrate the mom-to-be and the pregnancy, not the baby. Skip favorite baby books and nursing ointments and go with something to pamper the suffering and excited mom to be.

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Susanne Kaufmann Stretch Mark Oil

Courtesy of Susanne Kaufmann

Designed with all skin types in mind, this stretch mark oil is made with a combination of jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, and almond oil. The oil helps skin stretch gently while leaving it nourished, firm, and elastic. Simply place it on damp skin to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Price at time of publish: $32

What Our Editors Say

“After going through two pregnancies, I’ve tested a lot of leggings. Huge fan of these. They are a great price point but fit like a seamless luxury legging in which the material on the bump and the legs are the same . And the best part is they’re made from recycled plastic bottles! Giving a sustainable gift is always a good idea.” Lauren Levinson, Editorial Director Verywell Family

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My Best Friend Is Pregnant Now What

So you want to buy a present for your pregnant friend that is just for her and not for the baby? Youre a kind soul. Its so easy to get wrapped up in all those cute little baby essentials and forget about the mom!

The good news is that there are a lot of gift ideas to give to someone newly pregnant. These are just a few fun gift ideas, perfect for first time moms too! The more gifts that you want to give, the better! All of these easy gift ideas are great for that soon to be momma.

1. Mom To Be Shirt

Mom to be shirts can be as cute or funny as you want them to be! If your friend wants to officially let the world know shes in #mommode or eating tacos for two, theres a shirt for that.

2. Bump Box Pregnancy Gift Box

I dont know how you feel about it, but to me receiving packages in the mail is the adult version of the ice cream truck in your neighborhood. Bump Boxes are boxes designed to pamper the mom to be throughout her entire pregnancy. Each box contains 5-7 full size products that are specific to each trimester that shes in!

I bet your friend will love receiving these pregnancy gift boxes in the mail!

3. U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

One thing that most pregnant moms miss is their ability to get a good nights rest. And can you blame them? That big ol belly can make it a nightmare to get to sleep. But this pregnancy pillow creates a comfy place for the mom to rest and try to sleep the night away.

4. Comfortable Slippers

Diy Ice Cube Facial Roller

ã?AppleãPregnant woman is stunned when her best friend sends her new address [That’s my address…]

Your expecting friend might not be getting her favorite facials every day, but she can still treat herself to a little TLC with the help of this DIY ice-cube roller. She can fill it with her favorite ingredientscucumber, lemon or coconut milkfor a host of benefits from reducing puffiness to boosting circulation. And, yes, shell def need it for a quick skin refresh once baby arrives.

Buy it: DIY Ice Cube Frozen Facial Mask, $29, UncommonGoods.com

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Mothers Day Gifts For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy journal

A mothers day gift isnt complete without an 80-page journal that provides a wide variety of prompts to remind her of all the big milestones and emotions that have come along their pregnancy journey.

Get it from

Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

First-time moms who are giving birth may not know just how important instant ice maxi pads are for postpartum recovery, so make sure shes prepared with this kit that also includes disposable underwear, perineal cooling pad liners, and perineal healing foam. Trust, shell be so grateful to receive this on mothers day.

Get it from

Womens Plush Robe

All the reviews of this robe rave about how comfortable it is, all things people want to feel when pregnant. And, as an added bonus, it can be worn long after the baby is born.

Get it from

Premium Wood Sonogram-Size Photo Frame

Chances are your favorite mom-to-be cant wait to show off her new bundle of joy, and this sentimental gift means she wont have to. The frame is the perfect size for her latest sonogram picture and features the sweet words love at first sight. Its the best gift for expecting mothers!

Get it from

Safe Baby Handling Tips Board Book

This book is a great gag mothers day gift for first-time moms. If shes lacking experience when it comes to childcare, it will teach her the basics in the most laugh-out-loud way possible.

Get it from

Gifts For Pregnant Women

No idea what to get for your preggers during their journey? Weve got you covered!

Pregnancy is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a womans womb. A multiple pregnancy involves more than one offspring, such as twins. Preggers during their journey tend to experience mood swings,Fatigue etc. You can make preggers journey a memorable one by pampering and showering them with love by sending them gifts. In case you still have no idea what to get for your pregnant woman during her journey, weve pulled together the best selection to show your preggers just how much you care.

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A Comfy Maternity Pillow

One of the most useful pregnancy giftsthis pillow will double as a sleeping buddy as baby grows bigger and sleeping becomes an art to master. Plus, the brand offers beautiful prints thatll liven up any living area, while working as a nursing pillow post-pregnancy.

Buy it: DockATot La Maman Wedge Nursing Pillow, $63, BuyBuyBaby.com

Pregnancy Gifts To Celebrate Life And Love

Milenium Home Tips: Gifts For Newly Pregnant Friend

There’s so much to celebrate when theres a little bundle of joy on the way! Wetting the baby’s head with a toast to celebrate after baby arrives goes without saying, but there’s a long nine month journey in store for your pregnant friend before they meet their little one.

If you’re celebrating the pregnancy of a friend or family member, youll want to shower them with support, smiles and love. And, of course, the perfect pampering congratulations pregnancy gift.

Whether theyre a first time mum or expecting baby number five, caring for a tiny new life around-the-clock can be physically and mentally exhausting. Before that happens, youll want to treat them to lifes little luxuries that help a pregnant friend relax and take a minute for themselves. The best pregnancy gifts are ones that are specifically a present for the pregnant friend and not for baby. So, check out these fabulous ideas for beautiful pregnancy hampers and gifts from the team at The Hamper Emporium.

There’s something totally indulgent for everyone from gifts to celebrate a pregnancy announcement to ways to pamper a pregnant friend. Get ideas for what to include in a gift basket for newly pregnant friend, luxury gifts for first time expectant mums, excited dads, and those just days away from holding baby in their arms. From small keepsakes to luxury pregnancy gift baskets, these are all thoughtful ideas theyll love.

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What To Expect When Youre Expecting

This classic book is packed full of information for expectant parents, from conception to delivery and beyond.

Its a definite must-have for new mamas. I wore my copy out during my first pregnancy and referred to it again and again.

And hopefully, having it on her shelf will stop her from Googling things all the timeand freaking out about those search results. #beentheredonethat

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Pregnant Friend

When a friend is pregnant it can be hard to know what to get them when their birthday comes around, after all, their priorities and needs have changed, and a nice bottle of wine is no longer appropriate.

But her birthday is also the one day when the attention can be on her, rather than the newborn, so its still nice to get her a gift that is special to her, and not something thats just for the baby. The new arrival will be here soon enough, after all.

From pamper sets to food hampers with her favourite treats in, there are plenty of ideas of things to get for your pregnant friend, so she can celebrate her own birthday as well as the joys of being pregnant.

If your friend does prefer to receive gifts for the little one instead, to help her prepare, there are various gift suggestions from bath sets to hospital bag ideas, so if she is close to giving birth on her birthday, you might want to consider one of the practical newborn gifts.

So here are some of the best birthday gift ideas you can give your pregnant friend:

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Wrap Maternity And Nursing Sweater

Looking for a gift for a pregnant friend shell use now and later? This cozy slightly oversized sweater will keep your mom-to-be pal warm and comfy throughout a fall or winter pregnancy. But shell get to use this nursing-friendly option long after baby hits the scene.

Buy it: Ingrid & Isabel Wrap Maternity/ Nursing Sweater, $98, Nordstrom.com

What Should I Get A First Time Expecting Mum

Friends: Phoebe is Having Triplets (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

A first time expecting mama to be is likely to need all of the pregnancy care items, as well as all of the new baby products! She is also more likely to appreciate high quality organic baby clothes, toys and products that will last through several babies.

You might also want to include some parenting books and new mum gifts because she is likely to be doing a lot of research to help her through this transition.

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Kibou Brown Diaper Bag

Fanny pack meets diaper bag in this amazingly minimalist solution. The thoughtful design leaves room for everything, including a built-in changing pad, waterproof wipes pocket, keyring, credit card holder, and more. The lightweight vegan leather bag looks great and leaves hands, arms, and shoulders free.

Price at time of publish: $98

An elegant, chic, and timelessly designed baby memory keepsake and journal, this modern, gender-neutral book is stunning enough to be displayed and shared. There are guided sections to help every family record special moments from pregnancy through age 5. Families can fill in as much or as little as they want as they commemorate the mom-to-be’s journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Price at time of publish: $30

Yumi Baby Food Delivery Service

Where to buy Yumi Baby Food Delivery Service:Helloyumi $40+

This is a great gift for a pregnant mom because practically nobody else will think to buy it for them! Yumi is a prepared meal delivery service for babies and their busy moms that offers new seasonal weekly recipes as well as your choice of a pre-made assortment or your own handpicked menu of meals.

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Honorable Mention: Thoughtful Gestures For Lost Pregnancies

Not all pregnancies will pan out. I remember when I struggled with miscarriage, I was reassured by my doctor that about 50% of all pregnancies are lost. It was comforting, but its also a really sad reality.

If the expecting mom in your life ends up dealing with miscarriage, a thoughtful gift or gesture can lift her spirits in an extremely emotional time.

As a mom who has dealt with miscarriage, here are four gift ideas that I think would comfort that hurting mama.

  • A simple floral arrangement
  • My own mother sent me a beautiful floral arrangement from a local florist, which I will never forget. I kept the little ceramic angel that was in that bouquet and display it on a shelf in my home, years after the fact.

  • Care for Miscarriage Box from Bodily
  • Another idea is the Care for Miscarriage Box from Bodily. This thoughtful gift includes some items that will help the grieving mama feel supported and loved.

  • Held: 31 Biblical Reflections on Gods Comfort and Care in the Sorrow of Miscarriage
  • A devotional is always a welcome gift in hard times. Receiving a devotional from a close friend or family member after a miscarriage can be so comforting and impactful.

    This particular devotional, Held, was written by a mom who suffered from miscarriages and explores all the emotions you feel during this time from a biblical perspective.

  • Willow Tree Remembrance Angel
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