How Long Does It Take To Know If Im Pregnant

How Long Does Implantation Take

How soon can I know that I’m pregnant?

The body begins producing more of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin after a fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus. This typically happens 612 days after ovulation.

Implantation cannot happen immediately after fertilization because it takes time for the fertilized egg to reach the uterus.

Older research , from 1999, suggests that the later a fertilized egg implants, the more likely early pregnancy loss becomes.

The study found that implantation occurred on days 810 after ovulation for 84% of participants. Of the eggs that implanted after day 11, 82% resulted in pregnancy loss before 6 weeks.

Pregnancy tests check levels of the hormone HCG. They cannot produce a positive result until two things have happened:

  • The egg has implanted in the uterus.
  • Levels of HCG have risen high enough to be detectable.

This means that most people cannot have a positive pregnancy test result until at least 10 days after ovulation. For some, a positive result is only possible on the day of their anticipated period or a bit later.

More sensitive tests are

  • changes in mood or emotion
  • aversions to certain foods
  • more frequent urination

It is worth keeping in mind, however, these are also common experiences in people who are not pregnant.

The most accurate way to check for pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test.

How To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Home Pregnancy Test

  • Wait until your period is one week late
  • Read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter
  • Take the urine test in the morning, with your very first urine of the day
  • Dont drink large amounts of liquids before the test
  • Pee into a clean cup and put the test stick into it for 15 minutes
  • Store your test in a cool dry place. Extreme temperatures can damage the test.
  • Check the expiration date of the test

When To Take A Pregnancy Test

Remember that a home pregnancy test cant detect a pregnancy at the moment of conceptionor even on your implantation day. The test won’t be positive until there is enough pregnancy hormone in your body, and this takes time. To get the most accurate results, wait until your period is at least one day late before taking a test. Otherwise, you may get a false negativeeven if you are pregnant.

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When Can You Get A Positive Pregnancy Test Result

Home pregnancy tests look for human chorionic gonadotrophin in your urine. This is produced after the egg implants, but not at detectable levels until 6 to 14 days after fertilization. Your most reliable results will be starting on the day of your missed period, since all cycles are unique.

You can purchase a test at supermarkets, drugstores, or online. Follow all instructions and follow up with your doctor if you have a positive result or if you have a negative result but your period does not start.

In some cases, you may want to go in and have a blood draw, which can detect lower levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG.

To recap, the following things need to happen to achieve pregnancy:

  • An egg needs to release and get picked up by the fallopian tube.
  • Sperm needs to be deposited before, during, or immediately after ovulation.
  • The egg and sperm need to meet to create what eventually becomes a blastocyst.
  • The blastocyst needs to implant itself in the uterine lining to become an embryo and continue growing into a fetus.
  • Above all else, you can increase your chances of pregnancy each month by gaining a better understanding of the menstrual cycle and pinpointing your fertile window. You can have sex a million times, but if youre not in the right part of your cycle, it wont result in pregnancy.

    Sex as early as 5 days before ovulation can lead to conception, but the chances are highest with sex the day immediately before the egg is released.

    What Is A Due Date Calculator

    Can I Get Pregnant A Week After My Period

    A due date calculator helps you estimate when your baby will be born. By calculating your due date, youll have an idea of your babys birthday. But keep in mind that your due date is only an estimate. Very few babies are actually born on the day they were due.

    Knowing your due date is important for several reasons. It helps you plan and prepare for your babys arrival. It also gives your provider essential information they need to monitor your health and your babys health.

    You can calculate your due date at home using a couple of different methods. But these methods arent always accurate. When you visit your provider, they may give you a different due date based on the size of your baby on ultrasound and the date of your last period.

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    Super Early Signs Of Pregnancy How Soon Can I Tell If Im Pregnant

    1. Missed Period

    Sometimes the very first indicator for many women, a missed period is normally a good sign that a pregnancy has occurred.

    However, its also not always the case. Periods can be delayed in general by stress or changes to your diet, and bleeding can even still occur throughout pregnancy.

    If you havent yet missed your period, but would like to test early, home pregnancy tests such as First Response can detect pregnancy hormones up to six days prior to a missed period. But this is certainly not guaranteed.

    Its better to wait until your period is actually missed so that your body is making enough hormones to detect and you can get an accurate result. You will also need to make sure you take the test properly.

    Read the full instructions on how to do this towards the end of this page.

    2. Nausea or Vomiting

    Nausea is an extremely common side effect of pregnancy, especially early on. If you find yourself feeling nauseous for no reason you can pinpoint, dry retching or unexpectedly over the toilet, you may want to take a test.

    3. Spotting

    Some women notice very light pink or brown spots of blood around a week two weeks after conception. This is the fertilized embryo implanting into the lining of the womb and is called implantation bleeding.

    4. Dizziness

    Finding yourself needing to sit down often, getting light-headed or wobbly on your feet, and unable to focus on things you normally can could indicate pregnancy.

    5. Headaches

    6. Increased Sensitivity to Smells

    The Most Common Sign Of Early Pregnancy A Missed Period

    Your menstrual cycle is your bodys way of preparing for a possible pregnancy each month. Part of that is the thickening of your uterine lining, which is where a fertilized egg would implant to begin a pregnancy.

    If youre not pregnant, your period is how your uterus sheds that extra lining. If you are pregnant, that lining stays put and you dont get your normal flow. This is why a missed period is often the earliest sign of pregnancy.

    Of course, a delayed or missed period doesnt always mean youre pregnant. If your body is under a lot of stress or you have a hormonal imbalance, you could be experiencing an irregular menstrual cycle.

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    Causes Of Male Infertility

    Male infertility is a factor for about 8 percent of couples who are trying to conceive.

    Causes of male infertility include:

    • enlarged veins on the testicles, called varicocele
    • abnormally shaped sperm
    • injury to the testes that reduces sperm production
    • heavy drinking, smoking, or drug use
    • chemotherapy or radiation to treat cancer
    • problems with the glands that produce the hormones needed to make sperm
    • more rarely, genetic disorders such as Klinefelter syndrome

    Ok Im Ready To Get Pregnant Now

    How long will it take to get pregnant again after having a miscarriage?

    For the first time in human history there are more women in their 30s having babies than those in their 20s.

    Many are choosing to wait longer to become mothers – until a time when raising children fits with career and life goals, – so there is an expectation that when you start trying for a baby, it will happen quickly. The reality is that if you want a family of two or more children to be 90% sure of achieving your goal you need to start trying for your first well before your 30th birthday:

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    How To Tell If A Test Is Not Needed

    Some people experience menstrual irregularities, breast changes, and other pregnancy-type symptoms without being pregnant. These can happen for a variety of reasons.

    Possible biological factors include hormonal changes due to another health condition. Psychological and social factors can sometimes play a role.

    In rare cases, a person can have pseudocyesis, sometimes called false pregnancy, where they firmly believe themselves to be pregnant and have signs of pregnancy without being pregnant. This condition is not well understood and can happen for various reasons.

    Anyone who has signs of pregnancy but is unlikely to be pregnant, for example, because of menopause, should seek medical advice. They may have a health condition that needs medical treatment.

    How Soon Can A Pregnancy Test Tell You Are Pregnant

    You want to know if youre pregnant, but is your body ready to tell you?

    If you think you might be pregnant, taking a home pregnancy test may be all you can think about. It may be nerve-racking to wait to find out if youre pregnant, but theres one good reason not to rush it: accuracy. Home pregnancy tests have come a long way. Today, you can count on them delivering a fast, reliable result, but getting the timing right is key to making sure its accurate.

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    How Soon You Can Take A Pregnancy Test

    Step back from the supermarket shelves you should wait until the first day of a missed period before you do a pregnancy test . This is usually about two weeks after you think you conceived. So get your diary out and start counting.

    Too keen to wait? Some tests are more sensitive than others and can be taken earlier . This might be four or five days before your period is due .

    If you can though, its most reliable to wait for the first day of your missed period. And that way you wont get any upset from an inaccurate result.

    What Is A Due Date

    How Many Days Does It Take To Get Pregnant After Your Period ...

    It takes about 38 weeks for human babies to develop fully in the womb. Your due date is the day youre expected to give birth based on this 38-week gestation process.

    But keep in mind that healthcare providers consider a pregnancy to be full-term anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks. Babies can be born at any time, and many factors play a role in determining when you go into labor and when your baby will actually enter the world.

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    How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

    Pregnancy tests work by detecting a certain level of human chorionic gonadotrophin in your pee. You can take a pregnancy test as soon as youve missed your period. However, its best to wait at least one week after youve missed your period to get the most accurate results. While some tests claim to give you accurate results before a missed period, taking a test too soon can result in a false negative .

    Your healthcare provider can take a blood sample to test for pregnancy as early as one week before a missed period.

    What’s The Soonest You Can Find Out If You’re Pregnant

    The only way to know for sure that you’re pregnant is through a positive pregnancy test. The earliest home pregnancy test is accurate up to six days before the day of your missed period for 76% of women who take the test .1

    So, the soonest you might be able to find out for sure that you’re pregnant is by testing with a First Response home pregnancy test no earlier than six days before the day of your missed period.

    So if you’re expecting your period on a Saturday, you would be able to test the Monday before .

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    How Soon Can You Tell If Youre Pregnant 24 Really Early Signs

    So you think you may be pregnant? But how early can you tell if you really are?

    Honestly, its hard to pinpoint exactly how soon you can tell if youre pregnant because each one of us is unique.

    Some women get a 6th sense about it straight away , while others dont know until months down the line.

    Most of us will fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes and well start to get an inkling we may be pregnant within 2-4 weeks of conception.

    Pregnancy symptoms are usually very mild in the first couple of weeks making them hard to detect without a blood or urine test. Usually, the first sign is a late period. But what other early signs and symptoms will give you a clue to whether youre pregnant or not?

    And how early can you take a pregnancy test to find out for sure?

    How reliable are urine pregnancy tests, what can you do to make sure you get an accurate result and what might cause a false positive?

    What about super early symptoms, like before implantation? Is that even possible?

    We answer all your questions below.

    How Do You Know When Youre Pregnant

    How long does it take to get pregnant after sex? | Planned Parenthood Video

    You may be pregnant if:

    • You miss your period.
    • Your breasts are big and sore. The area around your nipples gets darker.
    • You have to urinate a lot.
    • You feel sick to your stomach or throw up.
    • You feel tired all the time.
    • You feel moody.
    • You feel bloated. This means your body feels full or like its swollen.

    If you have any of these signs and symptoms and you think you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test and call your health care provider. Sometimes home pregnancy tests can give you a false-positive result. Your provider can confirm if you really are pregnant by giving you a blood test and a physical exam.

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    How Do You Feel About Trying To Conceive

    . Heres what you told us

    74% said I want to maximize my chances of getting pregnant as soon as possible, while the rest said theyd prefer to let nature take its course. When it comes to planning their pregnancy, women from different countries have different attitudes, with women from the US especially wanting to maximize their chances of conception.

    Can I Get Pregnant Again After An Ectopic Pregnancy

    Most women who have had an ectopic pregnancy can go on to have future successful pregnancies. There is a higher risk of having future ectopic pregnancies after you have had one. Its important to talk to your healthcare provider about the causes of your ectopic pregnancy and what risk factors you may have that could cause a future ectopic pregnancy.

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    You Missed Your Period

    You should take a pregnancy test. If it’s positive, you’re pregnant. If it’s negative, wait a few more days and retest. If it’s another negative, you’re still not experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy, and you’re sure you’re taking the test correctly, then you’re probably not pregnant and you’ve missed your period for another reason.

    How Do I Calculate My Due Date If I Had Ivf

    Fertility Window And Ovulation

    If you used embryo cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization to get pregnant, you can use your IVF transfer date to calculate your due date. If your provider transferred the embryos five days after they retrieved your eggs, count ahead 261 days from the transfer date.

    If your provider transferred the embryos three days after egg retrieval, count ahead 263 days to determine your due date. On your transfer day, your provider will calculate your due date and share this information with you.

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    Pregnancy Testing For An Early And Accurate Result

    A pregnancy test measures levels of human chorionic gonadotropin in your blood or urine. hCG starts to be produced after implantation in the walls of the uterus.

    Implantation can occur as early as 7 days after conception.

    The placenta begins to develop and produces increasing amounts of hCG.

    There are no dierences between ethnicities with regard to urinary hCG increase. However, levels of serum hCG in early pregnancy following assisted reproductive technology have been seen to be slightly lower in women with a higher pre-pregnancy body mass index.

    If you need early detection of pregnancy, a blood pregnancy test done at the doctors oice can detect low levels of hCG and measure the actual quantity of hCG in the body.

    A blood pregnancy test can be accurate six to eight days after ovulation. A urine test is usually accurate about 14-21 days after ovulation.

    What Should I Do After Getting A Positive Pregnancy Test

    If you take a pregnancy test at home and its positive, there are a few things you should do, including:

    • Take your prenatal vitamins pick a vitamin with folic acid included in the ingredient list. Its recommended that you actually start taking these vitamins before becoming pregnant. This is because the folic acid can help prevent birth defects.
    • Make sure to pursue healthy habits. Its recommended that you dont drink alcohol or smoke during pregnancy. You may also want to limit the amount of caffeine you consume each day during pregnancy.

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