What Helps Rls During Pregnancy

Treating Restless Legs Syndrome

How can I relieve restless leg syndrome during pregnancy?

Mild cases of restless legs syndrome that are not linked to an underlying health condition may not require any treatment, other than making a few lifestyle changes.

These include:

  • tips for how to get to sleep
  • quitting smoking if you smoke
  • exercising regularly during the daytime

If your symptoms are more severe, you may need medication to regulate the levels of dopamine and iron in your body.

If restless legs syndrome is caused by iron deficiency anaemia, iron supplements may be all that’s needed to treat the symptoms.

When Does Restless Legs Syndrome Start During Pregnancy

Although you might notice RLS more at night, it can strike any time when you’re lying or sitting down. Most of the time you wont experience it until later in your pregnancy, during the third trimester.

Unfortunately, the usual treatments for leg cramps flexing and stretching may not work, and prescription medications that might relieve the restlessness may be off-limits during pregnancy.

What Is The Treatment For Restless Legs Syndrome During Pregnancy

Medication isnt generally recommended during pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding. But there are other things you can try. You may not be able to stop the symptoms completely, but you may be able to reduce them.

As well as reducing your caffeine intake and not drinking alcohol, you can try:

  • stopping smoking
  • doing moderate, regular exercise
  • walking and stretching your legs
  • relaxation exercises
  • using heat pads on the legs, or having a hot bath
  • using distraction techniques, such as reading
  • massaging the legs.

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Symptoms Of Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS may cause strange and unpleasant sensations in your legs. Some people describe it as a pulling, throbbing, irritating, or painful feeling. It also causes a powerful, sometimes uncontrollable, urge to move your legs.

Symptoms occur during long periods of inactivity. For example, you may notice them while youre traveling, sitting in a movie theater, or trying to sleep.

They can also make it almost impossible to get a good nights rest. This can leave you feeling fatigued, adding to the other discomforts of your third trimester of pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Treat Restless Legs Syndrome During Pregnancy

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When treating RLS in pregnant patients, however, the treating physician has a responsibility to take into account how the medicine may affect the developing fetus, particularly the risk of congenital abnormalities.There have only been a few of controlled research on RLS in pregnant women.As a direct consequence of this, the majority of the data supporting the efficacy of therapies comes from individual case studies or limited case series.

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How Is Rls Triggered Before Pregnancy

In some cases, RLS has been shown to interrupt daily things you do, such as riding care, visiting places, exercises, etc. Remember that this disorder is not something you should underestimate because it can be more problematic as time passes.

The following activities/habits can affect the symptoms of RLS, even worsen them:

  • You are sitting on the chair for an extended period
  • Smoking is found to affect restless legs in the worst manner. So, it can be a good thing for you to stop smoking.
  • Alcohol is one of the main reasons behind the occurrence of RLS.
  • Medication. Physicians repeatedly tell their patients not to use any non-prescribed medication or medication that is not necessary. Also, you should consult your doctor about any drug you may use or have been using . Your physician should prescribe any drugs that you are using for RLS.
  • Materials containing caffeine. Unfortunately, drinking coffee has become one of the main options for a diet. However, drinking too much coffee can cause restless legs triggers.

Restless Leg Syndrome When Pregnant

Restless Leg Syndrome is a condition characterized by a tingling in the legs and a constant need to move them. Although RLS can occur in all people, many pregnant women are susceptible to RLS, particularly if they were already affected prior to becoming pregnant, or have a family history of Restless Leg Syndrome.

What causes Restless Leg Syndrome?

Nobody knows for certain what causes RLS, but its higher incidence in pregnant women is documented. Because of this, many researchers believe it could be caused by deficiencies in iron or folate, as well as dietary changes. Fluctuating hormones and constrained blood flow to the lower half could also be explanations.


Drugs that are prescribed to treat RLS in non-pregnant people may not be safe to take while carrying Baby. Instead, try adding more iron or folate to your diet, and take a nice hot bath. Cold packs might also help alleviate the aggravation, as could some good, regular exercise. Restless legs, and leg pain in general during pregnancy, will probably go away soon after delivery, so this is one of those symptoms that you might just have to sit tight, and wait for it to disappear.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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Does Anxiety Cause Restless Legs

Here are some common restless legs triggers, plus tips to help you overcome them and get some sleep: Stress and anxiety. Rachel Salas, MD, an assistant professor of neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, says that stress and anxiety are big restless legs triggers.

How Can I Get Enough Sleep When I Have Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) | Causes, Signs & Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

It is not necessarily about getting enough sleep, but getting quality sleep, Dr. Kukafka said. With proper diagnosis and treatment, RLS can be treated effectively.

RLS is also linked with depression. Treating depression may help, however, some antidepressants can actually make RLS worse, Dr. Kukafka said. If you have depression and RLS talk to your doctor, a psychiatrist or a sleep medicine specialist to come up with the best treatment plan.

Your RLS symptoms will probably ease up or disappear after your baby is born. And if they dont, there are other medications that can help and that are safe for you to take if youre breastfeeding.

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What Causes Restless Legs Syndrome During Pregnancy

Experts aren’t sure, although genetics are probably a factor. Other possible culprits include hormones, especially estradiol and progesterone, which surge during the third trimester and fall right after birth, following the same pattern as RLS.

Environmental and dietary factors like iron deficiency and/or sensitivity to certain types of foods may also be risks. That growing baby doing the samba in utero and pressing down on the nerves around your sacrum definitely doesnt help matters.

Lack of sleep, anxiety, depression and stress common during pregnancy can all take a toll and may even trigger RLS. So take care of yourself and try to get plenty of rest.

What Causes Restless Leg In Pregnancy

However, pregnancy can result in a combination of low iron levels and high estrogen levels. It is most likely this combination that produces higher levels of RLS in pregnant women than in non-pregnant women. Dr. Kukafka estimates that around twenty percent of pregnant women will get RLS at some point throughout their pregnancy.

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Causes Of Restless Legs Syndrome In Pregnancy

Scientists don’t know exactly what causes the sensations in the legs at night. But some believe it may stem from an imbalance of the brain chemical dopamine. That chemical normally helps keep muscle movements smooth and even.

RLS in pregnancy might be triggered by a lack of enough folic acid or iron. There’s also some evidence that rising estrogen levels during pregnancy may contribute to RLS.

Trying to calm your restless legs all night can make you sleepy and irritable during the day.

Having restless legs syndrome can also make you more likely to have a longer labor and to need a C-section.

What Can I Do About Restless Legs Syndrome During Pregnancy

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Though this is one pregnancy symptom you kind of have to wait out if you experience it, there are some ways to get relief:

  • Get some Zzzs. Even though RLS is notorious for keeping expectant moms up at night, fatigue will make your symptoms worse. On the other hand, you might not want to force yourself to stay in bed during an RLS episode. Instead, get up and slowly walk down the hallway a few times. This gentle movement can help ease the discomfort.

  • Distract yourself. When your feet start jumping on their own, grab a crossword puzzle, start knitting … anything to distract yourself from the annoying symptoms of RLS.

  • Keep a food journal. Note what you’ve eaten before you experience bouts of RLS. Some women find that certain foods such as carbs eaten late in the day can trigger restless legs, and you may be able to figure out what foods make your symptoms improve or worsen.

  • Get tested. Ask your practitioner about getting tested for iron-deficiency anemia, which some experts think is linked to RLS. In the meantime, it never hurts to fill up on iron-rich, heart-healthy foods like spinach, beans, chickpeas and dried fruit.

  • Heat it up. Sometimes a warm bath or a heating pad or ice pack can bring relief.

  • Try acupuncture. With your practitioners green light, going under the needle may help for some women, as can yoga, meditation or other relaxation techniques.

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Restless Legs During Your Pregnancy

Many women suffer from restless or tired legs during their pregnancy. Not very surprising, because there is a lot of extra pressure on your legs, since you are a little heavier. In addition, your bloodcirculation becomes weaker due to the increase of hormones. Your veins can expand because of the increasing pressure and work less efficiently. Even varicose veins can evolve. When you feel that your legs tickle or tingle a little, you can move them a little and then it will stop. But not long after that the feeling will come back just as hard. In order to really solve the feeling, compression stockings are regularly recommended. Not very sexy, beige stockings on your legs while you carry your baby.

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The Myers Way Multivitamin

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What Does Restless Legs Syndrome Feel Like

First, lets start with what its like to have restless legs syndrome, whether its during pregnancy or not. If youve never felt it, it may be hard to understand what a sufferer is describing. And if you do experience it, you may find it hard to come up with words to make others understand what it feels like.

People describe the feeling that RLS causes in their legs in various ways: restless, twitchy, tingling, itchy, creeping, crawling, pulling, throbbing, electric. What everyone seems to agree on is that they have an irresistible urge to move their legs. Whether their legs feel physically uncomfortable, or they experience it as just a strong mental urge, they cant feel comfortable unless theyre moving their legs. This urge occurs most often in the evening while relaxing or trying to sleep . Sufferers of RLS may toss and turn, jiggle their legs, change positions frequently, or feel the need to get up and walkmotion seems to be the only thing that makes the urge go away.

What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome

Wellness 101 Show How to Stop Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome can be characterized as an itchy, burning, creepy-crawly feeling in your legs, giving you no choice but to move them around in hopes of easing the unpleasant sensation. This feeling commonly occurs late at night when youre trying to sleep, and can keep you tossing and turning until the sun rises.

RLS is usually a lack of dopamine present in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for keeping muscle movements smooth and even, so when you dont produce enough, your motor patterns start to fall out of whack.

Avoid the adverse symptoms of restless leg syndrome, and sleep better than ever with our lotion.

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Restless Legs During Pregnancy

Restless legs in pregnancy is a problem that will affect nearly a third of all pregnant women. People with restless legs describe the sensations as itching and burning. It can feel like something is crawling along your leg and the only way to get relief is to move your legs. These feelings can set it at any time but they are more common at night and may be severe enough to wake a person up and disrupt sleep.

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How Rls Develops In Pregnant Women

To make things more difficult, when pregnant women experience RLS, it can be even more difficult to get that much-needed zzzs. Many reports that the symptoms are worse at night, making it hard to fall asleep in the first place. Some also find that their RLS is exacerbated by lying down for long periods.

RLS usually develops in the second or third trimester and goes away after delivery. However, for women who start experiencing early onset RLS before pregnancy, the condition may worsen during pregnancy.

During the first trimester, RLS may be triggered by the iron requirements of the developing baby. As we mentioned above, low iron levels in the brain are thought to cause RLS. As pregnancy progresses and the demands on the womans body increase, RLS may worsen.

For many women, the symptoms of RLS are mild. But for some, the condition can be more severe and interfere with daily activities. In some cases, RLS can persist postpartum.

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Why Do Restless Legs Happen During The Third Trimester

The simple answer to why restless legs happen in the third trimester of pregnancy is that unless you have been very intentional about getting all the nutrients you need, your body is likely depleted.

  • Increases the volume of blood circulating your body by 50%
  • Grows an entirely new organ to support and nourish your baby during pregnancy
  • And, of course, creates an entirely new human being

So you can imagine that by the third trimester, as you are heading to the finishing line of pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies can happen. And when they do, your body will tell you by developing symptoms such as restless legs.

This article will help you know how to support your body with diet, herbs and essential oils to help alleviate the discomfort of restless legs.

Make sure to communicate your symptoms and remedies with your doctor. They will want to know so that they can provide you the best care. This article does not replace medical advice.

When Does Restless Leg Syndrome Go Away During Pregnancy

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While restless leg syndrome is an unfortunate, frustrating reality of pregnancy, the good news is it isnt forever. Even if you cant find great relief from it during your 9 months, you can rest assured its only temporary.

In most cases, women found complete relief from the condition within a few days of delivery. In some instances, it can take up to four weeks after delivery for the symptoms to subside.

In general though, you can expect RLS to subside shortly after the birth of your little one.

Still, there are ways to alleviate symptoms.

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Natural Ways To Combat Rls During Pregnancy

There are ways to soothe restless legs without any drugs. You can make slight lifestyle changes, such as cutting back on caffeine, exercising daily, and doing whatever you can to regain a normal sleep schedule.

But, I’ve also tried every non-drug solution under the sun and found these 5 natural treatments to be very effective.

How Do You Get Rid Of Restless Legs In Early Pregnancy

Restless legs syndrome is a condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. It can be very uncomfortable and make it hard to get to sleep. Pregnant women are especially at risk for restless legs syndrome because of the changes their bodies are going through.

Here are a few ways to get relief from restless legs syndrome in early pregnancy:

  • Take regular breaks during the day to move your legs around. This can help get the blood flowing and relieve some of the symptoms.
  • Elevate your feet when youre sitting or lying down. This will also help improve circulation.
  • Get regular exercise, especially if youre inactive otherwise. Exercise can help improve blood flow and reduce symptoms of RLS.
  • Try taking a warm bath before bedtime. The heat may relax your muscles and help you sleep better.
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    Ethical Aspect Of The Study

    Before data collection began, we obtained ethics approval from the General Secretariat of the Association of Public Hospitals in Karabük and Gazi University Ethics Committee , and written consent from the pregnant women participating in the study. The pregnant women who were identified as having RLS were referred to a neurologist.

    Restless Leg Syndrome During Pregnancy

    How to Treat Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

    Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a strange, creepy-crawly feeling that you might get in your legs, especially at night. You may find it hard to fall asleep and want to move your legs non-stop to alleviate that strange feeling. Unfortunately, restless leg syndrome gets worse during pregnancy. If you have never had restless leg syndrome, pregnancy might trigger it. Fortunately, there are many options that you can try to alleviate the sensation and help you sleep.

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