Why Aint I Getting Pregnant

You Are Pregnant But Youre Too Far Along For The Test To Detect It

Why Do I Ovulate and Not Get Pregnant?

It might surprise you to learn that one potential reason for a negative pregnancy test is that your pregnancy has progressed too far for a home pregnancy test to validated it.

But dont worry its uncommon for this to be the cause of your missed period and negative test.

How is this possible?

Well hCG is a complex hormone which becomes more complex the further along you are in pregnancy.

In early pregnancy, hCG is produced in a simple, complete form the molecule is intact and can easily be detected by a home pregnancy test.

But over the weeks as your pregnancy develops, your body produces other variations of hCG with different molecular structures.

Home pregnancy tests are not designed to pick up on these different variants of hCG so they become a less reliable method for testing for pregnancy.

If your last period was more than 5 weeks ago and home pregnancy tests are coming up negative, go to the doctor and ask them to do a blood test to find out for sure whether or not youre pregnant.

Lifestyle Factors That Can Affect Fertility


There are many lifestyle factors that can affect your ability to conceive, but evidence suggests that the age of both the man and woman plays the most important role. It is commonly reported that a womenâs fertility declines dramatically at 35, and although it is often beyond our control, some studies suggest that women should try to get pregnant before the age of 30 and men before 35 for the highest chances of success.


The weight of the both the woman and man can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Research shows being overweight â especially significantly so â can affect your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby. But being underweight can also affect a womanâs fertility, causing hormone imbalances that affect ovulation and therefore make it harder to get pregnant.


Stress may also reduce a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant. One study found an association between high levels of a substance indicative of stress and a reduced chance of becoming pregnant. The researchers also noted that that stress may increase with the disappointment of several failed attempts at getting pregnant, setting off a cycle in which pregnancy becomes even more difficult to achieve. This suggests itâs important to look after yourself as much as possible while trying to conceive.

Lifestyle habits, diet and exercise

You’re Taking Other Medications

Certain antibiotics can stop the Pill from working.

The two main types that do this are called rifampicin and rifabutin and are used to treat illnesses like tuberculosis and meningitis.

These antibiotics are rare, so it probably isn’t something to panic about.

But other forms of antibiotics and medication that are commonly used are also thought to disrupt the contraceptive.

Medications for epilepsy and HIV can also affect how the Pill works.

It is not known by how much but if you are in doubt, make sure you use another form of contraception when you are taking medication.

And it is a good idea to discuss it with your GP when you are given a prescription.

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Embryo Implants And Thrives In Uterus

Implantation occurs about six days after ovulation. The endometrium sends signals to the embryo pulling it in to implant. The thicker the lining, the louder these messages are to the embryo, and the more likely it is to implant successfully. When implantation occurs, the hormone hCG is released. hCG is the pregnancy hormone that at-home pregnancy tests look for. hCG keeps the corpus luteum alive, so it continues to release estrogen and progesterone, supporting the endometrium as it nourishes the development of the embryo until the placenta is formed.

It that all happens correctly youre officially pregnant until proven otherwise.

You Don’t Take It At The Same Time Every Day

STORYTIME: Getting pregnant young on purpose

The Pill relies heavily on timing.

That means you need to take it at the exact same time every day for it to be at its most effective.

When it’s taken perfectly it is 99 per cent effective, according to Planned Parenthood. That means that one in every 100 women taking the Pill could become pregnant.

But life gets busy and it’s easy to forget to take it, so in reality it is about 91 per cent effective.

And progesterone-only pills are the most heavily reliant on timing.

According to Planned Parenthood, if you are more than three hours late taking this pill you should use another form of contraception.

You should take your pill again as soon as you remember then continue taking the rest of the packet as normal.

You don’t have to take it down to the exact second, but it is a good idea to set a reminder to take it around the same time every day.

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Overeating Can Make You Look Pregnant When You Are Not

There comes the party in house! Or may be a grand function where you are excited about gulping up all your favorite food stuffs in the most entertaining way. And guess what you end up with! Yes! That big tummy as if you are carrying all your weight in your stomach. So, by this you must have guessed that overeating can also be one more cause that your tummy gets swollen, looks bigger and makes you look pregnant though you are not.

Solution: The simplest and best solution to this cause is DO NOT OVEREAT. In case you unknowingly had a lot of meals do not forget to have a moderate workout or simply a short walk nearby.

Not Waiting Long Enough

Those couples who seem to get pregnant the second they start trying ? Theyre the exception, not the norm. While your first negative pregnancy test can be disappointing, most women rack up a few before finally seeing a plus sign.

At best, the average couple has around a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant during any given cycle. So even though it can be hard, be patient. Its within the realm of normal to take up to a year to get pregnant if youre under 35. Still, if youre concerned about the time its taking you to conceive, its a good idea to see a specialist.

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Risks Of Getting Pregnant After 40

While every biological clock is different, conception after 40 is difficult due to your egg supply decreasing with age. In fact, by the age of 40, 90% of your eggs are chromosomally absorbed, making it increasingly harder to conceive via natural methods. In your early 40s, your uterine line also begins to thin making it more difficult for eggs to implant and your male partner may begin to suffer from decreased virility and fertility as well. Even so, you still have a variety of options to choose from to assist you in getting pregnant. Well talk more about those later.

Because your body is older, you do have a higher risk of pregnancy complications than younger mothers. You may develop high blood pressure, diabetes, and placental problems during a late pregnancy. Premature labor and the need for c-sections also become more common as you age.

For your baby, getting pregnant at an older age comes with an increased risk of premature birth, low birth weight, congenital birth defects, and stillbirth. Frequent doctors visits and proper care will help you manage pregnancy and reduce some of these risks. Your doctor may recommend extra testing and monitoring to help prevent and detect any issues.

The cost of getting pregnant over 40 can add up if your conception methods go beyond the traditional. While options such as in vitro fertilization , egg freezing, and egg donation can help you get pregnant, they come with a higher price tag that your insurance provider may not cover.

What Causes Fertility Problems

Why am I not getting pregnant? with Fertility Specialist Dr Ric Porter

In cases of fertility problems:footnote 1

  • About 50 out of 100 are caused by a problem with the woman’s reproductive system. These may be problems with her fallopian tubes or uterus or her ability to ovulate .
  • About 35 out of 100 are caused by a problem with the man’s reproductive system. The most common is low sperm count.
  • In about 10 out of 100, no cause can be found in spite of testing.
  • About 5 out of 100 are caused by an uncommon problem.

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Youre Running Out Of Room

When youre housing a baby, placenta, cord and fluid, your internal organs have to fit somewhere.

As the uterus grows, the intestines can be pushed behind it, making your belly look very round and all baby. Or your intestines might move to the sides of your uterus, making your belly appear big and to the sides.

How Long Is Too Long To Get Pregnant

Just because youve been trying to get pregnant for longer than a year doesnt mean youre infertile. Remember, even for people with average fertility, seven percent of couples wont get pregnant within a year. And if you do discover a condition impacting your fertility, it doesnt necessarily mean you need medical intervention to conceive, Mukherjee says.

When youre trying to get pregnant, the components that matter are quality eggs, regular ovulation, healthy sperm, and a healthy uterus and fallopian tubes, Mukherjee says. If theres a problem with two or more components, the chances are higher that a couple will need medical intervention to make a baby. But if theres a problem with only one of those components, the chances are good that a couple will be able to get pregnant without assistance. Itll just take more time.

For example, polycystic ovarian syndrome is a major cause of irregular periods, impacting 6 to 12 percent of women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People with PCOS often take longer to get pregnant because they tend to ovulate less often. Instead of 13 opportunities per year to conceive, you might be down to six or seven, Mukherjee says. But in the long-term, women with PCOS conceive at the same rate as women without PCOS.

The problem is, not all couples have time. If you start trying to get pregnant at 35, you cant afford to wait, Mukherjee says. But if youre in your 20s or early 30s? It might just take patience.

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Will My Medication Affect My Fertility

Go with a list of all the drugs you have been taking and show them to your doctor. Some medications can lower your fertility, such as epilepsy and high blood pressure drugs. Also, some over the counter drugs can prove harmful to the baby. Go through all these concerns with the doctor, and he/she will advise you on moving forward.

Will It Be A Boy Or Girl

How to Get Pregnant Using Preseed

Both the man’s sperm and the woman’s egg play a part in determining the gender of a baby.

Every normal human cell contains 46 chromosomes . Chromosomes are tiny threadlike structures made from DNA, which each carry human genes. Genes determine a baby’s inherited characteristics, such as hair and eye colour, blood group, height and build.

When a sperm fertilises an egg, 23 chromosomes from the father pair with 23 from the mother, making 46 in total.

The sex chromosome from a woman’s egg is always the same and is known as the X chromosome. But the sex chromosome from a man’s sperm may be an X or a Y chromosome.

If the egg is fertilised by a sperm containing an X chromosome, the baby will be a girl . If the sperm contains a Y chromosome, the baby will be a boy .

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Youre Having A Molar Pregnancy

A molar pregnancy also called Gestational Trophoblastic Disease is a very rare pregnancy abnormality. It happens when there is an extra chromosome in the male sperm, or when the sperm fertilizes an empty egg.

You can read more about molar pregnancies here.

Its uncommon for an embryo to grow at the same time as a molar pregnancy and if there is an embryo, it is highly unlikely to develop into a surviving fetus.

As molar pregnancies dont typically cause a rise in the pregnancy hormone hCG, home pregnancy tests will not usually detect them.

Youre Too Stressed Out

Everyone tells pregnant women to relax because stress isnt good for the baby, but its not good when youre trying to conceive, either. A 2014 study published in Human Reproduction looked at about 400 couples over a 12-month span and found that women who had the highest levels of alpha-amylase, a stress biomarker, had twice the risk of being infertile compared to those with the lowest levels. The researchers note that they couldn’t determine exactly why stress lowers fertility, but they do suggest that if youre trying to conceive, practicing yoga, meditation, or mindfulness may help balance out frazzled feelings. And if youre stressed about trying to get pregnant, know that its totally normal, says Dr. Bitner. Stress is a given. Its all about how you cope with it, she says. So embrace that this is a stressful time, and just try to do the best you can.

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If The Test Is Negative

Stay positive. Remind yourself that if it didnt happen this time and if its meant to be, it will happen. Dont put the rest of your life on hold because you are trying to get pregnant stay busy and have fun. Its disappointing and worthy of grieving. Dont fight that, but dont let it take over.

If its been a few months of negative tests, consider making an appointment with your OB/GYN. At some point, it may be worth considering a fertility specialist. If you and your partner have been having frequent, unprotected sex for a year with no luck six months if youre over 35 you might start to ask about seeing a fertility specialist.

Should You Be Tested For Fertility Problems

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Pregnant #NaturalRemedies

Before you have fertility tests, try fertility awareness. A woman can learn when she is likely to ovulate and be fertile by charting her basal body temperature and using home tests. Some couples find that they simply have been missing their most fertile days when trying to conceive.

If you aren’t sure when you ovulate, try this Interactive Tool: When Are You Most Fertile?

If these methods don’t help, the first step is for both partners to have some simple tests. A doctor can:

  • Do a physical examination of both of you.
  • Ask questions about your past health to look for clues, such as a history of miscarriages or pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Ask about your lifestyle habits, such as how often you exercise and whether you drink alcohol or use drugs.
  • Do tests that check semen quality and both partners’ hormone levels in the blood. Hormone imbalances can be a sign of ovulation problems or sperm problems that can be treated.

Your family doctor can do these tests. For more complete testing, you may need to see a fertility specialist.

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Where To Go For Help

Start with your GP. They can provide you with pre-conception advice and tests, and if youâve been trying for a while without success, they may conduct some fertility tests.

Your GP can also help you with advice on making the appropriate adjustments to your lifestyle, and help you work out which days of the month you are most fertile, to give you the best chances of getting pregnant. There are also apps and information online which can help you work out your âfertility windowâ.

Your GP can also refer you to a fertility specialist for further testing and discussion around your treatment options. You may be referred to a private clinic or a public hospital.

Your Body Is Under Too Much Stress

Dont write off stress as a factor in preventing pregnancy. The stress hormone, cortisol, can throw all other hormones out of whack, which can mess with your regular ovulation or period. Managing chronic stress through mindfulness practices, and mind-body practices like yoga, acupuncture, and massage, may be able to help. And its easier said than done, but stressing about the process of getting pregnant wont help your chances either.

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Looking Pregnant When You Are Not Can Be Caused Due To Celiac Disease

Have you heard of Celiacs disease? This can also be a cause for bloating. Your stomach may bloat and make you look pregnant if you have Celiacs disease.

Solution: A gluten-free diet would help you in Celiacs disease. You can go for the best treatment as prescribed by your doctor for Celiacs disease that can make you look pregnant though you are not. However, from your side you can try to avoid gluten in our diet if you have Celiacs disease.

Other Causes That Can Make You Look Pregnant Even Though You Are Not

How To Get Pregnant Fast! This method took my sister THREE ...

Are you a mouth breather? If yes then you have one more cause with you reserved that can make you look pregnant even without being pregnant. Apart from this there are other causes which can get you a stomach that looks like you are pregnant even though you are not. Some of the causes can be drinking via a straw, drinking carbonated drinks, talking while eating and also chewing gums.

Solution: Sometimes you may have real problems in breathing through nose and that would make you a mouth breather. In such a case, go for a proper diagnosis and have the best treatment for it. And for other absurd things like chewing gums, drinking carbonated drinks etc you just need to stop doing them.

Hope this was pretty beneficial for you! Dont worry for the weird thing your stomach gets you and makes you look pregnant even without your pregnancy. There are causes and solutions to everything. Go for the best solutions that suit you and your cause for a big belly. You will be right standing there tall with your flat and happy tummy!

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