What To Drink While Pregnant For Energy

Which Ingredients Are Problematic

Energy drink during pregnancy

The ingredients in energy drinks vary depending on the manufacturer. In addition, many energy drinks contain a combination of ingredients that create an energy blend. The problem with these concoctions is that it is tough to determine which ingredients can cause adverse symptoms. Therefore, carefully reading labels is important, even when not pregnant.

Why Coffee Is Bad For Pregnant

If you are pregnant, your blood pressure and heart rate will increase since caffeine is stimulants. When caffeine is consumed, it is also recommended for higher frequency urination. You can become dehydrated as a result of this reduction in body fluid levels. Taking caffeine into your baby will cross the placenta.

Substitute Your Cocktail With A Fancy Mocktail

Your favorite spirits will have to keep their place in the liquor cabinet for a while, but there are still ways to enjoy a grown-up drink while out with friends. Depending on your typical go-to drink, you may be able to ask for a virgin version . You can also dive into the world of alcohol-free mocktails, cocktail alternatives that have gained popularity, and complexity, in recent years.

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What You Can Eat

  • all hard pasteurised cheeses such as edam, cheddar and Stilton
  • soft pasteurised cheeses such as cottage cheese, mozzarella, feta, cream cheese, paneer, ricotta, halloumi, goats’ cheese without a white coating on the outside and processed cheese spreads
  • hard unpasteurised cheeses such as parmesan, raw milk cheddar and Gruyere
  • thoroughly cooked soft unpasteurised cheeses, until steaming hot
  • thoroughly cooked soft cheeses with a white coating on the outside, until steaming hot
  • thoroughly cooked soft blue cheeses, until steaming hot
  • pasteurised milk, yoghurt, cream and ice cream

Can You Drink Red Bull While Pregnant

5 Healthy and Safe Energy Drinks for Pregnant Women ...

Generally, drinking energy drinks when pregnant is not recommended due to their caffeine content. However, if you absolutely must, Red Bull is still a viable energy drink to choose if your doctor says its okay for you.

An 8.4 fl. oz can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, which is a pretty moderate amount of caffeine and holds minimal risk for pregnant mothers.

In fact, Red Bull themselves have said that pregnant women can drink Red Bull albeit with a 200mg caffeine limit.

Thats pretty amazing that theyve said that in my opinion.

However, a can of Red Bull also contains 27g of sugar and 110 calories. Those numbers are not healthy for you regardless of whether youre pregnant or not.

Hence, you might want to reconsider drinking Red Bull and opt for other healthier energy drinks instead.

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High Levels Of Caffeine

The American Academy of Nutrition of Dietetics considers energy drinks to be any beverage that contains a stimulant or vitamins intended to increase energy. Due to the known risks of high levels of caffeine during pregnancy and unknown dangers of other ingredients, they advise avoiding energy drinks during pregnancy.

“Energy drinks are not recommended during pregnancy as they may contain high levels of caffeine, and other ingredients not recommended for pregnant women,” says Emily Mitchell, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE, CLT, who was formerly Center for Fetal Medicine’s in-house dietitian and nutritionist. “Energy drinks are also not regulated by the FDA as they fall into the category of food supplements. Supplements are not regulated and may contain ingredients that are not listed in the label.”

Can Caffeine Cause Miscarriage

Caffeine does not cause miscarriages, but the risks and chances are still there.

Consuming caffeine during pregnancy can cause congenital disabilities, cardiovascular defects, or even epigenetic problems in the baby.

Epigenetic means the change occurs in the baby due to the environment and behaviors of the mother.

The APA says that consuming more than 200mg of caffeine during pregnancy can increase the chances and risks of miscarriages.

Knowing all these, I suggest you cut out caffeine entirely during the time of your pregnancy.

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Is It Safe To Drink Caffeine In First Trimester

Caffeine can affect your pregnancy and your baby in ways that arent completely clear. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises pregnant women to limit their caffeine intake to less than 200 milligrams per day, which could be as little as one 8-ounce cup of coffee, depending on the brand.

What Are The Risks Of Having Energy Drinks When Pregnant

What Not to Drink / Avoid Drinking During Pregnancy

When it comes to consuming energy drinks while pregnant, many expectant mothers are concerned about the potential risks. Caffeine may be safe to consume during pregnancy however, energy drinks containing foreign ingredients should be avoided during this time. Also, due to the high levels of caffeine in the beverage, it can have a negative impact on a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

While energy drinks may appear to be a quick fix when youre in a rush to get out the door, they contain a significant amount of caffeine, which can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. Even though a single 24-ounce serving of these beverages can contain up to 500 milligrams of caffeine, they frequently contain significant amounts of sugar and other potentially harmful chemicals to an unborn child during pregnancy. The consumption of energy drinks while pregnant may also result in the delivery of a premature baby, so it is important to keep this in mind.

It is strongly advised that you avoid consuming energy drinks at all costs while you are expecting your child. When finished with more than two or three cups throughout the day, coffee may be harmful to your developing fetus, although one cup of coffee per day may not be harmful. Various factors are stating why cant you drink energy drinks while pregnant.

Check out the hidden risks of having energy drinks when pregnant.

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Which Is The Best Energy Drink Safe For Pregnant Women

Which is the best energy drink safe for pregnant women? Chia Fresca is an excellent alternative for caffeine and good energy drink for pregnant women. The presence of omega-3, proteins, antioxidants, and fatty acids gives you double energy. Prepare the Chia Fresca with a mixture of Chia seeds and water.

Do energy drinks affect getting pregnant? The drinks can also reduce your sperm count, making it more difficult to conceive. Although studies have shown that diets containing high-energy drinks can have an adverse effect on fertility, there’s no conclusive evidence that energy drinks alone are the culprit.

What is the best drink during pregnancy? Milk is rich is rich in calcium and vitamins. If you are lactose intolerant, then you might want to drink soy milk, almond milk, or cashew milk. Nestle Good Food, Good Life recommends milk as one of their top drink choices during pregnancy.

Should pregnant women drink booze and coffee? Medical experts advise women who are pregnant to avoid drinking alcohol , eating certain foods, and even skipping the hot tubs and saunas. In addition, coffee should be limited. Past research has suggested women should also limit caffeine intake to 300 milligrams daily because larger quantities of caffeine could harm the fetus.

Avoid: Untested Tap Water

There is one caveat to this whole upping your water intake business. Depending on the age of your home or apartment, your tap water may be passing through lead pipes. Consuming lead-laden water is not good for anyone, but pregnant women need to be even more cautious.

In an article for WebMD, Elizabeth Ward, a registered dietician and nutrition consultant, highlighted some of the risks. High levels of lead can cause low birth weight, preterm delivery, and developmental delays. You might think turning to bottled water to be your safest bet, but Ward explained that’s not always true. Instead, having your tap water tested is advisable. But try not to worry if the test comes back showing trace amounts of lead.

Although ideally it would be great to remove all of the lead pipes in your home, water filtration systems have proven to be both effective at removing lead and good news! they’re cost-effective. The Environmental Working Group advises purchasing a carbon-based filter that attaches directly to your faucet as “many pitcher filters are not certified to remove lead and do not work as well for this purpose.”

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How Energy Drinks Can Affect Your Pregnancy

Understanding the effects of energy drinks during pregnancy comes down to understanding whats happening inside you during gestation. During pregnancy, a placenta grows in your womb and supplies the baby with food and oxygen using the umbilical cord. Thats a vital attachment between mother and child.

It means that anything you eat will eventually find its way to the baby using this system. Thats why people talk about eating for two because you are. The baby cannot fend for itself and will thus rely on anything you consume. Eating healthy is, therefore, crucial at this stage as it affects two lives.

So, when you consume an energy drink, the ingredients pass on to your baby. Now, here is the thing. There is a lot of research on the effects of energy drink ingredients, with emphasis on caffeine and sugar.

However, the information available is not enough to tell the effects of these components in the long term. Also, energy drinks contain varying ingredients, other than the caffeine and sugar. Thus, testing the impact of all these variants can be an uphill task.

From studies, researchers deduced that energy drinks are likely to affect newborns. As such, they pose a significant health problem and should get treated as such. Thats why your doctor will advise you to seek other ways to boost your energy levels than take an energy drink.

Is One Coffee A Day Ok While Pregnant

Get a Boost During Pregnancy with healthy mama® products ...

Our experts agree that one coffee a day is OK while pregnant.

This is because one cup of coffee be it instant or filter coffee will not surpass the 200mg a day caffeine limit during pregnancy:

  • One cup of instant coffee contains 100 mg caffeine.
  • One mug of filter coffee contains around 140 mg of caffeine.

So far, so good. But theres other factors expectant mums should consider when it comes to this caffeine limit.

Coffee is safe to drink when pregnant but there are limitations, Credit: Getty.

Remember when you calculate your daily caffeine intake this is caffeine from all sources including food , medication , and any energy drinks, says Dr Deborah.

Those who prefer a morning brew over a cup of coffee should also make note of its caffeine content. With one mug of tea containing 75 mg of caffeine.

The bottom line is that if you stick to the 200mg a day limit in pregnancy then you should generally be fine.

There is no conclusive evidence that a low caffeine intake is harmful to a pregnancy, so long as the safe level is not superseded, Dr Deborah adds.

The Royal College of Midwives support this logic. Their review into the current caffeine limit guidance shows that it does not appear to be linked to poor pregnancy outcomes.

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Is It Safe To Drink Energy Drinks During Pregnancy

As Ive previously established that no amount of caffeine is safe to be consumed during pregnancy, I wouldnt recommend the consumption of any caffeinated beverages when youre pregnant if avoidable.

On top of that, in energy drinks, there are other added ingredients that can potentially be harmful to you and your baby as well.

Even then, if you would still like to drink energy drinks while youre pregnant, make sure to pay attention to the ingredients list, and choose one that has a moderate amount of caffeine and sugar.

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Fearless Energy Drink

Just like other energy drinks, fearlessenergy drink is not recommended or allowed in pregnancy because it is not safe for both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. Pregnant women should not take fearless. Caffeine is a chemical found in many foods and drinks, including coffee, tea and cola.


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Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

Also known as switchel, these drinks contain a mixture of water, lemon or lime, fresh ginger, apple cider vinegar and a little sweetener like honey, maple syrup or black strap molasses. Fruit can be added for an additional twist. This drink is refreshing and can help restore electrolytes making it a great option for what to drink in the first trimester to stay hydrated through morning sickness.

It can also help with pregnancy indigestion, inflammation and balancing blood sugar. Read more about the benefits of drinking switchel here.

This homemade drink is a great substitute for sugary sports drinks.

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What Medicines Contain Caffeine

Caffeine in Pregnancy

Some medicines used for pain relief, migraine headaches, colds and to help keep you awake contain caffeine. The Food and Drug Administration requires that labels on medicine list the amount of caffeine in the medicine.

If youre pregnant, talk to your health care provider before taking any medicine that contains caffeine. This includes prescription and over-the-counter medicine. A prescription is an order for medicine given by a health care provider. You can buy over-the-counter medicine, like pain relievers and cold medicine, without a prescription.

Some herbal products contain caffeine. These include guarana, yerba mate, kola nut and green tea extract. Herbal products are made from herbs, which are plants that are used in cooking and for medicine. The FDA does not require that herbal products have a label saying how much caffeine they contain. If youre pregnant, dont use herbal products because we dont know how much caffeine they contain.

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High In Sugar Content

Even though they are called energy drinks, these beverages are high in sugar, and Coca-Cola contains less sugar per 12-ounce cup than a standard energy drink, with significantly more sugar. This may increase the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and congenital disabilities in infants and children during pregnancy and childhood. These dangers are particularly concerning because most energy drinks do not specify their sugar content, making it impossible to know precisely how much sugar you are consuming on a given day.

How To Be Energized During Pregnancy

If youre working while pregnant or want to stay energized without relying on caffeine, Ive also got you covered.

The best way to be energized during pregnancy is to eat lots of nutritious and healthy food.

You might be a working mom who has specific deadlines. The good news is, you can eat an additional 300 calories in a day.

A healthy adult woman should consume 2,000 calories per day. However, if youre pregnant, youre entitled to 300 calories more.

Thats more energy for you to be energized and keep your little ones energy boosted too.

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Can You Drink Caffeine If Pregnant

The most recent research result occurred and declared pregnant women should not consume caffeine.

Caffeine causes heart palpitations and a spike in your blood pressure. These two issues should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy, as they endanger the babys health.

Caffeine also causes dehydration. Sure, caffeine will give you energy and keep you awake, but it wont keep you hydrated.

Caffeine can be felt in the utero by the baby if taken during pregnancy. As a result, caffeine will eventually enter the babys system and can cause the baby to have cardiometabolic defects when born.

So What Should You Drink Besides Water In Pregnancy

Can You Drink Coffee When Pregnant

First, know that if water fully satisfies you during your pregnancy, it is just fine to get all your hydration from water alone. Water is the ideal drink for your pregnancy.

But there are lots of ways to enhance your water to make it carry even more nutritional benefits for yourself and your baby! As well as a few other drinks that offer large benefits for you during your pregnancy.

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Healthy And Safe Energy Drinks For Pregnant Women

The things you eat and drink during pregnancy profoundly influence and impact your growing baby. During the first three months, some women prefer to drink healthy concoctions rather than eat big meals.

During this time, your appetite changes, you start craving certain foods, and you become more sensitive to particular foods. Sometimes women find that drinking their daily nutrients is easier on their stomachs compared to getting what they need through food.

After conceiving, you have to eat nutritious foods in order to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day. At the end of the day, however, you realize that youre low on energy even after eating a vitamin-enriched diet!

Maybe its time to consider trying pregnancy-safe energy drinks. As it is with any new addition to your diet, it is important to find the right ones that are healthy and friendly for the development and growth of the fetus.

Can I Have A Miscarriage By Drinking Energy Drinks

Miscarriages dont necessarily happen due to energy drinks. However, energy drinks can be a contributing risk factor, especially when consumed in excess. Therefore, strong energy drinks should be avoided altogether.

In relation to the risk of miscarriage, consumption of energy drinks with less than 200mg of caffeine shouldnt pose much of a risk according to most studies. However, I should mention again, the latest science tells us that no amount of caffeine is safe while pregnant.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has stated that high caffeine content is not the major contributing factor to miscarriages.

With that said, you should still consult your doctor in regards to drinking energy drinks while pregnant.

You can never go wrong with including fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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