What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Raised Basal Body Temperature

What are the early signs of pregnancy?

If you’ve been using a special basal body thermometer to track your first morning temperature, you might notice that it rises around 1 degree when you conceive and stays elevated throughout your pregnancy.

Though not a foolproof early pregnancy symptom , it could give you advance notice of the big news.

Feeling Nauseous And/or Being Sick

New pregnancy hormones are flooding your body and, for some women, the reaction to this is to feel sick. Some women feel slightly queasy and others may actually be sick. This is commonly known as morning sickness but it can happen at any time of the day.

You might be more sensitive to smells, including food and cooking.

If you cant keep any food or water down talk to your midwife or GP because there is a risk that you may become dehydrated.

Urination On A Regular Basis

This begins for many women during the sixth or eighth week after conception. its more likely due to hormonal levels if youre pregnant.

Constipation is a common ailment. Higher levels of the hormone progesterone may cause constipation throughout pregnancy. Progesterone slows the passage of food into your intestines. Drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat plenty of high-fiber foods to help with the issue.

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Pregnancy Glow And Acne During Early Pregnancy

Many people may begin saying you have the pregnancy glow. The combination of increased blood volume and higher hormone levels pushes more blood through your vessels. This causes the bodys oil glands to work overtime.

The increased activity of your bodys oil glands gives your skin a flushed, glossy appearance. On the other hand, you may also develop acne.

in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that taking a home pregnancy test at this point will give a more accurate result.

Home pregnancy tests are inexpensive and widely available without a prescription in pharmacies and other stores.

You can take a test earlier than this if you want, but you run the risk of getting a false negative result. This means the test may say youre not pregnant, but in fact you are.

If you take a home pregnancy test too early, there may not be enough hCG in your urine yet for the test to detect it. Home pregnancy tests work by testing the amount of hCG in your urine. This is a hormone thats only present in the blood and urine of pregnant people.

Also, every persons body chemistry is a bit different. One person may get a positive result as early as a day after their period, while another persons positive results may not show up for another week. So, early test results may not be the most accurate.

Unlike at-home urine tests, blood tests are usually done in a clinical setting. Contact your doctor if you want this type of test.

Cramping And Spotting During Early Pregnancy

10 Early Signs of Pregnancy That You Must Know

From weeks 1 to 4, everything is still happening on a cellular level. The fertilized egg creates a blastocyst that will develop into the fetuss organs and body parts.

About 10 to 14 days after conception, the blastocyst will implant in the endometrium, which is the lining of the uterus. This can cause implantation bleeding, which may be mistaken for a light period. It does not occur for everyone. If it does occur, it will usually happen around the time you expect your period.

Here are some signs of implantation bleeding:

  • Color. The color of each episode may be pink, red, or brown.
  • Bleeding. Implantation bleeding is usually much less than your usual period. Its often described as light bleeding that never turns into a flow or enough to need a tampon.
  • Pain. Pain is usually milder than your usual menstrual pain. It may involve some cramping. It can be moderate or severe, but its most often mild.
  • Episodes. Implantation bleeding is likely to last less than 3 days and does not require treatment. It can sometimes last only a few hours.

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Going To The Toilet A Lot

When youre pregnant, the urge to wee will come over you often, sometimes even leaking out before you get there.

This happens as your body pumps more blood than normal when youre pregnant. That means the kidney processes more fluid than usual, leading to more fluid in your bladder .

In the later stages of pregnancy, youll run to the loo even more often because of the increased pressure of your babys head .

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

When youre trying to conceive, any slight new symptom can get your heart pounding. Waiting to see if two pink lines are in store for you this month can be agony, so its hard not to read into every twinge, cramp and extra trip to the bathroom. But what are the first signs of pregnancy you should really be on the lookout for? Will you really start craving strange food combinations? And what about morning sickness? Does every woman experience the same pregnancy symptoms?

Here, with the help of medical experts, we break down the most common early signs of pregnancy, why they happen and what you can do to ease any ensuing discomfort.

When Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?Theres no hard and fast rule for when early pregnancy symptoms kick in. Some women may begin noticing the first early signs of pregnancy a week or two after conception, while others will start to feel symptoms closer to four or five weeks after, when your period is conspicuously late, or even farther into pregnancy. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, most women experienced an onset of pregnancy symptoms by their fifth or sixth week, while 71 percent reported symptoms by the end of week six and 89 percent by week eight.

Pregnancy symptoms in this article:Additional symptoms

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What Should You Do

Get a supportive bra to ease the discomfort of this pregnancy symptom. Talk to a professional who can help you with a fitting, and be sure to leave a little extra room. Trust us, theyre going to keep growing. And dont be afraid to use either warm or cold compresses if things get really uncomfortablejust use whichever feels right for you.

Chapter : How Early Can You Detect Signs Of Pregnancy

What Are the Early Signs of Pregnancy? | WebMD

The journey to becoming parents can be an exciting one for most couples! If you are trying to get pregnant, then its natural to want to look out for early signs of being pregnant. However, its important to remember that many of these signs can also resemble that of PMS. Therefore, if you think youre pregnant, take a home pregnancy test or visit a gynaecologist for confirmation. Dr. Pragnya Rao, General Physician

Pregnancy is a life-changing event for anyone. The body undergoes major changes over the course of about 40 weeks, which roughly translates to a period of 9 months. From your sleep, appetite and mood, to your physiology and hormonal balance, everything is a brand new experience.

And of course, the journey of parenthood afterwards is a whole different topic. Since pregnancy is so significant, it is important to understand the signs early on.There can be as many as 70 early signs of pregnancy to help you as an Indian mother, figure out how to prepare for the months to come. This may include dietary changes and counselling, taking certain supplements, practising yoga, lactation counselling, and other various lifestyle changes. You may also have to take a vitamin profile test to understand what your body needs better.

This can cause some confusion for a woman if she is sexually active as it can become difficult to distinguish whether it indicates the proximity to the next period cycle or the early stages of pregnancy.

Mood swings

Interesting fact:

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Sickness Nausea And Vomiting

If youre sitting in meetings fighting the urge to vomit, youre definitely not alone. About 50% to 80% of pregnant women will throw up or feel nauseous . That can start happening any time from two to eight weeks after you conceive your baby.

The most likely cause is fluctuating levels of pregnancy hormones .

Oh, and the term morning sickness is a bit misleading too. Nausea or vomiting can happen at any time during the day .

A small number of women might find themselves with a severe form of nausea and vomiting called hyperemis gravadarum . HG can lead to pregnancy complications like dehydration, weight loss and electrolyte imbalance so you might need to be admitted to hospital .

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

While pregnancy tests and your practitioner can offer definitive answers, these early pregnancy symptoms may be clues that you’re expecting.

Keep in mind, just because youve experienced some of these symptoms doesnt mean youre pregnant. You could also have none of them at all and still go on to have a perfectly healthy pregnancy.

Although every woman is different, these early symptoms can first appear before you even miss your period.

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Mood Changes And Mood Swings

Blame it on those hormones again, but being really emotional can be a sign of early pregnancy.

So take note if you catch yourself suddenly crying at commercials, or swinging between crying and then laughing.

Of course, this is one symptom thats common in early pregnancy and PMS so it might not be too helpful.

But if youre noticing other symptoms on this list, it might be time to try a pregnancy test.

Changes In Urination And Bowel Movements

13 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Beginning about six weeks into the first trimester and throughout her pregnancy, a woman may need to pee more frequently.

Frequent bathroom visits happen in early pregnancy because the kidneys are working harder to filter the extra fluids in the body, such as an increased volume of blood. As the months pass and the fetus grows and develops in a woman’s uterus, it can put pressure on her bladder, causing a need to urinate more often than usual, according to the .

Constipation may be caused by extra progesterone, which can slow down the digestive system so that more nutrients can reach the fetus. Pregnancy hormones can also relax muscles that push waste products through the intestines. Being physically active, drinking lots of liquids and increasing dietary fiber can all help ease constipation, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Tingling And Numbness In Your Hands

Carpal tunnel syndrome tingling and numbness in your hands affects up to 60 per cent of women during pregnancy. It is caused by compression of the median nerve due to an increase in the tissue fluids during pregnancy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may be mild, intermittently painful, or severe, which may cause partial paralysis of the thumb or loss of sensation. Symptoms usually resolve on their own soon after birth.

If you are experiencing tingling and numbness in your hands, inform your doctor or midwife. In very severe cases, your doctor may recommend corticosteroid injections or surgical treatment.

What Are The Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

  • Missed period. If youre in your childbearing years and a week or more has passed without the start of an expected menstrual cycle, you might be pregnant. However, this symptom can be misleading if you have an irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Tender, swollen breasts. Early in pregnancy hormonal changes might make your breasts sensitive and sore. The discomfort will likely decrease after a few weeks as your body adjusts to hormonal changes.
  • Nausea with or without vomiting. Morning sickness, which can strike at any time of the day or night, often begins one month after you become pregnant. However, some women feel nausea earlier and some never experience it. While the cause of nausea during pregnancy isnt clear, pregnancy hormones likely play a role.
  • Increased urination. You might find yourself urinating more often than usual. The amount of blood in your body increases during pregnancy, causing your kidneys to process extra fluid that ends up in your bladder.
  • Fatigue. Fatigue also ranks high among early symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar which might make you feel sleepy.

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Light Headedness And Headaches

Once again, hormonal changes can give some early pregnancy signs. Headaches and lightheadedness are common signs in early pregnancy, and they are caused by hormonal changes, blood volume changes, and changes in blood pressure.

Your body will take some time to get used to the hormonal and physical changes it will go through, but these headaches and feelings of lightheadedness should fade by the second trimester.

A healthy diet, hot or cold compresses and some extra rest can work well to help soothe pregnancy headaches.

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Are Home Pregnancy Tests The Best Way To Check For An Early Pregnancy

What are the early signs of pregnancy?

Home pregnancy tests are generally very reliable. These tests involve urinating on a small test strip and then waiting for a symbol to appear in the result window. This window will usually show a test image . This symbol appears first and means that the test is working. Always check the packaging and instructions of your test to make sure it is working correctly. Within a few minutes, the test will show either a positive result or a negative result. Some digital tests will display a word or phrase .

Blood tests for a possible pregnancy are done in your healthcare providers office. This version of the test looks for hCG in your blood. You still need to wait for hCG to build up in your body before taking this type of pregnancy test. Your healthcare provider may recommend this option in some cases. Call your provider if you suspect youre pregnant and discuss the best type of test.

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How Quickly Can I Know If Im Pregnant

Pregnancy is a different experience for each woman. Some women may suspect theyre pregnant within the first few days of pregnancy, while others dont notice anything until they miss a period. There are also some women who dont know theyre pregnant until months after conception.

The most clear-cut way to know if youre pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. When you take a pregnancy test, its measuring a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin . This hormone starts building in your body from the moment of conception and will multiply rapidly in the beginning of your pregnancy. Despite its early appearance in the process, it takes some time for your body to build up enough hCG to register on a pregnancy test. Typically, it takes about three to four weeks from the first day of your last period before theres enough hCG in your body for a positive pregnancy test.

Here Are 14 Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy At 1 Week:

If you think you might be pregnant, or have been trying for a baby, then you are probably looking for the very early signs of pregnancy week 1. I know I was! When we were TTC I spent a lot of time reading up on what the very early signs of pregnancy could be.

I was desperate to know what the earliest signs of pregnancy could possibly be, the signs even before I missed a period.

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Early Signs Of Pregnancy: The First Two Weeks

Women with a heightened awareness and sensitivity may notice some of the early signs of pregnancy within moments after conception. Other women may dismiss their tender breasts, additional fatigue, bloating and nausea.

Felt a week-and-a-half before a womans period is scheduled to arrive, these early symptoms may be mistakenly linked to premenstrual syndrome. There may be mild cramping and spotting, but for other mothers-to-be, there may be nothing out of the ordinary at all.

How Reliable Are Home Pregnancy Tests

The Top 5 Super Early Signs of Pregnancy

Generally speaking, home pregnancy tests are very reliable. The test is quite simple, and involves urinating on a small test strip, then waiting for a result to appear in the window. The window usually shows a test image . This symbol will appear first and means that the test is working. You should always check the packaging and instructions of your test to make sure that it is working. After a few minutes, your test will show either a positive or negative result. Some digital tests display a word or phrase rather than an image or symbol.

While home tests are quite reliable, they are certianly not 100%. If you have doubts about using a home pregnancy test, you can contact your healthcare provider about having a blood test done. This test will look for hCG in your blood, but you will still have to wait for hCG to build up to high enough levels before taking this type of pregnancy test.

As always, we do recommend that you contact your health care provider to determine which test is right for you.

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Changes In Cervical Mucus

Have you become a student of your cervical mucus? Then check it out now: If it becomes creamy and stays that way after ovulation, its a good sign youll have a positive pregnancy test.

As your pregnancy progresses, youll also notice increased vaginal discharge, called leukorrhea. This thin, milky-white discharge is normal and healthy, but speak to your practitioner if it appears lumpy or thick.

Stay In Bed Right After Intercourse

You have probably heard this one — lie in bed with your feet in the air after having sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The verdict? Not true.

“It’s good advice to lay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse, but you don’t need your feet in the air,” Goldfarb says. “Your pelvis does not move when you put your legs in the air.” Don’t go the bathroom during this time either, he says. “If you wait 10 to 15 minutes, the sperm that is going to get into the cervix will be in the cervix.”

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