What To Expect When You Are Pregnant

What Happens To Your Body

7 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect Your 7th Week of Pregnancy

For some women, the first trimester is characterised by nausea . But remember that every pregnancy is different and while some women have food cravings, others experience food aversions, and some have no change in appetite at all.

Other changes in the first trimester include changes to your breasts as they become tender, larger and heavier, while your uterus will grow and put pressure on your bladder so that you need to urinate more often.

Month Pregnant: Symptoms And Fetal Development

You might have noticed some changes in your body and started to wonder, âCould I be ⦠pregnant!?â Or, you might not have observed any signs of pregnancy other than your period being late. If you have your suspicions, you’ll probably want to take a home pregnancy test. If the result is positive, congratulations! Read on to find out more about early pregnancy symptoms, how your baby is developing when youâre one month pregnant, and what else is in store for you this month.

Telling Your Friends You’re Pregnant

Have you or your partner been bursting to spread the good news about your expectant status ever since that home pregnancy test turned positive? Not sure when the best time is to grab a megaphone and start sharing? Only you can make the call, so to speak, on that one.

Some women can’t wait to tell their friends they’re pregnant if they could, they’d shout it from the highest mountain or make the announcement go viral while others prefer to keep their happy news on the DL until after the third month, when the risk of miscarriage greatly decreases.

Still others wish that they could stay mum about becoming a mom but can’t help blabbing the first chance they get. Talk to loved ones for advice, and remember, it’s your little secret for as long as you choose.

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What Happens To The Baby

Through the first trimester, your baby goes from being a fertilised ovum to a fetus of about 6cm in length at 12 weeks. By the end of the first trimester, your babys heart is starting to beat, and the brain, stomach and intestines are developing. There are little bumps known as ‘buds’ where arms and legs are starting to grow.

Learn About Labour Birth And Looking After A Baby


Many women, especially those expecting their first baby, go to classes to learn more about pregnancy, giving birth and parenting. These classes also provide an opportunity to meet other pregnant women many groups go on to have regular catch-ups after their babies are born.

Talk to your LMC about the classes that are available in your area. Most district health boards provide a limited number of free classes. There are also privately run classes you will have to pay for these.

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Weight And Fluid Retention

No doubt, you can expect to gain some weight during pregnancyanywhere from 2535 pounds is normal. Usually, the majority of weight gain happens in the second and third trimester.

Most of us dont have much problem putting on the appropriate amount of weight, as our hunger and need for calories increases. Although you shouldnt diet during pregnancy, experts recommend you focus on nutritious choices as much as possible.

Some of the weight gainespecially during the third trimesteris from water retention. Its common to have swelling in your hands, feet, and ankles, especially if you are pregnant during the summer. Like everything else, this discomfort will pass, but it can help to put your feet up, rest, and keep yourself cool and hydrated.

Choose Your Lead Maternity Carer

As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed you need to choose a lead maternity carer or LMC. Your LMC is the person who will help to guide you through your pregnancy, the birth of your child and the first 46 weeks of parenthood.

Most LMCs are registered midwives, but they can also be family doctors who provide maternity care or obstetricians .

  • Mum2Be helpline. Phone 0800 MUM 2 BE to get lead maternity carers in your area.
  • Find a midwife This website lists contact details for qualified midwives who are members of the NZ College of Midwives.

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When Should I Call My Doctor About A New Pregnancy

If you have missed a period, taken a pregnancy test and gotten a positive result, your next step will be to call your healthcare provider for your first appointment. While scheduling, your provider may ask if you have already started taking a prenatal vitamin with at least 400mcg of folic acid. These vitamins are important in early pregnancy because they help in the development of your babys neural tube. The neural tube will become the brain and spine. Many healthcare providers recommend that any women who could become pregnant take folic acid at all times.

If you are planning a pregnancy, a preconception appointment with your healthcare provider is a good place to start. A preconception appointment is especially important if you take medication for a chronic illness or have other medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension or lupus.

During this appointment, your provider will discuss any current medical conditions, as well as your general health before pregnancy. This appointment is meant to get you into the best place for a new pregnancy.

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Development Of The Embryo And Amniotic Sac

28 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect Your 28th Week of Pregnancy

While the amniotic sac forms around it, so does the yolk sac, which will later be incorporated into your baby’s developing digestive tract.

The embryo now has three distinct layers of cells that will grow into specialized parts of your baby’s body. The inner layer, known as the endoderm, will develop into your baby’s digestive system, liver and lungs. The middle layer, called the mesoderm, will soon be your baby’s heart, sex organs, bones, kidneys and muscles. And the outer layer, or ectoderm, will eventually form your baby’s nervous system, hair, eyes and outer layer of skin.

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Changes To Your Body That May Indicate Pregnancy

You may first realise that youre pregnant when you miss your period. Thats a good time to take a pregnancy test or speak with your doctor.

In early pregnancy, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • aches and pains
  • morning sickness, which may be nausea or actual vomiting, and does not just happen in the morning
  • fatigue, or lack of energy
  • nasal problems, or shortness of breath
  • larger, tender breasts.

Better Health Channel has more information about these pregnancy symptoms.

If any of the symptoms become difficult to manage, talk to your doctor about what to do. In particular, if any morning sickness, aches and pains, dizziness or breathing difficulties make it hard to get through your normal day, ask for advice.

Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

If you havent started already, you should begin taking a prenatal vitamin right away, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists . This will help make sure that youre getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy pregnancy.

You can purchase prenatal vitamins over the counter at most major pharmacies or grocery stores. Just be sure it has at least 400 mcg of folic acid, per the .

You can also ask your pregnancy care professional for recommendations or a prescription.

Prenatal vitamins are crucial because your babys neural tube which later becomes their brain and spinal cord develops during the first month of pregnancy. Folate helps reduce the chances of neural tube irregularities, such as those that cause spina bifida.

Other things your prenatal vitamins should have are:

  • calcium
  • vitamins A, C, D, and E
  • vitamin B12
  • magnesium

Your healthcare professional will also generally recommend you separately take an iron supplement as well.

Some prenatal vitamins also include choline, which is essential for brain development and placental function, according to .

They also may include docosahexaenoic acid , which is important for babys brain growth and function.

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What Happens During Pregnancy

Conception takes place when the male sperm penetrates a female egg.

It takes place in the womans fallopian tube right away after ovulation.

It triggers a zygote to form.

Immediately the egg is fertilized, the zygote starts dividing itself to make a cluster of cells called embryo.

After 5 to 7 days of cell division and growth, the group of cells cling to the walls of the uterus and disperse their root-like veins known as villi.

The purpose of the villi is to ensure that the embryo is attached to the lining of the uterus.

They later grow and enlarge to become the placenta that is responsible for feeding and protecting the fetus as it develops.

The placenta supplies the embryo with nutrients and oxygen and helps in the discharge of waste.

In the next 12 weeks, the muscles, blood, bones and nervous system, and internal organs start to develop.

After finishing, the embryo is called the fetus.

The size of a fetus appears to be 1 inch long with the ears and facial features, fingers and toes start to appear.

The fetus is allowed to develop inside the uterus cushioned by the amniotic fluid.

It is the water that breaks before a baby is born. Most pregnancies tend to last from 37 weeks to about 42 weeks.

With the due date calculated from the first day of the last period.

Fetal Development At 8 Months Pregnant

Pin on Pregnancy

Your babys organs are developing rapidly this month! One organ that really progresses is the brain, as it begins to have newborn-style brainwaves. Your babys kidneys also reach maturity.

With all the growth thats going on, its probably not surprising to find out even your babys nails are getting longer. By the end of the eighth month, they may extend beyond the fingertips.

At the end of this month, your baby may be 16 1/2 to 18 inches long and around 4 to 6 pounds.

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What To Expect When You Are A Pregnant Surrogate

Jan 23, 2022 | General Topics |

This article is a continuation of A Surrogacy Pregnancy: What to Expect Before youre Pregnant. Please read this previous blog as it is an informative piece on the beginning of the surrogacy process. This blog will outline the process after all medical and matching steps are completed. We will focus on preparing your body for pregnancy, the IVF process, and surrogate pregnancy.

Medications, what to expect. There are medications to prepare your body for the IVF process and for a healthy but unrelated embryo to grow and develop in your uterus. And yes, some do involve injections. When you are naturally pregnant, your body produces several hormones to create a successful pregnancy. When you are a surrogate, medicines are used to recreate these hormones and the environment for a healthy pregnancy. Please refer to our blog for a list of medications typically used for a gestational carrier.

Beta day what to expect. After the IVF transfer, you have to wait about 9 14 days to find the results of your transfer. You will have blood drawn at your clinic to conclude if the transfer worked and if you are indeed pregnant! Once the blood test is completed, the clinic will send the results to your doctor for review. From there, your nurse will call you and your intended parents to discuss the results.

Mood Swings During Pregnancy

The hormones changing in your body mean you will probably have heightened emotions, both positive and negative. And you will probably swing between these emotions.

While you may be overjoyed about having a baby, you may also be stressed and overwhelmed. You may feel worried about whether:

  • your baby will affect your relationship with your partner
  • you will cope financially
  • you will be able to juggle work and parenting
  • you will be a good mother
  • the baby will be healthy
  • your other children will accept and love the new baby.

You may also feel unimpressed with your changing body. You may be worried about putting on too much weight, or not enough. Or not being able to do the physical activity that you usually do. Or not looking attractive to your partner.

Add the hormone-induced fatigue, forgetfulness and moodiness, and you may feel completely out of control. This is all common.

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Fetal Movement At 4 Months Pregnant

Depending on where your placenta is located, how your baby is positioned in your uterus, and how much body fat you have, you may or may not have started feeling your baby moving around in there. Its normal if youve been noticing tiny kicks and flutters, but also fine if you havent felt much of anything yet.

Its also possible that you may notice some movement one day and then not feel much again for a little while. Again, baby is small enough to be nestling into different parts of your uterus where you may not sense much movement.

You dont need to start officially counting kicks and keeping track of your babys movements until about 28 weeks, so at this point you shouldnt worry if youre not noticing any consistent pattern to babys bouncing.

Also? Appreciate those sweet little barely-there bumps and nudges. The muscles your baby is working hard to build are going to give them one heck of a right hook pretty soon, and your bladder will be babys prime target.

Your Feelings And Emotions During Pregnancy

6 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect Your 6th Week of Pregnancy

During pregnancy you will probably feel many ups and downs. You may experience some or all of these emotions :

  • surprise if your pregnancy is unexpected. You may then feel joy or fear or both
  • happiness, particularly if you have been trying to have baby and you feel well
  • anger, which can result from your bodys hormonal changes, from a sense of being vulnerable, or from pregnancy symptoms that are uncomfortable or painful
  • fear for the babys health, if you have concerns about your baby having an illness or disability. If you are worried about a particular risk, talk to your midwife or doctor
  • fear of birth, which is a recognised psychological disorder. Counselling and talking with your midwife or doctor can help you overcome this fear
  • love for your baby, your partner and your family
  • sadness or disappointment if you have illness or complications during your pregnancy, or you cant have the birth plan that you would prefer
  • general sadness about the world, whereby you find it hard to watch the news or hear sad stories about children or families
  • grief, if you suffer a miscarriage, a loss at a later stage of pregnancy, or a stillbirth
  • prolonged sadness from perinatal depression. In this case, you will need the help of health specialists.

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Fetal Movement At 6 Months

If this is your first pregnancy, you may still be new to the sensation of fetal movement, but youre about to become very familiar with your babys kicks, jabs, punches, and rolls.

You dont have to officially start counting kicks until 28 weeks, but you should be able to notice a general pattern of when your baby is more active.

If you can tune into their schedule now, itll be easier to check those daily kick counts off your list in a few weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy the feeling of your baby wiggling around in there, as their movements should be easy to detect, but not too uncomfortable yet. Just wait until month 9 when they ninja kick you in the ribs on the regular.

One Week Pregnancy Signs Are Similar To Those Which Are Experienced Throughout The Remaining Nine Months Take A Pregnancy Test To Be Sure About It

Those who might be pregnant want to know the news as soon as possible. Many do not realize that you can find out if you are pregnant in as little as one week after conception. Your body will start producing different levels of hormones in preparation for the growth and care of the growing fetus. These symptoms can be an indicator that you should take a pregnancy test or visit a doctor. It is important to note that not all women will experience symptoms at the same level and some may not show pregnancy symptoms at all.

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Can Expectant Moms Have Sex

It is safe for pregnant mothers to have sex during pregnancy. However, there is a need to consult with the doctor first in case one is at risk for problems.

It should be noted that not all women are the same.

In some women, the level of interest in sex may change when they are expecting. In case mothers enjoy having sex.

They need to switch to a different position as the belly enlarges.

Your Baby Can Experience All Five Senses Now

What to Expect When You Are 6 Months Pregnant

Since you are further along in your pregnancy your baby has grown and developed tremendously. Pampers has reported that are 33 weeks your baby can now experience all five senses. This means your baby can open and shut their eyes now and can hear what you are your partner are saying. A wonderful way for you and your partner to bond with your baby is by talking to them. And now you might see that your baby is moving when they hear the sound of your voice.

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