How Long After Removal Of Nexplanon Can You Get Pregnant

What Should I Expect After I Get My Implant Removed

Trying To Get Pregnant After Nexplanon Removal

Overall, you should feel completely normal after getting your implant taken out. Your arm may feel tender or swollen around where the implant was for a few days. It may look bruised for a week or two. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how to wash and take care of your skin for a couple of days after removal. Any side effects that you may have had while on the implant will eventually go away after the implant is out. Unless you start another hormonal birth control method after removing the implant, your period will go back to how it was before you got Nexplanon. You can keep track of your period after removal using our app.

At A Glance: The Implant

  • The implant is more than 99% effective.
  • Once the implant is in place, you don’t have to think about it again for 3 years.
  • It can be useful for women who can’t use contraception that contains oestrogen.
  • It’s very useful for women who find it difficult to remember to take a pill at the same time every day.
  • The implant can be taken out if you have side effects.
  • You can have it removed at any time, and your natural fertility will return very quickly.
  • When it’s first put in, you may feel some bruising, tenderness or swelling around the implant.
  • Your periods may become irregular, lighter, heavier or longer.
  • A common side effect is that your periods stop . It’s not harmful, but you may want to consider this before deciding to have an implant.
  • Some medicines can make the implant less effective.
  • It doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections , so you may need to use condoms as well.

What Happens If You Leave Nexplanon In Longer Than 3 Years

You should avoid playing with the rod after insertion to prevent it from moving from its original position. Implanon NXT should be removed or replaced no later than three years after insertion. Failure to do so may increase your risk of ectopic pregnancy. Removal requires a small incision under local anaesthetic.

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Will Other Medicines Affect The Implant

Some medicines can make the implant less effective, such as:

  • medicines for HIV, epilepsy and tuberculosis
  • complementary remedies, such as St John’s Wort
  • some antibiotics, such as rifabutin or rifampicin

If you’re taking any of these medicines, you’ll need additional contraception , or you may wish to use a different method of contraception that isn’t affected by your medicine.

Always tell your doctor that you’re using an implant if you’re prescribed any medicine. You can also ask them whether the medicine you’re taking will affect the implant.

What To Expect After Removing Nexplanon

Birth Control Implant (Nexplanon)

After the Nexplanon implant is removed, it is required that one watches for some signs of warning. There may be some numbness in the arm for a few days. As the numbness wears off, one may experience soreness for a day or two. During this period, over-the-counter pain relievers can be taken to relieve the pain.

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Who Can Use Implantable Contraception

Girls who want long-term protection against pregnancy may be interested in implantable contraception.

Not all women can or should use the implant. Some health conditions make it less effective or more risky to use. The implant is not recommended for those who have had:

  • blood clots
  • unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • some types of cancer

Girls who have diabetes, migraine headaches, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gallbladder problems, seizures, kidney disease, or other medical problems should talk with their doctor.

Anyone who thinks she might be pregnant should not have a contraceptive implant inserted.

Myth: Getting An Implant Is Painful And Could Cause Infection

Some women who seek family planning believe that the insertion of implants requires surgery or that insertion is painful and causes infection. They may also have misconceptions about the removal of implants.

Fact: No stitches, no noticeable scar, and it can be removed at any time

Health professionals with specific training perform a minor surgical procedure to insert implants. The provider gives the patient an injection of local anesthetic under the skin of her arm to prevent pain while the implants are inserted. This injection may sting. The woman remains fully awake during the procedure. Insertion takes an average of 4 to 5 minutes for Norplant, 2.5 minutes for Jadelle, and 1.5 minutes for Implanon. Insertion can take more or less time, depending on the skill of the provider.

The incision is small and stitches are not required. In most cases, insertion does not leave a noticeable scar. Once inserted, the outline of the implants underneath the skin can be felt and sometimes seen. The woman may have bruising and feel pain or soreness for a few days afterward.

Infection at the insertion site can occur, but is uncommon. When infection occurs, it is usually within the first two months after insertion. In rare cases, implants may start to come out of the skin. When this occurs, it is usually due to improper insertion or infection.

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What About If I Am Being Prescribed Certain Medications

There are certain medications that will make the contraceptive implant less effective. This includes some HIV, epilepsy and tuberculosis medications, St Johns Wort and certain antibiotics such as rifabutin or rifampicin.

We recommend having a conversation with your doctor to ensure that any medication you are taking will not affect the effectiveness of your implant. If your medication does affect this method then we would recommend looking for another method of contraception that isnt affected by your medication.

Unsure which method is right for you? Speak to our doctors at The Lowdown and get personalised contraceptive advice.

Symptoms After Nexplanon Removal: What Can You Expect

Conceiving n Fertility Getting Pregnant after Nexplanon Implant Birth Control Removal x Conception

Nexplanon is a flexible, etonogestrel-containing, rod that is implanted within the inner side of your upper arm and that provides reliable contraception for up to three years. While Nexplanon is an extremely convenient form of birth control, every woman who uses it will have to have the implant removed sooner or later.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant After Having

  • Posted 10/8/11. i had my implanon out on 30th june and i am now 6 weeks pregnant. i was told it could take up to 3 months by one doctor but straight away by another. i started bleeding a few hours after having it out and had a full blown period straight away which i think helped. louise xxx. Reply
  • I had my implanon out start of April after having it in for 18 months. I had a withdrawal bleed for a week which started the day I had it out and then about 5 weeks after that I actually took a pregnancy test that was positive but unfortunately ended up being a chemical. So you can get pregnant without the first initial period
  • Hello everyone,happy new year to you all.I just removed my implant December 18 2019 because I want to ttc, almost 3weeks now but no period.9 days after I removed it I had cramps and I was spotting

What Happens After Birth Control Implant Removal

The first day of my period after removal was 1/6. I found out I was pregnant on 2/3. I didn’t even have a full cycle. Totally caught me off guard! I am now 9 weeks pregnant with my little. If you want to get pregnant after Nexplanon removal, read these secrets to getting pregnant after Nexplanon. It is best to begin tracking your ovulation after you have Nexplanon removed. This will help you to determine when and if you are ovulating. This can also increase your chances of conceiving because you will know when your body has. how long after removal of implanon can it take to get pregnant MD hi takes 1-3 months to resume normal cycles.thank y When will i get pregnant after removing implanon implant Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice

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How Long After Removing Nexplanon Can You Get Pregnant

My first baby when i had the nexplanon removed only took about a month. I did have the first one in for the whole 3 years to the date. I am now trying for a second baby but it has now been 7 weeks i had my first period 2 weeks ago but still nothing i only had this one in for about a year Once you start getting regular periods, then you know that your fertility has resumed after having the implant removed. Again it can happen a month after or 12 months after removal, there is no way to predict when ovulation will start happening again after the Nexplanon has been taken out You can get pregnant once it is removed. Some women can get pregnant right away and others take a little longer but you wont know ahead of time which one you are. Preferably you should have started your new method PRIOR to getting Nexplanon removed. The Pill is usually started seven days prior to removal so that there is no gap in protection In clinical trials, pregnancies were observed to occur as early as 7 to 14 days after removal. In clinical trials with the non-radiopaque etonogestrel implant , the etonogestrel levels in blood decreased below sensitivity of the assay by one week after removal of the implant So, as soon as you ovulate you can get pregnant – two to three weeks after removal, at the best. Don’t worry if pregnancy doesn’t happen immediately, your body needs some time to adjust to the change in hormones

Getting Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control Michigan

Can You Get Pregnant on The Implant (Nexplanon ...

I am TTC # 1. I removed implanon on 26/07/2012. AF arrived 1 day later, which lasted for 5days . Me and my partner are trying very hard for a baby . I heared so many stories, such as you can get pregnant straight after the removal of implanon My implanon was sorta bent at one end from the tissue growing over the 3years.It was the worse feeling. Im so glad to have it out!! Im on the pill now and its going just fine. I wouldnt get implanon ever again! O and if u go to a health clinic they will work with u to afford a birth control or get implanon removed. I didnt pay at all Pro: Long-term protection. The Nexplanon implant prevents pregnancy for up to three years, after which time you simply return to us so we can remove the old implant and insert a new one for continued protection. Con: Irregular bleeding. The most commonly reported side effect among some Nexplanon users is irregular bleeding Once in place, birth control implants provide contraception for three to five years, depending on the brand. However, if removed earlier, getting pregnant after Nexplanon®, Implanon®, or other approved brands can take place within the next one to three months. Despite common belief, there are no lingering effects of long-term implant use

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What Exactly Is Implanon

Implanon is a small rod of flexible plastic. It looks just like a matchstick from one of those matchbooks people collect from restaurants. It is 4 cms long and 2 mms wide and small enough to be very disceet when it is in place, inserted just under the womans skin. The plastic rod is infused with etonogestrel which is a synthetic female hormone, very similar to progesterone. And it is this hormone which prevents conception from occurring. Etonogestrel is slowly released into the bloodstream from the rod for about three years, after which time it either needs to be removed or a new one inserted.

Implanon cannot dissolve and wont travel anywhere until it is removed. It also contains a small amount of barium sulphate which makes it clearly visible on x-ray. Very occasionally, it is necessary for women to have an x-ray or ultrasound so that the exact location can be found.

It is important that the Implanon is easily felt under the skin. This means it can be easily located and seen as a slightly raised rectangular rod just under the surface of the skin. Implanon is most commonly inserted just above the elbow joint, on the inside aspect of the upper arm.

Myth: Pregnant While Using An Implant

Some women who seek family planning believe that implants will interrupt an existing pregnancy.

Fact: A fetus will not be harmed by the insertion of an implant

Implants work primarily by thickening cervical mucus, which blocks sperm from meeting an egg, and by disrupting the menstrual cycle and preventing ovulation. Implants do not interrupt pregnancy. Good evidence shows that implants will not affect the pregnancy or harm the fetus if a woman is already pregnant when implants are inserted or becomes pregnant while using implants.

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Getting Pregnant After Nexplanon Removal

  • This is quite common in the first 6 months but it can last as long as you use the implant. This can be annoying, but it’s not harmful and the implant will still work. If the bleeding is a problem, you can get pills to help. You might have a sore or bruised arm after the implant is put in or taken out. There is a small risk of infectio
  • Fewer than 1 in 100 women will get pregnant during the first year of using it. You do not need to take birth control daily. You can have it removed when you want to get pregnant. It costs less than other types of birth control if you use it for years. Cons of Nexplanon® The initial cost is higher than the cost of other methods
  • Subdermal Contraceptive Information Sheet . What is the implant? Is it easy to get pregnant after the implant is removed? you can get pregnant immediately after implant removal. Why should I get the implant? It is safe, effective, easy to use, and most people will not even know you.
  • Nexplanon should be removed if a person becomes pregnant and is interested in maintaining the pregnancy, but it is imperative to rule out pregnancy before inserting the implant. The implant should be removed at the end of three years another can be inserted if the patient still wants pregnancy prevention. This implant has not been studied in.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Be Fertile Again

Are there side effects after the Implanon is removed? How long will it take to get pregnant?

Most women start to ovulate again within a few weeks of having their Implanon device removed. The time frame for conceiving after using Implanon is generally thought to be the same as when stopping other forms of hormonal contraception. In terms of long term infertility risk, Implanon does not seem to be a problem.

Some women become fertile again immediately once the Implanon is removed. Alternative forms of contraception are often recommended to women before they make an appointment to have the Implanon removed, unless they are keen to conceive.

Although the Implanon device is still intended to be effective for three years, as this use by date gets closer the amount of hormone it releases is not as consistently high as when first inserted. If it is left in for longer than three years, then there is an increased risk of pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy.

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Side Effects Of Nexplanon

There are certain side effects attached to the usage of the Nexplanon implant. The signs may be rare, but some people may experience some deadly side effects of the implant. The most commonly found side effects are irregular bleeding and weight gain. As per a study, bleeding irregularity is the highest rated side effect discovered as part of the procedure.

Other adverse reactions to follow included consistent pain, weight gain, acne, headache, emotional lability, and depression.

Along with this, there are other reactions that may demand medical help and advice. Some of them are as follows-

  • Allergy related side effects rashes, itching, blisters, peeled skin, hives
  • Liver related side effects dark urine, yellowness in eyes and skin, fatigue, loss of appetite.
  • Blood Pressure related side effects headache, dizziness, fainting, change in eyesight
  • Lungs related side effects wheezing, breathing problem, trouble in swallowing and talking, heaviness in chest
  • Stomach related side effects- upset stomach, vomiting, bloating, fever, pain in the belly area
  • Others eyesight issue,
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Depression
  • Swollen breast, pain in breast or nipples, discharge from nipples, the feeling of lump or soreness in the breast
  • Abnormal Weight Gain
  • Adverse effect on the immune system
  • Urinary disorders
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • If You’re Under 16 Years Old

    Contraception services are free and confidential, including for people under the age of 16.

    If you’re under 16 and want contraception, the doctor, nurse or pharmacist won’t tell your parents as long as they believe you fully understand the information you’re given, and your decisions.

    Doctors and nurses work under strict guidelines when dealing with people under 16. They’ll encourage you to consider telling your parents, but they won’t make you.

    The only time a professional might want to tell someone else is if they believe you’re at risk of harm, such as abuse. The risk would need to be serious, and they would usually discuss this with you first.

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