Can I Get Pregnant After Taking Out My Nexplanon

How The Nexplanon Implant Prevents Pregnancy

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The implant releases a small amount of hormone into your body each day. It prevents pregnancy in three ways: 1) it stops your ovaries from releasing one of your eggs, 2) it thickens the mucus of your cervix to help prevent any sperm from reaching an egg, and 3) it changes the lining of your uterus to prevent attachment by a fertilized egg.

How Effective Is Nexplanon

The Nexplanon implant is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when implanted correctly, which makes it one of the best contraceptive options for people who opt to use hormonal birth control. Its also a good choice for anyone who is sensitive to estrogen, since Nexplanon relies on progestin to prevent pregnancy.

Although the implant is not as widely used as the pill, it is far more effective and just as safe. Because it is a get it and go type of birth control, the likelihood of user errorsuch as forgetting to take your birth control pill every day, change your patch weekly, or swap out your NuvaRing every three weeksis eliminated.

What Exactly Is Implanon

Implanon is a small rod of flexible plastic. It looks just like a matchstick from one of those matchbooks people collect from restaurants. It is 4 cms long and 2 mms wide and small enough to be very disceet when it is in place, inserted just under the woman’s skin. The plastic rod is infused with etonogestrel which is a synthetic female hormone, very similar to progesterone. And it is this hormone which prevents conception from occurring. Etonogestrel is slowly released into the bloodstream from the rod for about three years, after which time it either needs to be removed or a new one inserted.

Implanon cannot dissolve and won t travel anywhere until it is removed. It also contains a small amount of barium sulphate which makes it clearly visible on x-ray. Very occasionally, it is necessary for women to have an x-ray or ultrasound so that the exact location can be found.

It is important that the Implanon is easily felt under the skin. This means it can be easily located and seen as a slightly raised rectangular rod just under the surface of the skin. Implanon is most commonly inserted just above the elbow joint, on the inside aspect of the upper arm.

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How Effective Is This Implant

The implant is one of the best birth control methods its more than 99% effective. That means fewer than 1 out of 100 people using Nexplanon will get pregnant each year. It doesnt get much better than that.

The implant is so effective because theres no chance of making a mistake. Since its in the arm, cant forget to take it or use it correctly. It protects from pregnancy all day, every day for up to 5 years. if you decide to get pregnant, a doctor can take it out and can get pregnant right away.

The implant doesnt protect from STDs, so use condoms along with the implant to help protect from both pregnancy and STDs. Thats how sex is made worry-free.

If the Nexplanon is taken during the first 5 days of the period, pregnancy is protected right away.

The Benefits Of This Contraceptive Method

How soon after Implant removal can you get pregnant

The first issue that pops in your mind is probably getting pregnant on Nexplanon and Nexplanon effectiveness.

Like with any other way of birth control, there are cases of women getting pregnant while properly using some kind of birth control. Its the same with Nexplanon, there were cases of pregnancy, but fewer than 1% of users had that experience. Nexplanon is exceptionally effective, more than 99%.

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Side Effects Of Nexplanon

There are certain side effects attached to the usage of the Nexplanon implant. The signs may be rare, but some people may experience some deadly side effects of the implant. The most commonly found side effects are irregular bleeding and weight gain. As per a study, bleeding irregularity is the highest rated side effect discovered as part of the procedure.

Other adverse reactions to follow included consistent pain, weight gain, acne, headache, emotional lability, and depression.

Along with this, there are other reactions that may demand medical help and advice. Some of them are as follows-

  • Allergy related side effects rashes, itching, blisters, peeled skin, hives
  • Liver related side effects dark urine, yellowness in eyes and skin, fatigue, loss of appetite.
  • Blood Pressure related side effects headache, dizziness, fainting, change in eyesight
  • Lungs related side effects wheezing, breathing problem, trouble in swallowing and talking, heaviness in chest
  • Stomach related side effects- upset stomach, vomiting, bloating, fever, pain in the belly area
  • Others eyesight issue,
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Depression
  • Swollen breast, pain in breast or nipples, discharge from nipples, the feeling of lump or soreness in the breast
  • Abnormal Weight Gain
  • Adverse effect on the immune system
  • Urinary disorders
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • How Long Will It Take To Get Pregnant

    Most hormonal birth control methods stop you from ovulating, or releasing an egg. If you do not release an egg, there is nothing for sperm to fertilize. This is why you do not get pregnant.

    When you stop using hormonal birth control, you will start ovulating again. When you are ovulating, you are fertile. But a return of fertility does not automatically mean you will get pregnant.

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    When To Remove A Contraceptive Implant If You Are Pregnant

    Equally, if you develop stomach pain, you must see your doctor urgently to rule out any chance of an ectopic pregnancy. There is good evidence to show that implants do not cause birth defects and will not cause harm to a developing pregnancy. However, it is suggested that in this situation the implant is removed as soon as possible. 6

    Other Benefits Of Nexplanon Are:

    My Nexplanon was removed, and I had sex 2 days later. Could I get pregnant?
    • Its very discrete and not detectable once it is placed.
    • You can forget about it once it is placed in your arm.
    • You dont have to think about it before or during intercourse.
    • It can affect and reduce menstrual pain.
    • It doesnt contain estrogen.
    • If you, in the meantime, wish to get pregnant, it wont cause you a problem.

    The Nexplanon is the only birth control implant approved and available in the US since 2014 when it substituted the Implanon.

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    How Does It Feel To Get An Implant Inserted

    Most people just feel a little pinch or stinging when they get the numbing shot. After that, you shouldnt be able to feel the implant being inserted. After the pain medication has worn off, your arm may ache a little where the implant was inserted, but it goes away quickly.

    You may have some tenderness or swelling around the implant for a few days and it may look bruised for a week or two. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how to wash and take care of the skin around your implant for the first couple of days.

    Nexplanon Implant And Fertility After Its Removed


    Ok. I’m absolutely terrified. I was on the nexplanon implant from January 10, 2013 until October 3, 2014. It is now the end of April and the only cycle I’ve had was forced by my Obgyn. My fiancé and I have been quite careless in having sex because we are going to get married and we want kids. We dont care if I get pregnant before or after. But it hasn’t happened. And I’m still not having my cycle. I’ve heard of women being infertile and having problems after the nexplanon. I also gained weight on the implant, and I’m having a very hard time losing it. My main concern for the moment is my fertility. But I want to get back down to 120 lbs too. HELP ME! I’M DESPERATE!

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    How Is The Nexplanon Birth Control Arm Implant Different From The Iud

    The Nexplanon birth control arm implant and IUDs have quite a few similarities:

    • Theyre both undetectable. You cant visibly see if someone has Nexplanon or an IUD. So your reproductive choices remain your business and yours alone.

    • Theyre both low maintenance. You dont have to remember to take a pill or change a patch. With one office visit, youre good for years.

    • Theyre both very effective. Both Nexplanon and IUDs are over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. This is more effective than the pill, patch, or ring.

    • They both take about the same time to have placed. Insertion and removal visits for both Nexplanon and IUDs take about 30 minutes or less.

    • Neither protects you from sexually transmitted infections . While both are effective for preventing pregnancy, neither protects against STIs, such as HIV. Its important to use a condom to help protect yourself.

    While there are many similarities between the Nexplanon birth control implant and IUD, there are definite differences, too.

    The IUD is a T-shaped device thats placed inside your uterus, through the vagina. This means hormones from an IUD only have to travel a short distance to get to the uterine lining. On the other hand, hormones from the Nexplanon arm implant have to make their way through the body using the bloodstream. This raises the chances for side effects with the implant, such as prolonged irregular bleeding .

    How Long Will I Bleed After Nexplanon Insertion


    Bleeding after Nexplanon removal varies in its individuals, as some may bleed heavy with pain after implant removal. In contrast, others may have no or light bleeding after it. Anyhow, a females menstrual cycle regulates completely within 3 months of insertion. Therefore, period flow can relegate normal bleeding in 3 to 5 months of BC implantation.

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    Questions And Answers About Implants

    1. Do users of implants require follow-up visits?

    No. Routine periodic visits are not necessary for implant users. Annual visits may be helpful for other preventive care, but they are not necessary or required. Of course, women are welcome to return at any time with questions or to have implants removed.

    2. Can implants be left in a womans arm?

    Leaving the implants in place beyond their effective lifespan is generally not recommended if the woman continues to be at risk of pregnancy. The implants themselves are not dangerous, but as the hormone levels in the implants drop, they become less and less effective. After they lose effectiveness, they may still release a small dose of hormone for several more years, which serves no purpose.

    If a woman wants to continue using implants, she may have a new implant inserted in the other arm even if the first implant is not removed at that time, for example, if removal services are not immediately available.

    3. Do implants cause cancer?

    No. Studies have not shown increased risk of any cancer with use of implants.

    4. How long does it take to become pregnant after the implants are removed?

    Women who stop using implants can become pregnant as quickly as women who stop nonhormonal methods. Implants do not delay the return of a womans fertility after they are removed. The bleeding pattern a woman had before she used implants generally returns after they are removed.

    6. Can implants come out of a womans arm?

    Symptoms After Nexplanon Removal: What Can You Expect

    Nexplanon is a flexible, etonogestrel-containing, rod that is implanted within the inner side of your upper arm and that provides reliable contraception for up to three years. While Nexplanon is an extremely convenient form of birth control, every woman who uses it will have to have the implant removed sooner or later.

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    Getting Contraception During Coronavirus

    If you need contraception, call your GP surgery or a sexual health clinic as soon as possible. Only go in person if asked to.

    It might not be possible to have an implant fitted or replaced at the moment.

    You normally have a contraceptive implant for 3 years, but it can be left in and will continue to work for up to 4 years.

    The risk of getting pregnant during the 4th year is very low. If youre worried about getting pregnant, you could use condoms or the progestogen-only pill as well.

    At A Glance: The Implant

    My nexplanon is gone, I have spotting and pregnancy signs, but a negative test. Why?
    • The implant is more than 99% effective.
    • Once the implant is in place, you dont have to think about it again for 3 years.
    • It can be useful for women who cant use contraception that contains oestrogen.
    • Its very useful for women who find it difficult to remember to take a pill at the same time every day.
    • The implant can be taken out if you have side effects.
    • You can have it removed at any time, and your natural fertility will return very quickly.
    • When its first put in, you may feel some bruising, tenderness or swelling around the implant.
    • Your periods may become irregular, lighter, heavier or longer.
    • A common side effect is that your periods stop . Its not harmful, but you may want to consider this before deciding to have an implant.
    • Some medicines can make the implant less effective.
    • It doesnt protect against sexually transmitted infections , so you may need to use condoms as well.

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    Where Can I Get A Contraceptive Implant Fitted Or Removed

    You can get the contraceptive implant for free, even if youre under 16, from:

    • contraception clinics
    • sexual health or genitourinary medicine clinics
    • GP surgeries
    • some young peoples services

    Some GPs or practice nurses are able to fit and remove implants, so youll need to check at your GP surgery.

    Alternatively, most sexual health clinics will be able to do this for you.

    How Long After Nexplanon Removal To Get Pregnant

    Nexplanon acts as a contraceptive 3 years
    Nexplanon needs to be replaced 3-4 years

    Your fertility should return within a month after the procedure. It may take a few months for your cycle to return to normal following the removal of a Nexplanon. Its important to remember that just because your fertility has returned doesnt mean you can get pregnant immediately. For someone who has spent years avoiding pregnancy, this may be a strange experience. You might believe that if you hadnt used birth control, you would have conceived right away, but this isnt entirely true.

    After the removal of Nexplanon, the majority of women become pregnant within six months. However, it can take longer in some situations. Nexplanon is only effective for 3 years, after which it must be removed by a nurse or doctor. If you want to get pregnant or stop using your implant, you can have it removed at any time before then. If youve had the implant for three years and are still unable to conceive, its time to replace it . When the old implant is removed, you will get a new one.

    After your implant has been removed, you should feel absolutely fine. For a few days, the area where the implant was can feel tender or swollen. For a week or two, it can appear bruised. For a few days after removal, your doctor or nurse will instruct you on how to wash and care for your skin.

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    Myth: Infertility And Ectopic Pregnancy

    Some women who seek family planning believe that using implants will cause infertility, delay the return of fertility after the implants are removed, or cause ectopic pregnancies .

    Fact: Implant doesn’t affect your fertility, and reduces the risk of ectopic pregnancy

    Implants stop working once they are removed and their hormones do not remain in the womans body. Implant use does not affect a womans ability to become pregnant, although fertility decreases with a womans age. One major study found that women who have had their implants removed can become pregnant as quickly as women who have stopped using nonhormonal methods.

    Implants substantially reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy. In the United States, the rate of ectopic pregnancy among women who are not using a contraceptive method is 650 ectopic pregnancies per 100,000 women per year. The rate of ectopic pregnancy among women using implants is 6 ectopic pregnancies per 100,000 women per year.

    Even in the very rare cases when implants fail and pregnancy occurs, the great majority of these pregnancies are not ectopic. Only 10 to 17 of every 100 pregnancies due to the failure of implants are ectopic.

    If You’re Under 16 Years Old

    get pregnant naturally kids can i get pregnant before or after my ...

    Contraception services are free and confidential, including for people under the age of 16.

    If you’re under 16 and want contraception, the doctor, nurse or pharmacist won’t tell your parents as long as they believe you fully understand the information you’re given, and your decisions.

    Doctors and nurses work under strict guidelines when dealing with people under 16. They’ll encourage you to consider telling your parents, but they won’t make you.

    The only time a professional might want to tell someone else is if they believe you’re at risk of harm, such as abuse. The risk would need to be serious, and they would usually discuss this with you first.

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    Nexplanon : Everything You Need To Know

    Do you know that you dont have to stress about birth control? You dont have to spend your everyday thinking about which type of birth control to use, how, and when to use it. It may sound impossible, but it isnt. And it isnt because we are talking about Nexplanon insertion.

    Being a woman is not easy sometimes, and taking care of your reproductive health can often be a challenge. Common variants of birth control combined with regular visits to your gynos office can add up to your spendings. So, why not save money without putting your health in harms way. With Nexplanon, you can save money on birth control without compromising your health.

    Here at Trogolo, one of our primary goals is to help women make their lives easier thats why we often recommend Nexplanon insertion.

    Many women are more than satisfied with Nexplanon as a way of birth control, and they would never go back to other contraceptive methods. Maybe youll love Nexplanon too, and it could be the right fit for you and your needs. If you are curious to uncover more about Nexplanon effectiveness, keep reading.

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