Can You Get Pregnant On Nexplanon Birth Control

Choosing The Best Birth Control Method For You


Barrier methods

Condoms, diaphragms, and contraceptive sponges are single use and prevent sperm from reaching the uterus. Barrier methods can help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. However, their failure rate can range from 13% to 18%. Often, this is due to improper use.

Hormonal methods

Birth control pills, the vaginal ring, the patch, and contraceptive implants or shots use hormones to reduce the risk of pregnancy. Their failure rate is 6% to 12%, often due to missing a dose, improper use, or interactions from other medications. Implants such as Nexplanon and shots such as Depo Provera are considered long acting, with the implant lasting up to three years and the shot three months.

These methods, which can also be used to help control heavy, painful, or irregular periods, should not affect long-term fertility. But you may experience a delay in getting pregnant after ending their use. According to a recent study, that delay could be two menstrual cycles for the implant, three cycles for the pill or vaginal ring, four cycles for the patch, and five to eight cycles for shots.

Intrauterine devices

Inserted in the uterus, IUDs are the most effective long-acting reversible contraception method. IUDS can last five to 10 years depending on the type and the failure rate is less than 0.2%, meaning fewer than 1 per 100 women will get pregnant when using an IUD.


When Should I Have The Nexplanon Inserted

It is usual to have an Nexplanon inserted within the first 5 days of yourperiod. This means you will be immediately protected from pregnancy.If it is not possible to do this, your doctor or nurse will discussother options with you. If you have it inserted after the first 5 daysof a period you will not be protected from pregnancy for 7 days afterthe insertion.

When Does The Contraceptive Implant Start Working To Protect Against Pregnancy

The implant can be inserted any time during your menstrual cycle. If the implant is inserted at the beginning of your menstrual cycle then you should be protected against pregnancy immediately.

If the contraceptive implant is fitted on any other day of your menstrual cycle then you will need to ensure that you use another method of contraception such as condoms for 7 days.

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How To Prepare For The Procedure

The health care provider evaluates the womans overall health before inserting the implant. They will determine the correct timing for insertion based on previous birth control and menstrual cycle.

A woman may need to take a pregnancy test and be on a non-hormonal backup contraceptive for a week. A backup is not required if the woman previously:

  • Did not use any contraception and had the contraceptive implant put into her body in the first five days of the menstrual cycle, even when they were bleeding.
  • Used a mini-pill and had the implant inserted while she was on the pill.
  • Had used a combination of contraceptives like a vaginal ring, birth control patch, birth control pills.
  • Also, if she had the implant inserted within seven days of the beginning of the hormone-free period.
  • Took a contraceptive injection and then had the implant added when the next injection was due.
  • Previously used an IUD or another contraceptive and then had the Nexplanon inserted after the removal of an old device .

Before the insertion, the woman may need to sign a consent form.

What Happens If Youre Pregnant On Nexplanon

Do Pregnancy Tests Work With Nexplanon

If you are pregnant while on Nexplanon than you have higher chances that you pregnancy will be ectopic than the women who do not use birth control. Ectopic Ectopic pregnancy A condition where fertilized egg attaches outside the uterus. pregnancy occurs when the fertilized eggs gets attached to any place other than the uterus .

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When Using Condoms Improperly

They seem pretty easy to use, and hey, we all tested them out on bananas in Health class back in the day. How can anyone screw them up? Heres the short list: using them with oil-based lubricants, like petroleum jelly or coconut oil, which erode latex using expired condoms or any that have been exposed to extreme temperatures accidentally ripping them with teeth, scissors, or a nail when opening the packet not leaving enough room at the tip and not pulling out quickly enough after sex. Maybe thats not such a short list, after all.

How Long Does The Implant Last And Can You Get Pregnant On An Expired Nexplanon / Implanon

Nexplanon can be used for three years, at which point it should be replaced to maintain its effectiveness. We recommend contacting your GP or sexual health clinic to discuss the replacement of your contraceptive implant prior to the date it is due to be replaced .

The implant wont just stop working early and other than those medicines mentioned above, there isnt anything else that makes Nexplanon less effective.

There is even some evidence to say the implant remains effective up until four years, which was recommended during the Covid-19 pandemic when access to your GP and sexual health service was limited. However since November 2021 the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health in the UK have again recommended you should attend for your implant removal or replacement at three years. There are no symptoms of it running out any longer than three years and the implant is simply out of date and should no longer be relied on to protect you from unwanted pregnancy.

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Getting A Birth Control Implant : What To Expect

Ask your doctor about the best time to schedule your appointment to have the rod placed. The implant is usually inserted between the first and fifth day of your menstrual period, even if you are still bleeding. You will probably be given a pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant before it can be inserted. Tell your doctor if you think you might be pregnant or even if you missed a period.

Be sure you can feel the rod underneath your skin with your fingertips. If at any time you cannot feel it, or it seems bent or broken, tell your doctor right away.

What To Expect After Nexplanon Insertion

Nexplanon Implant Experience | Pregnant While On NEXPLANON?

For starters, its important to mention that Nexplanon is an improved version of its predecessor Implanon. In that sense, the Nexplanon implant is completely visible on X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, etc. Whats more, the applicator used to insert Nexplanon is considerably more efficient to operate as well.

Now, what to expect after Nexplanon insertion in terms of effectiveness? This particular birth control method is known to be 99.9% effective, making it one of the best contraceptives available today.

But can Nexplanon stop working early? While the implant wont just break on its own, its important to mention that it may be less effective in women who are overweight. In that respect, it might be necessary to replace the implant sometime after the second year of having it instead of waiting for the full three years to pass. This is because a higher BMI in overweight women lowers the number of active hormones in the blood.

Also, the common antibiotics shouldnt affect the effectiveness of Nexplanon. However, TB and meningitis antibiotics, as well as some HIV and epilepsy meds could lessen the effectiveness of this birth control. This doesnt mean that Nexplanon can stop working early, but its worth being a bit more careful with pregnancy protection. Also, taking herbal meds containing St Johns Wort could lower the implants effectiveness.

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How To Not Get Pregnant By Fingering

Trying not to get pregnant and want to be 100 percent sure no sperm enters the vaginal zone? Other than abstinence, theres really only one way to ensure your vaginal area is sperm-free contraception at all times. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, in addition to using condoms, you should utilize an effective method of contraception. Ask your gynecologist if you are a good candidate for the contraceptive implant , an intrauterine device , a contraceptive injection , or a birth control pill, patch, or ring, Zertuche says. If you are trying to get pregnant and hope beyond hope that you could possibly still be pregnant, even if he just fingered you, its highly unlikely, but it could potentially happen.

Obviously its not just by the finger alone that you get pregnant from. If the stars align, and your partner somehow gets his finger in there before sperm on his finger has dried, you can potentially get pregnant. So in addition to keeping you from getting infections down there, make sure his hands are squeaky clean before any finger action happens to be 100 percent safe.


Nexplanon Costs Around $900 Without Insurance

Without insurance, the cost of one Nexplanon implant is around $900. But most health insurance plans will cover it. You may, however, be responsible for costs associated with the insertion and removal procedures.

By comparison, an IUD may cost up to $1,300 and the pill can cost $20-50 per pack. But because of the Affordable Care Act, most birth control methods are fully covered and cost $0 out of pocket.

To see if youre covered for Nexplanon, or any other form of birth control, contact your health insurance provider.

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Pregnancy Symptoms While On Nexplanon: Your All

Indeed, the Nexplanon is among the most convenient and reliable birth control methods. Thousands of American women consider it as their contraception method. Still, some women may experience pregnancy symptoms while on Nexplanon.

Is it really possible to have pregnancy symptoms while on nexplanon?

As a matter of fact, nexplanon does not cause pregnancy. It is a relatively uncommon condition. Statistically, only one in 100 women with a nexplanon implanted incorrectly has the chance of becoming pregnant. With a birth control implant, you run the risk of being pregnant ectopically or cryptically.

Lets look at all the facts in detail.

Table of Content

Benefits Of Using Nexplanon As Birth Control

Getting Pregnant After Birth Control Implant

Many women decide on Nexplanon as a form of birth control since this particular contraceptive also offers several health and lifestyle benefits, such as:

  • The implant is rather small and discreet
  • Theres no need to take doses orally or do any maintenance
  • Its a safe alternative for women who cant use estrogen-based birth control
  • When inserted between the first and fifth day of the period, Nexplanon starts working immediately
  • Its a safe birth control option for breastfeeding mothers
  • Considering its steady delivery of hormones, there are fewer hormonal ups and downs compared to other hormonal contraceptives
  • Nexplanon is a good option for women who dont want kids currently but also want flexibility for future family planning

Its also important to mention that after Nexplanon removal, women can expect to be fertile again within two weeks. This is considerably faster compared to other hormonal birth control options.

Of course, before you decide on Nexplanon or any other form of birth control for that matter, its essential to talk to your doctor about it. Proper gynecological care is crucial for providing you with the best service and contraception for your particular needs and health condition.

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How Effective Is It

Nexplanon® is more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. On average, less than one out of every 100 women who use it will become pregnant. The main reason for its strong efficacy is the fact that it is essentially foolproof. Because it is placed inside your arm, you cannot use it incorrectly or forget to use it.

Can You Get Pregnant On The Pill

If you use it correctly, there’s very little chance of becoming pregnant while taking the Pill. If you take it exactly as prescribed without missing a dose or taking a dose off schedule the pill is about 97 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.

The chances of getting pregnant on the pill increase, of course, if you don’t take it perfectly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the typical use failure rate is seven percent, which means that seven out of 100 women taking the standard pills containing both estrogen and progestin will get pregnant in the first year. For women taking a progestin-only pill , the typical use failure rate is nine out of 100.

Mistakes include missing a dose or not taking the pill at the right time. Timing is different for the combined contraceptive pill and the progestin-only pill .

To be effective, the progestin-only pill must be taken within the same three-hour window each day. If you miss taking the minipill within the three-hour time span, take the missed pill as soon as you remember, and use a backup method for the next 48 hours. Call your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

If you miss one of the placeholder pills, no worries. Just make sure you start the next pack on schedule, which means you won’t go longer than seven days without taking an active pill.

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Does It Have Any Side Effects

Although some people experience side effects from the hormones in Nexplanon®, many women use it without any problems. The most common side effect is spotting in the form of brown discharge or light bleeding, particularly during the first six to twelve months. For some, it can also cause long-term spotting or irregular periods. However, for most, it will make their period significantly lighter or go away altogether. Once your body gets used to the implant, these side effects will usually go away.

Some of the less common side effects include weight gain, headaches, nausea, breast pain, infections at the implant site, and ovarian cysts.

Doctors recommend giving your body a few months to adjust to the hormones in Nexplanon®. However, if you are unhappy with it after a few months, discuss your concerns with your doctor, who can help you determine if a different method of birth control may be more appropriate for you.

What Does The Implant Do To Periods

Nexplanon Birth Control 3 year Update, Getting Pregnant |Simply Monet’

The implant can have an effect on your menstrual cycle. Whilst this isnt something to worry about, its definitely something to consider before opting for this form of contraception. Many women experience period changes, either becoming lighter, heavier, longer, irregular or stopping completely . You may also experience spotting whilst on Nexplanon. Check out our blog about spotting whilst on contraception.

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Who Can Use Implantable Contraception

Girls who want long-term protection against pregnancy may be interested in implantable contraception.

Not all women can or should use the implant. Some health conditions make it less effective or more risky to use. The implant is not recommended for those who have had:

  • unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • some types of cancer

Girls who have diabetes, migraine headaches, depression, high cholesterol,high blood pressure, gallbladder problems, seizures, kidney disease, or other medical problems should talk with their doctor.

Anyone who thinks she might be pregnant should not have a contraceptive implant inserted.

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Can You Ovulate On Nexplanon

Nexplanon is a hormone implant that prevents ovulation . This medication also causes changes in the cervical mucus and uterine lining making it harder for sperm to reach the uterus and harder for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus.

The implant is very safe for most people but all medications have some risks and side effects. The doctor will figure out if the implant is safe or not. This is 99% effective.


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Side Effects Of Nexplanon

When nexplanon is inserted, it has side effects such as headaches, sore breasts, weight gain, and changes in mood. If you experience any of these, please call our office to be seen right away. There are many different kinds of hormonal birth control available. In order for Nexplanon to work properly, it must be inserted by a doctor or nurse within 5 days after the first day of your period .

You may experience some side effects, but they are usually mild and go away after a few months.

What Happens If I Get Pregnant On The Implant

Choosing a Birth Control That is Best for You

In the very rare chance you become pregnant whilst using the contraceptive implant then you should contact your doctor. If you become pregnant whilst on Nexplanon, then you have a slightly higher risk of an ectopic pregnancy . If you experience unusual vaginal bleeding or lower stomach pain then you must contact your doctor immediately. The Nexplanon implant should be removed if pregnancy occurs, but there is no evidence to suggest falling pregnant whilst using the implant poses any harm to the development of a normal pregnancy.

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How Effective Is It And Can You Still Get Pregnant On The Implant

In short, the implant is more than 99% effective. This means that fewer than 1 in 100 women with the implant will get pregnant each year.

There are some other factors to consider when using the implant as contraception, such as side effects and its use with other medications. Navigating contraception and pregnancy whether youre trying to conceive or avoid it can be a confusing journey, but it doesnt have to be! If youd like to chat to one of The Lowdowns doctors about your experience with the implant so far and what the best contraception might be for you, you can book a phone or Zoom appointment here.

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