What Tylenol Is Safe For Pregnancy

What Pregnant Women Can Take For Yeast Infections

HealthWatch: Acetaminophen And Pregnancy

Safe to take: Monistat, Gynelotrimin

Yeast infections are common during pregnancy, and while the condition won’t harm the baby, the last thing you want to do is suffer through the itchy discomfort. “There is some absorption of vaginal creams into the body and blood stream, but doses are low and no studies show that it affects baby or mom negatively,” says Dr. Park. “We don’t prescribe the oral pill diflucan or fluconzaole because observational studies show that moms who have had to take extended doses for chronic fungal infections have had babies with birth defects.” However, it’s safe to take this oral yeast infection medication when breastfeeding if you get the fungal infection known as thrush from your baby.

Can I Take Tylenol Pm While Pregnant

Most of the over-the-counter medications that you usually take are perfectly safe even during pregnancy but because there are some exceptions, you should always talk to your doctor before you take a medication while pregnant, whether it is over-the-counter, prescription or even an herbal remedy. You should also remember that vague symptoms that are normally fine to ignore may indicate serious complications during pregnancy. Before you take any over-the-counter medications, talk to your doctor and go over your current medications as safe medications may cause complications when interacting with other medicines. One of the concerns of pregnant women is that Can I take Tylenol PM during pregnancy?.

What The Researchers Said About Taking Acetaminophen During Pregnancy

In the paper, researchers reviewed epidemiological studies, for example, observational studies where participants self-report, or studies that analyze biomarkers like cord blood or meconium and experimental studies that involved animals. They found that taking acetaminophen in pregnancy could possibly alter fetal development in a way that may lead a fetus to develop such conditions as ADHD and ones that impact its genitals.

Based on this research they called for precautionary action. Specifically, while recognizing that there are limited medication options for easing pain and fever in pregnancy and that there are some cases where its necessary based on risks to the pregnant person and the fetus, they called on the FDA and obstetric and gynaecological societies to review the research and update their guidance to health-care professionals in terms of what they tell patients about the risk of taking acetaminophen while pregnant. Specifically, that people should:

  • avoid taking acetaminophen unless medically indicated
  • check with a physician or pharmacist if theyre unsure its indicated, or before long-term use
  • minimize exposure by using the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible time

They also called for a more focused research effort in this area.We need to continue to accumulate more evidence for or against this hypothesis, says Ann Bauer, an epidemiologist and postdoctoral fellow based in Lowell, Mass., and lead author on the consensus statement.

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Is A Common Pain Reliever Safe During Pregnancy

For years, products containing acetaminophen, such as the pain reliever Tylenol, were largely viewed as safe to take during pregnancy. Hundreds of widely available over-the-counter remedies, including popular cold, cough, and flu products, contain acetaminophen. Not surprisingly, some 65% of women in the US report taking it during pregnancy to relieve a headache or to ease an aching back.

But recently, a group of doctors and scientists issued a consensus statement in Nature Reviews Endocrinology urging increased caution around acetaminophen use in pregnancy. They noted growing evidence of its potential to interfere with fetal development, possibly leaving lingering effects on the brain, reproductive and urinary systems, and genital development. And while the issue they raise is important, its worth noting that the concerns come from studies done in animals and human observational studies. These types of studies cannot prove that acetaminophen is the actual cause of any of these problems.

When Should I Tell People I Am Pregnant

Is Regular Strength Tylenol Safe During Pregnancy ...

Most miscarriages occur during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, so you may want to wait until this critical period is over before telling others of your pregnancy. However, it may be difficult to keep such a secret to yourself. If you have an ultrasound at 8 weeks of pregnancy and see a heartbeat, your chance of miscarriage is less than 2 percent, and you may feel safe sharing your news.

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Potential Risks Of Taking Tylenol While Pregnant

Headlines linking Tylenol with potential harmful effects in pregnancy can be scary to read, but its important to understand the way the studies were conducted, and to understand that researchers make it clear that correlation does not equal causation. In other words, even if study results show that the regular use of acetaminophen during pregnancy is linked to disorders such as autism, researchers cannot definitively say that Tylenol is the cause of autism.

The definitive causes of autism and other mood and behavioral disorders have remained elusive, and at best are multifactorial, explains Gaither. Genetics, environmental factors, maternal medications during gestation, intrauterine infections and all have been causally linked to autism. In general, whether youre considering taking Tylenol PM during pregnancy because you cant sleep, or you need to feel human after a cold has taken you down, its smart to read labels and ask your doctor.

In a study review, the FDA found that the strongest link between prenatal acetaminophen exposure and diagnoses such as ADHD occurred in women who took acetaminophen for over 20 weeks of their pregnancy. Anything thats causing protracted pain that leads to a consistent need for pain medication, such as Tylenol, needs to be medically evaluated right away, says Gaither.

Can You Take Tylenol While Pregnant

When youre pregnant, you become more aware of what youre consuming since youre now carrying another person. Many pregnant people focus on balancing their nutrition, taking a prenatal vitamin and avoiding common, over-the-counter medications like Tylenolparticularly given the most recent concensus statement regarding acetaminophen usage in pregnancy.

But pregnancy is also known for its fair share of aches and painslike relentless backaches and sore ankles from carrying that bump around all day. Pregnancy pains are common and normal, but they still hurt. So what can you do?

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International Committee Urges Caution In Tylenol Use During Pregnancy

Growing body of research shows the drug may negatively impact fetal development, according to experts.

Pregnant women should avoid taking acetaminophen unless it is medically necessary, according to new consensus statement from a group of experts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Israel, Europe, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

Although the paper does not call for a ban of the drug during pregnancy, the authors urge both healthcare providers and patients to view and use acetaminophen with more caution.

This statement is an important reminder to both providers and patients to use Tylenol and acetaminophen appropriately, and the recommendations are in line with what already is or should be current practice, says Donna Neale, MD, assistant professor gynecology at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore and director of the Center for Maternal and Fetal Medicine at Howard County General Hospital in Columbia, Maryland.

The authors clearly say, if you need to use Tylenol or acetaminophen, then you should use it. Use it at the lowest dose possible, use it for the least amount of time, or shorter frequency, and thats exactly what we tell our patients, says Dr. Neale.

Even people who are not pregnant should be mindful of the potential risks of acetaminophen she adds. We know that acetaminophen causes hepatic damage or hepatic toxicity in the nonpregnant state, and so we tell all our patients to take this drug only when necessary, she says.

Pain Can Affect Fetal Health

Researchers raise alarm about Acetaminophen use for pregnant women

Sears notes that untreated pain can impact fetal health.

Pain is usually accompanied by an overproduction of inflammatory cytokines and inflammatory eicosanoids that can have an adverse effect on the developing babys dopamine circuits, leading to lowered levels of dopamine that could result in ADHD, Sears said. I think that using acetaminophen for three days or less should be considered safe.

Sears advises, If youre in pain and want a more appropriate inflammation reduction strategy, I think it would be better to follow an anti-inflammatory diet and increase the intake of fish oil to reduce the need for acetaminophen. Doing both will also have a positive impact on the babys health.

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What To Take Instead Of Tylenol During Pregnancy

If the idea of even taking one Tylenol pill gives you pause, know that there are a few alternative remedies safe for pregnancy that can be used for mild pain. For fever reduction, however, given the potentially dire consequences of high, prolonged fever itself during pregnancy, taking a Tylenol to reduce the fever is still probably your safest optiontalk to your doctor to discuss details.

Potential Risks To The Fetus From Tylenol In Pregnancy

Performing a review of the most recent literature, the researchers found that acetaminophen exposure during pregnancy may be associated with reproductive and neurobehavioral abnormalities in both boys and girls.

In boys, exposure may increase the risk of reproductive abnormalities, including a higher risk of undescended testicles, and a reduced distance between the anus and the base of the penis, . Both of these factors may indicate “altered masculinization” and the potential for other reproductive disorders later in life.

In girls, prenatal acetaminophen exposure is associated with early puberty.

In both sexes, studies suggest exposure might increase the risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , autism spectrum disorder, language delay and decreased intelligence quotient .

Figure 1 from Paracetamol use during pregnancy a call for precautionary action.

More research is needed to assess the timing, duration and dosage of acetaminophen usage, but numerous animal studies also back up these findings.

In rats, fetal exposure to acetaminophen has been shown to also cause reproductive disorders, reduced fertility later in life and changes in cognitive function and behavior.

Figure 2 from Paracetamol use during pregnancy a call for precautionary action.

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What Pregnant Women Can Take For A Cold

Safe to take: Benadryl, Sudafed, Afrin nasal spray, Claratin, Robitussin DM, Vicks Formula 44, Halls cough drops

Few women get through nine months without cold or allergy symptoms. The safest way to go is to try non-drug remedies: Rest, drink lots of fluids especially warm ones and use a saline nasal spray to help relieve stuffiness. If cold or allergy symptoms interfere with your ability to eat or sleep, it’s normal to wonder, “what medicine can I take while pregnant?” But according to Dr. Park., “Pretty much all of the over-the-counter meds for common cold are thought to be safe.” One thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of combination meds, such as Tylenol Cold, that treat multiple symptoms, such as a runny nose and cough and fever. But if the only cold symptoms you have are a headache and stuffy nose, why would you take a medication that also treats a cough? “Rather than taking meds you don’t actually need, target only the symptoms you want to treat by buying drugs for each of your specific concerns,” says Dr. Park.

Look for the ingredient dextromethorphan, or DM, for a cough suppressant guaifenesin to loosen up mucus and pseudoephedrinem and phenylephrine, or PE, as a decongestant for a stuffy nose.

Please consult with your healthcare provider before taking any medications while pregnant.

What Can I Take For Headaches And Pain

Tylenol During Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Children

Acetaminophen is generally safe to use during pregnancy, although you should consult your doctor first. You can take as much as two extra-strength tablets, 500 milligrams each, every four hours, up to four times a day. Maximum consumption per day should be limited to 4,000 mg or less. You can take acetaminophen to treat headaches, body aches, and other pains during pregnancy, but if headaches persist despite maximum doses of acetaminophen, contact your doctor immediately. Your headaches may be a sign of something more serious.

Aspirin and ibuprofen should not be taken during pregnancy unless you are specifically instructed to by your doctor. There are medical or obstetrical conditions that require aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents during pregnancy, but only under the strict supervision of your doctor.

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Taking Tylenol Cold While Pregnant

Like Tylenol PM, Tylenol Cold and Tylenol Sinus consists of multiple drugs. In addition to acetaminophen, both contain a drug called phenylephrine, a decongestant found in many sinus and cold medications, that can affect blood flow to the placenta and should be avoided during pregnancy.

This decongestant causes short-term, moderate constriction of blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure. In pregnant women, this elevation in blood pressure can temporarily decrease the amount of blood flowing to the placenta, Roshan explains. While the risk to the baby long-term is low, its recommended to avoid any medications that can cause an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy, including phenylephrine.

Taking Tylenol Extra Strength While Pregnant

In general, as a mom-to-be, its best to start with regular strength Tylenol, says Roshan. Extra strength equals extra acetaminophen , so try the basic formulation first and see how it works.

If regular Tylenol doesnt relieve minor discomforts, Extra Strength is also okay to use, according to Roshanbut he cautions that neither should be taken above the daily recommended intake of acetaminophen, which is 3,000 mg a day, unless directed by your doctor. Women who have underlying liver conditions or a pregnancy induced condition affecting the liver should avoid acetaminophen altogether unless advised otherwise by their provider, Roshan says.

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Pain Relief In Pregnancy May ‘need To Evolve’

In bringing to light these potential risks, it may encourage pregnant women to stop and consider if they really need to take the drug or if there could be an alternative way to treat their pain, says Neale.

Waldorf suggests that pain relief in pregnancy may need to evolve more to modalities that dont involve medication. This could include physical therapy, massage therapy, ice and heat, and, when necessary, limiting activities. I routinely prescribe physical therapy and massage therapy to my patients, which is underutilized and incredibly helpful, she says.

Talk To Your Provider

STUDY: extended use of Tylenol during end of pregnancy may have side effects

Its important to know that you should not be scared to take acetaminophen for pain and fever during pregnancy. Goral recommends to only take medications as needed, in moderation, and after consulting with your womens health provider.

We are happy to discuss safe medications with you or answer any questions you may have during your pregnancy, Goral said.

For more information about safe medications for common pregnancy symptoms,

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When You Are Pregnant Do You Have Headaches

Headaches tend to be more common in the first and third trimesters, but they can occur in the second trimester as well. While there are common causes for headaches during pregnancy, it’s important to note that headaches during the second and third trimester can also be due to high blood pressure, called preeclampsia.

Most pregnant women can safely take acetaminophen to treat occasional headaches. Your health care provider might recommend other medications as well. Make sure you have the OK from your health care provider before taking any medication, including herbal treatments.

Miscarriage can occur in any pregnancy. Based on available studies, taking acetaminophen at the recommended doses is unlikely to increase the chance for miscarriage.

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Acetaminophen Risk In Pregnancy: What Patients Need To Know

One of the things I love most about the medical community is our desire to continually find better answers and care methods through research. But occasionally, sharing the findings of a new study can lead to unnecessary concern and confusion particularly if the results are not clearly communicated.

Such is the case with recent recommendations on acetaminophen use during pregnancy. Acetaminophen, also called paracetamol, is a mild pain-relieving drug commonly found in over-the-counter pain and cold medications such as Tylenol. It has generally been considered safe to use during pregnancy.

But in September 2021, a consensus statement urging caution on the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy was published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology.

Drafted by an international team of obstetricians, pediatricians, neurologists, and scientists with expertise in fetal development, toxicology, and endocrinology, the statement specifically recommends that pregnant patients:

  • Do not take acetaminophen, unless medically indicated
  • Consult with their provider if unsure about taking acetaminophen
  • Take the smallest dose for the shortest time

These guidelines are no different from what weve already been telling patients. Whether were prescribing medication or performing ultrasounds, our advice during prenatal care is always to use the least amount of exposure to get the necessary benefits.

However, many national Ob/Gyn organizations say there is no evidence to indicate concern.

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All Information You Need About Tylenol Sinus Severe Safe For Pregnancy

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Tylenol During Pregnancy: Autism, ADHD

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The group is calling for a focused research effort to better understand how APAP affects development. As of now, the researchers recommend that pregnant people forgo using APAP unless medically indicated, consult with a physician or pharmacist before using it on a long-term basis, and minimize risk by using the lowest effective APAP dose for the shortest possible time.

Acetaminophen is an active ingredient in more than 600 prescription and non-prescription medications, most prominently Tylenol. According to a summary of the cited research, APAP exposure might increase the possibility of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , autism spectrum disorder and language delay in girls. Some research also associates prenatal APAP exposure with genital or reproductive abnormalities.

The U.S. National Health Interview Survey reported that from 2009 to 2017, approximately 1 in 6 children from 3 to 17 years old had a developmental disability diagnosis. Between a survey examining the period from 2009 and 2011 and one examining 2015 to 2017, there was a 9.5 percent increase in the prevalence of diagnosed developmental disabilities among children ages 3 to 17.

Swan added that she hopes the consensus statement will raise awareness about how much acetaminophen pregnant people take and the need for more investigation.

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