Can You Smoke Pot While Pregnant

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Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Dangerous?

    You point out that for centuries cannabis has been been used for pregnancy related issues. I would like to point it that modern cannabis is much more THC potent. While I can certainly understand why some pregnant women would turn to budI think they should refrain from doing so. Protect that baby first and foremost, just my humble opinion of course.

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    Clearly you can say, Dont smoke during pregnancy no matter what youre smoking. But for the remainder, its the precautionary principle: Until we know more you probably shouldnt do it, McCormick summed up.

    The NAS report drilled down into other health effects during pregnancy, like whether the babies of moms who used marijuana are more likely to wind up in the NICU or experience sudden infant death syndrome and cognitive and academic achievement challenges later in life. And on these important questions, it was equivocal: The researchers found limited, insufficient, or no evidence.

    Still, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say that there are no approved indications or recommendations regarding prenatal marijuana use even though the impact of prenatal cannabis use isnt yet fully understood.

    Even so, Young-Wolff said. sufficient evidence an association between prenatal marijuana use and lower offspring birth weight, and limited research shows a correlation with some developmental delays or difficulties with executive functioning in the child like problems with impulse control and attention. And thats enough to make health professionals wary.

    Can I Smoke Marijuana While I Am Pregnant

    There is no known safe of amount of marijuana use during pregnancy. Using marijuana while pregnant can be harmful for the unborn baby. Marijuana that passes to your baby during pregnancy may make it hard for your child to pay attention and learn, especially as your child grows older. This could make school harder for them.

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    Alternative To Medical Marijuana

    Many people use marijuana and cannabis products to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, HIV, glaucoma, and irritable bowel syndrome. However, if you are planning to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant, you will need to stop using marijuana for medical purposes.

    “, other arrangements will need to be made to address the medical concerns that were being treated with cannabis, explains Dr. Tishler. ACOG suggests that you talk to a medical provider and discuss alternative treatments that are safe during pregnancy.

    Problems Marijuana Cause Before Pregnancy

    Can You Smoke Marijuana While Pregnant

    The use of before pregnancy can have an effect on your fertility and can also make it difficult for a lady to get pregnant. Marijuana can have an impact on:

    • The hormones which the body needs to conceive. They are chemical substances that the body produces
    • The menstrual cycle, which is the procedure by which the ovaries deliver an egg monthly

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    Childrens Focus And Academics

    Six-year-old children whose mothers used marijuana on a daily basis during their first trimester had difficulty understanding concepts in reading and listening. Ten-year-old children who were exposed to the drug while in utero had difficulty focusing their attention and were more impulsive than other kids. Children whose moms heavily used marijuana during their first trimester had lower scores in math, reading and spelling than other kids.

    Are There Any Long

    Medical experts and scientists believe that the effects of smoking marijuana during pregnancy may have an impact on a child’s brain development and behavior over time.

    Studies have shown that toddlers and older children born to pot-smoking moms may not score as well on cognitive, memory and behavioral tests compared with other kids, and have a somewhat higher risk of impulse control issues, hyperactivity and inattention.

    There have also been studies showing a link between marijuana use in pregnancy and lower scores on reading comprehension, spelling and math tests.

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    Are There Positive Effects Of Smoking Marijuana During Pregnancy

    People sometimes eat or smoke cannabis for the effects it has on their body. It may cause relaxation, increased sensory perception, and euphoria. However, smoking weed during pregnancy may make you dizzy, increasing your risk of falling. It can also reduce the levels of oxygen in your body and result in breathing problems. Furthermore, the active compound tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana can cross the placenta and reach your baby, negatively affecting their health. ACOG, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend not smoking marijuana while pregnant.

    Some potential risks of smoking marijuana during pregnancy are as follows:

    Clearing The Smoke About Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

    Can I SMOKE while PREGNANT???

    Unless you dont own a television and never listen to the radio, you know that marijuana has been in the news a lot lately and for marijuana users who have had to smoke in illegally, it appears societal attitudes about pot smoking may be changing. Twenty states have laws legalizing some form of marijuana use. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized its recreational use. In an interview, the NFL Commissioner seemed to leave open the possibility that medicinal use could be considered for NFL players if there was scientific evidence that it was helpful to treat injuries and pain. Even President Obama has said that he doesnt believe marijuana is any more dangerous than alcohol. Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule I drug. Other Schedule I drugs include heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide , 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine .

    What The Research Shows Us

    According to studies, pregnant women who use illicit substances are more likely to use marijuana compared to other drugs. This is often due to the belief that marijuana is less harmful to the developing embryo and fetus, compared to other drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

    So Where Does Marijuana Rank Compared To Other Drugs?

    Heroin: Heroin has not been associated with an increased risk for birth defects, however, is associated with a higher risk for withdrawal and admission to newborn intensive care and sudden infant death syndrome.Bottomline: Snuff Out Smoking It

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    Can You Use Marijuana While Breastfeeding

    In order to limit potential risk to the infant, breastfeeding parents should not use marijuana or marijuana-containing products in any form, says Merhi.

    The current data available regarding the safety of marijuana use while breastfeeding is limited. However, we do know two chemicals in marijuana Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol have the potential to affect the neurodevelopment of an infant. THC, in particular, can be passed on to a breastfeeding infant through breast milk, Merhi says.

    Data on the effects of CBD exposure to an infant through breast milk are limited and conflicting, but we do know CBD products may contain other contaminants, like bacteria or pesticides that could be dangerous to the parent and baby, Merhi says.

    While more research is needed, the science so far shows enough of a risk that breastfeeding parents should not use marijuana while nursing, Merhi says.

    Studies Of Smoking Weed While Pregnant: Marijuana And Pregnancy

    Even though medical and recreational use cannabis is legal throughout the U.S. and Canada, there are shockingly few scientific studies exploring the effects of cannabis use during pregnancy. To make matters more complicated, the studies that have been done concluded conflicting results.

    Jessie Gill, a registered nurse and Founder of tells Herbthat a 2016 review published in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that cannabis didnt have any adverse effects. This run contra to past studies, which have shown that cannabinoids, like THC, cross into the placenta entering the fetal bloodstream. We dont know if this exposure is harmful, however. says Gill. She points us to another study conducted in the early 90s which showed that cannabis might actually be beneficial when used during pregnancy. Basically, Gill offers, we just dont know.

    The study, which looked at women in Jamaica who used cannabis during pregnancy and their children at different times in their lives, had promising results. They found that there was no significant difference in development between the cannabis using mothers and non-users children. In fact, at 30 days old, the babies of cannabis using mothers had better scores on autonomic stability and reflex tests.

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    Can Weed Cure Morning Sickness

    When cannabis is administered into the body, it reacts with our endocannabinoid system . The cannabinoids of the plant commonly Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabinol release the CB1 receptor to interfere with our dopamine and serotonin receptors. Once the receptors are blocked, it stops us from feeling nauseous and pain. This is why cannabis is gaining more traction as a pain-relief option for chronic pain, cancer pain, and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

    As it stands, around 1-2% of expectant mothers admit to using cannabis throughout their pregnancy. However, due to a likely fear of social judgment, this rate is considered to be higher.

    There is a small demographic of women, however, that seek out medicinal cannabis to relieve their morning sickness. This is more common with the two per cent of expectant mothers who have Hyperemesis Gravidarum .

    HG is classified as a severe form of morning sickness. Mothers-to-be will experience severe and sometimes violent bouts of nausea and vomiting. In some cases, hospitalisation is required. The condition is also associated with weight-loss and malnutrition, making it a health risk for both mother and child. Anecdotal reports state that HG can also leave women feeling depressed and helpless due to the debilitative condition.

    Alternative To Marijuana For Mental Health

    Can You Smoke Weed While Breastfeeding?

    Some people use marijuana to help with mental health issues, and there is some evidence that it can help treat issues like insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD. But again, using cannabis for these purposes during pregnancy is not something that should continue.

    If you are dealing with a mental health issue during pregnancy, you should discuss this with a doctor or midwife. They can suggest pregnancy-safe options for managing this, including psychotherapy, exercise, and meditation.

    If you are dealing with a mental health condition that is impacting your ability to function or feel well, you should know that there are medications, including antidepressants, that may be safe for you to take during pregnancy. Discuss your options with a healthcare team.

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    Weeding Through The History

    As recently as the nineteenth century, cannabis use during pregnancy was considered to be a safe, recommended treatment option. Multiple accounts throughout history state that cannabis was used frequently to relieve morning sickness and even induce labour.

    Middle-Eastern, Asian and African cultures reference cannabis use in the form of oil-extraction and crushed cannabis seeds. Tinctures and inhalation were also common forms of administration to utilise the plants effects.

    As early back as the ninth-century, medical texts refer to cannabis as an effective way to calm pregnancy-related pain. In fact, an ancient Persian medical text recommended cannabis to not only reduce pregnancy pains but to even prevent miscarriage.

    In the nineteenth century, physicians recommended cannabis to help relieve severe morning sickness , recommending the consumption of cannabis every four hours throughout the day.

    Modern medicine, however, strongly advises against any form of cannabis use throughout pregnancy. This is due to several reasons: Cannabis is still a Schedule I drug and is illegal under federal law in the U.S. There is also limited clinical evidence to show its effects on foetal development. Research is also difficult considering ethical limitations surrounding the unknown risks on both mother and child.

    Despite the lack of clinical research, its anecdotal evidence paints a very different picture supporting the benefits of the plant.

    Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant: Will They Take My Baby Away If I Test Positive

    Pregnant women taking marijuana can have serious consequences . I cant believe I have to write this post, but were seeing it more and more and somehow moms are shocked and surprised by the consequences.

    How do I all all of this? Hi, Im Hilary many people know me as The Pregnancy Nurse. I have been a nurse since 1997 and I have 20 years of OB nursing experience, I am also the curly head behind this website Pulling Curls and The Online Prenatal Class for Couples. Please note that this post is written from my own experience in working in two states and also interviews with other nurses around the country. This seems to be the standard of care for women in both states where it is legal and not legal, however guidance is constantly changing.

    I know a lot of you dont like this information . I really am just here to tell you what will happen and remind you that honesty is TRULY the best policy.

    If youre looking for more information about your third trimester and other testing they might do grab my free birth prep pack.

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    Reasons Pregnant Women Smoke Marijuana

    Medical marijuana may help with some common health issues in pregnancy, such as:

    • Loss of appetite
    • Migraines
    • Back pain

    If your morning sickness is so severe that youre unable to keep your food down and regain your appetite, you may add a little cannabis-infused oil into your cup of tea.

    Pregnant women may smoke marijuana if they had a medical condition before they became pregnant, and they were using medical cannabis to help treat their ailments. Examples of such conditions include:

    • Anxiety
    • Glaucoma

    What Are The Potential Health Effects Of Using Marijuana During My Pregnancy

    Discover What Can Happen When You Smoke While Pregnant
    • Some research shows that using marijuana while you are pregnant can cause health problems in newborns including low birth weight.10,11
    • Breathing marijuana smoke can also be bad for you and your baby. Marijuana smoke has many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke and may increase the chances for developmental problems in your baby.12,13

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    Prevalence Of Estimated Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

    Several studies have attempted to determine how many women use marijuana while pregnant, and the results vary. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , marijuana has been found to be the most common drug used during pregnancy with two to five percent of pregnant women using it.

    Further, its use seems to be more prevalent in particular groups of women. For instance, there are higher rates of marijuana use reaching up to 28 percent in urban women who are young and socioeconomically disadvantaged.Results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health on more than 200,000 women 18 through 2014 years old from 2002 through 2014 revealed that 3.9 percent of expectant women claimed that they used marijuana in the past month.

    This number is up from 2002, where it was 2.4 percent. Younger mothers-to-be were especially likely to use the drug and around 7.5 percent of young mothers-to-be who were between the ages of 18 to 25 years old and two percent of moms-to-be ages 26 to 44 years old said they had used cannabis in the past month according to a 2014 survey.

    Regardless of the exact usage, as a growing number of states legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, the use of cannabis by pregnant women in Florida and throughout the U.S. could increase even further.

    Whats The Prevalence Of Weed Use In Pregnancy

    Weed is the most commonly used illicit drug during pregnancy. Studies have tried to estimate the exact number of pregnant women who use weed, but results vary.

    According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , 2 to 5 percent of women use weed during pregnancy. This number goes up for certain groups of women. For example, young, urban, and socioeconomically disadvantaged women report higher rates of use that reach up to 28 percent.

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    Virginia Becomes First Southern State To Legalize Marijuana

    Another approach would be to require dispensaries to display warning signs and for cannabis products to include warning labels of potential dangers to fetuses, she said in an email.

    Its not known how many pregnant women are using marijuana, nor how many might be heavy users. Earlier research showed that the number of pregnant women using cannabis doubled between 2002 and 2016, from 3.4 percent to 7 percent. Thats probably an underestimate, the researchers noted.

    Shi and her colleagues reviewed the medical records of 4.83 million mother-infant pairs, which included 20,237 in which the delivery record noted that the woman had a diagnosis of either cannabis dependence or nondependent cannabis abuse suggesting much more than occasional use.

    The researchers matched the marijuana users with 40,474 pregnant women whose records showed no indications of cannabis use, by factors such as demographics, physical health conditions, mental health conditions and behavioral health conditions.

    When they compared infant outcomes from the two groups, they found that babies born to women who used cannabis frequently were 6 percent more likely to be born premature, 13 percent more likely to have a low birthweight and 35 percent more likely to die within their first year.

    The study has two major strengths, including the large number of women analyzed and the focus on heavy exposure, experts say.

    This study is unique in that theyre trying to get at heavy use, she said.

    How Does Using Marijuana Affect Breastfeeding

    This Is What You Should Know About Smoking Weed During ...

    If you breastfeed your baby and smoke marijuana, you may pass THC and other chemicals to your baby through the breast milk. Than can make your baby more likely to have problems with brain development. Marijuana also may affect the amount and quality of breast milk you make. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breastfeeding moms stay away from marijuana to help keep breast milk safe and healthy.

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