How Can I Terminate Pregnancy

How Effective Is The Abortion Pill

What are the options to terminate a 4 week pregnancy? – Dr. Premlata Subhash

The abortion pill is very effective. The effectiveness depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy when you take the medicine.

  • For people who are 8 weeks pregnant or less, it works about 94-98 out of 100 times.
  • For people who are 8-9 weeks pregnant, it works about 94-96 out of 100 times.
  • For people who are 9-10 weeks pregnant, it works about 91-93 out of 100 times. If you’re given an extra dose of medicine, it works about 99 out of 100 times.
  • For people who are 10-11 weeks pregnant, it works about 87 out of 100 times. If you’re given an extra dose of medicine, it works about 98 out of 100 times.

The abortion pill usually works, but if it doesnt, you can take more medicine or have an in-clinic abortion to complete the abortion.

When Should You See A Doctor

If you think you might be pregnant, see a doctor as soon as possible. If you are pregnant, this is an important time to learn as much as you can about your options. The earlier you are in your pregnancy, the more options you are likely to have. Also, the risk of problems will be lower.

Your doctor will ask about your medical history and will do a physical exam. You will have lab tests to make sure that you are pregnant. You may also have an ultrasound.

The Offer Of Termination

You are likely to be offered a termination if the baby has been diagnosed with a condition that can cause death or serious disability. You may also be offered a termination if a pregnancy complication poses a threat to your life.

You should not feel under pressure to end your pregnancy. Whatever is diagnosed, it is your choice and your healthcare professionals will support you whatever decision you make.

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Can You Terminate A Dogs Pregnancy

When it comes to whether you can terminate a dogs pregnancy or not, the answer is yes. Many vets will do the procedure and it can be done a number of different ways.

In addition, dog abortions are legal throughout the world. They are often considered a standard procedure that most veterinarians will perform.

However, while they may be legal, some find it morally wrong to terminate a dogs pregnancy. And that includes some vets who will not terminate a pregnancy.

For that reason, be prepared for your vet to say no.

How Late Can You End A Pregnancy

Frequently asked questions on termination of pregnancy

The vast majority of pregnancies are terminated before 16 weeks, but in some medical cases you may be able to end a pregnancy when youre farther along.

Still, the ultimate cutoff of when its possible to terminate a pregnancy depends on your state laws as well as the providers or clinics available in your area.

In some parts of the country, it may be difficult to end a pregnancy after 12 weeks. If youre thinking about ending your pregnancy because of health reasons, its best to start the conversation with your provider sooner rather than later.

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Where Can I Get Help Outside The United States

Abortion laws vary greatly from country to country. If youre not sure about whats available in your country, is a good starting point. They have offices all over the world and can offer guidance on local laws and available services in your area. Choose your general area out of their list of locations to find country-specific information.

Women Help Women also offers information about resources and hotlines in many countries.

If you cant safely access a clinic, Women on Web mails abortion pills to people in countries with restrictive laws. Youll need to have a quick consultation online to make sure you qualify. If you do, a doctor will provide a prescription and mail the pills to you so you can have a medical abortion at home. If youre having trouble accessing the site, you can find a workaround here.

Natural Methods To Abort Unwanted Pregnancy

These methods include taking certain herbs, foods or fruits to make your body stop providing a conducive environment to support the pregnancy naturally. The body responds by creating a natural miscarriage and then expels the embryo. The natural methods include taking the following


Also known as Dong Quai, Angelica herb ripens the cervix and also stimulates menstruation leading to a naturally induced abortion. The herb is available in powder and should be added in warm water. Take this mixture 4 times a day for the desired results.


A combination of black and blue Cohosh leads to disruption of the uterus and ultimately abortion. Black and blue cohosh are available in powdered form, root shape and as capsules. Cohosh should be taken 3-4 times a day.

Sesame Seeds with Honey and Water

Soak a handful of sesame seeds in cold water overnight. Sieve the mixture and add a bit of honey to it then drink it.

Vitamin C Foods

Foods with lots of vitamin C cause early miscarriages. An example is citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, and limes. Cut any of these fruits or a combination of them and put them in a small bowl. Eat as much as you can for quicker, more efficient results.


Make pineapple juice by grinding or blending fresh pineapples. Take the juice or just eat the pineapple slices as they are. Take at least one whole pineapple to stimulate weakening of the uterine wall.


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What Are The Possible Risks Of Taking The Abortion Pill

Medication abortion has been used safely in the U.S. for more than 20 years. Serious complications are really rare, but can happen. These include:

  • the abortion pills dont work and the pregnancy doesnt end

  • some of the pregnancy tissue is left in your uterus

  • blood clots in your uterus

  • bleeding too much or too long

  • infection

  • allergic reaction to one of the medicines

These problems arent common. And if they do happen, theyre usually easy to take care of with medication or other treatments.

In extremely rare cases, some complications can be very serious or even life threatening. Call your doctor or health center right away if you:

  • have no bleeding within 24 hours after taking the second medicine

  • have heavy bleeding from your vagina that soaks through more than 2 maxi pads in an hour, for 2 or more hours in a row

  • pass large clots for more than 2 hours

  • have belly pain or cramps that dont get better with pain medication

  • have a fever of 100.4 or higher more than 24 hours after taking misoprostol

  • have weakness, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea that lasts more than 24 hours after taking misoprostol

If you have complications during your medication abortion, you may have to go back to the doctors office or health center. In the unlikely event that you are still pregnant, your doctor or nurse will discuss your options with you. You may need another dose of medication or to have an in-clinic abortion to end the pregnancy.

Remedies For Abortion Evening Primrose Oil

How To Safely Terminate Pregnancy

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seed of its plant. Evening primrose oil is used for different health benefits. Using evening primrose oil can treat many skin disorders including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Moreover, this oil is also effective in treating weak bone, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Raynauds syndrome, Sjogrens syndrome, high cholesterol, leg pain, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, obesity, whooping cough, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and peptic ulcer disease.

Primrose oil is useful for pregnant women too. It avoids high blood pressure, prevent late delivery and shorten labor. More importantly, you should mention the benefit of evening primrose oil in inducing abortion. If you plan to have an abortion, here are ways you can do with evening primrose oil.

  • Massage a sufficient amount of evening primrose oil on the cervix
  • Consume evening primrose oil in form of pill

However, before taking primrose oil pill, you should consult your doctor first.

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Reasons For Termination Of Pregnancy

About one-fourth of women will have an abortion before they turn 45, according to the Guttmacher Institute. These abortions are often voluntaryfor example, a woman may end the pregnancy if a child will interfere with her education plans, or if she doesnt have the financial means to raise another person. Occasionally, however, couples must terminate a wanted pregnancy for medical reasons, like fetal abnormalities or maternal health issues.

Ruta Graveolens For Abortion

Rue is an ancient herb that has been used for centuries, mainly across Europe, North America, Central America, and South America. The scientific name for Rue is Ruta graveolens. The uses for Rue are a dime a dozen. It covers digestive problems, heart palpitations, arteriosclerosis, diarrhea, respiratory problems and pleurisy, arthritis, problems do with the nervous system, epilepsy, water retention, mouth cancer, and intestinal parasites like tapeworms, threadworms, ringworms, etc. Rue is also applied on the skin to counter swellings, bone injuries, dislocations, tumors, warts, earaches, sprains, and insect bites.

For generations, Rue has been used by women of Hispanic descent to treat reproductive problems, stimulate the cervix and induce abortion. This is because Rue contains Pilocarpine and Ratins. Pilocarpine is compounds that aggravate the uterine wall muscles, and Ratins are responsible for elevating adrenaline action in the body. These two compounds when combined cause a detrimental effect on pregnancy.

Direction to Use:

  • To use Rue for termination of pregnancy, take 2-3 teaspoons of dried rue leaves powder in a cup of hot water 3-4 times daily.
  • Do not boil the leaves infuse them instead. If you have Rue in tincture form, use 10-15 drops in a cup of hot water 2-3 times daily.
  • Do not take Rue for more than five days at a time. The compounds contained in Rue are harmful to the kidneys and liver.

Anyone who has problematic kidneys or liver should not use Rue.

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Extreme Exercises To End Unwanted Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is usually very fragile, and that is why once you test positive, the doctor gives you a list of Dos and Donts.

Extreme exercises include Sit-ups or Crunches, High-Intensity Interval Workouts, Overhead Shoulder Presses, High Impact Sports and Deep Squats among others.

To induce abortion by exercising, focus on high-intensity exercises, including running upstairs, lifting weights. Any activities that involve you lying flat on your back, scuba diving, and hot yoga every day for at least two weeks or until the desired result is achieved.

Why Is My Dog Not Pregnant After Mating

Medication Abortion In Early Pregnancy

Mistiming of ovulation is the primary reason for breeding to not result in pregnancy. The canine heat cycle has three stages: proestrus, oestrus and anestrous. Ovulation occurs during oestrus, which begins approximately nine to 12 days after the heat cycle begins and lasts approximately nine to 12 days.

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How Do I Stop My Dogs From Mating

The first and foremost preventive measure is to have your dog spayed or neutered. This is a simple procedure your veterinarian can perform in their office. Some female dogs will go into heat before they can be spayed, or some female dogs may go into heat before you can even make your appointment for spaying.

S For Terminating A Pregnancy

Most of the time, doctors terminate a pregnancy through standard abortion techniques. The exact technique used will depend on several factors, including your gestational age and the babys condition. Discuss these techniques with your provider.

Medication abortions are often used in the first 10 weeks of gestation. A woman will take two separate pills to promote the body to thin the uterine lining and expel the contents. Most women experience heavy bleeding, clots, and cramming after a medication abortionand other side effects like nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and mild fever are also likely. Medication abortions are about 95% effective.

Doctors may also a vacuum suction technique until the 16th week of gestation. A dilation and extraction technique, which removes the fetus with suction and tools, can also typically used between 14-24 weeks. Both minimally-invasive procedures are more than 99% effective, but they must be conducted in a healthcare center or clinic. Side effects include bleeding and cramping.

Late-term abortions, which happen if the pregnancy is life-threatening to the mother or complications prevent the babys survival, are generally scheduled inductions. Doctors will induce labor by injecting medication into the fetus, amniotic sac, vagina, or vein the woman will go through natural labor and delivery.

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How Does The Abortion Pill Work

Abortion pill is the common name for using two different medicines to end a pregnancy: mifepristone and misoprostol.

First, you take a pill called mifepristone. Pregnancy needs a hormone called progesterone to grow normally. Mifepristone blocks your bodys own progesterone, stopping the pregnancy from growing.

Then you take the second medicine, misoprostol, either right away or up to 48 hours later. This medicine causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus. Its kind of like having a really heavy, crampy period, and the process is very similar to an early miscarriage. If you dont have any bleeding within 24 hours after taking the second medicine, call your nurse or doctor.

Your doctor or nurse will give you both medicines at the health center. When and where youll take them depends on state laws and your health center’s policies. Your doctor or nurse will give you detailed directions about where, when, and how to take the medicines. You may also get some antibiotics to prevent infection.

What The Diagnosis Might Mean

Terminating a pregnancy

Depending on what the diagnosis is, it may be possible to treat the condition while youre pregnant or after the baby is born. Other medical conditions found in babies may cause some disabilities, but they will be able to have a good quality of life with the right care.

However, some conditions found in babies may cause chronic illness, serious disability or even stillbirth or neonatal death. Some rare pregnancy complications can also pose a threat to a mothers life or health if she continues the pregnancy.

It can sometimes be very hard for doctors to predict how the condition might affect you or the baby or how it will progress.

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What Is The Abortion Procedure

Most abortions in the UK take place when the woman is less than 13 weeks pregnant. There are two treatments available.

At your first clinic visit you will be seen by a doctor who will assess your general health and how far along the pregnancy is. They will talk to you about the available treatment options. They may also ask you about what you plan to do for contraception after the abortion. The clinic may be able to help – for example, by fitting a coil after the surgical procedure has been done. They may also offer to take a cervical smear test if you need one.

When you leave this appointment you should have a date to come back to have the abortion.

What Are The Types Of Abortion Your Abortion Options

Some clinics will give you the option to choose between a medication abortion , and an aspiration abortion procedure, or an in-clinic abortion). Your choice may depend on gestation, or how far along a pregnancy is, the time each method takes, and whether you prefer to be mainly at home or in the clinic. Recommendations and procedures can also vary country-to-country.

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What Is An Abortion

An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. Depending on how many weeks you have been pregnant, the pregnancy can be ended by taking medication or by having a surgical procedure.

An abortion is not the same as a miscarriage, where the pregnancy ends without medical intervention .

What Is A Medical Abortion

Consume Abortion Pill to Terminate less than 7 weeks of ...

A medical abortion is an abortion caused by medicine. It is usually done in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. The most common type of medical abortion uses a medicine called mifepristone. This is a pill that blocks progesterone, a hormone needed for pregnancy. It causes the lining of the womb to become thin and break down. Other medicines used for this purpose include methotrexate, misoprostol, prostaglandins, or a combination of these medicines.

In general, this type of medical abortion is a 3-step process:

  • A woman visits her doctor and takes the mifepristone.
  • She comes back a few days later to take misoprostol. Misoprostol makes the uterus contract and empty. Many women have bleeding for about 2 weeks after taking misoprostol.
  • After about 2 weeks, the woman returns to the doctor for a follow-up visit. Her doctor checks to be sure that the medicine was effective. Light bleeding or discharge may continue for several weeks.

The exact process will vary by state. States regulate how many times youll need to see the doctor and which tests he or she must perform.

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What Do I Need To Do Before I Take The Abortion Pill

Before you take the abortion pill, youll meet with your nurse, doctor, or health center staff to talk about whether abortion is the right decision for you, and what your abortion options are. Youll get an exam and lab tests, and you may get an ultrasound to figure out how far into your pregnancy you are.

Your nurse or doctor will let you know if theres anything else you need to do to prepare for your abortion. Theyll give you written instructions on how to take your pills. You will have access to a caring professional through the process youll get a number you can call 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns.

Youll have a lot of bleeding and cramping after you take the second medicine, so plan ahead to make the process more comfortable. You can be at home, or wherever is comfortable for you to rest. You may also want to have someone you trust with you that you can call for support if you need anything.

Stock up on maxi pads, food, books, movies, or whatever you like to help pass the time, and a heating pad for cramps. Make sure you have some pain medicine but dont take aspirin because it can make you bleed more.

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