How Many Weeks Are You Supposed To Be Pregnant

Is Bleeding During Sex Normal After Delivery

How Should I Feel at 9 Weeks Pregnant?

In the weeks immediately following childbirth, youll likely experience some regular bleeding as your uterus heals. Sex may cause some additional blood loss.

Likewise, your vagina may be drier and more sensitive in the early weeks after childbirth. This makes the muscles thinner, which can lead to tearing or injury. The vagina may even become inflamed and swollen. In these cases, bleeding isnt uncommon.

If the bleeding during sex doesnt stop within four to six weeks or it worsens, see your doctor. You may have a tear or irritation that needs treatment before you begin having intercourse again.

What If Youre Not Sure

Working out how long youve been pregnant isnt always easy. If you dont keep track of when your period starts or you have an irregular cycle, you might not know when to start counting from. You might still be able to estimate how long youve been pregnant if you know about when you had your last period. You might remember having it during a particular occasion or know how many weeks youve been wondering where your period is.

However, there is a way you can find out for sure how far along you are. When you visit a private abortion clinic, the doctor can perform an ultrasound scan to check on the pregnancy. The scan can confirm that you are pregnant, rule out issues such as ectopic pregnancy, and give you an accurate date for the pregnancy.

Even if you know when your last period started, it can still be a good idea to get confirmation from the scan. How long youve been pregnant will determine which types of abortion are suitable for you, so its important to find out for sure.

What Does My Baby Look Like In Week 32

You baby is growing fast and you’re likely to be feeling lots of movements. Some babies may also have turned so that theyre head down at this stage.

Your babys fingernails are growing. When they’re born you may find they are quite long.

Their hearing is getting more sensitive too. Keep on talking and singing to them and encouraging family members to do the same. Theyll recognise the sounds of your voices after they’re born.

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What Medications Are Safe To Take If You Are Pregnant

Because some medicines are not safe to take during pregnancy, it is important that a woman take only those that have been approved by her doctor. If anyone tries to prescribe a new medicine, the woman should explain that she is pregnant and ask if the drug is safe. The US Food and Drug Administration previously listed five categories of pharmaceutical labeling for drugs which might be used during pregnancy. A doctor or pharmacist can provide advice on the safety level of medications before a pregnant patient begins their usage. Doctors will often use category B and C medications if it is felt that the potential benefit of the product outweighs any risks. Few conditions during pregnancy can be treated adequately with category A medications. The FDA categories were instituted in 2015.

  • Category A – Safety established using human studies
  • Category B – Presumed safety based upon animal studies
  • Category C – Uncertain safety with animal studies showing an adverse effect
  • Category D – Unsafe with evidence of risk that may, in certain clinical circumstances, be justifiable
  • Category X – Highly unsafe with risk or use outweighing any possible benefit

Blood Test Result Timetable

My Blossoming Bud: 8 months!!!!

Blood tests are able to detect a smaller amount of hCG and they can detect it slightly earlier than standard at-home pregnancy tests, usually nine to 12 days after conception. Blood test results are usually available the same day or within a day.

Blood tests aren’t often done to detect pregnancy because they are expensive and at-home urine tests are quite accurate and sensitive. However, people who are undergoing fertility treatments may have blood tests as part of their care.

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Second Trimester: The Baby At 16 Weeks

As your body changes in the second trimester, your baby continues to develop:

  • The musculoskeletal system continues to form.
  • Skin begins to form and is nearly translucent.
  • Meconium develops in your baby’s intestinal tract. This will be your baby’s first bowel movement.
  • Your baby begins sucking motions with the mouth .
  • Your baby is about 4 to 5 inches long and weighs almost 3 ounces.

Dvt Flying And Pregnancy

Pregnant women are at increased risk for deep vein thrombosis . Flying also increases risk for DVT.

To prevent DVT while flying, its important to drink lots of water and other fluids throughout your flight. You should also wear loose-fitting clothing and get up to walk and stretch at regular intervals on the plane. At a minimum, get up to walk at least every two hours. You may also consider wearing compression stockings to prevent swelling in your feet and lower legs.

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You May Want Some Time To Savor The Excitement

As tempting as it is to alert your family, friends and everyone who follows you on social media, waiting a few weeks or months may allow you and your partner time to savor the excitement alone. Once word gets around, people will often be more than happy to share unsolicited advice, comments about your weight, tummy pats and nightmare labor stories.

On the other hand, if youre very close with your family and friends and especially if youre not good at keeping secrets it may be hard not to blurt the news out the first time you call your mom, sister or best friend. Besides, you can always swear them to secrecy. Just be sure to say, in no uncertain terms, that this info is classified until you give the green light.

When Should I Seek Medical Advice

How Many Weeks Pregnant is it Safe to Give Birth?

If youre concerned that your babys moving less than previously, you should contact your midwife wholl advise you to have your babys heartbeat monitored to check everythings OK, says Anne Richley. In most cases, your baby will be moving but youre just not aware of it. Alternatively your baby might have altered positions, meaning you dont feel pushes or turning in such a defined way.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, your baby has less room in which to do huge kicks or shoves, but you should still feel the same amount of moving, even its slightly less strong, or feels different.

Sometimes a significant reduction in movements can show that your baby is becoming unhappy in the womb, so its always important that you speak to a midwife, who can arrange for you to be seen quickly.

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How Far Along Am I

enterdue datelast period

The How Far Along Am I Calculator uses your due date or last menstrual period to calculate how many weeks, months, and days you are pregnant.

different starting dates to count pregnancy

  • Conception or ovulation
  • Measurements from an ultrasound
  • IVF Transfer date

Pregnancy is most commonly measured gestationally from a woman’s last menstrual period to birth. This period is known as gestational aging.

If you require more options to calcuate yourdue date or how far along you are, try ourdue date calulator.

Dating Pregnancy Using Ultrasound

Ultrasound in the first trimester is the most accurate method of dating pregnancy. During the scan, baby is measured and the age of pregnancy is estimated by comparing baby’s size against recorded averages. If there is a significant difference between gestational age according to LMP and gestational age according to the ultrasound, you may be given a new gestational age and due date based on the ultrasound measurements.

Your pregnancy may also be dated by ultrasound measurement if an LMP formula was not appropriate for your pregnancy for any reason. LMP formulas are not suitable in several situations including the following: LMP is not known or is not certain, birth control pills were taken in the two months before LMP, the menstrual cycle is irregular, you are carrying multiples .

Although the age of pregnancy based on ultrasound measurements is more accurate than the age of pregnancy based on LMP, both are estimates and not definitive statements.

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My Child Hates Their Playpen What Do I Do

Am I pregnant?

One of the special things about pregnancy is that no two women experience it in the same way. One woman doesn’t stop vomiting for weeks in the first trimester, and another might never even feel nauseous .

There are several early signs of pregnancy. Some of them are subtle, and you may not notice them right away, or you may mistake them for PMS since they are similar. In fact, in one study, 29% of women reported that missing their period was their first clue that they were pregnant.2

You’ll probably want to know if you’re pregnant sooner rather than later since it’s important to receive appropriate prenatal care and discontinue any unhealthy habits you may have.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, and if you’ve missed a period, you should definitely take a pregnancy test. It’s the only way to know for sure if you’re pregnant or not.

When A Blood Test Is Used


If your period is late by several days, and youre still getting negative at-home pregnancy tests, a blood test may be recommended. While rare, it is possible to get a negative test result on an at-home test but still be pregnant. If this is your situation, call your doctor, and dont just order a test on your own. There are other reasons besides pregnancy that your period may be late.

You dont necessarily need a blood test to confirm a positive at-home pregnancy test. If the at-home test said youre pregnant, youre likely pregnant. That said, your doctor might still order one, especially if you request it.

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How To Tell If You’re Pregnant Right Away

The only way to tell if youre pregnant right away is by taking a home pregnancy test according to its instructions. Waiting can be difficult, but you can usually take a test three to four days before a missed period though youre more likely to get a false negative if you test too soon. If its negative, wait a couple more days and test again if Aunt Flo doesnt come to visit.

Be sure to test first thing in the morning, when your urine and the hormone that the test is measuring are most concentrated. If you see a line indicating a pregnancy, youre almost certainly pregnant . Pregnancy tests with false positives are rare.

Remember: Take A Test

The most important thing you can do if you feel you may be pregnant is take a pregnancy test. These are inexpensive and widely available. You can even find them sometimes at the dollar stores! There are also community resources available such as Planned Parenthood, where you can get a test for free if you cannot afford to pay.

If you are too shy to buy one yourself, ask a friend to pick one up for you. You can even buy them on Amazon. For your health and your baby’s health, it’s best to know as soon as you can if you are indeed pregnant. Buck up and get one!

When taken properly, home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. Though some say you can take them up for five days before your missed period, the earlier you test, the more likely you are to get a false negative. If the test is negative and your period still doesnt come, try again.

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What To Avoid During The Third Trimester

With your burgeoning belly and lower-than-usual energy levels, you might not be doing very much of anything these days. The good news: Now that youre in your third trimester, you dont have long to go. Here are a few things to avoid in your third trimester youll be able to do many of them again soon!

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Pregnancy Term & Due Date

How soon after intercourse can you know if you are pregnant? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Pregnancy is a term used to describe a woman’s state over a time period during which one or more offspring develops inside of a woman. Childbirth usually occurs approximately 38 weeks after conception, or about 40 weeks after the last menstrual period. The World Health Organization defines a normal pregnancy term to last between 37 and 42 weeks. During a person’s first OB-GYN visit, the doctor will usually provide an estimated date at which the child will be born, or due date. Alternatively, the due date can also be estimated based on a person’s last menstrual period.

While the due date can be estimated, the actual length of pregnancy depends on various factors, including age, length of previous pregnancies, and weight of the mother at birth.1 However, there are still more factors affecting natural variation in pregnancy terms that are not well understood. Studies have shown that fewer than 4% of births occur on the exact due date, 60% occur within a week of the due date, and almost 90% occur within two weeks of the due date.2 As such, while it is possible to be fairly confident that a person’s child will be born within about two weeks of the due date, it is currently not possible to predict the exact day of birth with certainty.

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What Is A Due Date Calculator

A due date calculator helps you estimate when your baby will be born. By calculating your due date, youll have an idea of your babys birthday. But keep in mind that your due date is only an estimate. Very few babies are actually born on the day they were due.

Knowing your due date is important for several reasons. It helps you plan and prepare for your babys arrival. It also gives your provider essential information they need to monitor your health and your babys health.

You can calculate your due date at home using a couple of different methods. But these methods arent always accurate. When you visit your provider, they may give you a different due date based on the size of your baby on ultrasound and the date of your last period.

First Trimester: The Baby At 12 Weeks

The end of the first trimester is at about week 12, at this point in your baby’s development:

  • The nerves and muscles begin to work together. Your baby can make a fist.
  • The external sex organs show if your baby is a boy or girl.
  • Eyelids close to protect the developing eyes. They will not open again until week 28.
  • Head growth has slowed, and your baby is about 3 inches long, and weighs almost an ounce.

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What Is A Due Date

It takes about 38 weeks for human babies to develop fully in the womb. Your due date is the day youre expected to give birth based on this 38-week gestation process.

But keep in mind that healthcare providers consider a pregnancy to be full-term anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks. Babies can be born at any time, and many factors play a role in determining when you go into labor and when your baby will actually enter the world.

Latest Date You Can Have An Abortion


The legal time limit on abortion in the UK is 24 weeks, but most terminations are carried out much earlier. About 90% of abortions are performed before 13 weeks. Later abortions are usually only performed for medical reasons.

As well as the overall time limit, there are also limits on when certain types of abortion can be performed. You can have:

  • Medical termination up to 9 weeks
  • Manual Vacuum Aspiration up to 12 weeks
  • Surgical termination by Dilation and Curettage up to 19 weeks

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How Many Days Late Can A Period Be Before Worrying About Pregnancy

Everyones cycle is different. Healthy cycles can range in length from 21 to 35 days, and how long a cycle lasts can vary from cycle to cycle. Unless you have irregular cycles due to a medical condition, you probably have at least a rough idea of when to expect your next period.

A period is considered late if it hasnt started within seven days of when you expect it. Most pregnancy tests will be able to give you accurate results by the time your period is late. If you get a negative pregnancy test after missing a period, and your period is more than a week late, you may want to see your health care provider to figure out whats going on.

If you get a negative pregnancy test result, still havent gotten your period, and start to experience early pregnancy symptoms, consider taking another test. Sometimes, home pregnancy tests can give a false-negative result if its taken too early in the pregnancy to detect human chorionic gonadotropin in your urine. In these cases, it can take a bit longer to know youre pregnant after a late period. The earliest hCG detection can be done with an hCG serum test performed by a doctor as early as 8 to 10 days after ovulation.

How Many Weeks Into Pregnancy Can You Get An Abortion

Pregnancy can either be a time of joy, or a time of confusion. If you were not planning to have a baby yet and you are considering an abortion, there are a few questions you may need answers to. One of those questions is often, If I need an abortion, how many weeks into pregnancy can I be?

While late-term abortions can be performed, they are usually carefully weighed with the risks, the preferred time is prior to 13 weeks. This article will discuss the safe time frames for abortion and the procedures performed at certain stages of pregnancy. The final decision should come from a discussion between you, your partner if they are present, and your doctor.

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