How Can I Get Pregnant At 47

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Can i get pregnant at 47

When Tamara Thrasher-Cateni chose to use an egg donor to get pregnant after years of heartbreak and loss her doctor said, “If it works, no one will ever have to know.” But she wants people, especially other women and mothers, to hear what it’s like. Her story will change the way you think about motherhood.

I met my husband when I was 26 on a train traveling through the South of France. I was returning from the Cannes Film Festival, which I’d gone to with an actress friend he was a pilot in the French Navy. As cliche as it sounds, it was absolutely love at first sight. We’ve been together for 23 years, married for 12.

I had never longed for children, but being with Bruno slowly changed that: I realized that there is nothing more incredible, practically supernatural, than the idea that two people can make another person out of their love. By the time I was in my 30s, I wanted to see our DNA blended into a new being.

But that’s not, as it turns out, how my babies were created. Their DNA comes from Bruno and an egg donor I’ve never met and never will. She did a tremendous thing to help our family, but for me, the path was not at all straight or simple.

My babies’ DNA comes from Bruno and an egg donor I’ve never met and never will.

I am so grateful, especially to our egg donor, this stranger who unknowingly holds a piece of my heart.

Can A Woman Get Naturally Pregnant At The Age Of 45

Yes. Though rare, it is possible to get pregnant at 45, without the use of fertility treatments . Menopause may be round the corner, but unless you have not had periods for 12 consecutive months, there are chances of pregnancy. Also, no two women are in same terms of health, and can experience menopause a little earlier or later.

However, we can assume that the increasing rate of pregnancy over 45 is due to the fertility procedures .

When To Talk To Your Doctor

Getting pregnant after 40 is possible without fertility treatment, but your chances of having trouble conceiving are higher. After the age of 45, its not likely that you’ll be able to get pregnant with your own eggs.

If you’re over 40 and wish to conceive, ACOG recommends that you see your gynecologist right away for an evaluation, which may include basic fertility testing. A simple blood test can check your hormone levels, and an antral follicle count ultrasound can assess your risk for infertility.

If you have any symptoms or risk factors for infertility, make sure you discuss them with your provider before you start trying to get pregnant. You can also ask them if there is anything you can do to increase your odds of conceiving.

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How To Protect Against Unplanned Pregnancy

To prevent a baby bump on your road to menopause, use an effective, safe and appropriate method of birth control until your menopause is confirmed.

Natural family planning is not recommended for perimenopausal women because irregular periods make predicting ovulation difficult.

Many contraception options exist. Dr. Bembry says vasectomy is the most effective form of birth control, as long as post-procedure care is followed, but admits a lot of men just dont go there.

When considering birth control options, talk to your physician. She can discuss risks, effectiveness rates, perimenopausal symptom relief and even which methods can protect against certain cancers.

Getting Pregnant When You’re Older

Life is All About Family: November 2010

While it may be more difficult, you can still get pregnant when you’re older. Fertility depends on your ovarian function and your overall health. If you’re ovulating regularly and have good eggs, you’ll probably get pregnant within a year through sex alone. You can visit your doctor early in the process to test your ovarian function and find out if your odds of conceiving naturally are good.

If they are, you can try the “gunshot” method in the beginning. This involves having sex every other day during the middle third of your cycle. Your doctor can help you figure out when this critical time of your cycle happens. If you try the gunshot method for 6 months without success, you may need to start looking into other options such as IVF.

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Are There Any Special Concerns Relating To Labor And Delivery

After age 50, there are additional risks to consider related to labor and delivery. Youre more likely to have a cesarean delivery due to your age and prior fertility treatments, which can cause preeclampsia.

Another reason for a c-section is placenta previa, a condition where the placenta covers the cervix. Premature birth is also a higher possibility, which can then necessitate a c-section, too.

If your doctor gives you the go-ahead for vaginal delivery, theyll monitor you closely for the risk of bleeding.

Myths About Pregnancy In Your 40s

Rockville, MD on 10 Feb 2017

Youre finally ready to start a family, and you begin to research your options. But where do you truly begin? The internet, in its infinite wisdom, can be full of misinformation or conflicting messages, leaving you with even more questions than before.

Is it easier or harder to get pregnant after 40?

Does the age of your eggs matter?

Should you undergo basic fertility testing?

If conceiving naturally isnt possible, what do you do next?

If you have already been diagnosed with infertility, you may believe that surrogacy and adoption are your only remaining options. However, theres another possibility. The alternative method of egg donation, or using an egg donor to conceive, may be the answer youve been searching for.

It was for me.

Pregnancy in your 40s isn’t as easy you think. I experienced my own personal struggles with infertility and was finally able to have a family through adoption and donor eggs. My family means the world to me, and every day they remind me that the roller coaster ride of fertility treatment, as well as the international adoption process, was completely worth it.

With that in mind, I want to help you understand that options are available. I encourage you not to give up on the family you long for. Through Donor Egg Bank, a California Cryobank company, I have worked with hundreds of women who overcame infertility and now have a baby.

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How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy At 45

In order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, you may take the following measures, irrespective of your age:

  • Indulge in proper prenatal care
  • Practice stress management
  • Abstain from alcohol and smoking

Your health practitioner will give you more information after evaluating your complete health and family history.

Risk Of Miscarriage After 40

Getting Pregnant After 40 Naturally | Pregnant at 46!

About 34% of pregnancies in women who are between the ages of 40 and 44 end in miscarriage. For women over the age of 45, the rate of miscarriage is 53%. Keep in mind that while it is true that over a quarter of pregnancies in women in their early 40s end in miscarriage, the majority do not.

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Fertility And Pregnancy In Your 30s

The 30s is regarded by many to be the ideal decade to get pregnant for two main reasons. First, many are already ready to raise a baby at this stage in their lives. And second, most women are still biologically equipped enough to conceive and carry a baby. However, be warned: Female fertility significantly decreases at this decade. As you can see in the chances of getting pregnant by age chart, the likelihood of getting pregnant in your early 30s is far greater than in your late 30s. After you reach the age of 35, not only will you have a lower chance of a successful pregnancy, you are also more vulnerable to other pregnancy-related risks such as miscarriages or multiple pregnancies .

Fertility Treatments After 40

Assisted reproductive technology comes in to help you conceive after the age of 40, but it is less effective compared to younger ages. For example:

  • The success rate of intrauterine insemination can be as low as 5% for women in their 40s.
  • The success rate for in vitro fertilization is slightly higher, standing at about 15% per cycle. However, the rate is not as good as it is for people in their younger age groups. Besides, the percentage of live births for women over 40 is only 5.8% per IVF cycle.
  • Egg donation presents the best chance for you to get pregnant after 40 years. Often, the chances of conception are higher if you use a donated egg from a younger and healthier donor that has been inseminated with your partners sperm. The success rate can increase by about 35%.

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Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy If Youre Pregnant At 45

The best ways to tip the odds so that your pregnancy is a healthy one are to:

  • See your doctor before you try to conceive to make sure that any appropriate testing is performed and medications are adjusted to maximize the safety of your pregnancy.
  • See your doctor regularly during your pregnancy and follow all recommendations, including the ones about screening and diagnostic tests.
  • Stay on top of any chronic conditions by taking your doctor-recommended medications.
  • Eat well by following a healthy pregnancy diet.

Reasons I Chose To Get Pregnant At Age 47 Despite The Risks

Having a baby at 47 was the best thing Ive ever done ...

When I turned 47 and started trying to have another baby, people were aghast. Why would she want to have another child so late in life? They wondered. Doesnt she know about the dangers?

For one thing, a lot of those risks are overblown. Yes, pregnancy after age 35 does come with some increased risks, according the March of Dimes. But so doplenty of other younger peoples pregnancies. And plenty of parents get pregnant after age 40, or after 50 or even give birth at 68 without complications. And for me, it was worth weighing the risks against the many reasons why 47 was just the right age for me to get pregnant.

More from SheKnows

Here are some of those reasons, and other realities of deciding to grow our family as an older mom.

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy After 45

The symptoms would be similar to the ones women face in their younger age of pregnancy. But in most cases, they are taken to be the signs of menopause.

The signs and symptoms could be frequent urination, mood swings, headaches, breast changes, incontinence, fatigue, missed periods, nausea, and backaches.

As women over 45 will be at a higher risk of pregnancy complications.

But If Youre Not Keen

If the thought of sleepless nights and changing nappies in your 40s or 50s has you quaking in fear, then heres what you need to do to make sure no little ones decide to make a surprise entrance.

  • Be on top of your cycle Just because youve skipped a couple of periods doesnt mean youve gone through the change and can forget about your reproductive organs. So make note of how often youre menstruating so you can work out how long its been since your last one, and be aware of your moods and other hormonal changes.
  • Use contraception Until youre sure youve stopped ovulating, youll need to keep using contraception. Having your tubes tied or your partner having a vasectomy are the safest bets IUDs, the pill, and condoms are just some of the other options available. Chat to your doctor about which is best for you.

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Im Helping Her Understand This Might Not Be A Sure Thing

When we finally came to a decision, we kept the answer between us until our daughter asked the question again. When she finally did ask, we told her the exact truth: We told her we want her to have a brother or sister to grow up with and share life with. We told her we would try, but it might not happen. We would try because that is what we wanted for her, too. We knew it wouldnt be easy, but we wanted to give it a go and try to have a baby whose joys we could share with Madisen.

The questions of an inquiring 5-year-old began, and we are as honest and straightforward as we can be with her. She already knew that babies grow in the mothers uterus, but she wasnt quite sure on the how. We try to make our answers as simple as possible, so she can understand.

The Average New Mom Is Older Than Ever


The organization has said that the likelihood of pregnancy using young donor eggs in an older mother are comparable to those of young women using their own eggs.

Still, advancing age may make gestational surrogates an attractive alternative, since older women do face increased health risks with pregnancy, including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and premature birth. Cost can be one of the biggest barriers to gestational surrogacy, but for people for whom money is no object, it is an option.

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Benefits Of Being An Older Mom

Although it can be harder to get pregnant when you’re older, there are also some advantages to being an older mom, for both you and your baby. These include:

Healthier preschoolers with better language skills. Preschoolers with older mothers are healthier overall. They have increased immunization rates, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer unintentional injuries than those born to younger mothers. They also tend to have better language skills and verbal development.

Increased intelligence when you’re older. Women who gave birth after age 35 scored higher on tests of thinking and verbal memory when they were ages 41 to 92. Additionally, women who used contraceptives for over 10 years had better problem-solving skills and higher executive functioning skills when they were older.

Better parenting skills. It’s no secret that you probably have more patience than you did when you were younger. Older moms are less likely to discipline their children harshly or yell at them. They are better at setting boundaries as well. Children with older mothers tend to have fewer behavioral, social, and emotional issues.

Rachel Weisz Announced On April 20 That Shes Pregnant With Baby #2 But At 48 Many Fans Have Wondered How Speaking With A Fertility Expert We Learned What She & Stars Like Janet Jackson Had To Do To Conceive After 40

While many were surprised to find out that Rachel Weisz is pregnant at age 48, its actually not unheard of for women especially celebs to get pregnant in their 40s. Dont forget that , now 51, gave birth at age 50! Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, and are amongst even more stars who conceived later in life. But although its not impossible for a 40-something woman to have a bun in the oven, its definitely not EASY! In fact, speaking with Zaher Merhi, MD, FACOG, HCLD, and Director of IVF Research and Development at New Hope Fertility Center, EXCLUSIVELY learned that Rachel probably used a donor egg to get pregnant.

The reality is that pregnancy rates at are rare. So shes either very lucky or probably used a donor egg, Dr. Merhi, who is not Rachels doctor, shared with us about the actress pregnancy. I can estimate that roughly 25 percent to 30 percent of women that age become pregnant with fertility assistance and around 20 percent, per month, without fertility assistance. So now that we know the rough odds, what exactly does it take to get pregnant past your prime?

IVF is also commonly used by women who wish to get pregnant. In fact, stars like Mariah and Nicole Kidman used IVF to conceive in their 40s, which theyve been very open about. When asked if its best to start this treatment right away, Dr. Merhi said yes. See a fertility specialist that has experience with women in your age group.

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Risks Of Pregnancy After The Age Of 35 Years

Pregnancy at 45 years is not a frequent occurrence, and when it happens, both you and the baby should be considered high risk. Getting pregnant while older comes with an increased risk of gestational trophoblastic, a rare disease in which abnormal cells grow in the uterus after you conceive. It also comes with the risk of spontaneous abortion and abnormalities in the unborn child.

Getting pregnant after the age of 35 also puts you at risk of:

Benefits Of Having A Baby After 40

Chances of getting pregnant naturally at 47, trying to ...

While having a child when you’re older comes with challenges, there are also some unique benefits to being a parent later in life.

Some possible benefits of having a baby after 40 include:

  • You might be more emotionally prepared. Being older does not always equate with maturity, but many people feel more emotionally settled by this point in their life. If you’re in a supported, strong, emotional place, you’ll be better prepared for the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing.
  • You might have more financial stability.After several decades of working, saving, and investing, the cost of raising kids might not feel as overwhelming as it did when you were younger.
  • You might be more ready to focus on family. By midlife, you’ve probably checked off a lot of goals, from education and career to travel and forming lasting relationships with others. You may feel free to be more focused on building a family. You might have a home of your own or at least be settled into a community that you care about. If you have a partner, you’re hopefully feeling secure and stable in your relationship and are excited about parenting with them.

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