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If You Were Using Birth Control

How to Handle Unwanted Advice – Your Teen Pregnancy

Although more than 90 percent of sexually active women in the United States between ages 15 and 44 have used at least one form of contraception, about half of all pregnancies are unintended. Clearly, birth control methods don’t always work as planned.

The odds depend upon the type you use. Condoms, for example, have a 15 percent failure rate due to breakage, slippage, or incorrect usage. The pill, if used perfectly, has a one-in-1,000 chance of failure but the odds plummet to just eight in 100 if you accidentally miss a day or don’t take it at the same time each day. And then there’s the rhythm method, which involves tracking your menstrual cycle to determine when you’re most likely to conceive: It has one of the highest failure rates of all types of contraception, says Dr. Ashton.

Another pitfall: relying on breastfeeding as a birth-control measure. While exclusive breastfeeding is a very good form of contraception, it’s not perfect it’s about 90 percent effective when women are nursing at least five times a day, says Dr. Ashton. Experts recommend that breastfeeding moms use backup contraception, like progesterone-only pills . This is crucial when you begin pumping or supplementing with formula since the chance you’ll get pregnant increases.

Understand What Your Options Are

Whether a woman has indicated she has made a choice about her unplanned pregnancy or she is still deciding, its crucial that you understand your unplanned pregnancy options, too. Men dealing with unplanned pregnancy have just as much input in the decision as the woman but, keep in mind that because a woman will be the one carrying the child, she will have the ultimate decision.

If youre looking for unexpected pregnancy advice for men, consider these questions about each of your options moving forward:

  • Will you be there to support the woman through her initial appointment and her abortion procedure?


  • Do you understand how adoption works today?
  • Are you prepared to legally sign away your parental rights to your child?
  • How involved do you want to be in the process: in helping to choose a family, having a relationship with your child as they grow up, supporting the mother through her pregnancy, etc.?
  • Are you willing to speak with the expectant mother to an adoption counselor?

Only after you fully understand your options can you have a productive conversation about what to do after accidentally getting a girl pregnant.

How Should I Deal Withan Unplanned Pregnancy

It’s essential that you take care of yourself physically and mentally during a pregnancy.

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and stressful, and it may be helpful to come in and talk with us. We have referrals to local counselors who can help you. This can aid with managing your stress to keep you as healthy as possible.

It can be very easy to focus on everything that stresses you out, including financial or relationship worries. However, try to surround yourself with supportive people and distance yourself from anyone who judges or criticizes you.

Almost half of pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, so it’s likely that you know someone who has been in a similar situation. You can also join a support group to connect with people who can relate to you and provide you with pregnancy information, or you can simply come talk to us.

We have lots of resources available for young mothers, single mothers, and families facing financial hardships. Utilize these resources to help with housing costs, food costs, medical bills, and other assistance.

But whatever happens in your relationship, it’s important to remember that you can do this – even on your own.

As you build a new life and support system, you are not alone. Your courage and strength is amazing and your life will look different but amazingly different! Concentrate on your strength in those unexpected times – you can certainly rise to the challenge and we can help you!

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Summing Up Your Feelings

If you have mixed feelings about being pregnant and about each of the choices open to you, making a decision can be difficult and frightening. In making your decision, it is helpful to be clear about your feelings by listing them and then exploring them. To show how you are feeling at the moment, try to finish each of these sentences.

  • The idea of having a baby makes me feel because..
  • The idea of placing a baby for adoption makes me feelbecause..
  • The idea of having an abortion makes me feel..because.

Now that you have explored your choices, and clarified your feelings and values about the choices, you may be ready to make a decision.

Because you probably have conflicting feelings about each choice, you may find that whatever decision you make wont feel like the perfect decision. It is natural to continue to have some mixed feelings. Ask yourself, Can I live with those feelings? If your answer is Yes, you are ready to act on your decision.

If you cannot decide, you may need to get more information about your choices or talk with someone you trust not to decide for YOU, but to help you decide what you think will be best for you. That person could be a parent or other family member, a close friend or partner who cares about you. The questions here might help you and that person discuss your choices.

Confide In A Trusted Friend Or Family Member

How to deal with unwanted pregnancy

This is a life-changing event. Dont carry the weight of this news alone. Sit down with a trusted individual to talk it out. If possible, speak with someone that has given you helpful life advice in the past and has your best interests at heart. This can be a parent, aunt, counselor, older sibling, best friend or another individual who knows you well and has life experience.

There are also unplanned pregnancy specialists you can connect with. These compassionate individuals have experience advising women and providing support.

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How To Accept An Unplanned Pregnancy

Coping with an unwanted pregnancy is a highly personal process. While this article cant tell you exactly how to accept pregnancy in your specific circumstances, we have outlined some tips for coping with an unplanned pregnancy and moving forward with a decision you feel good about.

Step 1: Practice self-care

The first step in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is to confirm that you are indeed pregnant. Once its confirmed that you are, its important that you begin taking care of yourself and your baby as best you can even if you dont ultimately decide to keep your baby.

While you are in the initial phases of wondering how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, taking care of yourself is a healthy way to move forward in the coping process:

  • If possible, schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider for your first prenatal visit to be screened for any issues that could lead to complications

  • If you use alcohol or drugs, stop doing so, as this could harm your baby

  • Begin watching what you eat and taking prenatal supplements

  • Be sure to get plenty of rest

  • Maintain a safe exercise regimen to help your body prepare for this journey

Step 2: Take your time to come to terms with being pregnant.

  • Maybe youre scared to tell the babys father.

  • Maybe youre afraid of what people will think.

  • Maybe you thought you were being safe and are confused about how this couldve happened.

  • Maybe you’re feeling something completely different that isn’t included in this list.

If Your Husband Wants Another Baby

Maybe you and your husband discussed having more kids and settled on the timing, but you had some nagging doubts. You might feel that your family size is perfect as is. Or your career may be taking off, and you’re worried that adding to your family will be too much responsibility. “For some women, there’s a sense of not having enough time to do it all and do it well,” says Yvonne Thomas, PhD, a Los Angeles-based psychologist.

Men may feel more prepared for another child because they usually aren’t as involved in the daily grind of parenting. Research shows that even when both parents work, the woman handles the majority of childcare and household tasks, says Paulette Melina, PsyD, a consulting psychologist in Los Angeles. “Men tend to think in terms of how can they provide financially rather than what the responsibilities of caretaking entail.”

Talking openly about your feelings with your husband is key. “You don’t want to harbor resentment toward him or, on the other hand, come down too hard on yourself for ‘allowing’ the pregnancy to happen,” says Dr. Ashton. Accept your part in the situation so you remain a team.

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Get The Support You Need As You Weigh The Options

In the end, remember that you have options. This can be an overwhelming time however, it can be navigated with ease with the appropriate help. Its important to work with professionals who understand what youre facing and are both ready and willing to help you through the process. At Texas Adoption Center, were proud to provide many important services to our clients. These include:

  • Emotional Support
  • Housing and Transportation Assistance
  • Medical Care and Health Insurance

Texas Adoption Center is the best option for birth mothers seeking adoption support in Texas. Our specialists work with each client to ensure their experience is a great one, and our birth mothers agree:

Stacey and Caitlin are Truly Driven, extremely Professional, and just a Joy to be around! You helped me in my time of distress and need. Very supportive, and I will love you forever!!!

Remember, you dont have to do this alone. Texas Adoption Center is available to help. Call or text TAC today for support in this difficult time: 844.893.7943 or 361.461.3742.

Tips For Coping With An Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy – How Men Can Deal with an Unwanted or Unexpected Child | Dad University

If you were surprised by the results of your pregnancy test or worried because you dont feel that you are ready to become a parent, were here to help you cope with your unplanned pregnancy. You can get free support and personalized guidance at any time by calling 1-800-ADOPTION.

Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy is going to be an emotional journey, and American Adoptions is here to guide you through it as best as we can. Below, we’ll outline the 5 steps you can start taking right now to cope with this unexpected surprise, including:

  • Practice self-care

  • Consider your options

  • Talk to a counselor

To get more support as you try to cope with your unplanned pregnancy, reach out to us today or call 1-800-ADOPTION. When you contact us, you will experience the empathetic guidance and support you deserve. Many of our staff members are adoptive parents and birth parents themselves, so we understand what youre going through. You dont have to go through it alone.

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How Do You Begin

I could. It would be hard, but I absolutely could. I took care of my sisters when we were growing up, I do not have some fairytale dream of taking care of a child. I am very aware of the reality of the challenges involved. Am I willing to make all those sacrifices for this life? I cant. No way. Oh yeah, abortion. I always told myself I would get an abortion if I became pregnant. Im too young. Im not ready. But, I thought I could never get pregnant. Abort it? Abort the life that is inside me? But its not a life, I know it cant survive without me for at least 3 months. What if this is the only chance I have? Forget that, what if this is happening for a reason this is a miracle. How a Birth Mom Healed, Lindsay Arielle

Deciding what to do with an unexpected pregnancy is probably one of the hardest choices a woman will ever have to face in her life. Here you have this little life that you are solely responsible for. You have never met it, have no idea what the future holds, may have very little support and none of those things change the fact that you still have a choice in front of you. That choice has a nine-month clock on it. Believe me, you feel that clock ticking every day. Tick tock. Tick tock. What are you going to do?

How Many Pregnancies Are Unplanned


About 45 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned. This is about 2.8 million pregnancies each year. There are about 45 unplanned pregnancies for every 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 44. By age 45, over half of all women in the U.S. will have faced an unplanned pregnancy.

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How Can I Look After Myself When Pregnant

If you are pregnant, it is important to look after both your own health and that of your unborn baby.

You will need to eat a healthy diet and avoid things that can harm the baby. Read more about having a healthy pregnancy.

Drinking alcohol and smoking can harm your unborn baby. If you drank or smoked before you knew you were pregnant, it is not too late to stop. If you have smoked or drunk alcohol around the time of conception and then stopped, it is unlikely to have caused any harm to your baby. For advice on quitting, read more about alcohol and pregnancy and smoking and pregnancy.

Read more about your baby’s development in the first trimester and how to look after yourself and the baby’s wellbeing.

Allow Yourself To Experience The Emotions

How to Deal with an Unwanted Pregnancy

When you first discover that youre pregnant, the wave of emotions that rushes over you can feel massive and confusing. But pushing away feelings wont make them disappear. They will resurface and can cloud your judgment in the future if you dont work through them.

Instead of ignoring or suppressing them, allow yourself to feel the emotions without judging yourself. This doesnt mean you let your feelings take over and guide all your decisions. It just means that you give yourself time to experience.

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Papaya To Abort A Baby Naturally At Home

Papaya is a delicious, juicy fruit that is also a superfood. It grows in most parts of the world and boasts lots of nutrients. Papaya is rich in Vitamins A, and C, Folate, Calcium and Potassium and it is also a formidable antioxidant. The edible parts of Papaya are the fruit and leaves. Lower BP, reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have all been linked to consumption of Papaya. Raw Papaya is used to treat indigestion and open wounds while the juice from Papaya treats boils, burns, and warts. Leaves from the Papaya plant are medicine for ulcers while the seeds treat intestinal parasites.

How does Papaya act as an abortifacient? Raw Papaya contains an enzyme called Papain. Papain increases the production of estrogen while hindering the production of progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that encourages the growth of Endometrium . Low progesterone levels make it impossible for the pregnancy to grow, leading to a miscarriage.

Raw papaya also produces a milky extract that is high in latex. This latex triggers the release of prostaglandins and oxytocin that cause contractions of the uterine walls. Any consumption of raw Papaya during early gestation will cause an abortion.

What Is An Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs without the parents trying for one. These pregnancies aren’t necessarily unwanted, but they’re not intended.

Most people who find themselves facing an unintended pregnancy go through a variety of emotions, including surprise, disbelief, panic, embarrassment, and excitement. It’s normal to feel all of these emotions when you learn about an unplanned pregnancy.

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Consequences Of Unintended Pregnancy

Does it matter whether a pregnancy is unintended at the time of conceptionmistimed or unwanted altogether? There is a presumption that it doesthat unintended pregnancy has a major impact on numerous social, economic, and cultural aspects of modern life. But it is important to define what these consequences might be. Accordingly, this chapter examines five sets of information that help to answer this important question. The first section addresses elective termination of pregnancy, because about half of all unintended pregnancies in the United States are resolved by abortion. As such, abortion can be seen as one of the primary consequences of unintended pregnancy. The second section considers the fact that unintended pregnancy is more common among unmarried women and women at either end of the reproductive age span demographic attributes which themselves carry increased medical or social risks for children and/or their parents.

Banana Leaves And Acacia Pods For Abortion

Disappointing comment | How to deal with Unwanted pregnancy? #CommentCharcha25 | Tanushi and family

The combination of Acacia pods and Banana leave shoots has been used for years to induce miscarriages. The exact science behind how this solution accomplishes the task is unclear, but the results are evident.


  • Mix the equal quantities of unripe Acacia pods and shoots of banana leaves.
  • Once they are dry, grind them into a fine powder.
  • Mix this powder with equal ratios of sugar. Dilute a teaspoon of the resulting mixture in a cup of hot water and drink daily until bleeding starts.
  • The remedy should be followed until the initiation of the periods.

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Laxatives To Get The Abortion Done

Use of laxatives leads to an upset stomach. It is an effective way that can be followed at home to get the abortion done.


  • Include the intake of laxatives in your daily schedule.
  • It will lead to increased stomach problem, and your belly conditions will not be favorable for the growth of fetus leading to the abortion naturally.

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