Can You Do Laser Tattoo Removal While Pregnant

What If I Have Already Had Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Before Discovering I Was Pregnant

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While we wont schedule a Laser Tattoo Removal treatment during pregnancy, if you have already had treatment there is no reason to worry. The ink pigment that is fractured by the PicoSure laser is on a superficial layer of the skin, and is broken down naturally by the immune system, and will not pose a danger to your baby. So the upshot is: we dont advise any more treatments until 3 months after pregnancy as a precaution, but don’t worry now. Again, we recommend speaking with your GP to run over any particular concerns.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Pregnant Women

While laser hair removal and all FDA approved laser procedures have been deemed safe, there hasnt been enough studies done on how pregnant women are affected. In 2017, the International Journal of Womens Dermatology published content on the safety of laser cosmetic procedures and mentioned there werent enough studies performed on the effects on pregnant women to come to any conclusions. Even though lasers have been used to treat medical conditions like kidney stones and genital warts in pregnant women, its often suggested to wait until after the baby is born to partake in any laser cosmetic treatments.

Can I Get A Tattoo Removed While Pregnant

While laser tattoo removal is one of the safest methods for tattoo removal, when done by a certified professional, many still wonder if the procedure is possible for pregnant people. There are a lot of factors to consider, and because your health is our top priority, well do our best to give you some answers.

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Can I Have Laser Tattoo Removal When Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

  • The really short answer is No.
  • The biggest risk factor to consider during pregnancy is photo-sensitivity.
  • During pregnancy your skin becomes more sensitive to light and therefore more likely to react adversely to the lasers beam .
  • There is a hugely increased risk of scarring and pigmentations on such skin, and it is solely for this reason that Laser Ninja Tattoo Removal does not treat pregnant women.
  • This photo-sensitivity continues after the birth, so to be safe I also include the early breast feeding period.
  • Although a laser breaks down the inks and pigments so that they are absorbed and excreted by the body itself, there is no scientific evidence of this causing harm to an unborn or breast fed child.

What Is Getting Laser Tattoo Removal Like

Future of tattoo removal.Can you get a tattoo removed ...

Most laser tattoo removal patients report feeling a warm sensation, which is caused by the rapid pulses of laser energy. This laser energy does not target the skin but may result in some redness for a few hours after treatment. Unlike other lasers, the PicoSure® does not cause burns, blisters, or skin trauma, and it removes tattoos faster and more completely than different types of lasers because it can target a wide variety of pigment colors. Efficiency in targeting ink particles means fewer treatment sessions and decreased costs for you.

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What Causes Excessive Hair Growth

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the bodys hormones are unbalanced, leading to excessive body hair. Doctor Alyssa Dweck explains, Hair growth or hirsutism in pregnancy is usually due to hormonal fluctuations an increase in secretion of male hormones or androgens from the ovaries and placenta. Fortunately, the body hair caused by pregnancy hormones doesnt stick around and everything tends to go back to normal just six months after the baby is born.

What Tattoo Removal Involves

You’ll need to shave the area of skin before the appointment.

On the day, you’ll be given special goggles to protect your eyes. Alocal anaesthetic cream may be used to numb the skin.

A handheld device will be pressed on your skin to trigger a laser. Some people say this feels like an elastic band snapping against your skin.

The session will take about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your tattoo.

The tattoo should become lighter with each treatment.

A gel is used to cool and soothe your skin, and it might be covered with a dressing.

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What You Need To Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Although tattoos are meant to be permanent and usually seem like a great idea at the time, many people eventually choose laser tattoo removal for many reasons, including a new job, a new partner or a new you! And some tattoo enthusiasts simply desire to fade an existing tattoo so that a tattoo artist can create a new one over it. No matter the reason, Premier Vein and Body by Schwartz can effectively remove any or all of your unwanted tattoos using the PicoSure® laser tattoo removal system with PressureWave technology.

Guidelines If Youre Getting A Tattoo

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal On Tattoos ?

If youve been bitten by the tattoo bug and have decided to keep your appointment at the parlor while pregnant, its imperative to follow certain safety guidelines.

We know that a reputable tattoo parlor is essentialalthough rare, infections like hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV can be transmitted through poor hygiene with anything involving needles, Demosthenes said.

Be sure to vet your parlor by making sure your tattoo artist is licensed in your state. Do a bit of homework ahead of time to ensure the facility uses disposable, single-use gloves and needles, as well as sterile dressings. And dont be afraid to ask about the frequency and thoroughness of sanitation procedures.

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The Risk For Infection Is Greater

In general, pregnant people are advised to be very wary of infections certain varieties, including listeriosis, are more easily contracted during pregnancy, while others will be more severe once theyve been contracted. Board-certified dermatologist and director of Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Houston, Texas, Paul M. Friedman, MD, tells Inside Out that it can be particularly difficult to treat infections in pregnant patients, as certain antibiotics may negatively affect the fetus development. So, if one can avoid potential sources of infection during pregnancy, they shouldhence his unwavering agreement with Jhin that tattoo removal while pregnant is a 100 percent no-go.

Theres No Scientific Research

Straight up: Pregnant women are not guinea pigs for procedures, no matter how regularly they may be performed. We dont like to perform any procedures on pregnant patients,, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and director of Premier Dermatology, tells Inside Out. And because pregnant women are never scientific guinea pigs, there are zero scientific studies that have looked at the effects of tattoo removal procedures on pregnant people, she explains.

And even in case the lack of studies could theoretically be skewed in favor of giving removal a go, Jhin says that tattoo removal is a risky enough procedure that should wait until well after delivery. Plus, the unknown risks dont just affect the pregnant mama, but also potentially the fetus, too.

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Pregnancy And Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a safe and easy process, but it is absolutely not something you should do while you are pregnant. Most laser tattoo removal places will turn you away if you are pregnant. It is recommended by the American Medical Association to avoid laser removal of any kind while pregnant.

One of the risks to consider while pregnant is photosensitivity. While pregnant, the skin is more sensitive to light and may have a reaction to laser light that wouldnt normally happen if you were not pregnant. Because of this, there is an increased risk of scarring and pigmentations on the skin.

If you found out you were pregnant and had laser tattoo removal sessions within this time, you do not need to panic. It is unlikely that it will cause harm to the baby, but be sure to stop all future laser removal sessions until after you have the child.

After having your child, physicians recommend waiting around three months to be treated by a laser again. While pregnant, your skin expands which can increase the risk of scarring. Waiting a few months will give the skin time to go back to its normal position and decrease your chances of scarring.

Although our consultations will remain a courtesy to all new customers, we have found it necessary to require a credit card to be placed on file to reserve your appointment.

The credit card that you place on file with us will be charged $50.00 automatically if one of the following situations occurs regarding your appointment:

Back Tattoos And Epidurals

tattoo shirt can amalgam tattoos be removed

Since the back is such a broad canvas for tattoo art, its a common spot to get inked. But a back tattoo may spell trouble for getting an epidural during delivery.

Some anesthesiologists will not place an epidural through a tattoo on your back, Demosthenes noted.

However, with a little research, you should be able to determine ahead of time whether your hospital or birthing center performs epidurals over back tattoos, and, if not, what other options are available to you.

As for the safety of getting an epidural with ink on your back, Demosthenes said its essentially a non-issue: “Most of the evidence is that it is safe to have an epidural with a back tattoo, so there’s little to worry about there.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work

Using wavelengths of light, laser hair removal targets the melanin, or color, located in the hair follicle. This is why lasers work best when removing darker hairs such as under the arms and in the pubic area. Using todays most advanced laser technology, the hair follicle can be destroyed without damaging the skins surface. A cryogenic coolant spray is used during each treatment to numb the area being treated and minimize discomfort.

Depending on the area being treated, your skin type, and skin color most people will need anywhere between five and ten laser sessions in order to achieve complete hair removal. After each treatment, the hair will go through the shedding process. Because body hair grows in cycles, the treatments will need to be spread out at a minimum of eight weeks apart.

See how laser hair removal treatments are performed in this video:

Will My Tattoo Be Completely Gone

Laser tattoo removal cannot always completely erase a tattoo. However, it will make the tattoo much less noticeable and may fade it to the point where others cannot tell you ever had a tattoo. Certain colors do not break down as easily as others, and newer tattoos can take longer to remove because the pigments have recently been placed and sit deeper in the skin. The physical location of the tattoo also affects how deep the tattoo pigments sit beneath the skin.

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Is Tattoo Removal While Pregnant Safe 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Tattoo removal isnt a simple process: Depending on the details and location of your tattoo, you may need to set aside at least several months worth of sessions and a sizeable chunk of change to remove it completely. And it goes without saying that the removal procedure itself wont exactly be a comfortable experience. In other wordsit can take a lot out of you.

Another thing that can take a lot out of you? Pregnancy. Like, a lot a lot. So if youre thinking about getting tattoo removal while pregnant, its imperative that you keep safety considerations top of mind. Even if youre champing at the bit to remove a regrettable tattoo, the timing isnt always right to do so especially, experts agree, if youre thinking about tattoo removal while pregnant.

Laser Tattoo Removal While Pregnant


Laser tattoo removal is generally a safe process. However, it can be complicated and difficult — especially if youre pregnant. If youve thought about having laser tattoo removal done, you might question the potential risks it could pose on you and your babys health.

So should you undergo laser tattoo removal while pregnant? The short answer is no. Although its not an unsafe procedure, its not recommended for pregnant women either. As far as research is concerned, there is not enough evidence that proves laser tattoo removal is a risk-free process for a pregnant person.

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Why Should I Wait To Do Laser Tattoo Removal Until After I Give Birth

It is best to wait to do laser tattoo removal until after you give birth based on how tattoo removal works and how our bodies react to this treatment. Heres a quick refresher if youre unsure of how the laser actually removes your tattoo ink.

One step to successful tattoo removal is to have a qualified and trained professional using advanced equipment, but the rest of the removal process is up to your body.

Once our laser has done its job, your body must take on the rest of the work by flushing out the ink particles that were broken up by the laser.

Tattoo removal is dependent upon the bodys lymphatic system as this is what takes the ink molecules and moves them out of our body. In a sense, the lasers trigger your immune system, and thats how our bodies begin to get rid of the ink particles.

This is another important point as we know that during pregnancy, the immune system changes so that it can protect both you and your baby. While some parts of the immune system are enhanced, others become suppressed.

Can I Recieve Laser Treatments While Breastfeeding

I’ve had 5 laser treatments to remove my tattoo. It’s almost gone. But, I stopped treatment to have a baby. I’ve been reading and doing research. I’m just not sure if it’ll get into my bloodstream and become damaging to the baby.

As a rule we tell people to wait till after you are done breast feeding to start your laser treatments again. We always want to stay on the safe side for the baby. So I would recommend to just wait and then resume once you are done breast feeding.

As a rule we tell people to wait till after you are done breast feeding to start your laser treatments again. We always want to stay on the safe side for the baby. So I would recommend to just wait and then resume once you are done breast feeding.

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Pregnancy And Excess Hair

Some women find that their hair is the best it has ever been while they are pregnant this is because during pregnancy you are not shedding as many hairs, making your hair feel fuller and thicker. On average women will lose approximately 100 hairs a day and these hairs fall out naturally, usually when you are bushing or shampooing your hair and these are replaced by new hair growth. Hair growth undergoes 3 cycles, anagen catagen and finally telogen however during pregnancy the anagen phase is prolonged, this is due to the increase in estrogen levels. Some women also find that their hair texture changes, for example curly hair may become straighter.

Unfortunately while the hair on your head may be at its best, an increase in hair growth on the body, on areas such as the face, chest, back, stomach and breasts is very common and all of this is due to the erratic hormonal changes. Even if you have had laser hair removal treatments prior to becoming pregnant you may experience an increase in hair growth however this will be new hair growth that has been stimulated as a result of changes in hormones and not the hairs that were destroyed. Usually this increase in hair returns to normal after delivery and once all of the hormones have balanced and returned to pre-pregnancy levels.

What If I Already Have Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal jobs.Can permanent tattoos be removed ...

If youve already gotten tattoos prior to pregnancy, you may have concerns about whether your existing ink has any impact on your growing baby.

For someone who already has a tattoo and is pregnant, the good news is, theres very little to no risk,” Demosthenes said.

The primary issue you may deal with is changes to your skin during the nine months, she added. Your tattoo image may become distorted as your skin stretches during pregnancy, depending on where your tattoo is.

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Can You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant

While tattoos were once a rarity among women, in recent years it has become increasingly commoneven trendyfor ladies to sport ink. According to a 2017 survey, 33% of women reported having a tattoo. If youre among the one in three whove gotten a tat, or if youve always thought of doing so, theres one condition that may bring your inky dreams to a halt: pregnancy.

Wondering about the rules around getting a tattoo during your nine months of baby-making? Heres what you need to know.

Can You Get Laser Tattoo Removal If Youre Pregnant

In short, we dont recommend getting laser tattoo removal while pregnant or breastfeeding. Although there are not currently any cases linking damage to the fetus from the lasers energy or radiation, we always prefer to err on the side of caution.

Safety is the name of the game, and because of this, we do not treat patients that are pregnant or breastfeeding. In fact, one of our own Certified Laser Technicians was recently pregnant, and she stepped back from handling the laser or being in the treatment room during her pregnancy.

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