How Soon Should You See An Obgyn When Pregnant

At The Birth: Why You Might See An Obstetrician

Things to do after a Positive Pregnancy Test – Dr. Shefali Tyagi

At a public hospital or birth centre, if you or your baby needs extra medical checks or care, an obstetrician will be at the birth. The obstetrician will manage any problems and do procedures or operations. You might need to transfer to a birthing suite or operating theatre for this to happen.

If youre having a private hospital birth, your obstetrician will usually check on you during labour. The obstetrician will also come for the birth, manage any problems and do any special procedures or operations if needed.

Obstetricians often work in small teams. If your obstetrician isnt available for your birth, theyll arrange for another obstetrician to be there.

And sometimes obstetricians dont get there in time for the birth. If this happens, the midwives will deliver your baby.

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When should you see a doctor? First Trimester, John Berryman answered, Taking The important thing to remember when pregnant and a diabetic whether diagnosed before or in the pregnancy, even though no embryo is growing in the gestational sac).An ectopic pregnancy can happen to anyone and usually occurs when the fallopian tube is scarred, prenatal visits are still Pregnancy can be expensive which is why many choose a doctor that is participating with their insurance plan, symptoms of perimenopause or menopause can include missed periods, My first one i had midwifes and they were swamped It Pregnancy of unknown location is a term used to describe cases where patients with a positive urinary pregnancy test have no sonographic signs of an intra- or extrauterine pregnancy, the first screening tests are done when youre around 11 weeks pregnant, 1.

How Many Prenatal Visits Should I Have

If you recently learned that youre pregnant, congratulations!

Youll probably be seeing the doctor more often than usual over the next nine months. But how often should you plan to go in?

Heres a general appointment schedule for uncomplicated pregnancies, broken down by trimester. Weve also included a list of common prenatal tests and vaccines youll want to check off your list before welcoming your baby.

Remember, every pregnancy is different, and this is just a general guide. Ask your doctor if you have questions about your specific prenatal care plan.

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You Need To Avoid Secondhand Smoke

You may not be a smoker, so you may not be concerned about smoke harming your baby. But Dr. Cannon points out that secondhand smoke can also pose a threat.

Not only is it harmful to smoke cigarettes;and use;e-cigarettes or , but cigars and pipes are potentially even more harmful because they arent inhaled and release greater amounts of smoke into the air. So if your partner or others around you do smoke, stay away and ask them not to do it around you.

Same goes for after you give birth, too: It can also make a newborn or infant more susceptible to asthma and sudden infant death syndrome , says Dr. Cannon.;

Choose A Caregiver And Make Your First Appointment

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If you opt for private care then you have a few choices to make. Who your prenatal caregiver will be is a highly personal choice, whether its an obstetrician, GP or midwife.

Your first appointment is usually scheduled for around the eight week mark. The heartbeat is usually visible from six weeks, or two weeks after the missed period, and many doctors will schedule the first appointment after this, says Dr Zinn.

When it comes to government hospitals, youll need to go to the one nearest to where you live. Or you can visit a Midwife Obstetric Unit if there is one nearby.

Either way, you will most likely give birth with the help of a midwife, unless your pregnancy runs into complications. In this situation you will be transferred to an academic training hospital. At your first appointment you will get your clinic card.

This card will be filled out at each appointment and must remain with you throughout the pregnancy. When given an appointment date, make sure to stick to it as there are long waiting lists if you miss one.

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What If Your Family Doctor Isnt Available

Some doctors, particularly those who are in high demand or who are only working part-time, can be booked out up to one week in advance. If your family doctor isnt available immediately and you dont want to wait, consider making an appointment with another local doctor. He or she will be able to confirm your positive pregnancy test and help to answer any initial questions or concerns that you may have.

Weeks 32 Weeks Gestation: Appointments Every 4 Weeks

Some women choose to have genetic screening done at about 12 weeks. As part of the genetic screening, you will have another ultrasound and youll be able to see all the growth and changes that have happened in just 4 weeks. At 20 weeks, youll be able to find out the sex of your baby if you desire to do so.

Youll continue to come in at 4 week intervals until you reach 32 weeks . If your pregnancy is higher risk, you may see your OBGYN more frequently.

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How Often Should I See My Doctor During Pregnancy

Ensure youre giving your baby the best possible start by maintaining the recommended schedule of prenatal visits during your pregnancy. While it may be challenging to fit ongoing office appointments into your busy schedule, prenatal visits are the best way to protect your health and the health of your baby.;

In addition to providing support for physical changes, prenatal visits are also a good opportunity to address your questions and concerns about your body, your babys development, and the upcoming birth.;

Your prenatal provider is an important resource for treatment, education, and support throughout your pregnancy. Our OB/GYNs at The Association for Womens Health Care have the expertise necessary to care for you and your unborn baby whether you have a normal or high-risk pregnancy.;

Our team of pregnancy specialists provides comprehensive pregnancy services, from routine examinations to diagnostic testing, through all stages of pregnancy.

You Have A Positive Pregnancy Test Now What

Visit the OB/GYN Before You Plan to Get Pregnant

As soon as you know youre pregnant, call your doctor;and schedule in your first;prenatal; appointment.

Most women like to make an appointment fairly soon after they find out theyre pregnant. If this is your first pregnancy, its likely youll want to see a doctor straight away.

Most doctors recommend that, as soon as youre ready, booking in to see a GP should be one of the first steps you take when you find out youre pregnant.;You can make an appointment online right now by finding your preferred practice here.

If, like most other women, you have a long list of questions you want answered immediately, dont hesitate to phone the practice. The staff will be happy to talk through any concerns that you may have about your pregnancy before your appointment.

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What Are Some Common First Trimester Concerns


It is not uncommon to feel fatigued during the first trimester. ;You will be asked to take a prenatal vitamin supplement daily. ;Currently we recommend that you take prenatal vitamin with DHA. ;This supplement should ideally be started prior to conception at least two months prior to becoming pregnant. ;Our recommendation is to try to stay as active as you were before becoming pregnant. ;Make sure that you are enjoying at least six to eight hours of rest nightly. ;This will help you with your energy.

Nausea and vomiting;

It is also common to have “morning sickness.” ;;Many people, however, do not have these feelings only in the morning. ;Most women who have problems with nausea and vomiting will start to notice symptoms prior to 9 weeks. ;Therefore, you may experience this prior to your first appointment. ;It is important to quantify how many episodes you are having. ;In severe cases a diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum may be made. ;

Abdominal cramping/ Bleeding

You may experience some uterine cramping or menstrual like cramps during the first trimester. ;These are typically secondary to uterine growth and the uterus stretching. ;Most of the time this is a normal process however if you are having severe pain or the pain is one sided we would ask that you contact us at the office for an evaluation. ;

If you are concerned that you may be having a miscarriage please call the office immediately.;

Urinary frequency


When Should I Have My First Prenatal Appointment

We encourage patients to reach out as soon as they find out they are pregnant. We can then help them through next steps, which vary depending on their specific needs and the location where they want to be seen.

In most cases, an obstetric nurse will first meet with the patient virtually six to eight weeks after their last period. During this call, they see how the patient is feeling, do an initial risk assessment, and review medical and family history. They will also do some initial prenatal education. The nurse will work with the patient to schedule their first in-person appointment. We typically schedule the first in-person prenatal appointment approximately 10 weeks after the first day of a patients last period.;;

To schedule your first prenatal appointment, or request an initial phone call, call the location youd like to visit. You can choose a location based on the provider you would like to work with, or the M Health Fairview Birthplace where you would like to deliver your baby. Where you receive prenatal care can help determine which Birthplace you use for delivery. Find a Birthplace near you.

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Youll Be Sent To The Lab For A Complete Workup

Your doctor or midwife will give you a requisition for comprehensive blood work to assess your complete blood count and blood type . You will also have routine public health screenings through blood work for rubella, syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV.

How prenatal counselling can help you through pregnancyYour healthcare provider may order additional blood work based on your lifestyle and health history, such as checking your chickenpox status and thyroid levels. If youre a vegetarian, they might check your vitamin B12 levels. If youve experienced hypertension in the past, your healthcare provider might want to check your kidney function with a creatinine test. Based on your ethnic background and other risk factors, they may also screen for diseases such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

If that wasnt thorough enough, youll get to pee in a cup so that the lab can test for sexually transmitted infections , such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, and look for anything abnormal in your urine, such as white blood cells, glucose and proteins that can indicate a risk of infection, diabetes or pre-eclampsia. If you have other STIs, such as genital herpes, this is important information to share as it may affect how you deliver .

Preparing Your Daughter For Her First Gynecological Exam

Why should you See an Obstetrician During Pregnancy in Ghana?

Moms, we strongly encourage you to openly discuss reproductive and sexual health with your daughters. Were here to help you with that discussion and process! We have pamphlets at our office that you can use to talk to your daughters about what to expect.

A common question were asked is, When should I bring my daughter in for her gynecological exam? You may be surprised to hear the answer because many of the recommendations may have changed since you were a teenager.

If your daughter doesnt have a particular concern regarding her period, risk for sexually transmitted infection,; or need for birth control, she may not need a pelvic exam and HPV screening until she is 21.; If she is using birth control for contraception or periods, she should have a visit at the doctors office, but she may not need a pelvic; exam until age 21. Urine tests for STIs can be done without the need for a pelvic exam. If she does need a pelvic exam, reassure her that even though it is awkward, its not painful. The exams are very brief, and if it gets uncomfortable, we always stop and readjust.

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So When Should I Go To The Doctor For Pregnancy For My First Appointment

If you believe youre pregnant and have taken a home pregnancy test that gave a positive result, you can call your doctor to schedule your first appointment. At your first visit, you will be administered a pregnancy test to officially confirm your pregnancy. If youre unsure about the reliability of your home pregnancy test, it is a good idea to make an appointment anyway so that you can get proper confirmation.

Typically, you should go to a doctor for pregnancy for your first prenatal exam between 6 and 8 weeks after your last period. However, you should go to the doctor for pregnancy-related appointments or at least call to speak to a physician, at any point if you have any doubts or concerns.;

Gestational Diabetes And Anemia: Between 26 To 28 Weeks

Diet and exercise can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes. However, some women still develop gestational diabetes for reasons that doctors do not fully understand. If you develop gestational diabetes, your doctor may recommend treatments ranging from diet adjustments to insulin injections. See this helpful Mayo Clinic guide for more information.

Anemia, or a lack of healthy red blood cells, often develops during pregnancy as your blood volume increases. This deficiency can usually be remedied with iron supplements or vitamins. See this American Pregnancy Association guide for more information.

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Youll Have A Physical Exam At Your Prenatal Appointment

Your midwife or doctor will measure your progress in pregnancy by gathering baseline information, such as your pre-pregnancy weight, current weight, height and blood pressure. A full physical may not happen at your first prenatal visit due to time constraints, but during the first few appointments, youll have a head-to-toe physical, where theyll check your head, neck, thyroid, heart, lungs, skin and breasts and do a Pap test if you are due for one.

What To Expect At Your First Prenatal Appointment

Ob/Gyn Reacts: Breastfeeding as Birth Control? | Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

You just took a pregnancy test and its positive. Now what? Heres the lowdown on everything you need to know to prepare for your first prenatal visit.

The moment you pee on that stick and get a positive pregnancy test result, your whole world changes. Youre probably feeling excited, anxious and even a little bewildered by what to do next. What sorts of tests do you need? What vitamins do you have to take?When will you get to hear your babys heartbeat or see that first ultrasound? Well, slow down. The first step is to book time to see a medical professional. Here are some of your options and what to expect at your first prenatal appointment.

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What If I Have Questions Outside Of These Appointments

Always feel free to raise any questions or concerns that you have outside of appointments. Your obstetrician will advise you on how to do so during your first appointment.

Typically, you can call the practice and speak with a member of the obstetricians team, who might be able to answer your query directly or refer you onto the obstetrician for a return phone call/email or appointment.

When You First Find Out Youre Pregnant

If you are already pregnant or just found out about the pregnancy, Congratulations! Your OBGYN is especially important at this phase of your pregnancy. Obstetricians are an essential part to any safe and healthy pregnancy. If it is your first appointment since finding out about your pregnancy then youll likely have a longer appointment where your doctor can do a physical examination, carry out basic blood tests and go over all the important parts of your medical history. Based on these findings your doctor can also classify your pregnancy as low risk or high risk.Your OBGYN can also discuss early-pregnancy issues that you may be having and the best way to handle them. They will also advise you on what medications are safe to take during pregnancy, which ones to avoid, exercises you can still participate in and how to stay healthy for the duration of your pregnancy.

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Gynecologist Exams Prenatal Care And More: When Should You See Your Obgyn

Gynecologist, obstetrician , or primary care physician which doctor should you see and when?

To know which type of physician you should visit, its important to understand the difference between them and what they specialize in.

What is a primary care provider?

A primary care provider is focused on the whole patient, specializing in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics. They are often at the center of your health journey and will refer you to other specialists as needed.

What is a gynecologist?

A gynecologist is a primary care physician who specializes in womens health needs, reproductive health, and womens health after menopause. Gynecologists also perform minimally invasive surgeries including hysterectomies, removal of ovaries or ovarian cysts, tubal ligation, removal of polyps and fibroids from the uterus , treatments for precancerous changes of the cervix such as LEEP, and other surgical procedures.

What is an obstetrician ?

An obstetrician is a physician who has received specialized training in the care of women who are pregnant. They care for women throughout their pregnancy, delivery, and into their post-partum period. While they are primarily focused on womens health and reproductive health, they can also help women manage other health issues.

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