How To Determine Sex Of Baby During Pregnancy

The Best Sleeping Position In Pregnancy Is On Your Left Side

When can I find out my baby’s gender?

The verdict: True. Sleeping on your left is better than your right as it lets blood flow well to the placenta. It also helps with swelling, as it helps your kidneys eliminate waste efficiently so you get less ankle, feet and hand swelling .

Sleeping on your back will also give you backache and press on your bowel, causing constipation and even piles. Falling asleep on your back after 28 weeks can also double the risk of stillbirth.

How Soon Can You Find Out Your Babys Sex

There is a theory, called the Ramzi theory, that suggests that you can predict the sex of a fetus by as early as the 6th week of pregnancy by looking at the placement of the placenta on an ultrasound image. The theory says that its possible to tell the sex of a fetus by checking which side of the uterus the fetus is on. Nevertheless, theres no scientific evidence to support this method.

You can also find out the sex of your baby by having noninvasive prenatal testing , a blood test, which is usually done between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Genetic testing methods such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling can also reveal the sex of your baby. Health care providers generally perform CVS between the 11th and 14th weeks of pregnancy and amniocentesis, between the 15th and 20th weeks. These tests are primarily done when the health care provider suspects fetal abnormalities, and the tests pose certain risks. Experts dont recommend these tests only to determine the sex of the fetus.

You can find out if the fetus is male or female during an ultrasound done between the 18th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy. By the 18th week, your health care provider may be able to determine the sex of your baby if they are lying in a position that makes their genitals visible. If the health care provider cant see the fetuss genitals clearly, they may not be able to tell the sex for sure.

The first-trimester screening is usually done between weeks 11 and 14.

Baby Sex Prediction Myth #: The Ring Test

Myth: Hang your wedding ring from a strand of the father’s hair over your belly. If the ring swings around in circles, it’s a girl. If it sways back and forth, it’s a boy. An alternate version of this myth recommends dangling a pin over the mother’s wrist.

Reality: There’s no real evidence to confirm or deny this one. Mass doesn’t see any scientific basis for it, but she says people who follow traditional Chinese medicine might explain the dangling ring as evidence of the body’s natural forces at work.

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Having Severe Morning Sickness

Because the girl produces more hormones, her mother will suffer from much terrible morning sickness.

Yes, severe morning sickness is a sign of carrying a baby girl. The truth is that the women can determine the sex of an unborn child based on her illness during pregnancy. According to the 2017 research case, those who get pregnant to a girl experience more inflammation as their immune systems were exposed to bacteria.

If you carry a girl, you may feel extremely unwell comparing to women conceiving a boy.

Baby Sex Prediction Myth #: Look At The Calendar

Let us help your find out your babies gender east early as 6

Myth: The Chinese lunar calendar can predict a baby’s sex based on the mother’s age when they conceived and the month of conception.

Reality: The Chinese lunar calendar was discovered in a 700-year-old Royal tomb, and many pregnant women who’ve used it swear by it. Could this ancient artifact have some modern science behind it? Not necessarily. According to the same Canadian researchers who did the Drano test, the lunar calendar is no more accurate at predicting a baby’s sex than a random guess.

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The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

This one’s a calendar which is said to reveal the sex of your baby based on your lunar age charted against the month of your baby’s conception.

To work out if you’re having a boy or girl, according to this method, you’ll need to cross-reference a few bits of info such as your age at conception and the month you conceived. The test has no scientific basis but you can have a bit of fun with it and get an answer that will have 50% chance of being right.

When Can You Determine The Gender Of A Baby

The American Pregnancy Association states that gender can be confirmed by ultrasound at 1820 weeks, which coincides with when the majority of doctors perform this test. A recent study found sonography was 100% accurate after 14 weeks of gestation.

How to Know Baby Gender without Ultrasound?

The only accurate way to predict your babys gender before an ultrasound isnt through old wives tales, but with thePeekaboo test from DNA Diagnostics Center. This innovative home test improves your pregnancy journey by transforming future knowledge into current knowledge. With a small blood sample, Peekaboo can determine if pink or blue is in your future with 99.4% accuracy. In addition to being accurate, its easy and affordable which explains why its the only early baby gender reveal test endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.

Do you have questions or comments about DNA gender testing? Share in the comments and well answer.

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No Interest In Gender Stereotypes

Gone are the days when it’s expected that boys must wear blue and girls must wear pink. Many parents today don’t subscribe to traditional gender stereotypes when it comes to decorating a nursery, picking names, or buying baby clothes.

They may encourage their friends and family to go for more neutral colors when choosing gifts. One way to ensure loved ones stick to gender-neutral items is to keep the sex of the baby a secret.

Left Breast Bigger Than The Right

Stages of pregnancy how your baby develops

And, of course, according to the old wives tale, as your breasts change shape due to the natural injection of additional hormones to your body, they say that if one breast grows larger than the other then you are having a girl. But of course, only if its the left breast, according to TODAY. If the right breast is bigger than the left than its a boy.

Its unknown where this pregnancy prediction method came from, but I think its safe to say that we can all be a little dubious about this one. Besides that, its often quite common for women to have one breast larger than the other. As your breasts prepare themselves for lactation and go up a cup size or two then its only natural for them to change based on the size and shape of your breasts before pregnancy.

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The Pendulum Gender Prediction Test

Expecting parents have been trying this gender prediction test for centuriesthough there is some question about where the tradition originates from. The parent-to-be is asked to lay on their back while someone takes a wedding ring and hangs it from a string. Then the string is dangled over the pregnant belly. The movements of the ring-weighted string will determine the gender of the baby, in a tradition known as dowsing. If the ring swings in a circular motion then its a girl and if the ring swing is a straight line then its a boy.

When Is Sex Determined

Your babys sex is set as soon as the sperm meets the egg. Its at the point of conception when a baby gets 23 chromosomes from each of their parents. Along with the gender, things like eye color, hair color, and even intelligence are already determined.

Your babys genitals start to develop around week 11 of pregnancy. Still, you wont usually be able to learn the sex for several more weeks via ultrasound. Of course, that doesnt stop moms-to-be and their families from making predictions.

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/16 Clumsier Than Normal

Becoming clumsier in pregnancy is often a give-in because our center of balance is thrown off along with our burgeoning belly bump. I, for one, have dropped, tripped, and slipped so often during my pregnancies that I stopped making excuses or apologizing for it. Throw pregnancy exhaustion, hormonal changes, and baby brain into the mix and clumsiness can become your new best friend.

They say that a heightened level of clumsiness, however, can also be an indicator that you are having a boy, according to Birth Center Stone Oak. The explanation and reasoning behind this one is very unclear and I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure how they came up with this one!

I am clumsy by nature so I really couldn’t use this one as a valid gender prediction test on my two!

/16 Speed Of The Babys Heart Beat

Pin on It

The theory behind using the fetal heart rate as a way to predict the gender of your baby states that if the heart rate is above 140 beats per minute then you are likely to have a girl, according to TODAY. If it’s under 140BPM then you’re considered to be having a boy. This prediction method is harmless to try and also quite easy. At your next ante-natal appointment, simply count the number of beats or ask your midwife or doctor how many beats per minute they can hear.

There is no existing evidence that proves this method works, however, and I, for one, am a little dubious. Before my first baby was born, I was attached to the trace machine monitoring my baby’s heartbeat for quite a few hours. Her heart rate was fairly low, never reaching above the golden line of 140BPM, despite her being in no danger or stress. Take what you will from this one, but I wouldn’t use it as a reliable method of prediction since it didn’t work for me.

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How To Know The Sex Of A Child

We will look in detail at the three most popular ways and describe their accuracy to determine the sex of your child.

Getting an ultrasound is one of the first ways to predict the gender of your child. Your doctor will usually ultrasound between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.

The babys genitals may not be shown via an ultrasound depending on his position. The fact that you may have twins make it more complicated for the babys genitals to be visualized.

/16 Carrying High Or Low

This old wives tale says that if you’re carrying low or down in the front then you are having a boy and if you’re carrying high, reports Winchester Hospital, and appear wide in the middle then it’s more than likely a girl. Equally, if you’re bump is neat, and all of your pregnancy weight is around your waist, then this indicates a girl.

I carried high on both my girls and was relatively neat, so this one worked for me. But is this due to my petite stature and good posture or a genuine way to determine if someone is having a boy or a girl? More often than not, the muscle structure around your waist has a tendency to determine how your bump will look. Pregnancy results in your muscles relaxing as your body expands to accommodate your growing baby. The softer and weaker your muscles are, the more likely your bump is to hang lower. Bear in mind, that the more pregnancies you have, the more elastic your muscles become. So, on your third pregnancy you may notice your bump hangs a little bit lower.

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/16 Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice

And on that note of increased appetite, just what exactly are you craving? As the old rhyme goes “Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That’s what little boys are made of. Sugar and spice and all things nice, That’s what little girls are made of.” Pregnancy cravings can have an indication as to whether you are carrying a boy or girl. They say that if you crave salty foods like potato chips, popcorn, and pretzels then you are carrying a boy. If your sweet tooth has come into full effect, then it’s a girl, according to Parents.

Your body has a way of getting you to eat the foods it needs you to eat and more so in pregnancy as your cravings can be completely uncharacteristic to what you would normally eat. Some also say that pregnancy hormones change how certain foods taste and smell to you during pregnancy, meaning something you would never have touched before all of a sudden is very appealing.

I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but with both of my girls, jellies and sugar were my vice!

What Determines The Sex Of A Baby

Predict your babys gender? Fertility expert tells what works and what doesnt

In humans, the sex of the baby is determined by the sperm. The sperm gamete is heterogamatic because approximately half of them contain the X chromosome which will result in a girl and approximately half of them contain the Y chromosome which will result in a boy. On the other hand the ova gamete is homogametic, in other words all its cells possess the X chromosome. Thus the ova gamete does not influence the babys sex. Therefore when a sperm penetrates the ova and fertilization occurs there are two possible outcomes: XX or a girl and XY or a boy.

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Sperm Meets Egg: Weeks 1 To 3 Of Pregnancy

A woman’s due date is calculated from the first day of her last menstrual period. Conception occurs two weeks from that day — that’s when you’re truly considered to be pregnant! Millions of sperm swim upstream on the quest to fertilize an egg. Only one successfully penetrates the egg, forming the genetic makeup that will determine the sex, physical appearance, intelligence, and personality of the baby. Watch the ovulation process occur by clicking on the video above.

Old Wives’ Tales Are Fun But Generally Not Reliable For Predicting Sex

For some people, waiting until the 18th week of pregnancy to find out the sex of a baby can feel like an eternity. To fill the void, people may turn to some of the following six old wives’ tales to predict whether the fetus is a boy or girl.

Baby bump: One popular belief is that if a woman is carrying the baby high, she is supposedly having a girl, while carrying the baby low means it’s a boy. “Carrying high or low is a function of the mother’s abdominal wall muscle tone and the baby’s position,” Carr said. “It has no influence on gender,” he said.

Food cravings: Another theory holds that a mother’s food cravings during pregnancy may reveal the baby’s sex, with sweet cravings signifying a girl and cravings for salty, sour or odd foods linked with a boy. “This has no basis in physiology,” Carr said.

Fetal heart rate: There may be some truth to the idea that fetal heart rate could be a clue. Early in pregnancy, there is no difference in heart rate between the sexes, Carr said. But by the third trimester, a girl’s heartbeat tends to be a little faster and a boy’s a little slower, he said. Still, Carr cautioned that although researchers may find this association holds true over an average of 1,000 babies studied, an individual baby boy could still have a faster heartbeat, and an individual baby girl could have a slower one.

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Free Baby Gender Prediction Chart

Known as one of old wives tales, the Chinese gender calendar is a very ancient tool allowing you to find out if the baby youre conceiving is a boy or a girl.

Not absolutely correct, but it can give the gender prediction with 70% accuracy.

This Chinese gender predictor chart in 2019 is believed to have a long history . It was created in the Qing dynasty to help the imperial family carry forward the family lineage.

How does the chart work?

All you need to do is to give your date of birth and date of conception, and you will discover your babys gender. Remember that the dates have to be calculated based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Can I Find Out The Sex Of My Baby

Pin by The Nub Whisperer

If you decide you want to know what sex your baby will be, you may be able to find out at your anomaly scan. This is usually offered between 18 and 21 weeks of pregnancy . The anomaly scan is mainly to look for physical anomalies in the baby but you can also ask to find out your babys sex .

If the baby is in the right position, your sonographer might be able to tell you whether youre having a boy or girl. If not, you may be asked to walk or jump around, or drink some cold water to make it move. Yep, seriously.

The only snag is that its not an exact science and sometimes its difficult or impossible to tell . Thats why some hospitals have a policy of not telling parents the sex of their baby

If the sonographer cant see your babys genitals, you could pay for a private scan another day . You might also have another opportunity to find out if you have another scan later in pregnancy.

Some parents might also be able to find out the sex of their baby if they choose to test for certain genetic disorders. Those tests include:

These tests is primarily check for genetic conditions, such as Downs syndrome and rare inherited disorders . Yet they can also tell you the sex of your baby, depending on the type of test .

The NIPT blood test can be used as early as seven weeks into pregnancy. But the test is most sensitive from 20 weeks onwards .

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