What Are The Dos And Don Ts During Pregnancy

A Note About Supplements

Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy, Explained By A Gynaecologist

Dietary supplements arent regulated by the FDA, so its best to avoid taking any extra vitamins or minerals during pregnancy unless your doctor has specifically told you to.

You can and should take a prenatal vitamin, which will be full of many of the most essential nutrients you need but may not already be getting in your diet. If youre still worried about a deficiency, try to get as many vitamins and minerals from real food sources as possible .

What Should I Avoid During My First Trimester

You should avoid:

  • Skipping any antenatal check-ups
  • Delaying tests during pregnancy: You should get tested for anaemia, thyroid problems, diabetes etc.on time in the first trimester. Make sure you also get the 12-week ultrasound and double-marker test to assess the risk of Downs Syndrome.

Its never too early to begin preparing for normal delivery. You should read up about the benefits of normal delivery and how you can prepare for one.

Do: Take Your Vitamins

Though a nutritious diet is important for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, you need to supplement your diet with a high-quality multivitamin.

Dr. Fozouni can recommend the right prenatal vitamin for you, which will contain higher amounts of nutrients, like folic acid, iron, and calcium. These nutrients are vital for your developing baby and ensures youre supporting your own good health.

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What Should Be Avoided In The Third Trimester

Dont restrain yourself from household chores, and take unnecessary pregnancy precautions in the 7th, 8th or 9th month.

Instead, keep yourself physically active, especially if youve so far led a routine with little exercise, advises the doctor.

Pregnancy is a time of many lifestyle changes, which is always for the better. If youve so far had an irregular sleep cycle, its time to set it right.

Dont Sit In A Hot Tub Or Sauna

Pin on Pregnancy Care

Though relaxing, the high-heat environment of hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and saunas may be too dangerous for expecting mothers.

In fact, research suggests that using one of these during your first trimester may double your risk of miscarriage. Soaking in hot water can raise body temperature and this causes problems with the baby including increasing the risk of birth defects.

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Do Feel Free To Travel During Pregnancy

Travel by air is considered safe for women while they are pregnant, and most airlines allow pregnant women to travel into their eighth month. Please talk to your provider about the safety of travelling overseas while pregnant, as there may be certain risks or considerations depending on where in the world you are going.

Do Visit Your Dentist

Trips to the dentists office were avoided for decades for fear that an oral cleaning might cause bacteria to spread and lead to an infection. Now we know thats just not the case.

In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that expectant mothers have a routine oral health assessment while pregnant, along with regular dental cleanings. Be sure to tell your dentist that youre pregnant.

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  • behavior problems
  • lagging patterns in terms of growth and development milestones

Even small amounts of alcohol can be a problem. There appears to be no safe level of alcohol intake in pregnancy.

If you need help stopping drinking while youre pregnant, talk with your doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you get help, the healthier your baby is likely to be.

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Try Not To Work Night Shifts Or Late Evenings

Very much like remaining mindful of what to eat and what not to, there are a couple of exercises that you should stay away from no matter what while pregnant. You may be a useful individual.

Keep away from any undertaking including a lot of actual strain or conveying weighty. Additionally representing extended periods could cause enlarging in the legs and prompt back torment. Remember to remove exercises including strain and tension. Indeed, even while you walk, keep little moves to stay away from mishaps.

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Do’s and don’ts during pregnancy | Cloudnine Hospitals

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Top 10 Donts During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you should avoid the followings:

  • Dont drink alcohol
  • You probably heard this before, but it is excessively important to skip. Alcohol could seriously harm your babys health. Behavior problems, disabilities, and low weight are just a few side effects of alcohol overtake during pregnancy. Small amounts of alcohol can also lead to problems.

  • Dont go to saunas or sit in hot tubs
  • These high-temperature locations may be more dangerous than you think. In fact, so dangerous that they might even lead to miscarriage. Anything that increases your body temperature is just as dangerous.

  • Avoid caffeine overtake
  • You can safely drink one or two cups of coffee a day, so do not panic if you are a coffee lover. You do not have to prevent caffeine completely however, decrease the amount as it affects your babys heart rate.

  • Dont smoke
  • Obviously! Smoking may put your baby at risk especially for some kinds of disabilities, while being more likely to experience low birth weight. Moreover, physiological nicotine addiction increases the chance of your child smoking later in life.

  • Dont take drugs
  • Cannabis in any format, cocaine, metformin, and other psychoactive substances lead to health problems for your baby. Please make sure to talk to your doctor if you take any illegal drugs, considering they can be extremely dangerous for your baby.

  • Dont cut out food
  • Dont clean up after your cats!
  • Dont eat raw food or sushi
  • Dont eat unwashed fruits and veggies
  • Eat A Variety Of Foods

    Pregnant women are advised to consume a healthy, well-balanced diet. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy during your pregnancy. Pregnant women should also increase their calorie intake by 350 – 450 calories per day in the second and third trimesters, according to a study published in the Obstetrics & Gynecology. However the calorie requirements are based on a woman’s physical activity, height and weight and metabolism .

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    Try Not To Wear Awkward Dresses

    Pregnancy is an alternate time and you should style according to it during this stage. Acknowledge the way that your body is changing and plan your dress appropriately. Working during pregnancy is fine, however, what isnt fine is facing challenges. Keep away from those high heels during pregnancy, since youd not have any desire to take a risk and excursion. Tight pants might have been your #1 outfit, yet you might have to discard them for more agreeable garments. There are numerous great pregnancy garments you could attempt, instead of testing.

    How Many Hours Should A Pregnant Woman Sleep

    14 Dos and Donâts when you are Pregnant

    A good nights rest is as essential as is eating the right food and exercising. You should sleep at least eight hours every day.

    There may be several doubts in ones mind when embarking upon the path to pregnancy. For the welcome of a little, new member in your life, pregnant women should check facts, go for regular check-ups and reject absurd myths. If you quickly pick up on what is best suited to your body, child-bearing will come naturally to you.

    This blog post has been written with editorial inputs from our senior gynecologists at Sitaram Bhartia.

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    Dos And Donts For Keeping Stress Under Control

    Keeping stress under control during pregnancy can be challenging. It affects both you and your baby. Fortunately, you can use methods like mindfulness-based practices to reduce your stress levels. By following these tips, youll be able to keep stress under control during pregnancy. This will make your pregnancy a more enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

    • Try getting enough sleep and exercise
    • You can also seek social support to help you cope
    • Taking naps is an effective stress relief technique
    • Try focusing on breathing
    • Try a prenatal yoga class

    Do Limit Your Exposure To Pesticides By Choosing Organic And Locally Grown Foods When Possible

    “The developing immune system is so much more sensitive than the adult’s,” says Rodney Dietert, Ph.D., professor of immunotoxicology at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, whose research has linked prenatal pesticide exposure to later- in-life immune dysfunctions.

    Other research has connected pesticides in the water supply to premature births and possibly birth defects. “We have a lot of evidence now that nitrates and pesticides have the ability in very small doses to interact with the hormonal milieu of the pregnancy,” says Paul Winchester, M.D., a clinical professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Washing your produce helps, Winchester says, but may not be enough. The types of produce harboring the highest pesticide concentrations tend to be fruits and vegetables with thin skins, such as peaches, apples, bell peppers and strawberries. Also know that foods imported from other countries, such as Mexico or Chile, may contain pesticides that are prohibited in the U.S.

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    Can Pregnant Women Eat Pizza

    You can eat an occasional pizza in pregnancy although opting for a home-made pizza with a whole wheat base may be a healthier alternative.

    When you come in for a consultation, our counsellors note your medical history as well as your pre-pregnancy weight. Based on your weight and BMI, they guide you about your pregnancy diet chart and exercises to help keep your weight in check.

    If you havent consumedfolic acid before conception, you should ensure you make it a part of your diet right away by including vegetables such as spinach , okra and pulses such as masoor, arhar and urad dal.

    Some other dos and donts during pregnancy around food are:

    • To eat antioxidant-rich fruits: A good rule of thumb is to eat different coloured fruits such as oranges, strawberries, apples and bananas.
    • To eat small meals: You can break down your three main meals into smaller meals to satiate any mid-meal hunger pangs and gain the requisite calories.
    • To not skip meals: Your baby derives its nutrients from you, so if youre not eating well, it could also harm your baby.

    Do: Eat Healthy Foods

    Week 7 of Pregnancy: PLUS General Dos and Don’ts During Pregnancy

    A healthy diet can provide you and your growing baby with a sound nutritional basis that your pregnancy vitamins can build on. Studies suggest that being exposed to many flavors via a mother’s amniotic fluid can set a baby up to be a good eater into early childhood, too.

    Some smart, healthy food choices include:

    • Vegetables: Choices that are high in vitamin A and potassium include dark, leafy greens, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots.
    • Proteins: Great sources of protein include lean beef, pork, lamb, tofu, low-mercury fish like trout and salmon, beans, peas, seeds, and nuts.
    • Fruits: With the benefits of hydration, good fiber, and vitamin C, oranges, melons, mangoes, apricots, bananas, and apples are excellent choices. They can also help satisfy a sweet tooth without adding unhealthy sugars or fats.
    • Dairy: Eating small portions of cheese, drinking reduced-fat milk, and yogurt products provide calcium, potassium, and vitamins.
    • Whole Grains: High in both iron and folic acid, as well as healthy fiber, whole grains are an important part of your pregnancy diet.

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    Raw Seafood And Eggs: High Risk

    Raw seafood or sushi containing raw fish is dangerous to eat during pregnancyit could be contaminated with all kinds of bacteria and parasites liable to make you severely ill during pregnancy. The same goes for raw or undercooked eggs.

    Make sure all dishes containing seafood and eggs are fully-cooked, and opt for the California roll or a veggie roll at your favorite sushi place instead of the sashimi.

    Getting Your Nails Done

    One lifestyle luxury you dont have to forgo during pregnancy? Getting your nails donewhether you want a pedicure or a gel manicure while pregnant. Getting your nails done is safe, but its a good idea to be especially choosy when it comes to which salon you go to. The instruments that are used should be properly sterilized, so as to not become transmitters of hepatitis, causing open wounds on the skin, ports for other infections, says Klein. You can bring your own tools, to ensure safety and cleanliness.

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    Bonus Do: Hang In There Mama


    Growing a tiny human is a big job but dont worry, youve got this! The pregnancy dos and donts may seem daunting at first, but itll all be worth it once you have your baby in your arms.

    Remember: take care of yourself and dont be afraid to reach out to your doctor with any questions theyre here to support you.

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    Why Is Folic Acid Important

    The U.S. Public Health Service recommends that all women of childbearing age consume 400 micrograms of folic acid each day. Folic acid, a nutrient found in some green leafy vegetables, most berries, nuts, beans, citrus fruits, fortified breakfast cereals, and some vitamin supplements can help reduce the risk for birth defects of the brain and spinal cord . The most common neural tube defect is spina bifida, in which the vertebrae do not fuse together properly, causing the spinal cord to be exposed. This can lead to varying degrees of paralysis, incontinence, and sometimes mental retardation.

    Folic acid is most beneficial during the first 28 days after conception, when most neural tube defects occur. Unfortunately, many women do not realize they are pregnant before 28 days. Therefore, folic acid intake should begin prior to conception and continue through pregnancy. Your healthcare provider or midwife will recommend the appropriate amount of folic acid to meet your individual needs.

    Most healthcare providers or midwives will prescribe a prenatal supplement before conception, or shortly afterward, to ensure all of the woman’s nutritional needs are met. However, a prenatal supplement does not replace a healthy diet.

    Do Think Of Food As Fuel

    Think of your body as a vehicle: It is carrying your most precious cargo right now. Would you want to fuel your car with sub-par gasoline? Of course not! You would not want to take the chance of it breaking down.

    Similarly, you do not want to fuel your body with sub-par energy sources. Choose organic foods whenever possible and eat from local food sources if you can. This limits your exposure to pesticides.

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    Is It Safe To Travel During Pregnancy By Bus

    Yes, it is. If your journey is more than a few hours, make sure you sip water frequently and pace back and forth to stretch your legs. Irrespective of your trimester, you should keep in mind some routine dos and donts during pregnancy such as:

    • Avoiding tobacco, recreational drugs and alcoholas these could harm you and your baby.
    • Avoiding uncooked food. Make sure vegetables are thoroughly washed and cleaned before they are cooked. If possible, switch to organically grown vegetables.

    At Sitaram Bhartia, we often guide women to enjoy their pregnancy. Even then, some questions often asked are:

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