How To Never Get Pregnant Again

Jumping Up And Down After Sex


This may sound silly but I have heard people say that this is what they do to avoid getting pregnant. Sperm can swim against the force of gravity pretty easily, so jumping up and down is not going to make the slightest bit of difference. Once those sperm are inside your uterus , they will be hunting out your egg like little undercover agents, and a bit of jumping up and down is not going to stop them.

When Am I Most Likely To Get Pregnant

During the menstrual cycle, an egg is released from one of your ovaries and travels down the fallopian tube.

The egg only lives for 24 hours after ovulation, and a sperm must meet the egg within that period for pregnancy to happen.

This doesn’t mean that a woman has to have sex on the day of ovulation, as sperm can survive in your body for several days after sex.

If you want to get pregnant, having sex every couple of days will mean there are always sperm waiting to meet the egg when it’s released.

If you think you might be pregnant, read about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and doing a pregnancy test.

How Long Should I Wait To Try And Get Pregnant Again

Do you have baby fever again? Youre still getting the hang of late-night feedings and swaddling, but you and your partner are anxious to add another to the crew. Oh, how quickly we forget about those 36 hours of hard labor.

If you want multiple children, you may wonder what the proper spacing should be and how soon you can safely start trying again. And for some older couples, the proverbial clock is ticking louder than ever to get started.

Pregnancy spacing is an important part of family planning, but there are some factors that youll need to consider before you give it a go. We spoke with Heather Reed, MD, an OBGYN at Banner University Medicine North in Tucson, AZ, on what you need to know so your next pregnancy is healthy and happy.

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Contraception And Getting Pregnant

Most women use contraception as a safe way to avoid getting pregnant when they are not ready for children. When you stop contraception, it is often because you would like to try for a baby. You can read more about stopping contraception here.

If you have been taking contraception that uses hormones for a long time, you may not know your cycle very well . This is because the bleed that happens when you move to a new packet of the Pill is not a true period. A true period happens when you ovulate and the Pill prevents ovulation. Read more about how pregnancy works.

If youve stopped taking contraceptives that were based on hormones your periods may be a bit irregular for the first few months while your body gets used to the change in hormone levels. Read more about stopping contraception

The Pill does not cause infertility but it may cover up conditions that are linked to infertility because lack of periods is a sign of ovulation problems, endometriosis or PCOS. If you do not have periods anyway, these problems may be missed until you come off contraception.

Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Fertility

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Alcohol affects fertility by disrupting the delicate balance of the menstrual cycle. Clinical research data suggests that women, who drank socially, 1-5 drinks per week, were at a greater risk of decreased fertility when compared to women who remained abstinent. These findings underscore the importance of remaining abstinent while attempting to conceive.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence looks at the available evidence on the best way of treating or managing a condition and makes recommendations based on evidence. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in the NHS are expected to follow NICEâs clinical guidelines. Current NICE guidance states:

âPregnant women and women planning a pregnancy should be advised to avoid drinking alcohol in the first 3 months of pregnancy if possible because it may be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage.â

Research also suggests that alcohol disrupts the hormonal imbalance of the female reproductive system, leading to menstrual irregularities, and even anovulatory cycles . These changes can drastically decrease the chances of becoming pregnant and thus affect fertility. The NHS website provides information on drinking alcohol while pregnant and states that the safest approach is not to drink while pregnant.

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My Home Pregnancy Test Is Positive But My Doctors Test Is Negative Why Is This

If the test is done in the surgery using a reagent stick, just like the home pregnancy test you have already done, there is the possibility that the test the doctor is using is not as sensitive as your home pregnancy test.

Sometimes ovulation occurs later in the menstrual cycle than day 14. This might especially be the case if you normally have cycles which are longer than 28 days. If you ovulate later in the cycle, the egg may not have implanted for as long as necessary to produce the hCG hormone which is what a pregnancy test detects.

Sometimes it can take longer than the average 6 to 7 days for the egg to travel along the Fallopian tube and implant. Where this happens, the egg may not have implanted for as long as necessary to produce the hCG hormone which is what a home pregnancy test detects.

The test may be from a faulty batch.

Pregnancy Loss After Fertility Problems

You may have conceived after many years of trying and/or fertility treatment, and then miscarried or had an ectopic or molar pregnancy. You may feel that this is even worse than not conceiving, as the joy of becoming pregnant was followed by the distress of loss.

People around you may encourage you to be positive that you were able to become pregnant, but that may be little comfort if you think you might not have that chance again.

I just kept thinking why me?. Miscarriage is awful for anyone but it was so much worse for us because wed waited so long to get pregnant in the first place and I didnt know if Id ever be able to conceive again.

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How Soon Can You Try And Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage

If youve experienced a miscarriage, you may also wonder about the best time to start trying again. Dr. Reed said when youll be able to start can vary.

There are some studies that show no concerns for mom or the next pregnancy if your pregnancy is less than six months after a miscarriage, she said. In fact, many women will try for pregnancy immediately after a miscarriage without any concerns.

However, if you have a health condition that may have played a role in a miscarriage, you should get that condition better under control before trying again.

Talking to your doctor before trying for your next pregnancy is important, Dr. Reed said. Your doctor can make sure that your chronic health conditions are well managed, address any complications you had in your last pregnancy and make a plan to reduce your risks in your next pregnancy.

Never Miss Real Stories From India’s Women

Akothee Reveals Why She Will Never Get Pregnant Again !!!!!!!!!

Getting pregnant had proved difficult for her, owing to her poly-cystic ovarian disorder. She had gone through fertility treatments, used herbal medication for infertility, offered prayers to assorted gods and goddesses, kept a fast on auspicious days- all in the hope of having a baby. She had searched the internet often and read random articles on how to get pregnant. Sex was no longer pleasurable. It was just another essential chore which had to be performed during her fertile window as indicated by the fertility tracking app that she had installed in her mobile. But in spite of everything, maternal bliss seemed elusive.

The experience was utterly frustrating. With every passing day, she sank deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of depression. She was thirty-five and started to think that her biological clock was ticking away. She started to envy everyone who were blessed with children. Even her house-maid had three children. The lady, ignorant of her blessings, often complained of how hard it was to feed three children, given how hard-up her family was. The world didnt seem fair any more.

Then one fine morning, two parallel pink bands on the pregnancy test strip had changed her black-and-white world to technicolour. She and her husband were overjoyed and excited. They started to plan how their lives would change with a baby in their family. It was after years that they were planning something together.

She had lost the baby.

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How Long Should I Wait To Get Pregnant Again Tips For Spacing Out Your Babies

If you are currently a parent and thinking about having another baby, its important to think about how far apart in age you want your babies to be. This is for your health, finances, and family routine.

Youve decided you want another baby. Thats exciting! Now, when is the right time to try for a new little one?

Some women prefer having their babies closer together so the children can become built-in playmates as they grow. These moms might think it will be easier to have the kids go through milestones like potty training and going to school around the same time.

That scenario might be overwhelming for other moms, who want to care for just one little one at a time. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to spacing out your pregnancies. Every family is different, and people often have lots of opinions about family planning. Only you can decide when the time is right.

Its important to consider how the timing of your next pregnancy may affect your:

1. Personal health 3. Family dynamics4. Finances

Lets discuss what you need to know about spacing out your pregnancies, and how your midwife or doctor can help with your family planning goals.

Stop Seeing Sex As Broken

Sex can go from passionate to a chore. Sex can become a reminder of your infertility when you’re struggling to conceive.

Before you tried to conceive, you likely thought of sex as something more than a means of getting pregnant. However, somehow, after you struggle with conception, sex turns into a broken conception machine.

All the good stuff you used to enjoythe passion, the warm feelings, the connectionmay disappear.

Try to remember that your sex life is not only about having a baby. Think of all the things you enjoyed about sex before you started your fertility journey. See if you can’t bring some of it back into the bedroom. While it’ll take some work, you can improve your sex life while trying to conceive.

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Are You Fertile If You Have Regular Period

If you have regular periods, your chances of fertility are high. However, fertility is tricky as there may be reasons that could prevent conception despite having a good number of eggs.

If you have been trying to conceive for months or years and failing, then you must see a fertility specialist or gynecologist to rule out the possible causes. Also, remember that you do not always need medical assistance for conception. Certain lifestyle changes could naturally help you conceive.

Does Smoking Affect Fertility

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It can be hard to stop smoking cigarettes but if you are thinking of trying to conceive, this is one of the best things that you can do. Evidence shows that smoking impacts both male and female fertility.

According to NICE Guidance on Fertility Problems, for men, there is a link between smoking and poorer semen quality. Stopping smoking will improve your general health. Smoking is also likely to reduce fertility. Breathing in someone elses cigarette smoke is also likely to reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

Research from Edinburgh University has found that a chemical found in cigarette smoke triggers a reaction which increases a protein in the Fallopian tubes. This protein, called PROKR1 raises the risk of an egg implanting outside the womb, leading to an ectopic pregnancy.

If you smoke, your doctor/GP should offer you help to stop if you wish. The NHS Smoking Helpline can also provide advice and support via and the website.

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Stop Waiting To Be An Individual

Of course, your life goes beyond your family or your partner. You also have a life of your own. Fertility challenges can make you lose sight of the big picture.

When in the midst of infertility, its easy to stop considering your career or your education. The stress of infertility can make it difficult to concentrate at work, and that doesnt help when it comes to professional aspirations.

That said, its worth taking a step back and considering what your career goals are. Are there things you used to strive for, but have walked away from or forgotten?

Your life is also more than just your career. There are your hobbies. Your general health habits. Your relationships.

The years will pass whether you’re trying to conceive or not and whether you eventually get pregnant or not. Remember to use your time here on Earth wisely. Stop putting all your focus on getting pregnant and spread out some of that effort. Dont forget to live the rest of your life.

If You Do Make A Mistake

If you do make an error of judgement, have unprotected sex, or your contraception fails, then make sure you get yourself Plan B as soon as you can afterward. It’s most effective when taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex. It can be taken later, but the longer you leave it the less effective it is at preventing pregnancy and if the fertilized egg has already implanted it will not be effective at all.

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Never Gotten A Girl Pregnant Think Again

Ive never gotten a woman pregnant…I would know.” ~Words Said by Many Men

How would you always know this exactly?

In almost any case a woman can privately get herself tested for pregnancy, keep a positive result to herself, and on an occasion that her boyfriend isnt around for a few hours, can arrange for an abortion.

On any given day, a woman can stop at the store and pick up a pregnancy kit. Relatively inexpensive , they are small enough to conceal in her purse or up the sleeve of her jacket. If you live together, all she needs to do is hide it at the bottom of her purse or stuff it somewhere else until she can use it. Life is pretty much normal as she tries to get her mind off of her concerns.

Excusing herself to pee, thats how long it takes to do the test – only seconds. To wait for the result is 1-3 minutes. Thats fine she just runs some water, blows her nose, all the while, youre sitting on the couch and have no clue shes doing a test. Or, to keep you from being suspicious of why she’s in the bathroom for so long, she just wipes off the test and hides it somewhere to view the results a little later on, returning to your night on the couch.

Once she sees the result, she throws the test away, maybe wrapping it in toilet paper, or just hiding it to discard it somewhere else. If positive, or if she thinks it’s too early to be sure, she may want to get a formal test from her GP.

This is all, if the woman lives with her partner and is quite close to him.

Why Cant I Get Pregnant


When youre ready to start a family and youre not getting pregnant, it can be frustrating and overwhelming. Especially if youve tried the conventional methods to maximize your chances: having frequent intercourse during your fertile window, tracking your temperature every morning and using tools like ovulation tracker apps and predictor kits.

You may start to wonder is this a medical problem or do I simply need to be more patient? Youre not alone. One in 8 couples struggles to conceive. Chantel Cross, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist with the Johns Hopkins Fertility Center at the Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center Green Spring Station in Lutherville, Maryland, explains what factors might be affecting your ability to get pregnant and when you might consider infertility treatment.

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Patience Is Good But Dont Wait Too Long To Get Help

If you are trying to get pregnant again, try to relax and not worry too much at least at first.

However, if you have been trying for a year and still havent conceived, talk to your Ob/Gyn or fertility specialist. And if youre over age 36, consider talking with your doctor sooner once you have tried for three or four menstrual cycles without success, Dr. Detti says.

Ways You Probably Won’t Get Pregnant When Having Sex

How hard is it to get pregnant? The chances of conception depend on various circumstances, ranging from your menstrual cycle to your birth control. Here, experts share the scenarios where you’re least likely to conceive.

Many women spend the better part of their fertile years actively trying not to get pregnant, so it might be a surprise to learn that conception isn’t that easy. Indeed, there’s a relatively short window during a woman’s cycle that’s ideal for conceiving, whether or not she’s on birth control or actively trying, says Anate Brauer, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist at the Greenwich Fertility and IVF Centers and assistant professor of OB-GYN at NYU School of Medicine.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a healthy 30-year-old has a 20 percent chance of pregnancy each month with frequent unprotected sex. Of course, every woman is different, and you should always use protection if you’re not trying to conceive. But if you’re wondering which occasions make for the least likely opportunity, check out these expert-stamped scenarios where your chances of pregnancy are lowest.

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