How To Get Pregnant With The Mirena

Bleeding After Iud Removal: How Much Is Normal

Can I miscarry if I get pregnant right after having the Mirena IUD removed?

Bleeding is usually light and irregular in the first few days or weeks after your IUD removal, and its very unlikely you will experience any bleeding at all for the first month or so. Any bleeding that does occur will either be completely light and stringy or lighter and more flowy.

Heavy periods are possible after any type of IUD removal but they are most likely to happen after Mirena, ParaGard, Liletta, or Skyla removal.

As you can have your IUD removed at any time in your menstrual cycle, you can experience different levels of bleeding depending on what stage youre at. It can actually take up to three months for your normal menstrual cycle to get back to normal.

If you are worried about heavy bleeding, consider waiting a little longer to start trying to conceive after IUD removal to be extra sure youre ready for pregnancy. Always check with your doctor or a medical professional if you are worried about the amount of bleeding you experience after removing IUDs.

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Can You Still Ovulate On The Coil

It thickens the cervical mucus, which makes it more difficult for sperm to move through the cervix, and thins the lining of the womb so an egg is less likely to be able to implant itself. For some people, it can also prevent the release of an egg each month , but most people continue to ovulate…. continue reading

How Will I Know When Im Fertile After My Iud Removal

You may be surprised to learn your fertility will be restored almost immediately upon IUD removal. The IUD has no impairment on fertility after it has been removed, as numerous studies have proven. It is true, however, that a female coming off any form of contraception will experience different effects on her hormones, periods, and fertility, albeit, usually only for a short time.

As a matter of fact, the IUD is one of the least disruptive ways to regain your natural fertility and start menstruating normally again. Some women even become pregnant during their first cycle without the IUD, as the hormones used to prevent pregnancy are removed along with the IUD itself.

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How Soon Can You Get Pregnant After Iud Removal

If you’re hoping to get pregnant soon, know that fertility usually returns within the first menstrual cycle following IUD removal. “As soon as the device is taken out by your doctor, you could become pregnant,” says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center, in New York City.

Because no hormones are involved with copper IUD, your body doesn’t have to readjustafter the device is out, sperm can swim normally again. Along those lines, with a hormonal IUD, the dose of progestin is low and doesn’t get absorbed into your system, so it doesn’t interfere much with ovulation. Once the IUD is out, you’re probably good to go. “You should remove your IUD as soon as you are hoping or willing to get pregnant,” says Dr. Sandoval.

Compare this to hormonal birth control methods such as birth control pills, patches, and rings. These release the hormones progestin and sometimes estrogen into the body, which prevents pregnancy by stopping ovulation. With these birth control methods, it could take up to three months for fertility to return. And the wait could be even longer if you’ve been getting the Depo-Provera birth control shotsometimes up to a year.

What Happens If You Do Become Pregnant While An Iud Is Inserted

Birth control with a Mirena

If you do become pregnant with an IUD in place, and the egg has implanted itself in the lining of your uterus, then you are at an increased risk of miscarriage, sepsis, premature labor, and premature delivery.

You should go to your doctor straight away and get the IUD removed if the strings are visible or can be retrieved however, the success of this depends on how far along your pregnancy already is. Research has shown the risk of miscarriage is up to 27% when the IUD was removed compared with 77% if the IUD was left in place.

Leaving an IUD in place if you become pregnant increases your risk of spontaneous abortion, septic abortion, septicemia, septic shock, premature labor, premature delivery, a hysterectomy or permanent infertility, or death.

If an IUD cannot be removed or if you choose not to have it removed, you will need to monitor yourself and report immediately to your doctor any flu-like symptoms, fever, chills, cramping, pain, bleeding, vaginal discharge, or leakage of fluid, or any other symptom that suggests complications of the pregnancy.

Women who are already pregnant should not have an IUD inserted because it may cause adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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How Soon Can You Get Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control

Youve taken steps in your family planning, and now youre ready for a baby. How long after stopping birth control are you fertile again? Well, it depends on the contraceptive.

You have done all the right things in planning your family and now youre ready to have a baby. How long after stopping birth control before you try to get pregnant? How long does it take to be fertile again? And how long is too long?

Start from the top. How do you stop your method of contraception? Well, that seems like an easy question, but sometimes it isnt. You can stop using your condom or diaphragm or contraceptive foam right now and you can take off your patch, take out your ring or stop your pills today.

Taking out your implant or your IUD takes a medical appointment with your clinician or your family planning clinic. Really now, we dont recommend that you or a friend try to take out these medical devices on your own, so getting an appointment may take a few weeks.

Now, how long does it take after stopping birth control before youre fertile? Well, it sort of depends. If youre using barrier methods, such as condoms or diaphragms or foams or jellies, you could get pregnant the next time you have sex without your protection. Of course, you have to ovulate, and that will be on your regular schedule, but barrier methods dont change that.

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How Can You Get Pregnant Using An Iud

A woman’s photo of her newborn baby just delivered, and with the intrauterine device that failed to prevent her pregnancy clenched in his tiny fist has gone viral. But how does a woman get pregnant while using an IUD?

The woman, Lucy Hellein of Fort Mitchell, Alabama, posted the photo of her newborn son to Facebook last week with the caption Mirena fail!” according to A surgeon discovered the IUD behind the placenta during the delivery, according to Metro. Hellein told Metro that this was her third Mirena IUD, which she had inserted last summer. But in December, she found out she was 18 weeks pregnant. Her doctors initially assumed the IUD had fallen out, but then it turned up during her C-section.

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An IUD is a type of long-acting, reversible contraception that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Pregnancy among women who have IUDs is very rare. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , IUDs are one of the most effective forms of birth control, with a failure rate of less than 1 percent during the first year of typical use. That’s about the same rate as sterilization procedures such as “tube tying,” ACOG said. According to Mirena, which makes a hormonal type of IUD, fewer than eight out of 1,000 women become pregnant over five years using the device.

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How Do I Get An Iud

Make an appointment at Family Planning.

Read our ‘Getting your IUD’ page so you feel ready for your appointment. If you have any questions, write them down to ask the nurse or doctor. If you’re not sure about whether an IUD is right for you, you may want to book an appointment before the IUD is put in to talk about your options.

If it’s not possible to put in the IUD at your first appointment, another appointment will be made for the IUD to be put in.

You Feel Pregnancy Fatigue

How long will it take to get pregnant after removing the IUD Mirena?

Cant get out of bed lately? Even with an IUD, you might be pregnant, Dr. Langdon explains. Fatigue is a big sign that you might be expecting, she says. If youve been pregnant before, you might recognize that all-consuming tiredness you feel early on when youre expecting. Fatigue affects up to 60% of all pregnant women, What To Expect reported. So if all you want to do is sink into your bed and sleep all day, you might want to take a pregnancy test just in case.

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Can The Iud Cause Any Serious Health Problems

In about 1 in 500 users, a small hole in the wall of the uterus may be created while the IUD is being inserted. The IUD can move through the hole and sit in the wrong place. If this happens, keyhole surgery is required to have the IUD removed.

Around 1 in 300 users get an infection when the IUD is first inserted. This can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

It is very unlikely to get pregnant when using an IUD. If you do get pregnant with an IUD in place, there is a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy. This means that the pregnancy may settle in the fallopian tubes . This should be medically assessed urgently and treated as required.

Even Though Very Rare I Did Get Pregnant With Mirena After Having It In For 3 Years Which I

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Your best bet would be to contact a personal injury lawyer and talk to him. Usually that consult is free. They dont charge until you have a settlement. But they can tell you if you have something to make a claim about. Thank heavens the baby is ok. Ive always wondered about iuds, since they first came out years ago and would never have had one myself. Have you considered an implant?

You can also go to the FDA website and file a complaint.


I think I am facing your situation, I had myrena for almost 4 yearsnow andmy doctor suspects that Im pregnant and In just waiting for the tests!!! So was the mirena left in your body until you had your baby? Was that safe?


I have the mirena, and I have a friend who got pregnant with the mirena. She had a healthy baby girl and the mirena was inside with the baby the whole time.


I just went to the doctors yesterday to have my IUD removed, Surprisingly it was nowhere to be found!!! I was cold scared to what could happen to me! The doctor did a vaginal ultrasound to see if she can see its current location, to add to my cold feet she told me that i was pregnant!!! I dont know what to do and now im terrified for my baby!! I just hope that the outcome of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby is high like yours!


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Are There Any Complications With Iud

The effects of IUD need not be the same for every woman. Some women may have pain, bleeding, and dizziness during and after insertion. .

A few women might have more serious complications such as .

  • Initial unexpected spotting per vaginum
  • Perforation of the uterine wall
  • Partial or complete expulsion of IUD where it spontaneously falls off
  • Unexpected pregnancies such as ectopic pregnancy
  • Increase in the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease on exposure to chlamydia or gonorrhea while inserting IUD.

Contact The Experts At Raleigh Gynecology And Wellness For More Information About Iud Removal

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

When you are ready to have your IUD removed, contact the specialists at Raleigh Gynecology and Wellness to schedule an appointment. They are available to answer your questions about what to expect after removal, how to protect your reproductive health, and help you with your goal of getting pregnant.

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Does The Age Of An Iud Matter

An IUD can work for years before you need to replace it. But eventually it expires. Using an expired IUD may raise your risk of pregnancy.

In most cases, a copper IUD can last for up to 12 years. A hormonal IUD can last for up to 3 years or longer, depending on the specific brand you use.

Ask your doctor when you should have your IUD removed and replaced.

If you have an IUD, contact your doctor if you:

  • want to become pregnant
  • think you might be pregnant
  • suspect that your IUD has slipped out of place
  • want to have your IUD removed or replaced

You should also contact your doctor if you develop any of the following signs or symptoms while using an IUD:

  • fever, chills, or other signs of infection
  • bad pain or cramps in your lower belly
  • pain or bleeding during sex

In most cases, the potential side effects of using an IUD are minor and temporary. But in rare cases, an IUD can cause serious complications, such as:

  • ectopic pregnancy

What Is An Iud

An intrauterine device is a small contraceptive device that is put into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. The 2 types available in Australia are the copper IUD and the hormonal IUD . The copper IUD is designed to stay in place for up to 10 years and the hormonal IUD for 5 years. Both can easily be removed sooner, if needed.

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Taking Steps If You Think You’re Pregnant

  • 1Take a home pregnancy test if you have any reason to think youre pregnant. Since you may not be sure when to expect your period, if you think you might be pregnant, take a home test as soon as you can. Although the exact direction will vary depending on the test you choose, in general, youll have to uncap one end of the test and hold it under your urine stream for several seconds. Then, wait for the indicator to show a result.XResearch source
  • If the test is negative, take another one about 3 weeks later to be sure.
  • Did You Know? While home pregnancy tests are most effective once youve missed your period, some are accurate 4 or 5 days before your period is due.

  • 2Make an appointment with your doctor right away if you get a positive result. If you discover that youre pregnant and you have an IUD, visit your doctor for an evaluation. Explain the situation when you call, so theyll know to schedule you as soon as possible. XResearch source
  • At your appointment, your doctor will confirm your pregnancy by doing a blood test to evaluate your hCG level.XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source
  • More than likely, if you become pregnant, it will be because the IUD has come out, or it may have been inserted improperly.
  • Youll need to be 5-6 weeks pregnant for this test to be performed, so you may have to return for another appointment after your initial blood test.
  • Are There Any Risks Of Pregnancy With An Iud

    What can I expect after having the mirena IUD removed?

    An IUD pregnancy comes with certain risks and complications. “You’re 50% more likely to miscarry if the IUD is left in place, so the recommendation is to let the pregnancy continue and remove the IUD,” says Dr. Sam. But it’s important to note that you’re still 25% more likely to miscarry even if the IUD is removed, so your doctor will want to monitor any IUD pregnancy closely.

    Getting pregnant with an IUD also comes with a higher risk of ectopic or tubal pregnancy, in which the fertilized egg implants somewhere outside the uterus . Ectopic pregnancies are not viable and can be life-threatening for the pregnant person, so they need to be treated quickly. Your doctor will diagnose ectopic pregnancy with blood tests, pelvic exams, and ultrasound. If your pregnancy is ectopic, it will be treated with medication or surgery.

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    What Are The Advantages Of An Iud

    • Long acting it lasts for between three and 10 years depending on the type of IUD.
    • Reversible you can choose to have it taken out at any time. After that, you’ll be able to get pregnant
    • 99% effective it works very well.
    • You dont need to think about contraception every day.
    • Doesn’t affect breastfeeding.
    • Doesn’t get in the way of sex.
    • The copper IUD doesn’t contain any hormones.
    • The copper IUD can also be used as emergency contraception.
    • The hormonal IUD has a very small amount of hormones and most people have no side effects from this.
    • The Mirena can help with period bleeding and pain. Most people with a Mirena will have light bleeding or no periods at all.

    Studies show that IUDs do not cause pimples, headaches, sore breasts, nausea, mood changes, loss of sex drive or weight gain. There is no evidence of an extra risk of cancer.


    Most people can use an IUD, including young people and those who haven’t had children.

    Hormonal IUDs are a really good option if you have heavy or painful periods.

    If you have an infection, you should get it treated before you get an IUD put in.

    If you have heavy or painful periods you should not get a copper IUD because it might make them worse.

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