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Vlog # 11 How To Make More Money: Pregnant and I Need Money Fast

If you are asking yourself how to make money while on unpaid maternity leave, I am here to tell you it is totally possible!

Do not say you are not qualified enough to find a job online.

That is not possible!

The internet has opened more opportunities to find creative jobs to make money during maternity leave!

Everyone can find something suitable if you really look.

You can write and edit articles, translate, create logos or names for different companies, make photos, edit, and sell them.

Or you can become a professional photographer.

Be sure to list your services on sites like Fiverrto get paying gigs in order to make money while on maternity leave.

Fiverr is one of the most overlooked places for finding jobs! List your services, stay active and you will get cool jobs! Go here to sign up and list your services!

Freelance work is one of the best ways to make money while on maternity leave.

You might want to read more about how this stay-at-home entrepreneur is able to make a crazy amount of money from freelance writing!

She shared with us amazing tips on how to get paid to blog and write articles from home!

This is one of the best ways to make money on maternity leave!

Writing is totally awesome and can help you make so a lot of money if you enjoy writing.

From pennies to four figures and making a living from writing without experience.

This is exactly how Elna Cain started to make money while she was on maternity leave with twins freelance writing!

Offer Freelance Translation Services

If you are fluent in a second language, consider offering translation services. Translation work is often completely remote and offers flexible hours. As a translator, you listen to audio or read documents to record them in a different language from the original source. Because knowing a second language is a special skill, this work often pays well.

Earn Money While Pregnant As A Bookkeeper

Ben, who is the founder of Bookkeeper Business Academy, explains in detail how becoming a bookkeeper may be a possibility for you.

Making money while pregnant is now much easier than it used to be.

Most jobs can now be done working from the comfort of your own home.

Ben helps people start and grow their own bookkeeping business with his online bookkeeping course.

And, guess what?

You dont have to be an accountant or have any previous experience!

I suggest you start by signing up for this amazing free workshop which will show you exactly how to start your own digital bookkeeping business.

When you sign up, you will get instant access to the 3 free classes that show you how to succeed as a bookkeeping business owner.

The classes go into so much amazing detail.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What a bookkeeper is.
  • The typical clients a bookkeeper has.
  • How much new bookkeepers earn.
  • How to become a bookkeeper.
  • The positives and negatives of bookkeeping, and more.

Ready to launch your Bookkeeper business to make extra money while pregnant?

Sign up for Bookkeeper Launch!

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Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Home As A Mom

Keep in mind that any of these side hustles and remote work for moms can be part-time with the possibility of becoming a full-time gig. Imagine starting a side hustle on your own that launches into a huge success? I know it sounds corny, but its true, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, anything is possible!

While there are many ways to earn money from home, here are 75 of the best ways to make extra money as a stay at home mom.

Lets get into the money-making list of stay at home jobs for moms!

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

If you love to write then this could be your way to make ...

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program can also offer assistance to pregnant mothers if you are pregnant with no resources. TANF is federally funded but administered by the state the goal is to provide temporary financial assistance at the same time while helping you find a job to better support yourself. The financial aid can be used to purchase food, clothing, housing, utilities, and medical supplies.

Low-income families with children and pregnant women who are in the last three months of pregnancy are typically able to receive these benefits. Each state has specific eligibility requirements like with Medicaid. In order to apply, you should contact the Medicaid office in your state.

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How To Prevent Nausea During Pregnancy

Are you preparing to have a baby?

If so, congratulations! Thats exciting news!

After all, theres nothing more special than welcoming a new member of the family. Pregnancy can be both exciting and stressful. Plus, you will likely find yourself battling nausea from time to time.

Fortunately, learning how to prevent nausea is easier than you might think. The key is to understand the best tips for easing your tummy during the nine months of pregnancy.

Here we take a look at time-proven advice for nausea prevention that will help make the experience of having a baby much more pleasant. Keep reading to learn more.

Slice a Lemon

Lets start by discussing the benefits of freshly sliced lemon. Why? Because it turns out that citrusy smells can help reduce nausea, especially during pregnancy.

This obviously wont be the perfect solution for everyone, but peeling and slicing a lemon helps the vast majority of women who experience nausea regularly.

The key is to keep the lemon slices in a small bowl wherever you happen to be throughout the day. Youll quickly find your tummy feeling better so that you wont feel quite so miserable at work or at home.

Learn Breath-Control Techniques

Believe it or not, there are certain breathing techniques that can help reduce nausea.

The key is to first expose yourself to very distinctive scents, such as lemon or peppermint as you breathe in slowly through your nose, then exhale through your mouth three times.

Take an Anti-Nausea Supplement


Sell Your Unwanted Items

Not just baby items, but go through anything you no longer need, that doesnt fit or could be worth something. Sell on Facebook sale groups, eBay, Schpock or Gumtree. If you have enough, run a car boot sale. If you have lots of old clothes and fabric like old sheets, you can get money from selling them by the kilo.

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Become An Online Juror

If youre looking for ways to make money on maternity leave from home, becoming an online juror may be just the right gig to help sustain your income as you take your leave. There are many different online mock jury sites where you can act as a jury member on a mock trial for attorneys to craft their case before they head to court. This can give them a better idea of how a jury will respond to their reasoning in court. Some mock trial services will even offer in-person trials that pay more than online but are more of a time commitment.

To become an online juror, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 18+ years
  • Cannot be a convicted felon or under indictment for a felony or misdemeanor
  • Must have basic reading and writing skills
  • Cannot be a lawyer, paralegal, or legal assistant
  • Cannot work in certain areas of the insurance industry

What Benefits Can I Claim When Pregnant And Unemployed

How I make money while being pregnant

What benefits you can claim while jobless and pregnant depends on where you live and whether or not your country or state has a social welfare system in place.

  • Free prescriptions and NHS dental treatment

  • Paid time off for antenatal care

  • Statutory Maternity Leave and Pay

  • Maternity Allowance

  • Employment and Support Allowance

  • Income Support

  • Healthy Food Scheme and Health Start Vouchers

If you are resident in the US, get in touch with your local benefits office to find out what you are entitled to.

Some benefits open to low income families and pregnant women include:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Medicaid
  • Welfare or Temporary Assistance For Needy Families
  • Supplementary Security Income

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Taking Care Of Your Pregnant Wife A Detailed Guide

Are you ready for the most stringent test you may ever face in your relationship?

Taking care of your pregnant wife is the ultimate challenge. It may not be what you think or what you see in movies.

Yes, pregnant women can be moody from time to time. They can also be demanding, but what their bodies are going through is remarkable! Anyone would be moody going through what they go through! Think about it, she is making a baby 24/7.

I cant think of or describe anything comparable to the body, and life changes that happen to women when they get pregnant.

This is why it is absolutely critical that you take care of your wife or partner as best as you possibly can.

The list below will get your husband status ranking as a hero. Follow the advice and take your new role seriously.

Ladies: share this post with the future dad in your life.

Fellas: bookmark this page, it is a long read! It will be a good reference during those nine months.

Make Money From Home While Pregnant By Becoming A Data Entry Clerk

You can make money from home by entering data and other information in programs for companies.

This work requires minimal skill and experience but you can master the art and get paid very well.

If you have a computer in your home and you have a basic knowledge of data entry programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, etc., then you can enter product information for companies.

Data entry jobs can be done with lots of flexibility. So, it is suitable for the pregnant woman as she can work at her own pace.

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Show Your Emotions Too

Many dads hold their feelings in, but there are so many things going on you can easily get caught up in them. Instead of hiding them, share them. You can act tough around your buddies, but around your wife be strong for her and let her know what you are feeling. Make your relationship as open as possible before you become parents together.

The Side Hustle: Shopping Delivery Apps

11 Ways To Make Money While Pregnant, Or On Maternity ...

Have a car and like to drive, but don’t want strangers in the backseat where your kids sit? Understood. You don’t have to be a ride-share driver to use your car to make some extra bucks. You can shop and deliver the goods to nearby customers. Try Instacart for groceries or Postmates for food or other errands. You can set your own hours and choose your own tasks.

“If grocery delivery wasn’t hot before the pandemic, it sure is now. With grocery stores struggling to keep up with delivery orders, and delivery and pick-up slots having longer and longer wait times, outsourcing has become the new norm,” Brooke Frederick, creator of Minimalist Mama, tells Parents. “Many apps, such as Instacart, will send you grocery delivery orders as they come in, and have you drive to the grocery store, fulfill the order, and deliver it. This side hustle is particularly great because there’s the possibility for you to bring babe along for the shop.”

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Monetize A Youtube Channel

Do you know how much money YouTubers make?

A lot!

And yes, starting a YouTube channel isnt for anyone, and it will take time. But if this is something you always wanted to do, now its the best time to start.

Google made a whopping $15.5 billion in ad revenue in 2019, up 36% compared to the year before! And a lot of this money goes directly into YouTubers pockets.

Read more about how to make money with YouTube here.

Make Money From Home While Pregnant And Unemployed By Blogging For Money

You can be pregnant and make money from home while blogging.

You set up a blog and upload contents of topics that you are passionate about. You make money by selling advertising space on the blog or by selling other products on the blog.

Blogging is one of the ways to earn passive income, and you can set aside a few hours in a day to create content and promote the blog.

As a blogger, you can be making huge money if you make your blog very useful for visitors.

A valuable blog will easily drive in targeted traffic that will lead to revenue.

By the way, check out this new way girls are earning money with pictures.

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Make Money With Photography

Sell your cell phone photos with Foap or start an at-home photography business.

A lot of bloggers expand their businesses by learning new photography skills, taking their own styled stock photos, and then selling them to other bloggers and businesses for cash.

If youre even a little skilled with a camera and know how to style a good picture, then you can make money selling photos from home.

Be A Web Search Evaluator

how to make money while pregnant and unemployed that actually work

Simply put, a web search evaluator tests out the effectiveness of the search function of a website. Its like testing google for a specific website do the search results actually reflect the contents of the site?

Since most technology is robotic, programmers need an evaluator to see the human aspect of searching for things. As an evaluator, you are going to help the thought process of the program that runs on a website to search through the websites content predicting accurately based on what people actually look for based on their keywords or statement.

It may sound intensive and time-consuming, but due to the online nature of work, schedules are flexible, and you are not required to sit on your computer for several hours uninterrupted. There could be big pockets of time where you are waiting for the next deliverable or while theyre fixing the search tool.

If you are interested in pursuing this kind of job, there are companies such as Appen Butler Hill, Leapforce, and Lionbridge that offer these kinds of duties with no experience required, with English fluency as a minimum. Its an excellent opportunity to add cash while staying idle at home.

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How To Make Money Online While Pregnant

Congratulations! Youre indeed pregnant! Sadly, pregnancy could also mean that youre no longer competent to work outside the house. This could be caused by being put on bed rest due to health problems or as the essence of your simply does not let you continue. This informative article provides you with several suggestions to earn money online when you are indeed pregnant.

BECOME an INTERNET GUIDE. hires guides which are educated in particular subject matter to write posts and keep a website about that issue, whether it be Camcorders or Chicago. ChaCha is the quickest growing cellular telephone replies text service from their cell phone. Among the occupations of a guide would be to perform an internet search and send a response to their question to the user. New guides are hired by ChaCha as guides go and come, so check back often.

SELL THINGS ON EBAY. You can find cash lying about your home! An eBay/Nielsen survey found the typical U.S. family has 52 fresh things lying around value $3,100. It is a mixture of electronic equipment and accessories, toys, clothing, sporting goods and other junk. It is among the simplest methods to earn money from house as well as an excellent solution to lessen litter. This work form home chance really has the possibility to generate a substantial income in the event you get into selling other things too.

Reference :

Work As A Telemarketer Or Cold Caller

What is the job of a telemarketer or a cold caller? Your primary task is to make a phone call to a list of contacts that your employer is going to give you. The purpose of your call is to try and market the products and services of the company that you are working for. Your base salary will be counted by the number of hours that you perform, but on top of that, you can also earn a commission for every product that you sell or deal that you close.

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Go To Parenting Classes With Her

Same as above we went to all sorts of classes where we bathed and dressed up baby dolls. At the time it seemed so silly but I was thanking my lucky stars that we practiced on a doll once we had our daughter!

They taught us how to put a shirt on a baby so she wouldnt cry, and it actually worked. And the car seat class I mentioned earlier? That was a lifesaver! Before we left the hospital we had to strap her in, and it was hard, but we remembered what we learned in the class, and that really helped us.

On our way home from the hospital, I thanked my wife for making us go to all those classes. Who knew how valuable they would be?

Create An Online Course

How To Make Money While Pregnant

I am sure you have some skills people will be willing to pay to learn from you. Then teach them!

Its never been easier to share everything you know. There are plenty of people that make a living from selling online courses, and you dont necessarily have to be an expert.

You just need to know more than your potential students on the subject!

There are plenty of online websites that make it easy for you to sell your skills and create online courses.

The best ones are:

If you are seriously interested in starting an online course, a great place to start is the Teachable free webinar. Teachable offers free live training to help you launch your online course in no time. You can claim your freespot .

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