How To Not Get Pregnant After Condom Breaks

Mistake: You Dont Use A Condom Every Single Time You Should

What should I do if a condom breaks during intercourse?

It may seem obvious, but in order for condoms to work, you need to use them the entire time you have sexevery single time when it makes sense to do so. Only 59 percent of people who used condoms with another form of birth control kept the rubber on the entire time, according to a 2014 study published in the journal Contraception. Researchers found that 35% of people started intercourse without a condom and that 6% removed the condom at some point during sex. This is not a good idea for all of the reasons we’ve already mentioned above. So make sure the condom is in place before you start having sexand that it stays there until youre both finished.

Track Your Fertility Period

If your cycles are fairly regular, you can depend on fertility awareness methods. These involve tracking the signs when your body is about to ovulate and avoiding sex during those days. In the days preceding ovulation, avoid making love. However, this involves quite a correct estimation of the ovulation date.

Mistake: You Reuse A Condom

You may think this is a given, but the CDC once tweeted a warning to people: Dont wash or reuse condoms! It happens, and it is not a good idea, Alyssa Dweck, M.D., a gynecologist in Westchester, New York, tells SELF. This is not a good habit to get into, she says.

A used condom cannot be considered reliable when it comes to pregnancy and STD prevention, Dr. Dweck explains. You should only use condoms once, for each sex act . If cost or access is an issue, go to to learn where you can get free condoms in your area.

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You Asked We Answered

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve heard teens ask, and our replies.

I have been on birth control for about 2 years now. I haven’t had a period or any bleeding for about a year. Does this mean that my risk of pregnancy is drastically decreased?

Nope, your chance of getting pregnant is the same whether you’ve been on your birth control for 2 weeks or 2 years. While you don’t mention the method you use, with most methods you are able to get pregnant as soon as you stop using itwhich is why it’s important to use birth control consistently. While having no period is a common side effect for some birth control, it doesn’t mean you are any less fertile should you stop using your method.

Can I have an IUD inserted if I’ve never had sex?

Great question, you can have an IUD inserted even if you have never had sex. This is a great discussion to have with your healthcare provider though to make sure that it’s the best type of birth control for you!

If the condom broke but I didnt feel the sperm, could I still be pregnant?

What is the age limit for purchasing condoms?

Am I still covered for that week I don’t take my pill?

Is it a good idea to go on a birth control pill even if you don’t plan to have sex?

Where can I buy birth control without a prescription?

One of the easiest methods of birth control to obtain privately is condoms, because there are no age restrictions and they require no prescription.

When condoms break, its usually because:

What Are Condoms And How Do They Work

How to Prevent Pregnancy if a Condom Breaks: 15 Steps

A condom is a barrier form of birth control that prevents you from directly touching your partner. This is the best way to protect both of you from STIs. Its also an effective method of birth control since it stops the mans sperm from reaching the womans eggs.

There are three different kinds of condoms:

  • Male condom: goes over the penis and collects semen when the man ejaculates.
  • Female condom: also called an internal condom, this kind goes inside the womans vagina to prevent sperm from reaching the eggs.
  • Dental dam: a special condom you can use during oral sex to prevent STIs.

Condoms can be made of latex, polyurethane, or lambskin. Latex condoms are the best choice since they dont break as easily and do a good job of preventing STIs. If you or your partner have a latex allergy, polyurethane condoms are the next best choice.

Some condoms are lubricated to reduce the friction created during sex. This helps to prevent the condom from breaking or tearing. Condoms may also be coated with spermicide, too. In case the condom does break, the spermicide can help slow the sperm down so it doesn’t reach the egg.

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Do Condoms Protect Against All Stis

It depends. They are most effective against STIs that are transmitted through bodily fluids. Consistent and correct use of external or internal condoms can reduce the chances of sharing gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, even if you have sex with multiple partners or do sex work . If you have penis-in-vagina sex with an external condom, you are 80% less likely to contract human immunodeficiency virus , compared to sex without a condom .

Some STIs like herpes, human papillomavirus , syphilis, and chancroid are shared through skin-to-skin contact. If an ulcer or open sore related to an STI is not completely covered, the STI can still be shared .

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Condoms

Main advantages:

  • small and easy to carry
  • easy to buy
  • able to protect against STIs as well as unwanted pregnancy

Main disadvantages:

  • can only be used once
  • they are perishable they need to be kept in a cool place and used by the expiry date
  • male condoms can only be used with water-based lubricants
  • female condoms can be tricky to insert and remove

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A Person Giving Oral Sex Should:

Spit out any semen quickly, or swallow it immediatelydo not let it stay in your mouthRinse and spit using water.Do not brush or floss your teeth for at least one hour after the service.It is important to have a sexual health check up including throat swabs. This should be 14 days after the condom breaks or sooner if you have any symptoms or concerns.

You May Also Want To Get Tested For Stis

What If a CONDOM breaks | Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy | Explained in ENG | Dr.Education

Unplanned pregnancy is not the only potential risk when a condom breaks. Condoms are the only way to protect against the transmission of STDs/STIs, so if it breaks then you are at risk for these too. If you and/or your partner are unsure about your STI status, its a good idea to get tested. For reliable results, you should wait about 2-3 weeks after having unprotected sex to get tested.

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What Causes A Broken Condom

Before use

  • Forgetting to check for damage before using tears or punctures may not be obvious
  • Not storing condoms properly, or using expired condoms
  • Unrolling the condom before putting it on instead of unrolling onto the penis or sex toy itself
  • Forgetting to leave room at the tip for semen some condoms have a reservoir tip to help with this
  • Forgetting to remove any air bubbles
  • Putting the condom on inside out and trying to flip the condom rather than throwing out the condom and using a new one

During use

  • Putting on a condom after starting to have sex
  • Using the wrong lubrication or no lube at all oil-based lubricants may weaken the latex of the condom and cause it to break
  • Removing the condom before finishing
  • Using the same condom more than once multiple acts require different condoms even if they follow right after one another

Its important to remember that accidents can happen even when you use condoms correctly and take proper care of them prior to using them. Dont feel bad if a condom breaks! its bound to happen and its a normal part of using them.

Is There Ever A Time When You Dont Need A Condom Or Other Form Of Contraception

You or your partner are more likely to fall pregnant if you have sex during certain stages of the menstrual cycle.

However, to be on the safe side, you still should use a condom every time you have penis-in-vagina sex.

A person who has a vulva can become pregnant only during ovulation, which is when their ovary releases an egg. The egg can be fertilized 24 to 48 hours after ovulation occurs.

Ovulation generally happens about halfway through the menstrual cycle. A person who has a 28-day menstrual cycle, for example, will probably ovulate about 14 days after their period starts.

Sperm remains viable in the body for up to 5 days . This means that if you have PIV sex 5 days before the person with a vulva ovulates, pregnancy is still possible.

However, ovulation might be early or late. And if the ovulating partner has an irregular menstrual cycle, itll be difficult to accurately predict the day of ovulation.

So, to be on the safe side, you and your partner should always use a condom during PIV sex even during mensuration.

As mentioned, using a condom correctly decreases your risk of pregnancy. Heres what you need to know about using condoms correctly.

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Plan B And Other Levonorgestrel Pills Are Less Effective But Can Still Be Used

If youve gone past the 72-hour window, you can still take a levonorgestrel EC pill, including Plan B, for another 2 days.

But, the longer you wait to take it, the less effective it is at reducing the chance of pregnancy.

Unusual discharge and pain when urinating are common symptoms of both gonorrhea and chlamydia.

You should also look out for bleeding after sex and between periods.

Pain can also if gonorrhea results from oral sex, and in the stomach or testicles as a result of chlamydia.

However, some people may experience no symptoms at all.

So its important to get a test for both of these STIs 2 weeks after sex, as they can lead to more serious issues such as infertility.

Waiting around 14 days after potential exposure is considered to be the time that produces the most reliable results .

If you receive a positive result, know that both STIs are treatable with antibiotics and you should avoid having sex until the infection clears.

Genital areas arent the only places that may need an STI test. If sexual activity involved , youll need to be tested there, too, to make sure you receive the right treatment.

If youre concerned you might be pregnant, the first sign tends to be a missed period.

Youll need to take a pregnancy test to find out for certain.

As pregnancy tests work by detecting a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin . It can take a while for enough hCG to build up in your body, so you should wait to take a test until 3 weeks after sex.

What Are Your Odds Of Breaking A Condom

How to Prevent Pregnancy if a Condom Breaks: 15 Steps

How durable your condom is depends in part on what its made out of. Polyurethane condoms your classic rubbers are thinner than latex condoms and may provide a more natural feel during sex. A 2003 study shows that polyurethane condoms can slip off or break 2.5 times more often than latex ones.

If condoms were basketball players, their shooting percentage would be all-world. As birth control, however, theyre more like Shaq at the free-throw line a toss up. Counting both breakage and slippage, The condom failure rate is about 10 percent, says Irobunda.

Overall, condoms are only 85 percent effective in real-world use, versus 98 percent when used perfectly.

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Can Condoms Break Without You Knowing

Yes, its possible for a condom to break without you realising. Thats why its really important to check the condom once youve finished having sex.

A good tip is to switch to a fresh condom if youve been having sex for more than 30 minutes. Friction can weaken the condom material and make it more likely to break as time goes on.

How Hard Is It To Get Pregnant The Chances Of Conception Depend On Various Circumstances Ranging From Your Menstrual Cycle To Your Birth Control Here Experts Share The Scenarios Where You’re Least Likely To Conceive

Many people spend the better part of their fertile years actively trying not to get pregnant, so it might be surprising to learn that conception isn’t that easy. Indeed, there’s a relatively short window during the menstrual cycle that’s ideal for conceiving, whether or not a person is on birth control or actively trying, says Anate Brauer, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist at the Greenwich Fertility and IVF Centers and assistant professor of OB-GYN at NYU School of Medicine.

According to the Food and Drug Administration , 85 out of 100 people of reproductive age who are sexually active and do not use any kind of contraception will become pregnant within a year. Of course, every person is different, and you should always use protection if you’re not trying to conceive. But if you’re wondering which occasions make for the least likely opportunity, check out these expert-stamped scenarios where your chances of pregnancy are the lowest.

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Mistake: You Use An Expired Condom

And while youre already looking at the package, you might as well check the condoms expiration date, too. The expiration date is there for a reason, says Dr. Dweck. Some condoms have spermicide or other ingredients that break down over time and dont work as well. If a condom has expired, you can assume it wont be as safe or effective as one that hasnt.

Mistake: You Dont Apply The Condom Correctly

Can you get pregnant while using a Condom?

The rolled edge of an external condom should be on the outside facing away from the penis. You’ll know if youre not putting it on correctly because the condom will resist unrolling down the penis as opposed to flawlessly unfurling itself. Don’t feel bad if you make this mistake! Even though it was easy to put a condom on a banana in sex-ed , that’s not necessarily true to life. “I have yet to find anyone who has a penis that looks like a banana,” says Dr. Levine.

That’s why paying close attention to any signs of struggle is key, whether you’re putting the condom on a penis or a sex toy. “People try to force it down when this happens,” says Dr. Levine. But a condom resisting is a sign something’s wrong, which means you should remove it and get a new one .

Of course, internal condoms have their own nuances. First, the CDC says to differentiate between the thick, inner ring with a closed end and the thin, outer ring. The thick ring gets placed inside the vagina and holds the condom in place. The thin ring stays outside of the body and surrounds the vaginal opening. During sex, its best to guide the penis or sex toy inside the condom opening so they dont slip between the condom and vaginal walls.

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Home Remedies For Birth Control

View in Hindi

Birth control is a watchful measure to prevent and avoid unwanted pregnancy. It is important to understand the value of careful birth control methods in order to make it harmless for women not ready to be pregnant. Various medical contraception techniques are effective but may have certain risks associated, such as side effects in case of birth control pills. Not only females but male birth control options or preventive measures can be taken to avoid pregnancy.

Nature always has solutions for any condition, and birth control is not untouched by natures benefits. There are some cheap birth control methods that can be practiced at home however, they are not foolproof.

First Stop What Youre Doing And Evaluate The Situation

If at any point during sex you feel or even suspect a condom break, stop and withdraw immediately. To determine what next steps to take, you must first assess the circumstances. Is the condom still on your partner? Is it inside of you? Did the break happen before or after ejaculation?

If the condom is still inside of you, make sure you retrieve all of the pieces to prevent irritation or infection. If things were just getting started and you dont find any pre-ejaculate, you should be safe to change to a new condom and continue. For breaks that happen post-ejaculation, there are a few things youll want to do next.

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Do I Need An Sti Or Pregnancy Test

Yep, you definitely do.

Since youve both been exposed to each others body fluids, its really important that you both get tested for STIs. Remember that STI testing is quick and easy and nothing to be worried about. Its part and parcel of a healthy and confident sex life.

Book an STI test as soon as you can

Its recommended that you get an STI test every 6-12 months, when you change partners, or if you show any symptoms. If you sleep with a lot of different people, youll need testing more regularly. More sex = more testing. Makes sense, right?

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