How To Take An Accurate Pregnancy Test

How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

Urine Pregnancy Test | Tips To Get An Accurate Urine Pregnancy Test Results.

You can take a pregnancy test anytime after your period is late thats when they work the best. Its a good idea to take a pregnancy test as soon as possible if you miss your period or think you might be pregnant.

The earlier you know youre pregnant, the sooner you can start thinking about your options and get whatever care you need to stay healthy.

Many pregnancy tests say they work a few days before a missed period, but the results are usually less accurate then. Read the label on your pregnancy test to find out when to take a pregnancy test and how accurate itll be.

Sometimes a pregnancy test is able to find pregnancy hormones in your urine as early as 10 days after unprotected sex. But these results arent super reliable, and you may get a false positive or false negative test result.

If your periods are very irregular, or you dont get periods at all for one reason or another, your best bet for accurate results is to take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after sex.

Equate Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The Equate Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate. The hCG level detected by a pregnancy test determines its sensitivity. The Equate Tests have a decent level of sensitivity. The Equate PT can detect an hCG level of 25 mIU/ml in urine.

The test sensitivity surpasses most cheap pregnancy tests. The concentrated the urine the more precise will be the results of a pregnancy test.

As you will come closer to the day of missed periods, the accuracy of Equate Test will shoot exponentially.

Rise Of Pregnancy Hormone

Adapted from: Gnoth C. and Johnson S. Strips of Hope: Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests and New Developments. GeburtshilfeFrauenheilkd 2014 74:661669.

So if you are thinking of testing before your missed period, why not try Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test.

The day of your expected period is the day your period is due to start. If you still havent got your period the next day, this is the day of your missed period. So, if you see instructions telling you to take the test four days before your expected period, this is the same as five days before your missed period.

  • Provides early detection of the pregnancy hormone. 71% of pregnancies can be detected 6 days before the missed period .
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    My Pregnancy Test Says I Am Not Pregnant Could I Still Be Pregnant

    Yes, it is possible you could still be pregnant. It’s possible to be pregnant and to have a pregnancy test show that you are not pregnant.

    The accuracy of home pregnancy test results varies from woman to woman because:

    • Each woman ovulates at a different time in her menstrual cycle.
    • The fertilized egg can implant in a woman’s uterus at different times.
    • Sometimes women get false-negative results when they test too early in the pregnancy. False negative means the test says you are not pregnant when you are.
    • Problems with the pregnancy can affect the amount of hCG in the urine.

    If a test says you are not pregnant, take another pregnancy test in a few days. If you are pregnant, your hCG levels should double every 48 hours.1 If you think you are pregnant but more tests say you are not, call your doctor.

    Pee On A Stick Or Into The Cup

    5 x Pregnancy Tests, 6 Day Early Detection Pregnancy Test Sticks

    Now, time to take the test. If youre peeing into a cup, grab your cup and go.

    If youre peeing on a stick, remember to take the cap off the test, if it has one.

    Take a quick peek at the directions again and note how long you need to pee on the stick and how you should hold the test when taking it. Then do it.

    If you peed into a cup, and youre ready to dip the strip in, take note of how long you should do this for.

    If you have a cartridge style test, you may need to use a dropper to drip the urine into the test well.

    Once youre finished, set the test aside and wash your hands.

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    What To Do If You Feel Pregnant But The Test Was Negative

    Talk to your provider if youve had a negative pregnancy test result, but are having symptoms of early pregnancy such as:

    • Breast tenderness
    • Sensitivity to smells
    • Nausea and vomiting

    Since the amount of hCG increases rapidly when you are pregnant, you may need to retest in a few days.

    Which Week In My Cycle Should I Take A Pregnancy Test

    For the most accurate results, take a pregnancy test the week after a missed period. Some home pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy earlier, but theres a higher chance for false negatives during this window if your body hasnt built up enough HCG. Even if you test early, its best to take another the day of a missed period and the week after a missed period.

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    The Best Time In Your Cycle To Take A Pregnancy Test

    After you become pregnant, it takes some time for hCG to increase to a detectable level.

    The best time to take a pregnancy test is after your period is late. If you dont want to wait until youve missed your period, at least wait for one to two weeks after you had sex to take a test.

    Everyone’s fertile window is different, depending on when they ovulate.

    Menstrual bleeding typically begins 14 days after ovulation. People who ovulate on day 14 usually expect their period on day 28 or 29. People who ovulate later in the month may not expect their period until day 31 or later.

    Its best to wait until the time you are sure youve missed a period to take a pregnancy test. If you are unsure when you ovulate, you can try ovulation test kits or track your basal body temperature.

    Mistake #: Misreading The Results

    How Accurate are Pregnancy Tests? | Pregnancy Questions | Parents

    Dont feel bad if youre confused about what your pregnancy test tells you. There are entire internet forums dedicated to deciphering the results of peoples nondigital pregnancy tests. Trying to figure out if a line is a line or a plus is a plus can be tough.

    Because of that, you might do better with a digital test that says pregnant or not pregnant when the results are ready. These tests arent more accurate than nondigital ones, but they can take the guesswork out of reading lines or signs.

    If you get a result youre just not sure about, wait and test again. And if things are still clear as mud, Watkins suggests talking to your health care provider about getting a blood test. It can detect lower levels of hCG than a urine test.

    All in all, at-home pregnancy tests are pretty reliable. If you get a positive test, touch base with your health care provider as soon as possible. Theyll be able to confirm the results and make sure you and your baby are as healthy as can be.

    Another thing thats reliable? Our free mobile app. With our coupon finder and pharmacy map, well help you make sure youre getting the best price possible for your prescription medications.

    Additional sourcesThe basics of at-home pregnancy tests: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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    Can You Pee On A Digital Pregnancy Test Twice

    The digital component of the test simply reads the strip for you and reports the results on a digital display screen So you cant reuse digital tests, either.

    Yes! Drinking too much water or any liquid can affect a pregnancy test The hormone hCG is more concentrated in your urine first thing in the morning If you havent missed your period yet, your hCG level may not be high enough to be detected in more diluted urine.

    Other Factors That Affect Hcg

    Sometimes, there may be a positive test result but the woman is not pregnant. High HCG can also indicate that some health condition has increased levels of the hormone.

    This could be:

    • a deficiency of immunoglobulin A , an important antibody in immune function
    • gestational trophoblastic disease, a rare, pregnancy-related tumor
    • gestational trophoblastic neoplasms, a rare uterine tumor

    HCG can rise as a result of some types of cancer. These are transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder and urinary tract, prostate cancer, renal cancer, and cancers of the gastrointestinal system. A pregnancy test may be used to assess for these.

    Pregnancy tests are available at drugstores, pharmacies, and some convenience stores. Home pregnancy tests can be purchased for as little as a dollar, and some health centers offer them free of charge.

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    Set The Test Aside And Set Your Timer

    Now, take a quick look back at the directions and see how long youre supposed to wait before looking at the results.

    Its probably about 3 minutes. Set your timer and walk away. It is tempting to watch the test change colors, but all you will do is go through 1,001 moods in those 181 seconds. But dont walk away from the test without setting a timer. If you do that, you might stay away too long.

    Reading a test significantly after the maximum wait time can result in false positives or negatives.

    What can you do while you wait, without losing your mind? How about…

    • Watch one of your favorite funny YouTube videos.
    • Go make yourself a cup of tea.
    • Put in a load of laundry or load/unload the dishwasher.
    • Turn on a song that makes you happy, do a little dance. No sad songs, please! Dont torture yourself.

    My Pregnancy Test Says I Am Pregnant What Should I Do Next

    5 x Pregnancy Tests, 6 Day Early Detection Pregnancy Test Sticks

    If a home pregnancy test shows that you are pregnant, you should call your doctor to schedule an appointment.

    Your doctor can use a blood test to tell for sure whether you are pregnant. Seeing your doctor early in your pregnancy also means you can begin prenatal care to help you and your baby stay healthy.

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    Are There Variations In Hcg Levels

    The key to knowing when to take a pregnancy test lies in when hCG might start showing up on tests. Your body starts to produce hCG in your blood and pee once the embryo attaches to your uterine wall. This can happen between six days and two weeks after the egg is fertilized . HCG is considered to be one of the earliest indicators of pregnancy.

    Generally, your hCG levels will double every 48 hours in your first trimester, peaking at around 10 weeks. After that point, theyll level off. However, hCG levels can differ from person to person, and Dr. Jones explains that detection of hCG levels can vary in very early pregnancy depending on when you take a test.

    hCG levels can be negative in early pregnancy if they are tested too early, she says. This can be due to the level of detection of the test or if too close to the time of ovulation. This is because your body hasnt produced enough hCG yet.

    If you do a pregnancy test that comes back positive, your health care provider may also give you a blood test to check your hCG levels.

    Tips For Test Accuracy

    How can I make sure that my at-home pregnancy test is accurate?

    If you are actively trying to conceive, make it a point to track your menstrual cycles. This will ensure a more accurate understanding of when the first day of your next period should start and whether it is a good time to test.

    Test when you first wake up. Take your pregnancy test first thing in the morning. Thats when a womans urine is at its highest point of concentration, which makes it more likely that the test will detect hormone levels in your urine.

    Check the expiration date. Home pregnancy tests can expire. All of the package labeling should have an expiration date listed on it. If you use a test after the expiration date, it may not be accurate.

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    When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test

    If you think you could be pregnant, its a good idea to take a test and make sure. Home pregnancy tests can differ in how early theyll detect a pregnancy. In many cases, you might get a positive result from an at-home test as early as 10 days after conception. For a more accurate result, wait until after youve missed your period to take a test. Remember, if you take a test too soon, it could be negative even if youre pregnant. If you get a negative test and then miss your period, take another test.

    What time should I take a pregnancy test?

    In general, the best time is when you have your first morning pee. However, some pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to detect HCG no matter what time of day you take the test. When possible, try to wait until its been three hours since your last pee before you take the test. You could also take two pregnancy tests to confirm you get the same result.

    What If I Can’t Tell Whether My Pregnancy Test Is Positive Or Negative

    How do pregnancy tests work? – Tien Nguyen

    Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the test is positive or negative. The line may be faint, or you may worry whether you peed too much or too little on the stick.

    No matter how faint the line or plus sign, if you see it, you are most likely pregnant. The faintness of the line can mean you are early in your pregnancy and your hCG levels are still low.

    Also, the pregnancy test should have a control line that tells you whether the test was done correctly. If the control line is blank, then the test did not work and you should take another test.

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    What Can Cause An Inaccurate Pregnancy Test Result

    Inaccurate test results do occur sometimes. A false-negative pregnancy test result is more common than a false-positive test result.

    A false-positive pregnancy test is quite rare but happens . It can happen with a very early miscarriage, also known as a chemical pregnancy. A false-positive pregnancy test can also occur if you still have hCG in your system from fertility medications or a recent pregnancy. It takes about four to six weeks for your hCG levels to drop after miscarriage, abortion, or giving birth.

    A false negative pregnancy test occurs when you are pregnant, but the pregnancy test reads negative . There are several reasons this can happen, including:

    • Testing too early

    The most common reason for a false negative pregnancy test is taking the test too early for hCG to be detected in your urine. You may have miscalculated when your next period was due, so recheck the calendar for accuracy. Its also possible that something caused a delay in ovulation. This delay would also cause conception and implantation to occur later than expected in your menstrual cycle. When this happens, you wont get an accurate test result until later in your cycle.

    • Making a mistake performing the pregnancy test

    You can also get a false test result if you made a mistake on the pregnancy test directions. They are all a little bit different, so even though you are anxious to get answers, take the time to read the directions thoroughly before you test.

    • A defective pregnancy test

    Urine Testing At Home

    A home test involves placing the urine on a chemical strip. The result is ready in around 1 to 2 minutes, although different brands of test may vary in the result times.

    The individual collects urine in a container and either dips the pregnancy test stick into it or uses an eyedropper to place the sample on the test strip.

    Alternatively, a pregnancy stick can be held in the urine stream.

    Each brand of testing has its own way of giving results, so it is important to read the package insert to find out how to understand the results.

    Depending on the test, the result may appear as:

    • a change of color
    • a change in a marked line, or the appearance of a symbol, such as a plus or minus
    • an answer in a test window, for example, the words pregnant or not pregnant

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    When To See A Doctor

    Image: Shutterstock

    If you suspect you are pregnant, it is better to consult a doctor. You may start experiencing early pregnancy symptoms such as abdominal pain, fatigue, food cravings or aversions, morning sickness, frequent urination, darkening of the areola, and more that could signal a pregnancy .

    Also see a doctor if you miss your periods for two consecutive cycles and test negative in a home pregnancy test.

    When To Take A Pregnancy Test After Sex

    Pregnancy Test

    If youve had sex without using birth control, then you may be curious to know when you can take a pregnancy test. The general guidelines apply here. If you track your period and have a regular cycle , then you can take a standard pregnancy test on the first day of your missed period. If you wait a week after your missed period, its worth knowing that you may get a more accurate result.

    If your cycle is irregular , or youre not sure when your period is due, then its recommended that you wait at least 14 days to take a pregnancy test after sex.

    If you dont want to have a baby and have had unprotected sex, you can use emergency contraception within three to five days after having sex.

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