Is Beth On Good Girls Pregnant

Beth Dean Rio And The Dangers On The Horizon

Beth Tricks Rio into Thinking She’s Pregnant – Good Girls

Beth’s goal for a little while now involves getting out from under Rio’s control, and in the season finale she and Dean are working together toward the long-term goal of taking Rio off the board.

However, in the meantime, the pair are still under Rio’s thumb as they take over Gayle’s pool and spa store. Rio helps facilitate the move and, once the entire place is cleaned out, Rio and Beth have a very cold heart-to-heart. Beth wants to know when she’ll be able to run her own business, and Rio responds with, “Next time, empty the clip” referring to an opportunity Beth had earlier in the season to kill Rio. Sufficed to say, Beth and Rio are not on great terms.

Is it possible that Beth might actually off Rio at some point? Maybe! However, one thing we know is that, had the season gone its full 16 episodes, the two would’ve had to team up in a new way. In an interview with TV Line, Jenna Bans revealed that, “They’re going to be thrust into very interesting circumstances where they’re forced to work together in a way we haven’t done on the show. It really changes the dynamic between them and amplifies the chemistry, too.

Might Agent Donnegan present a greater danger than we expect? Or is there someone else on the horizon that puts Rio and Beth at mutual risk? We’ll find out when Good Girls returns for its fourth season on March 7, 2021.

Good Girls: Everything You Need To Remember Ahead Of The Season 4 Premiere

Between Rio coming back to life, Agent Turner dying, Boomer escaping from prison, and Beth actually becoming “the boss,” season three of Good Girls dropped a lot of bombs in its 11 episodes. It’s a good thing the show is returning for a slightly longer fourth season 16 episodes this time to tie up all those loose ends. Especially with two new FBI agents hot on the three leads’ trail and in possession of Ruby’s phone, we can’t wait to see how the rest of the drama unfolds come March 7 when it returns to NBC . In case you need a refresher, here’s where everyone’s story left off by the end of season three.

Christina Hendricks Is Elizabeth Bradshaw On Tin Star

Working backwards, Christina Hendricks’ other most recent role is the Amazon Prime series Tin Star, another crime show, albeit from a very different angle. Unlike Good Girls‘ focus on housewives getting pulled in too deep, Hendricks’ character Elizabeth Bradshaw is much more in control of her morally ambiguous choices.

Tin Star is focused on Jack Worth , an ex-undercover police officer from the UK who’s moved to the small town of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada to escape a dark past, continue his alcohol recovery, and start fresh. Obviously things do not go to plan for Worth or his family.

A big part of the story involves Worth getting so black-out drunk that it creates an alter-ego named Jack Devlin wo exists to do the dirty work Worth can’t. And for such an extreme Jekyll-and-Hyde story like this to work, there must also be an adequate villain and those villains come from Fort McMurray’s corrupt North Stream Oil company. And who works for that oil company? Elizabeth Bradshaw, played by Christina Hendricks.

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Why Did Beth Tell Rio She Was Pregnant

With Rio ready to kill her on Good Girls, Beth did the one thing she could think to do to buy herself some time: she told him she was pregnant. It workedfor the time being. But its a lie that she can only keep up for so long. After lying to Rio, Beth tried to conceive a baby with her husband Dean.

Tv Shows To Watch After Thanksgiving Dinner

Watch Good Girls Highlight: Beth Tricks Rio into Thinking ...

Thanksgiving brings together friends and family for a shared meal.

But after all the turkey, sides, and pie is cleared off the plate, the only acceptable activity is binge-watching some feel-good TV shows.

Heres what you should watch post-Thanksgiving dinner!

Youll be just as surprised as Mel to fall in love with the picturesque town of Virgin River. Come for the views, stay for the Jack.

Hart of Zoe

Dr. Zoe Hart arrives in Alabama looking for a fresh start and learns that the Southern way of living might actually be whats best for her.

Gilmore Girls

An unbreakable mother and daughter bond, a charming town that would make any Lifetime movie jealous, and an unspoken love for coffee? Say no more.

Selena + Chef

You might know her as a Disney Channel actress and pop star, but now, shes adding chef to her resume. And since Thanksgiving is all about food, this is one show you dont want to pass up.

There are only nine episodes available, but the NBC series has gripped audiences as it ponders how much impact one small choice can have on the rest of your life.

The modern-day update to the Chuck Norris classic hones in on family over everything with a side of roundhouse kicks.

A Million Little Things

A group from Boston bond under the unlikeliest of circumstances and get a much-needed wake-up call following the death of a close friend.

Dream Home Makeover

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Who Is Rhea On Good Girls Everything We Know About Rios Baby Momma

Rhea, played by the phenomenal Jackie Cruz, was an interesting third season addition to Good Girls.

She was introduced as Rios baby momma, whom Beth befriended after laying three shots into him and leaving him for what she thought was dead.

From a misguided place of guilt and possibly a desire to stay connected to Rio in some way, Beth reached out to Rhea and the two became fast friends.

Were talking girls nights at each others houses, play dates between little Jane and Marcus, Beth giving Rhea some old clothes, and Rhea lending Beth some money.

You know, all the makings of a good friendship, except that Beth was harboring this huge secret and was never honest with Rhea about who she was and what she did.

She always asked about Marcus dad, and Rheas response was that radio silence was pretty common from him until he popped back up again to take care of them. Beth never worked up the nerve to tell her that she killed the man supporting her and her son.

Until she found out that she didnt. In a moment that shook Beth to her core, Rio did pop up again and, understandably, he came back with a vengeance.

He also immediately made the connection between Rhea and Beth, and thus, used Rheas meeting to catch Beth off guard and confront her about the shooting.

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Rheas character raises a lot of questions: who is she? What does she know? What has she seen?

1. She Could be the Boss

3. Shes Scared

No Good Girls Christina Hendricks Is Not Pregnant

There has recently been a swirl of online rumors that Good Girls actress Christiana Hendricks was recently spotted with a baby bump.

Rumors and speculation that Christina Hendricks, best known for her roles on NBCs Good Girls and AMCs Mad Men, is pregnant are being stoked by recent fake news reports that the actress is indeed pregnant and that a source close to her has confirmed that she is pregnant and expecting a child.

One satirical report claimed that she recently made toasts by drinking water. The report went on to note that it is very unusual for people to toast with a glass of water instead of wine and that Hendricks decision to make toasts with water instead of wine suggests she is pregnant because ladies are usually advised to abstain from alcohol when they are expecting a baby.

This is not the first time that rumors have circulated online that the Good Girls actress is pregnant. Pregnancy rumors have followed the actress since she revealed in a 2014 issue of Health magazine that she doesnt want to get pregnant or have children and that she has the support of her husband, the Body of Proof and Madam Secretary star Geoffrey Arend.

Weve decided that we are not really interested in having children,Hendricks said.We got a puppy, and thats my idea of starting a family.

She admitted in the Health magazine interview that theres a small chance I could change my mind.

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Christina Hendricks To Topline Nbc’s ‘good Girls’ In Recasting

It wasnt necessarily a network note. To tell you the truth, the character dramatically changed from Kathleen to Christina. I love Kathleen, Episodes is my favorite show and we were so excited to get her. But the character is a totally different character, Bans told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday at the Television Critics Associations winter press tour. Christinas version of Beth is more put together shes more of a tight-ass, more repressed, more efficient and runs her life with this maniacal efficiency. And the Kathleen version was a little more frazzled and haphazard. That was absolutely the character we hired Kathleen to play and she did an amazing job with it. But for various creative reasons, we took the character in a new direction and thats how it all went down. But I remain a giant fan of both of them theyre both so talented. Maybe theres a third or a fourth sister coming down the road.

Whitman , Retta , Matthew Lillard, Manny Montana, Reno Wilson, Lidya Jewett, Izzy Stannard and Zach Gilford co-star in the drama, which was an early frontrunner through pilot season after earning raves for the casts chemistry.

Good Girls marks Hendricks first broadcast series-regular role since her seven-season turn as Joan Harris on AMCs critical gem Mad Men. Since that show wrapped, she has starred on Sundance TVs Hap and Leonard and was among the repertoire cast of Comedy Centrals Another Period.

Good Girls premieres Feb. 26 on NBC. Watch the trailer, below.

Good Girls Round Table: Oh Baby

Script to Screen: Can Beth Convince Rio She’s Pregnant? – Good Girls

Beth sure does know how to get herself out of some pretty terrible situations.

On Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3, she shocked Rio, and the viewers, by announcing she was pregnant. It was a plan to buy herself some time and with Rhea’s help, it worked.

Join TV Fanatic Lizzy Buczak, Jasmine Blu, Meaghan Frey, and Whitney Evans as they discuss the hour.

What did you think about Beth’s decision to lie to Rio about being pregnant?

Lizzy: Well, I’ll give it to her, she’s quick on her feet. I think Rio kind of gave her the idea when he pushed the drink towards her and made a comment about “the beautiful family she created.” It definitely bought her some time, but not by much since Rio is smart and will eventually realize that she’s not pregnant.

When that happens, he’ll be even more upset. Or she’ll pretend she had a miscarriage, which will make him feel bad for her. Beth always finds a way out.

Jasmine: That was creative. The one thing she thought she could bank on was Rio being a family man, and she hoped it would spare her. It was a calculated risk, for sure.

It bought her some time, but how does this work beyond that until she figures something else out? It was so scandalous. I love this show. I can see her faking a miscarriage, but I don’t know how that would play out either.

Whitney: I cant stop thinking about the scenario where Beth is actually pregnant, and it sends me down a rabbit hole. But all-in-all, it kept Beth alive, so it’s hard to be mad at it.

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Supergirl Series Finale Review The Last Gauntlet And Kara

A wedding, a funeral, a visit from some beloved familiar faces, and finally, and most importantly of all, the destruction of Lex and Nyxly.

Everything came full-circle on Supergirls series finale when the Super Squad complete with an assistant from the Legion and the people of National City banished Lex and Nyxly to the Phantom Zone.

Okay, fine. Technically the duo banished themselves after Lex unleashed the phantoms and they preyed on their fears and insecurities.

But Ill admit, it was pretty satisfying to see them get swept up thanks to their own plan.

It only made sense that the final showdown would include Lex. He was the one true villain that caused this world too much harm over the years.

And the fact that he was in love didnt change the fact that he was a ruthless sociopath that was willing to do whatever was necessary to become the all mighty and powerful.

The man was willing to sacrifice an innocent child for crying out loud.

He deserved everything that came his way.

And at least he was banished to the Phantom Zone with the love of his life! They have all the time in the world to figure out their relationship.

Of course, I definitely felt a little bad for Nyxly as she was fueled by the desire to get revenge on those that wronged her.

Her need to get revenge took over her rational thinking, so she too got what was deserved, but its unfortunate that instead of moving on and finding peace, shes now going back to the place that nightmares are made of.

Good Girls Recap: What Happened To Rio Is Boomer Dead And More

With Good Girls Season four coming soon to NBC, heres a reminder of what the criminal mums got up to.

NBC series Good Girls is a darkly comic crime romp which plays like Ozark meets Breaking Bad but with a bunch of mums. Christina Hendrix stars as alpha mother Beth, who is bored of her seemingly perfect life, while her little sister Annie is an irresponsible single mum who works at a grocery store. With Beths best friend Ruby , who needs money to pay for meds for her daughter who has kidney problems, the women go down an increasingly dark criminal path.

The season one pilot introduced the premise: Beth, Annie and Ruby decide to rob the store that Annie works in when they find themselves in dire financial states. Annie thinks theres around 30k in the safe which would be enough to bail each of them out. But when they count the cash its closer to half a million.

Turns out that money belongs to shady gangster Rio Annies dodgy boss Boomer had been turning a blind eye to money laundering via the store. Rio is not happy and he wants his money back. Unfortunately the trio have spent quite a chunk, in particular Annie whos blown it on a new car, laptop, phone etc.

Now they have to work with Rio, initially retrieving a package for him from Canada, which turns out to be laundered money, then taking care of an injured associate and then helping Rio wash the laundered cash.

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Heres where we are left at the end of season three

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When Will Annie Have Something Bigger To Do

I guess this is just a general question. For the last two seasons, weve watched Annie be more like a third wheel. While Sadie/Ben has had some big storylines, Annie has just kind of been an aside. Shes there to hook up with guys, and that seems to be the case for Season 3.

Most of the time, Mae Whitman has offered some funny asides, but never contributed a lot to the conversations or the situations. Please can that change? While she may not be the smartest of the women, shes not all that dumb. Its time to stop treating her like that.

Does Annie Know Noah Is A Cop

good girls does rio believe beth is pregnant season 3

Why Noah Being An FBI Agent On Good Girls Could Actually Help Annie & Co. Spoilers ahead for Good Girls Season 2, Episode 9. Fans know Noah on Good Girls isnt to be trusted, but Annie isnt yet in on his secret. In fact, the April 28 episode ends on a cliffhanger that suggests Annie may tell Noah about her crimes.

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Christina Hendricks Is Joan Holloway On Mad Men

But, of course, if there’s only one thing other than Good Girls you know Christina Hendricks from it’s almost certainly the AMC juggernaut series Mad Men, where she played Joan P. Holloway. Joan starts the series a the office manager of the advertising agency Sterling Cooper, but she doesn’t stay there.

Over the course of five seasons, Hendricks explores many sides of what it means to be a working woman in the 1960s. She’s a leader among women, often helping the others in the office, including Peggy Olsen , when it comes to reproductive health issues. Joan is overwhelmingly competent, but she struggles both with having her skills diminished because she’s a woman and also because of her desire to start a family.

In a show full of romantic affairs, one of the most famous on Mad Men is the one between Joan Holloway and senior partner Roger Sterling . The two have a long-running relationship before Joan winds up married to the hapless Dr. Greg Harris .

By the end of Mad Men, Joan finds her way to the top of the heap as a full partner at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce agency. It’s because of Joan’s complexity and ability to rise above adversity that she remains one of the most beloved characters on Mad Men to this day.

How Long Has It Been Since Rio Was Shot

This is a question I went digging for. After all, its important for the pregnancy storyline.

Season 2 happened roughly four months ago in terms of the story. That means Beth would have to be more than four months pregnant if she was with Rios baby. Would he kill her if he found out this baby isnt his? Or would he let the baby live? After all, he does have some sort of heart.

Rio didnt believe Beths pregnancy story, which is why he wanted the doctors approval. Beth managed to get around that one, but now Rio wants a paternity test. Uh oh!

But considering shed have to be more than four months pregnant and would be showing right now, surely he knows that this cant be his child even if there was a baby. Hes not stupid!

What are your biggest questions after Good Girls Season 3, Episode 3? Share them in the comments below.

Good Girls airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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