What Doctor Do You See For Pregnancy

Third Trimester Prenatal Appointments: What To Expect

What is considered a high risk pregnancy, and how do I see a doctor who specializes in it?

Youre in the home stretch now, so your third trimester prenatal appointments will become more frequent as you near your due date. Along with the usual weight, urine and blood pressure checks, you can expect your doctor to listen to the babys heartbeat and ask you about any contractions you feel or leaking fluid or bleeding you may be experiencing.

Youll also likely be screened for GBS and your doctor may discuss vaccinations you need, like a flu shot, tetanus or Tdap. The babys position is also checked to determine whether hes headfirst in the uterus, bottom-first , feet-first , transverse or oblique, which means the head is down but directed at one of your hips.

Nows your chance to ask those last-minute questions about labor, pain management during delivery and how and when to call your doctor if you think your baby is on the way.

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How Can You Tell Your Pregnant By Hand

Walk your fingers up the side of her abdomen until you feel the top of her abdomen under the skin. It will feel like a hard ball. You can feel the top by curving your fingers gently into the abdomen. Figure 10.1 With the woman lying on her back, begin by finding the top of the uterus with your fingers.

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How Soon Should I See A Doctor When Pregnant

by Amber Dixon

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As soon as you see the positive results of an at-home pregnancy test youre going to feel a whirlwind of emotions. Some of those will be happy, and some might involve feeling nervous.

Youre also bound to have an indefinite list of questions. One of the most common questions that mothers wonder about is when to see the doctor.

You should schedule your first appointment as soon as you can. There are quite a few reasons behind this.

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    • Your GP can provide basic pregnancy care. Some GPs have extra training that allows them to share pregnancy care with a hospital.
    • Obstetricians are doctors who specialise in caring for mothers and babies during pregnancy, birth and the period straight after birth.
    • Midwives are medically trained in caring for women during pregnancy, labour and birth.
    • A doula is a companion who supports women through their pregnancy and labour. They are generally not medically trained.
    • Maternal and child health nurses monitor the growth and development of children from birth up until they are about three and a half years old.

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    How Many Prenatal Appointments Do You Need

    Depending on your specific circumstances, the number of appointments you need may vary. However, most complication-free pregnancies require about 10-15 appointments. Theyre broken down in the following manner:

    • Up to week 28: You typically need one prenatal appointment per month
    • Weeks 28-36: You typically need two prenatal appointments per month
    • Week 36 to birth: You typically need one prenatal appointment per week

    During these routine appointments, you can expect a urine test , a blood pressure screening, and a weight check. As you get closer to your due date, your provider may suggest an internal exam to check for dilation.

    What Common Prenatal Tests Will I Be Given

    During the first visit, your health care provider will perform several tests, including:

    • Physical exam: You are weighed and your blood pressure, heart, lungs, and breasts are checked.
    • Pelvic exam: During the pelvic exam, a Pap smear is taken to screen for cervical cancer and cultures are taken to detect sexually transmitted diseases . In addition, a bimanual internal exam will be performed to determine the size of your uterus and pelvis. This exam will also check for any abnormalities of the uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes.

    Your health care provider may listen for the baby’s heartbeat with a special instrument called a doppler, which uses ultrasound waves . A doppler usually cannot detect a baby’s heartbeat before ten to twelve weeks of pregnancy. The provider may perform an ultrasound during this visit to verify your due date and check the baby’s heartbeat.

    Your provider will also order several laboratory tests, including:

    The first prenatal visit can be exciting yet stressful. With all the poking and prodding and the uncertainty of test results, it is bound to get any mom-to-be nervous. If you have any questions about these tests or what the test results may mean, talk to your health care provider.

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    How And Why Do Men And Women Experience Hormonal Imbalances Differently

    Hormones impact men and women differently, particularly when youre dealing with those specific to the reproductive system. Men and women also go through different developmental stages. Women will experience hormonal changes with their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause, which men do not experience. Women may experience hormonal imbalances that present through:

    • Vaginal dryness or discomfort

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    Maternal And Child Health Nurse

    How can I find a doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancy?

    The maternal child health nurse works with families and healthcare professionals to monitor the growth and development of children from birth up until they are about three and a half years old. Their focus is on prevention, promotion, early detection and intervention of health and wellbeing concerns of young children and their families.

    Located at council-based services, the MCH nurse can:

    • give information, support and advice on a variety of topics, including parenting, child health, development and learning, child behaviour, maternal health and wellbeing, child safety, immunisation, breastfeeding, nutrition and family planning
    • monitor your childs growth and development in a series of one-on-one consultations at specific times in your childs early years
    • help with sleeping, feeding and behaviour problems
    • organise parents groups where you can get information and have the chance to meet other parents in the local area
    • tell you about other local support services
    • organise additional activities based on your familys needs, for example, arrange home visits
    • help to contact specialist services if necessary, such as early parenting centres
    • offer additional support and services to families experiencing difficulties.

    In Victoria, MCH nurses are registered nurses who have postgraduate midwifery qualifications, then go on to do additional qualifications in maternal and child health.

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    What Causes Hormonal Imbalance

    Your hormones have to work together in balance to help your body thrive. However, hormone ups and downs in women are very common, so if you feel that you have a hormonal imbalance, you are not alone.

    Doctors from WebMD say that some of the common causes of an imbalance in hormone production in women are pre-menstrual syndrome, pregnancy, and the menopause. However, other lifestyle factors can cause hormones to fluctuate. Being overweight, not getting enough exercise, or a lack of sleep can all throw your hormones off balance.3

    Other reasons for hormone fluctuations are an underactive thyroid that doesnt produce enough thyroxine . Doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that hypothyroidism can leave you feeling lethargic, cause changes in your menstrual system, or make it difficult to lose weight.4

    Also, diabetes is a common cause of hormonal imbalances and can affect, not just the insulin hormone, but also other blood sugar-related hormones, sex hormones, and growth hormones.5

    Skin And Hair Changes

    Acne. A sudden increase in acne is one easy way to identify a possible hormonal imbalance. One of the few hormones involved is androgens. Androgens, typically referred to as male hormones, but found in both males and females, regulate your skins sebum production. If your body produces androgens in excess, sebum can build up in your pores and cause a pimple to surface.

    Hair loss. The quality and vitality of your hair is also directly related to your hormones. Thyroid abnormalities, for example, may cause dry hair or skin, thinning hair, or brittle nails. Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and parathyroid disorder can also cause hair loss.

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    Antenatal Support: Meet The Team

    While you’re pregnant, you’ll normally see a small number of healthcare professionals.

    They want to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re pregnant and when you have your baby.

    You may want to get to know the people caring for you during pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

    The NHS is trying to make this happen, but in some cases you may see several different professionals.

    At each appointment, the professionals you see should introduce themselves and explain what they do. If they forget, ask them. Make a note of who you’ve seen and what they’ve said in case you need to discuss something later on.

    This page lists the people you’re most likely to meet. Some may have trainee students with them you’ll be asked if you mind the students being present.

    Speak Up About Embarrassing Symptoms

    6 Things Doctors Don

    Unwanted facial hair, seemingly unusual vaginal discharge, erectile dysfunction some symptoms can be embarrassing to talk about, but you need to mention them. Whether they are related to your fertility or your general health, it’s important that you tell your provider about any symptoms you are having. They can’t make a diagnosis or recommend treatment unless they have all the pertinent information.

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    What Doctor Will I Use

    If you decide to continue your pregnancy, the first thing you need to do is find a doctor. There are several types of doctors who can take care of you when youre pregnant. These include:

    • Family doctor. Family doctors provide care for the whole family. Some will provide care for pregnant women, while others may refer pregnant patients to an OB/GYN.
    • Obstetrician-gynecologist . OB/GYNs are medical doctors specially trained to take care of pregnant women and womens reproductive health.
    • Certified nurse midwife. Midwives are trained and licensed professionals who provide comprehensive, family-centered maternity care. They are registered nurses who work with obstetricians.

    What kind of doctor you choose may depend on how much risk you have in your pregnancy. If you are at low risk for complications, a family doctor or midwife might be right for you. However, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, you will probably need to see an OB/GYN or other specialist. Problems in high-risk pregnancies include high blood pressure, diabetes, a history of previous pregnancy complications, or being older than 35.

    Pick Up Some Prenatal Vitamins

    Prenatal vitamins are important for both your health and your babys health. If your doctor did not call in a prescription, pick some up or order some online.

    We ultimately ordered my daughters from Amazon because she liked the gummy version.

    Then, we took them with us to the doctors appointment to make sure that they were acceptable.

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    What Questions Should You Ask

    During your first visit , youll want to get a sense of how the practice is run, what services the doctor provides, the hours of operation, and the fee structure or payment plan. Here are some general questions to ask:

    • Does the doctor or his nurse have a call-in time when we can bring up questions or concerns?
    • Will we be seeing only one doctor or several doctors in a group practice?
    • Are the lab and ultrasound offices open on weekends and holidays?
    • Can procedures such as inseminations be done on the weekends if needed?
    • Which hospital is the doctor affiliated with, and what types of operating privileges does she have?
    • Does the doctor perform assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF and GIFT? If so, are they done at the office or at a different location?
    • If the doctor does IVF, is the clinic a member of the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies?
    • What percentage of live births and multiple pregnancies have resulted from the doctors treatments?
    • What other services, such as support groups or counselors, does the doctors office provide?
    • What are the costs involved, and are there payment plans? Which insurance is accepted?

    American Baby

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    Will I Take Birthing Classes

    When should you visit the doctor during your pregnancy?

    Taking birthing classes is an important part of preparing for the birth of your baby. They help you develop a birth plan. They can ease your anxiety about the unknowns of labor and delivery. They cover many topics, including the different methods of delivery, how to know if you are in labor, strategies for pain management, breastfeeding basics, and how to care for your newborn at home. Attending these classes is a great way for you and your partner to gain more confidence going into childbirth. Ask your doctor or midwife about classes in your area.

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    What Should I Do While I Wait For My Gp Appointment

    Carry on as normal! And, if youre not taking folic-acid supplements, nows the time to start.

    Youll probably find yourself paying closer attention to your lifestyle and diet. Youll also find there are lots of people giving you advice about what you can and cant do and often theyll tell you different things!

    So, weve made it clearer with lots of Whats Safe info thats regularly updated with the very latest research:

    How Often Do You Need Prenatal Visits We Have Answers

    Consistent prenatal care is important for both your health and your child’s. By consistently attending appointments, baby’s growth is closely monitored, and you have many opportunities to ask questions.

    While some high-risk pregnancies require additional visits or tests, the following is a typical prenatal care schedule for a routine pregnancy.

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    Need A Doctor For A Pregnancy Test

    If you think you may be pregnant, you want to find out fast. BASS Medical Group can help. They have on-site clinical lab services, so you get faster test results 100% of the time. Walk ins are welcome for blood draws, pediatrics, flu, strep, mono, and pregnancy testing. Trust BASS Medical Group for fast and accurate medical testing. Call 329-3715 or visit them online to learn more or schedule an appointment today.

    How Do Doctors Test For Downs Syndrome During Pregnancy

    What Doctor Do You See When Pregnant

    The beta hCG pregnancy test is also helpful in detection of Downs Syndrome in the baby. There is no difference in either test.

    Downs Syndrome is a disease when the baby has a chromosomal abnormality which causes severe mental retardation and a constant tendency to pull out the tongue. Sticking the tongue out is the most common symptom of Downs Syndrome.

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    What To Do After Confirming Pregnancy

    Once you have been tested positive for pregnancy, there are many things you need to do. From stocking up diapers to making the nursery, but before you go ahead with these things, it is essential to follow the following suggestions:

    • Doctorâs Appointment

    Most women do not prefer to visit a specialist until they are at least eight weeks pregnant, but consulting an appointment after a positive pregnancy test is always a wise idea to start your pregnancy.

    You can also join our Cloudnine Community to discuss and get more information about – First Timers, Consultation, Nutrition.

    âWatch Video on Common Pregnancy Questions:

    • Find Out Your Due Date

    The process in pregnancy is evaluated from day one of your last period. However, it is difficult to determine the exact date when you are ovulating and conceiving. The day one of your previous menstrual cycles is considered the first day of pregnancy. But if you want to know the exact date, talk to your doctor.

    Do you have questions in your mind like “How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I?” Checkout Cloudnine’s Pregnancy Due Date Calculator now!

    • Type of a Care Provider

    You can decide if you’re going to continue the treatment by an obstetrician and gynaecology specialist or if you want to get help from a midwife. If you have any complications or risk in pregnancy, you can opt for a maternity care provider. If you are expecting a standard delivery, you can go with a midwife.

    • What to Expect

    What Kind Of Doctor Would I Go See About Getting Pregnant

    • Answer #1

      Fertility specialists are ridiculously expensive. Start out with a doctor then . See if they have any suggestions. If that doesnt work, ask for referrals to an ob/gyn then. I dont know if free or subsidized clinics will do fertility stuff. You might want to call and ask around. No harm in it.

    • Unable to Sleep? How to get Better Rest
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    You would generally go to an ob/gyn first . They should be able to rule out basic stuff. Then they would refer you to a fertility specialist.

  • Answer #3

    Do you mean for if you are having difficulty concieving? I would probably see my GP first and get them to refer me to who ever would be the best person to help. Either that, or go straight to a fertility specialist.

  • Answer #4

    you could look one up in you area online or in the phone book..

  • Answer #5

    fertility doctors are doctors that help with gettin pregnant.

  • Answer #6

    well the problem is i dont have any insurance

  • Answer #7

    how would i most likely be able to find one?

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