What Should I Be Doing At 8 Weeks Pregnant

Your Body: 8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

8 Week Pregnant – What to Expect?

Light cramping or spotting? These are caused by increases in hormones that help you have a healthy pregnancy. But if either of them are bad, or youre worried, always give your healthcare provider a call.

No pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks? Thats perfectly normal too. Hold tight and enjoy the ride for now.

What To Expect At 8 Weeks

What to Expect. Most infants at 8 weeks are sleeping for shorter lengths during the daytime and for longer spells at night. According to the BabyCenter LLC website, this is because babies at 8 weeks are experiencing shorter REM sleep periods and extended lengths of deeper, non-REM sleep. An 8-week-old will usually need a nap every two hours

Your Changing Body At 8 Weeks Pregnant

At 8 weeks pregnant, your body continues to show signs of the many changes ahead. Emotionally, the joy of finding out youre pregnant may give way to feelings of anticipation, anxiety, or fear. Its totally normal. Try to put your mind at ease by talking with your doctor about your concerns and by making good choices that support your health and wellness long term.

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Vaginal Bleeding With Or Without Blood Clots

If you have to bleed with or without blood clots, at 8 weeks of pregnancy, you should see your doctor

The truth is vaginal bleeding commonly occur in women that have a miscarriage. Though it could be light or heavy bleeding Severe abdominal cramps with heavy clots from your vagina is likely a miscarriage

Unlike sexual intercourse and cervical trauma where spotting is usually light and stops in few days, a miscarriage bleeding will continue for days.

Then again, you could have bleeding that stops and starts again or no bleeding at all. I recommend you see your doctor early as possible.

Also, because of the frequency of a miscarriage in the first trimester, there is every reason to worry till your doctor has examined you.

About 30 percent of women that are expecting will notice bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. Even so, more than 50 percent of these women will not end up losing their baby.

Baby’s Got Lips A Nose And Eyelids

12 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Bump, Tips, and ...

What else is changing at 8 weeks pregnant? A close-up view of your little embryo would reveal your baby is looking a lot less reptilian and a lot more baby-like.

Even though baby has webbed hands and feet, teeny fingers and toes are just starting to differentiate and the tail is almost gone. You’d see an upper lip forming, the protruding tip of that cute button nose and tiny, very thin eyelids.

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Pregnancy Week 8 Fetal Development

The fetus still gets its nourishment from the yolk sac for now. The placenta the structure that will later provide for your babys nutritional needs and take care of waste is still developing, forming structures that help attach the placenta to the wall of the womb.

If you were to look closer at your little one at this stage, youd notice the head beginning to uncurl a little. Youd also see that the arms are longer than the legs this gives the fetus an uneven appearance for now, but its simply because the upper body develops at a quicker rate than the lower. Of course, this will all even out in the fullness of time.

Tips For 8 Weeks Pregnant

Take advantage of hungerFor the next few weeks, you might swing between feeling barfy and feeling like you could eat everything in the fridge. Use the times when you do feel hungry to eat nutritious, healthy foods that might be hard for you to swallow when the nausea kicks back in.

Fend off headachesBecause your blood volume has increased, you might start getting headaches . Try resting and drinking more water. If you cant control your headaches without medication, talk to your doctor about taking acetaminophen .

Use SPFGetting outside and taking a 30 minute walk each day is great exercise and helps manage other pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately, if youre experiencing skin changes like chloasma or melasma, sun exposure can make the dark patches worse. Wear SPF 30+ everyday, plus a hat, to protect your skin and prevent worsening patches.

Dont hold it inYou probably still have to pee a lot, and thats normal. Just dont hold it in! You have a higher risk of getting a UTI while pregnant, so make sure you pee when you need to, empty your bladder completely and wipe carefully to prevent infection.

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What Happens During Week 7

  • The embryo is 1/4 to 1/2 inch long.

  • The heart has formed.

  • Webbed fingers and toes develop.

  • The arms bend at the elbows.

  • External ears, eyes, eyelids, liver, and upper lip begin forming.

  • The sex organs are the same neither female nor male in all embryos until the 7th or 8th week. If a gene triggers the development of testes, the embryo develops as a biological male. If there isnt a trigger, the embryo develops ovaries and becomes biologically female.

What Happens At The 8 Week Ultrasound

8 Weeks Pregnant (First Pregnancy) – 2 Months Pregnant – First Trimester

How it is done:

Sometimes the ultrasound is done with the wand across your belly, as explained above. But that might make things more difficult to see. In that case, a vaginal probe can be used to conduct the ultrasound. This is called a transvaginal ultrasound. It is performed with a small wand that is placed in the vagina and pressed against the cervix in order to get a picture from that direction. Just as with the other method, the ultrasound is not dangerous and does not hurt, though you might feel some pressure. Most women find that the pressure is barely noticeable, especially when they get to see their baby on the screen.

What you can see:

This first ultrasound gives you a great deal of information, including how the umbilical cord is functioning, the size of the placenta, the size of the embryo and the heart rate. You might also be able to tell if you have multiple babies in there. The ultrasound can confirm that everything is healthy and progressing as it should be.

After this ultrasound, others might be scheduled to ensure that the baby is growing as it should be. Some women prefer the transvaginal ultrasound because they are not required to have a full bladder for the scan to work. With the scan over the belly, the doctor might ask a woman to have a full bladder in order to lift the uterus up a bit. Fortunately, the later the pregnancy progresses, the less likely the doctor will be to want you to have a full bladder at the time of the ultrasound.

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Your Baby’s Development At 8 Weeks

At 8 weeks, a baby is typically between 1/2 and 3/4 inch long , about the size and shape of kidney bean. Some parents even nickname their baby “the little bean” around this time, especially after catching a glimpse of the baby on an early ultrasound.

This week, your baby’s physical features are becoming more noticeable, body systems and organs are continuing to develop, and the baby is starting to look more and more like a little human.

More Notes On Your Hcg Level At 8 Week Pregnancy

In a normal pregnancy, hCG levels are a marker of how things are progressing. A good hCG level will peak at 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and then slowly decline until it reaches a lower level. When a woman had bloodwork done and the results of the hCG test are questionable, an ultrasound can help the doctor decide if the pregnancy is viable or not. After five to six weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasound is considered more accurate than hCG levels in determining how viable the pregnancy really is.


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Things To Do This Week For A Healthy Pregnancy

If you havent already, its time to get your first prenatal checkup. Schedule an appointment with an OB-GYN or midwife.

At the appointment, youll likely give a urine sample to confirm pregnancy, provide your medical history, have your blood drawn to check hormone levels, get a pelvic exam, and discuss your thoughts and concerns.

You may even have an early ultrasound to measure your babys growth and heart rate and determine their due date.

Its helpful to bring a list of questions to this appointment. There isnt a right or wrong thing to ask. Here are some suggestions:

  • Are the medicines or supplements Im taking still OK?
  • What types of exercises are safe during pregnancy?
  • Are there any activities or foods I should avoid?
  • Is my pregnancy considered high risk?
  • What tests should I consider throughout my pregnancy?
  • What should I do if I feel that something is wrong?

Exercise is another way you can take care of your body and baby during this stage. If you were active before conceiving, its safe to continue most of your usual activities with clearance from your doctor.

Walking is particularly effective since its a low impact, total body workout you can do virtually anywhere, for free.

When Should You Tell People Youre Pregnant

(Soon to be) Filipovitz Family of Four: 8 Months down, 8 ...

Maybe you havent shared your news with the masses yet. Perhaps youve told just a select few. Or maybe youve screamed it from the rooftops.

There is no right time to tell. Share your news whenever you feel ready.

If youre feeling pretty rotten, its nice to have someone you can confide in, to give you some extra support.

Seek expert advice from your doctor or healthcare provider, if you feel you need to take additional precautions at your place of work.

If youre struggling with your symptoms, at home or at work, be sure to speak to someone about how youre feeling.

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I Know I’m Not Pregnant Anymore

I’ve not had my last scan yet but I know I’m not pregnant anymore. I had a very sore back & sciatica, larger very sore boobs, swollen tummy, tiredness & nausea when I was pregnant but now all of those symptoms have gone.

9 days later I’m only wearing panty liners instead of pads as I have vitually no bleeding anymore.

Is It Normal To Be Exhausted At 8 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, you might feel like taking a nap under your desk most days. Its quite common for women to feel very tired and fatigued in early pregnancy.

Being 8 weeks pregnant isnt easy. Although from the outside, it might seem like not much is happening, youre growing a tiny human being and that takes a lot of energy.

Pregnancy fatigue is no joke. Most of us are not used to the feeling of having no energy, and it can be very frustrating at times. You might not feel able to manage even the most basic of chores or routines.

Dont worry. This is very normal in early pregnancy, especially around about now.

Try to rest as much as you can. Go to bed early, learn to take naps, and listen to your body. Be kind to yourself.

Block out some me time throughout the week. Make it a priority. Self-care is key.

Your body has some very important work to do over the next few weeks.

Your due date might feel a long way away. But trust me, soon youll be into the second trimester. Youll have more energy and you can let that pregnancy glow shine through.

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Miscarriage At 8 Weeks:

Its seven months remaining, and you are now experiencing pain in your belly or spotting. While you are bothered cramps and spotting will cause a miscarriage, women usually get stomach pain from time to time during pregnancy.

At 8 weeks or 2 months into your pregnancy, some women will get spotting from minor trauma.

Heres Betty email she sent me after she notice spotting at 8 weeks

Hi doc, Ive been trying to conceive for 7 years and finally got pregnant. This morning is started bleeding on my panties and i think its a miscarriage. I dont see clots, though, i feel tiny cramps in my abdomen. Please i need your help

After the email, I informed her to see her doctor quickly. Heres the last email I received from Betty,

Thanks doc. Its nothing serious. I had sex the night before, and my doc says there is no problem.

Just like Betty, a lot of women will want a quick answer to why they are spotting. In most cases, its not a miscarriage.

Apart from sexual intercourse, vaginal infections and cervical trauma will make you spot while pregnant. If you are also having cramps, its also normal except you get bleeding too.

Commonly, any injury to the vaginal epithelium and the cervix will cause mild to moderate vaginal spotting. This is because, at eight weeks pregnant, your vaginal area, including your cervix, is well perfused with blood. Slight trauma will cause spotting.

I Felt Emotional During The Scan

How Should I Feel 8 Weeks Pregnant?

I was surprised how low down my tummy she pressed the thing as i’d never had a scan before. The screen was directed away from me. This was when it all became real for me, until then it was just two lines on two pregnancy tests but now I knew the doctor had seen a heartbeat/ fetus and I cried for the first time.

Despite knowing it was what I wanted it was still not easy. I was 7+3 weeks and was told I would be having a medical termination.

My next appointment for the first pill was booked for 3 days later and I was to be admitted another 3 days after that.

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What To Expect At 8 Weeks Pregnant

With constant exhaustion and nausea, an achy 8 week belly and emotional swings that wont quit, its understandable that you might be tired of this pregnancy thing already, and its normal to wonder how youll get through the next eight months. If you feel this way, dont worry. Things should start to get better in about a month, when the wondrous second trimester begins. Until then, take it easy and be gentle with yourself. Growing a person is hard!

What To Do At 8 Weeks Pregnant

Pay attention to your needs. Now that you are growing another life inside of you remember to take care of yourself.

Its important to be aware of the medications you are taking and to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about any prescribed or over the counter medications you are taking.

To feel your best get plenty of rest and make it a habit to do 30 minutes of pregnancy approved exercise daily.

Your exercise shouldnt be rigorous it can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood.

When you are taking care of yourself it easier to take care of the baby growing inside of you.

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How Is Your Baby Developing At Week 8 Gestational Age/fetal Age 6 Weeks

At this point everything that an adult human has is now present in the embryo. This means that it is no longer an embryo and can be called a fetus. A strong fetal heartbeat should be clear on the ultrasound, and the heart rate should reach between 140 and 170 beats per minute by the 9th week of gestation.

Those who do not have a strong heartbeat will need to have a follow-up ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis because the fetus may not be viable. In this case, you will have two options: to miscarry naturally when the time comes, or to undergo a procedure called dilation and curettage, or D& C. About half of women who go through this kind of early pregnancy loss opt to miscarry naturally, while the other half opt for the D& C.

At this point, the baby already has tiny arms and legs, as well as buds where the hands and feet will be. Its about 18 mm in length, the face is starting to take shape, and the internal organs are forming. The heart is already beating. There is even a tiny mouth, nostrils, tooth buds, and the beginning of eyes. The baby is moving quite a bit already, though mom cant feel it yet.

Pictures of 8 Week Ultrasound

It is the first good look you will get of your baby! Heres what to expect.

Picture 1: As you can see from this picture, the babys body is actually starting to look like a human. You can see little legs and arms, the head and the space in which your baby is floating around.

What Are Some Unusual Signs Of Early Pregnancy

All about normal 8 week ultrasound.

Youre probably familiar with the more common early pregnancy symptoms, such as sore breasts, emotional swings, and food aversions.

But you might not have heard about some of the surprisingly odd ones.

Some pregnant women might have experienced some of these symptoms, but might not have realized they were connected to their pregnancy:

  • Metallic taste in the mouth. Along with many pregnancy symptoms, a metallic taste in mouth during pregnancy is caused by a change in your pregnancy hormones, particularly estrogen
  • Bleeding gums. Pregnancy hormones affect the mucus membranes inside your mouth and gums. This makes the gums more sensitive and more likely to bleed
  • Nose bleeds. Increased blood flow and sensitive mucus membranes also increase your chances of nose bleeding in pregnancy
  • Heart palpitations. Most women notice an increased heart rate during pregnancy, and some experience palpitations, due to the increase in blood volume
  • Dizziness. Feeling dizzy in pregnancy is common, as your blood vessels dilate to accommodate your extra blood volume. This will naturally lower your blood pressure, but can leave you feeling a bit woozy
  • Pregnancy hunger. Do you feel hungry all the time? Do you have weird pregnancy cravings? Keep healthy snacks to hand for when hunger strikes.

Many of these symptoms are perfectly normal, and more common than you might think.

If you have concerns, though, mention them at your next prenatal appointment, or speak to your healthcare provider.

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