What To Buy First When Pregnant

Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

17-18 Week Pregnancy Update | What to Buy for Baby?

Youre on the home stretch in your third trimester and your belly is getting bigger by the day! That means you might not have as much of an appetite you will fill up faster with your baby pushing up against your abdomen. Another thing your big belly can cause: backaches.You could also notice changes in your blood pressure, and your doctor will be on the lookout for preeclampsia, which is a condition marked by high blood pressure.Finally, as your body prepares for delivery, you might have false labor pains, known as Braxton Hicks contractions. These are mild contractions that happen before you actually go into labor.

The Best Thing I Purchased Was Hands Down My U

“I even continued to use it for a while afterwards for nursing by turning it around backwards and putting the curve across my lap with the ends crisscrosses behind me. I loved the way that pillow cuddled my aching pregnant back and legs as well as the support it gave my growing belly. Long live the U-shaped pregnancy pillow!!” amandadavisr2

Get one here for £42.99.

First Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

Other than that special pregnancy glow, most people wont even notice that youre pregnant during your first trimester. But you will! First of all, youll probably feel extra tired. This is due to hormonal changes, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, and the emotional rollercoaster of learning that youre expecting a baby!Another common symptom in the first trimester is morning sickness. The bright side is that it usually goes away at the end of this trimester. Last but not least, your breasts will grow and may be tender.

The first trimester is perhaps the most exciting time of a pregnancy, especially if its your first baby. Theres a long list of things to be done, but its definitely manageable! To help you get started, heres a checklist for the first three months.

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What Every First Time Mom Wants

Do you remember how you felt when you found out you were pregnant?Its an exciting time but it can also be scary and overwhelming, especially when youre the first in your circle to experience it. Now youre an old pro at this pregnancy and parenting thing and everyone is looking to you for answers. What books did you read to prepare? When did the morning sickness start for you? How do I survive the next 9 months? The questions just keep coming. Along with answering their questions, youll probably want to also give them a congratulatory pregnancy gift. What was your favorite pregnancy item? Everything about your pregnancy may not be at the forefront of your mind. So Ive created a list of pregnancy gifts for first time moms that you can use to help your friends, sisters, and other loved ones have an enjoyable and memorable pregnancy journey.

Milk Bottles And Nipples

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Whether pumping or formula-feeding, youll need milk bottles to feed your baby. Stick to smaller 4-ounce bottles for now, as well as low-flow nipples.

Tip: Experiment with both bottle and nipple brands and varieties. Some babies take to certain sizes, materials, and brands. Like diapers and wipes, dont stock up just yet on bottles and nipples until you can see whether your baby takes to them.

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Susanne Kaufmann Stretch Mark Oil

Designed with all skin types in mind, this stretch mark oil is made with a combination of jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, and almond oil. The oil helps skin stretch gently while leaving it nourished, firm, and elastic. Simply place it on damp skin to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Don’t Underestimate The Kindness Of Others

When you do start shopping for your baby, remember that people will also be buying you gifts , or friends and family with children will often have baby gear you can use.

So don’t buy too many of one size of clothing, get what you think you will need for a week or so of each size. You can get more if you need them, but babies grow fast, so between what you buy and presents, you will probably have more than enough.

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What Our Testers Say

“We thought this monitor offered solid video quality. We were able to see the feed clearly throughout the day and night thanks to the aforementioned night vision. As for audio, we could also hear clearly, even with the volume turned to low. Though, the monitors range is an area that could use improvement. While one of the pricier monitors out there, the performance and features make this a solid investment for your nursery.” Michelle Piccolo, Verywell writer and product tester

Ecocentric Pregnancy Gift Box


These boxes are great for the natural mom. Each monthly box consists of organic products that coincide with her stages of pregnancy. You dont have to do a subscription with this. Instead, you can purchase trimester-specific boxes or just cover a single trimester. You cant go wrong and this will help if youre stuck trying to think of what to gift an expectant mother.

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After The Twelve Week Mark

Many women prefer to wait until they are out of the first trimester to start buying for their baby, especially if they are superstitious. Realistically, buying for your baby earlier won’t make anything happen but if you feel better waiting then do. You still have six more months of baby buying ahead of you.

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Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece House Slippers

Ever-expanding, swollen feet is a pregnancy symptom that seems to last the entire nine months. These plush, fleece house slippers will give her a cozy place to slip her achy feet into at the end of a long day. With a memory foam insole, she will feel like she is stepping onto a cloud every single time.

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Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

An award-winning video monitor, this lightweight and portable set will give mom peace of mind. The mom-to-be can skip the confusing set-up process with this plug-and-play model. With special features like two-way talk, a remote thermometer, night vision, and more, keeping an eye on the baby will be a breeze.

Morning Sickness Acupressure Band

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Unfortunately, there is no real cure for morning sickness, and if there ever is one everyone will be raving about it. Morning sickness may bypass a few lucky pregnant moms, but chances are high youll experience it as one of the very first symptoms of pregnancy. It may last a few days or several months, but for most moms, it passes along with the first trimester of pregnancy.

Youll no doubt have heard about drinking ginger tea or eating ginger cookies to ease it, and recommendations to eat regularly as nausea and sickness can get worse on an empty stomach. These remedies may help you, they may not.

If youve tried to relieve your nausea and nothings helping then many Moms find they benefit from anti-nausea wristbands. They are to be worn on both wrists at the same time and work by acupressure which is similar to acupuncture. The plastic stud presses on a specific acupressure point and is said to reduce nausea and sickness.

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What To Expect When Youre Expecting

This book is the holy grail when it comes to pregnancy. Its been a long standing New York Times best seller and anyone who has been pregnant in the last 25 years probably has a copy of it. Make sure your friend has a copy too! Heidi Murkoff really knows her stuff and uses her book to walk expecting mothers through all the changes they will experience and the decisions they will have to make. I kept a copy on my night stand and read it nightly. It really help to reduce anxiety and help moms and dads really know what their little one is up to. What to Expect When Youre Expecting is a must have pregnancy gift for every newly expecting mom.

Pregnancy Books / Prenatal Education

Finding out your pregnant is fun and frightening all in one. Its a combination of emotions that hit suddenly that you really might not know how to handle. But guess what? Getting some good old pregnancy books can help.

I find that reading often calms me down, as well as educates me, too. And yes, I know that I could easily Google some of this stuff and spend hours staring at a screen, but I really do prefer holding a book and turning every one of those glorious pages.

There are a lot of pregnancy books that you could invest your time and money into, but one of the best ones out there that still offer solid pregnancy advice is What To Expect When Youre Expecting. Dont judge a book by its cover on this one and it looks extremely outdatedbut somehow all that relevant information about being pregnant that are held within the front and back covers still rings true today.

I personally would rather watch videos while Im doing the dishes than read books sothis prenatal course was perfect for me.

It was created by a wonderful labor nurse I know + trust personally, and you can use the coupon code MOP10 to get 10% off the prenatal course here, and get yourself properly prepared to do the baby having thing.

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What Our Staff Says

“Mombox has become my go-to gift for any friends or family that are having kidsespecially their first! The Original Mombox has everything you might not think about getting before you have your little one, but everything you might need. It’s a one-stop-shop for gifters. Full disclosure: The founder, a mom herself, is also a friend of mine, so it’s been fun to watch the company growand to support a woman-run business.” -Meg Lappe, Senior Commerce Editor

Pregnancy Shopping Checklist By Trimester

You’re just found out you’re PREGNANT, now what? | Pregnancy 101

Congratulation, gorgeous! You’re beaming with new life. With all the celebratory parties and baby name research, we know there’s a lot of burning questions a new Mama has. From shopping for car seats, stretchy pants and pregnancy skin care products, we’ve got your back on what to buy & when.

The following tips are split into your three pregnancy trimesters, because each stage of this journey will bring new surprises for your home, body and skin…this pregnancy shopping checklist will help you decipher what you need even before you need it! For example, everyone knows a good morning sickness tea is a wise necessity during your first trimester, but did you know a leg gel can help with swollen legs and ankles during your latter pregnancy ?

Keep this pregnancy checklist handy for updates and more advice to help you prioritize, organize and prepare for the next exciting chapter in your life!

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Changes To Your Breasts

You may have noticed your breasts changing after becoming pregnant. Your breasts will grow in preparation for breastfeeding.

Staying healthy during your pregnancy – HSE mychild.ie

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Nd Trimester Mother To Be Gift Ideas

The second trimester is when things start to get real for mom to be. The nausea is starting to go away and her energy will begin to return but pregnancy symptoms will become more pronounced. Now shell be dealing with back pain, growing breasts, and the possibility of stretch marks. The following gift ideas will help make the 2nd trimester more enjoyable for her.

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Wristbands For Nausea Relief

Morning sickness is a total misnomer: For many expectant moms, feeling queasy round the clock is one of the joys of early pregnancyand it can be hard to find effective relief. But lots of women swear by PsiBands, drug-free, FDA-cleared wristbands that use acupressure to ease nausea. Comfortable to wear and super-affordable, theyre definitely worth a try.

Buy it: PsiBands, $13,

Waistband Extender Or Belly Band


Some moms start showing very early on. Chances are, unless you wear stretchy dresses all the time youll need a pair of maternity pants or two to get you through your pregnancy. But for the first trimester you dont need to spend money on buying maternity clothes straight away.

Invest in a little smart trick: a waistband extender. What I love about this invention is the fact that its actually unisex and multipurpose you can use it even if youre going out for a large meal. This is the budget option for those who want to wear their favorite pants a few months longer.

You can also opt for a Bella band which is the pricier option but provides extra benefits, especially comfort-wise. The Bella Band can be worn with your pants completely unzipped and can be used throughout the whole of your pregnancy. It covers the zipper and creates extra support for your growing belly.

Either way, both of these products will help you enjoy your regular pants for a while longer, if not the whole pregnancy.

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Products You Need To Buy When Having A Baby

Right after you learn that you’re having a baby, you learn that babies seem to need a lot of stuff! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. This list will help you figure out what to buy for baby. There are millions of products available for purchase, but the following products are the most common needs or wants for newborns.

Everything You Need To Buy When Trying To Get Pregnant

In some ways, getting pregnant should be a no-brainer. After all, most of us spend years trying not to get pregnant, so youd think that when it came time to actually accomplish a pregnancy, all wed have to do is stop using birth control. While getting pregnant can be as simple as that for some couples, it takes most couples at least a few months to conceive and up to a year or more may be normal.

Along the way, it can be very helpful to have some resources and tools to increase your chances of getting pregnant. These products can help you learn how your reproductive system works, figure out when your fertile times are, discover when to have intercourse for optimal conception, and best prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.

You may be feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the choices and products out there and the truth is, not all fertility products are necessary or useful. For example, most herbs and teas that promise to increase your fertility are no regulated by the FDA or recommended by doctors. However, there are some products that can make conceiving happen faster and more seamlessly. Here are our top 6 picks.

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Nd Trimester Weeks 13 To 26

Book your second trimester screening tests

This will usually be a blood test between 15 and 18 weeks and an ultrasound scan between 18 and 20 weeks to check your babys development.

Join a birth group

Make a birth plan

Discuss your preferences for labour and delivery with your GP and your partner and write out a birth plan. You can be as detailed as you want if youd like to listen to Mozart in the delivery room, make a note!

Book antenatal classes

These helpful classes will explain what to expect during labour, your pain relief choices, pregnancy exercises, and basic childcare such as feeding and settling. Its also an opportunity to ask questions, discuss your feelings and meet local parents-to-be.

Learn about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby has great health benefits for both of you. If youre planning to breastfeed, your midwife will give you advice on technique.

Do your pelvic floor exercises

Your pelvic floor muscles can weaken under the strain of pregnancy and birth, causing bladder leakage. These simple exercises will help tighten your muscles up.

Consider childcare

If you plan to go back to work after the baby is born, check out the childcare options in your area. Some of them book up well in advance, so put your name down at your favourites before you give birth.

Go shopping for maternity wear

Youve probably noticed that your clothes dont fit properly – its time to look for maternity clothes! Youll also need a maternity bra.

If You Are Using A Crib:

  • Approved crib and crib mattress
  • 3 waterproof mattress covers
  • 4 light blankets that fit in the crib
  • Sleep sack
  • Firm mattress
  • 4 fitted cribsheets
  • 3 waterproof pads to place under baby
  • Light comforter
  • Sleep sack
  • Approved infant safety seat for car
  • Stroller that reclines so newborn can lie flat
  • Nail clippers or scissors
  • Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous
  • Baby thermometer
  • Eye dropper or medicine spoon
  • Medication in case of fever
  • Baby monitor
  • Change table
  • Rocking chair for feeding and swaddling
  • Playpen

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Crackers For Nausea And Sickness

If youre in the first trimester of pregnancy and you make the mistake of leaving the house without food in your bag, you certainly wont make it twice. I struggled with nausea and sickness throughout ALL my pregnancies and I found I felt more nauseous if I had an empty stomach.

Thats where to crackers come in. I began carrying around a box to nibble on every half an hour or so and they helped a lot. Snacking frequently may help you keep the nausea under control and allow you to actually leave the house without worrying about throwing up in public.

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