What To Expect When Wife Is Pregnant

Take Care Of Your Pets Or Kids

My wife during pregnancy- 2nd trimester

Do you have a dog or cat? If you do, make that little one your responsibility while your wife is pregnant. Feed them, play with them, clean them, etc. I also have an article to help you out when it comes to your pets and having a new baby, check it out here Pets and Your Baby: Prepping and the First Months.

Same for the kiddos, take care of them. Do your best to distract them and care for them so your pregnant wife can take a break.

Keep Stress Levels Down

Being pregnant is a stressful time for women, so this one may be difficult. But there are ways to help minimize stress. Do not pretend like everything is okay but if there is a leak in the kitchen sink and you can handle it, just handle it. You do not have to get your wife involved if you do she will want to call a plumber or will start to stress out about buying a new sink.

Once the sink is fixed, then you can let her know hey by the way the sink was leaking, but do not worry I fixed it. This is just an example, anything you can do to stop even the slightest amounts of stress will help.

Sharing In The Excitement

Pregnant women need to feel that theyre not alone in this life-changing event. Youre supporting your partner, giving her daily massageswhat else could she possibly need? Lots of things, thats what. But she really just needs a partner. Since shes doing all the real work, the least you can do is be there for her and share in the excitement of having a child. This means helping with planning and having a voice on various topics having to do with the baby.

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Accompany Her To Doctor’s Visits And Ultrasound Scans

It might not always be feasible, but whenever you can, go with her to the doctor on her monthly check-ups. Hold her hand during ultrasound scans. Not only is it lovely to share the moment of hearing your child’s heartbeat, or seeing its image on screen, but these moments form great memories for you to look back on!

Set Up Baby Furniture

Happy Expecting Pregnant Asian Couple

Setting up baby furniture is more of a second-trimester duty. By then you should have a space for things you will need for your infant. Make the changing table, bassinet, rocking chair, dresser, etc.

Once you start getting a collection of unopened furniture boxes, I guarantee it will stress your partner out if you do not make them almost immediately. So do your relationship a favor and get those things made fast. Do not procrastinate on this.

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Plan Your Route To Hospital

Make sure you know the best route to hospital, or the birth centre.Check how long the journey will take, and bear in mind the traffic atdifferent times of the day. Make sure your car is in good working orderand topped up with petrol. Check your local taxi numbers and ask if they are happy to take women in labour. If your partner is having a home birth â havethe midwifes number handy so you can call her when you need to.

Know Your Role With Feeding

One task the mother generally handles alone is breastfeeding. But a 2015 study led by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology suggested that a partners active involvement learning how breastfeeding works and providing encouragement leads to significant improvements in breastfeeding duration. Then think of simple, common sense ways to step up: Helping the mother stay hydrated by offering a glass of water, bringing healthy snacks and providing a comfortable environment, Dr. Pilkington said.

For parents who cant breastfeed or choose not to, Dr. Pilkington says its important to remember they havent failed. How parents feed their infant is a personal choice that should be based on their specific situation, she said. If the mother is pumping, you can help maintain the equipment and offer to bottle feed using the milk. Parents feeding their baby with a bottle whether its formula or breast milk can split overnight duties, one taking the 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. shift, the other holding down the 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. slot, for example. Partners using formula can make sure there are adequate supplies on hand at all times and know how to mix it. Some formulas can be premixed and stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours, which could save an exhausted mom from having to drowsily scoop powder in the small hours of the night.

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Go To Pregnancy Classes With Her

My wife dragged me to so many classes and there came a point where I just wanted to tell her that we had been to enough of them. But I stopped myself.

Instead, I went to every class I was asked of, and you know what? It helped me. The pregnancy classes helped me understand what my wife was really going through. They also taught me how I can support her during labor and when the time came I was glad that we were prepared.

Taking Care Of Your Pregnant Wife A Detailed Guide

What Its Like Having a Pregnant Wife

Are you ready for the most stringent test you may ever face in your relationship?

Taking care of your pregnant wife is the ultimate challenge. It may not be what you think or what you see in movies.

Yes, pregnant women can be moody from time to time. They can also be demanding, but what their bodies are going through is remarkable! Anyone would be moody going through what they go through! Think about it, she is making a baby 24/7.

I cant think of or describe anything comparable to the body, and life changes that happen to women when they get pregnant.

This is why it is absolutely critical that you take care of your wife or partner as best as you possibly can.

The list below will get your husband status ranking as a hero. Follow the advice and take your new role seriously.

Ladies: share this post with the future dad in your life.

Fellas: bookmark this page, it is a long read! It will be a good reference during those nine months.

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Trimester By Trimester Breakdown Of Partner Support

Pregnancy can be a bit of a wild ride, if only because everything seems to change so quickly. One month your partner will not be able to touch anything besides white bread and ginger ale. The next month, they’ll want to be devouring everything in sight.

Heres what to expect from one trimester to the nextall the way the birth of your baby.

How You Can Help Your Wife When Expecting

As a dutiful husband, you may want to do a lot to help out your wife during pregnancy.

However, some gestures are unnecessary, like constantly hovering around her.

Most mother-to-be wouldnt like that, so take her cue on how involved she wants you to be in the pregnancy.

In the meantime, ensure that you make things as easy as possible by helping in the house.

If you had planned to get the babys room ready together, ask for her opinion but get the work done independently.

You can even hire someone if you cant do everything yourself.

You should also read up on all the things that your wife is going through so that you are armed with helpful information whenever you need it.

With all the changes that her body is going through, your wife is probably not feeling like herself.

Make sure that you always tell her how beautiful you find her and get her gifts once in a while for no particular reason.

Pregnancy might technically be a womans affair, but that doesnt mean a man cant be involved.

Knowing what to expect when your wife expects will help you make this magical but scary time so much easier for her.

Iesha is a loving mother of 2 beautiful children. Shes an active parent who enjoys indoor and outdoor adventures with her family. Her mission is to share practical and realistic parenting advice to help the parenting community becoming stronger.

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First Time Dads: Tips And Tricks

  • Speak to friends whove had babies for support. Hearing their experiences can be really helpful.
  • Help your partner with the practical stuff. Once you know shes pregnant, she should visit the GP or midwife wholl put her on the system for antenatal appointments and a midwife. Shell probably have around 10 appointments during the pregnancy. Oh, and you are legally entitled to take time off work to attend up to two antenatal appointments with your pregnant partner.
  • Sign up to antenatal classes. You and your partner can then learn all the practical stuff about pregnancy, labour and birth before the baby arrives.
  • Stay close to your partner not physically but emotionally. The closer you two are, the more the whole thing will feel like a lovely shared experience.

Choose A Healthcare Professional

4 changes you can expect in your wife during pregnancy

If you have a doctor or midwife in mind already, give them a call as soon as possible. Theyll most likely want to schedule a visit, do some blood work, prescribe prenatal vitamins, and make sure you have everything you need.

If you dont have a preferred healthcare professional, look into getting one ASAP. Ask friends or family for recommendations, or look for a healthcare office near you.

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood also offer affordable access to healthcare, including prenatal care if youre not sure where to start. Check with your local Planned Parenthood health center to see what services they offer, as not all centers offer prenatal care.

Just make sure you pick a doctor or midwife that you feel comfortable with and that you trust. Not only could this person deliver your baby, but youll also be seeing them a lot over the next 9 or so months. Most offices operate as a group, so its also a good idea to get to know as many health professionals there as you can.

During your pregnancy, you should generally expect to see your OB or midwife:

  • once per month until week 28
  • twice per month from weeks 28 to 36
  • weekly from week 36 to birth

If you have a high-risk pregnancy or any complications, you might need additional appointments.

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Stay Healthy And Well

Both of you need to be healthy and well for your baby. This includes getting plenty of sleep, being active, eating well and being smokefree.

Throughout the pregnancy your partner will have checks to make sure that she and the baby are well. Try to get to as many of these checks as you can. That way youll learn more about the pregnancy and youll be supporting your partner at the same time.

You could also attend classes together to learn about pregnancy, giving birth and parenting. Youll meet other dads-to-be and be able to talk about the pregnancy and the approaching birth. Plus, the more you know about what happens during labour and birth, the more youll be able to help.

Sometimes there are problems during pregnancy that need urgent medical attention. Know what the danger signs are.

Remember, women are strong and able to grow a baby and give birth. Birthing women often know what they need, so follow your partners lead in labour. If you are worried about labour and birth, make sure you discuss this with the midwife and have your questions answered.

Understand That She Will Be Moody

Hormonal changes, combined with exhaustion, tiredness, and a general sense of discomfort, and the feeling of her life having changed irrevocably – all these combine to make many women moody during their pregnancy. One second she might be happy, the next, she might be crying – you have to understand that she cannot help it. All you have to do is offer her a shoulder to cry on, and a clean handkerchief!

Tackle her mood swings sensitively

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Dealing With Stress In Pregnancy

Ignoring your stress wont make it go away. It can build up and get worse for you and the people around you.

Finding ways to deal with lifes stresses is good for you, your partner and your baby.

You could start by learning more about what to expect. The effects of stress arent as bad if youre ready and know what to expect in the first few months with your new baby. You can learn by:

  • reading baby and parenting books
  • comparing thoughts with your partner, family or friends who are new dads

Things Husband Should Do For His Pregnant Wife

HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR WIFE IS PREGNANT! [humorous life hack]

Pregnancy is a life-changing phase for every woman. This stage of your life comes with a lot of excitement and anxiety at the same time. You may be bundled with joy and tension related to the different responsibilities. There are a plethora of changes that you need to cope with related to pregnancy and childbirth.

However, if both partners support each other and strive to divide the responsibilities, then it could strengthen their bond. So the pregnancy phase does not only involve your wife and your unborn baby but also you.

In this phase, you may become a concerned husband by taking care of your pregnant wife. While it is obvious that you may not be able to carry the baby for her, you could go through the different discomforts of pregnancy with her. However, there are many other things where you could support your wife and make her sail through the boat of pregnancy smoothly.

If you support your wife before entering pregnancy, then it may be beneficial for both the expectant mother and the unborn child. This is because the woman who is supported by her partner might feel happier and less stressed. At the same time, lower stress in the expectant mothers may be likely to help the infants too.

So you might perform several other duties that could support your wife during these bothersome times.


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Go To Parenting Classes With Her

Same as above we went to all sorts of classes where we bathed and dressed up baby dolls. At the time it seemed so silly but I was thanking my lucky stars that we practiced on a doll once we had our daughter!

They taught us how to put a shirt on a baby so she wouldnt cry, and it actually worked. And the car seat class I mentioned earlier? That was a lifesaver! Before we left the hospital we had to strap her in, and it was hard, but we remembered what we learned in the class, and that really helped us.

On our way home from the hospital, I thanked my wife for making us go to all those classes. Who knew how valuable they would be?

Dont Laugh When She Pees Her Pants

Okay so here is the deal when a woman gets pregnant, her body goes through changes, and that can create embarrassing moments. She may fart in public, or pee her pants.

Rather than laughing at her, laugh with her but only if she is laughing. If she is mortified, do what you can to alleviate the problem. Give her your jacket to cover up the pee or start the getaway car so you two can have a smooth exit.

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Be The One Who Talks About The Baby

Few things make an expectant mother prouder than being able to show off the fact that her childs father gives a damn. You dont have to go on for hours about the colors youre painting the nursery during poker night, but its really nice for her to have someone else sub in when someone asks for the eighty-eighth time, Hows the pregnancy going?

You should both anticipate that female relatives and friends will get veryum, involved?as the pregnancy progresses. Mothers and mothers-in-law, in particular, want to give advice about every aspect of childcare, from the foods she should be eating to the type of breathing she should do through contractions to the car seat you should buy. This gets overwhelming as hell for a pregnant woman. You can win major hero points by stepping into these conversations and tactfully but firmly ending them.

Mood Swings During Pregnancy

New UK Trailer &  Posters for What to Expect When You

The hormones changing in your body mean you will probably have heightened emotions, both positive and negative. And you will probably swing between these emotions.

While you may be overjoyed about having a baby, you may also be stressed and overwhelmed. You may feel worried about whether:

  • your baby will affect your relationship with your partner
  • you will cope financially
  • you will be able to juggle work and parenting
  • you will be a good mother
  • the baby will be healthy
  • your other children will accept and love the new baby.

You may also feel unimpressed with your changing body. You may be worried about putting on too much weight, or not enough. Or not being able to do the physical activity that you usually do. Or not looking attractive to your partner.

Add the hormone-induced fatigue, forgetfulness and moodiness, and you may feel completely out of control. This is all common.

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Encourage And Support Her

Your wife needs support and encouragement at this stage of her life. Pregnancy is a time of several ups and downs on the one hand, she is happy and excited on the other hand, there are physical changes, uncertainties, and fear. During the journey that is her pregnancy, it is important that you encourage her and remind her that you are with her and that she need not worry.

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