How To Get Pregnant With Twin Girls

No : You Are More Likely To Become Pregnant With Twins Naturally When You Are In Your 30s And 40s

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We all hear that the older we get, the harder it is to conceive. But it may actually make a twin pregnancy more likely, says Abdulla Al-Khan, MD, the director and chief of maternal and fetal medicine and surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. “Once you are 25 or into your 30s and 40s, ovulatory cycles are not regular anymore. If you are not regular and do ovulate, you could be ovulating two follicles at the same time.” Voila! A twin pregnancy — without assisted reproductive technologies.

General Odds Of Having Twins

The 21st-century statistics show that the possibility of having twins are 3%, i.e., 3 in 100 among the general population. Figures also show that there is an increase of almost 61% from the early 1980s. A much recent update from the US National Center for Health Statistics says that the twin birth rate is 33.9 per 1000 live births.

Gut Feelings And Hunches

While the other items in this list refer to some kind of visible evidenceexaggerated symptoms, abnormal test results, increased morning sickness and morewe cant disregard the power of a mothers intuition.

Whether mothers-to-be have dreams of twins or a hunch they cant explain, those who have cared for pregnant women quickly learn to listen. Some of the best hints indicating a multiple pregnancy arent easily explained in medical textbooks.

If you simply have a gut feeling that you may be carrying multiples, listen to your body and talk to your doctor about these feelings.

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Frequently Asked Questionsexpand All

  • Can multiple pregnancy affect my risk of postpartum depression?

    Having multiples might increase your risk of postpartum depression. If you have intense feelings of sadness, anxiety, or despair that keep you from being able to do your daily tasks, talk with your ob-gyn or other member of your health care team.

  • Can I breastfeed if I have multiples?

    Yes, but it may take some practice. Your milk supply will increase to the right amount. You will need to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of liquids. Lactation specialists are available at many hospitals and in your community to help you work out any problems you may have.

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    How Common Are Twins And Multiples

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    There were approximately 120,291 twin births out of 3.7 million births in the U.S. in 2019, with around 32 sets of twins per 1,000 births. This was a 2 percent decline from 2018 and a 5 percent decline from 2014.

    Meanwhile, there were about 88 sets of triplets and higher-order multiples per 100,000 births a 6 percent decline from 2017.

    Although the twin birth rate rose by 76 percent between 1980 and 2009, it declined 4 percent between 2014 and 2018 the lowest rate in more than a decade. For women age 30 to 34, the twin birth rate declined by 10 percent 12 percent for women age 35 to 39 and 23 percent for women age 40 and over.

    It’s possible that the birth rate for twins has slowed down because fertility treatments have improved. For example, with in vitro fertilizations , doctors would usually transfer multiple embryos into the uterus at once to increase the chances of having one successful pregnancy. This also raises the likelihood of twins, but now doctors are transferring just one or, rarely, two embryos at a time to reduce high-risk pregnancies.

    That’s because women who have a multiple pregnancy are at a higher risk for complications, including preterm birth, low birth weight, preeclampsia , gestational diabetes, and a cesarean birth.

    Although the birth rate for triplets and higher-order multiples had quadrupled between 1980 and 1998, it declined by 6 percent in 2019 and was down 55 percent from the peak in 1998.

    Learn more:

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    Will You Conceive Twins If Youre Taking Supplements

    Folic acid is a B vitamin. Many doctors recommend taking it before and during pregnancy to reduce the risk for neural tube defects like spina bifida. Prior to becoming pregnant, doctors recommend taking about 400 micrograms of folic acid per day and increasing this amount to 600 micrograms during pregnancy.

    There have been some small studies that suggest folic acid may increase the likelihood of conceiving multiples. But there arent any large-scale studies to confirm that this increases your chances for multiples. If you are trying to get pregnant, taking folic acid will help protect your babys brain development.

    Risks Of Extended Duration

    Clomid should not be used indefinitely. One reason for that is the possible increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

    Several studies have looked into whether fertility drugs increase your odds of cancer. The good news is that most studies link infertility itself, and not Clomid use, to the higher risk of cancer.

    This means if Clomid helps you get pregnant, just getting pregnant and having a baby will decrease your cancer risk. The bad news is that some studies have found that cancer risk goes up if youre treated with Clomid over an extended time, even when compared to other infertile women who dont conceive.

    Even though research seems to indicate that infertility itself is the cause for increased cancer odds, just to be safe, most doctors recommend limiting treatment to 12 months. Some prefer to be extra cautious and limit treatment to six months.

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    No : Risk Of Preeclampsia During Pregnancy Is Higher In Twin Pregnancies

    People really dont know what causes preeclampsia to start, but we know it occurs more frequently in twin pregnancies, Monga says. Preeclampsia is marked by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and sometimes swelling in the feet, legs, and hands. It is the precursor to the more serious, potentially fatal eclampsia.

    What Are The Signs Of A Twin Pregnancy

    Anna and Lucy Try Getting Pregnant at the Same Time | Extreme Sisters

    Certain circumstances are consistent with carrying more than one fetus. But experiencing the signs of a twin pregnancy doesnt always mean a person is carrying two fetuses.

    These signs, some of which occur in the early weeks of pregnancy, include:

    • Early fetal movement.
    • Fetal movement in more than one area.
    • Fundal height is greater than gestational age. The baby bump is measuring larger than expected.
    • Gaining weight quickly.
    • Having high levels of hCG, a pregnancy hormone, or alpha-fetoprotein , a protein made by the fetuss liver.
    • Hearing more than one heartbeat on a fetal Doppler.

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    No : Morning Sickness May Be Worse With Twin Pregnancies

    “One of the things that is postulated as causing morning sickness is high levels of human chorionic gonadotropin, and we know that levels of this hormone are higher in twin pregnancies, so women carrying twins have a higher incidence of nausea and vomiting in the first trimester,” says Al-Khan. The good news? Most morning sickness abates within 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy — even in twin pregnancies.

    That’s not all, Monga says. Women pregnant with twins complain of more back pain, sleeping difficulties, and heartburn than those who are carrying one child. Being pregnant with twins also carries a higher rate of maternal anemia and a higher rate of postpartum hemorrhage after delivery.

    Clomid And Increased Chances Of Multiples

    The ovaries contain hundreds of thousands of follicles and each follicle contains immature egg cells. Once every month, several follicles begin a process of development.

    Usually, only one follicle fully develops and releases an egg. This is because once a follicle becomes mature enough on its own, the follicle releases hormones into the bloodstream that signal the body to slow down the production of egg-stimulating hormones.

    Clomid works by tricking the body into bumping up egg-stimulating hormones, causing the follicles in the ovaries to continue to mature. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that more than one egg will develop to maturity and be released during ovulation.

    Most twins conceived with Clomid will not be identical. During clinical trials of twin pregnancies, one in five were identical twins and 80% of the twin pregnancies were fraternal twins . Clomid increases your odds of conceiving twins because your ovaries may ovulate more than one egg. Identical twins come from one egg not two.

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    No : Labor May Come Early With Twin Pregnancies

    Most women carrying twins go into labor at 36 to 37 weeks, as opposed to 40 in a single pregnancy, Al-Khan says, and some may go even earlier. “Generally, if the twins are born after 34 weeks, there should not be a major concern, but a premature baby is still a premature baby,” Al-Khan says. “Twins are at higher risk of preterm labor and delivery and have higher degree of respiratory issues.”

    As a result of being born too early, twins may be born at low birth weights, and such babies tend to have more health problems than babies born weighing more than 5.5 pounds.

    Unfortunately, there is no evidence that bed rest alone prevents preterm labor or delivery in twin pregnancies, and the use of agents to stop preterm labor have not been proven to be effective either, he says. “Stopping premature labor is challenging in multiple gestations.”

    Some Twiniversity Community Members Shared Their Perspective On Trying To Get Pregnant With Twins:

    My Second Trimester Twin Pregnancy Workout Modifications

    Hardest thing Ive ever done. A blessing but not something I ever wished for. Cant imagine trying to make it happen on purpose! Danyial G.

    Be careful what you wish for. Twins are incredible, but they both need you 100% of the time. Its impossible to give all of your full attention to one because you have to have eyes on the other. Ashley W.

    borrow someone elses infant twins for a weekbut then she may not even want onemaybe twin puppies is a better thing to want before you have them or know what its like. Jessica H.

    It takes two people who are incredibly in love, incredibly rich , some mood music, a reproductive endocrinologist, embryologist, therapist, supportive friends and a lot of wine. Elizabeth G.

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    Increased Likelihood Of Twins

    The side effect you’re probably most familiar with is the risk of multiples. However, it’s not nearly as common as you may think it is. You have a 10% chance of having twins when taking Clomid. This means that 1 in 10 pregnancies conceived with Clomid leads to twins.

    This doesnt mean you should brush off the risk of having twins, only that you shouldnt assume Clomid will get you twins. Triplets or quadruplets on Clomid are rare, happening less than 1% of the time. While having twins certainly brings many benefits, it’s important to note that twin pregnancies have higher risks of complications for both the expecting parent and the babies.

    Risks To Mother And Baby In Multiple Pregnancy Higher

    Twin pregnancies are associated with more frequent complications for both the mother and the babies. The mother might experience severe morning sickness that is persistent, diabetes in pregnancy, high blood pressure, or early onset of labour due to waters breaking prematurely giving rise to preterm delivery of babies. For the babies, the increased risks are due to being born prematurely or due to complications due to a shared placenta or blood vessels and due to uterine restriction.

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    Are You Ready To Get Pregnant With Twins

    So, what do you think? Have we finally answered the question of how to get pregnant with twins? Its SUPER easy, right?! Ha!

    All jokes aside, the reality is that while certain genetic and lifestyle factors can increase your chances of having twins, more often than not twins happen by chance or with the help of an infertility specialist!

    However, dont let that stop you from having fun trying, and be sure to let us know if any of these tips helped you conceive your twins! Join our exclusive Twiniversity community and then head over to our and to share your experience with other parents of multiples!

    No 1: Cesarean Section Deliveries May Be More Common In Twin Pregnancies

    Local mom tests positive for COVID, gives birth to twin girls

    “The likelihood of having a C-section is absolutely higher in twin pregnancies,” Al-Khan says. “There is also a higher incidence of the baby being in breech position among twins than singletons.” When the baby is in a breech position, a C-section delivery is usually required.

    Show Sources

    Abdulla Al-Khan, MD, director and chief of maternal and fetal medicine and surgery, Hackensack University Medical Center, New Jersey.

    Manju Monga, MD, Berel Held Professor and division director, maternal-fetal medicine director, maternal fetal medicine fellowship, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Houston.

    Mayo Clinic web site: “Twin pregnancy: What multiples mean for mom.”

    Institute of Medicine: “Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Reexamining the Guidelines.”

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    How To Conceive Twins And When Is The Best Time To Conceive Twins

    If you have a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, your best chance to conceive twins is between days 10-17 of your menstrual cycle, which is the peak of ovulation. However, not all women ovulate these days so some ovulation might come earlier or later. Moreover, after sexual intercourse, sperm can live in the cervical mucus for up to 5 days as the sperm wait for the mature egg cell or cells to be fertilized.

    In the case of maternal twins, conceiving multiple pregnancies depends on the cell multiplication of the egg after it is fertilized. However, a woman can also release multiple egg cells upon ovulation. When multiple egg cells are released and fertilized by a sperm, this pregnancy creates fraternal twins. Having intercourse two days before your expected ovulation is best for higher chances of conception and pregnancy.

    Heres What Twiniversity Community Members Said About Conceiving Twins After Infertility Treatments:

    6 IUIs and 4 rounds of IVFpray for a miracle and be thankful when you get two! Shannon W.

    We have twins via IVF and even though I always thought it would be fun to have twins when I found out I was having them I cried. Wouldnt change it for the world though. Kylee P.

    8 rounds of Clomid and 4 IUIs LOL, not recommended. Stephanie C.

    When we did IVF we didnt want twins so we only transferred one embryo. The joke was on us because that embryo split and we got twins anyway! Melissa T.

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    What Kind Of Prenatal Care Do You Need If Youre Pregnant With Multiples

    If youre pregnant with multiples, you may need extra medical care during pregnancy, labor and birth. You may need to go to extra prenatal care checkups so your provider can watch you and your babies for problems. You also may need more prenatal tests to check on your growing babies throughout your pregnancy.

    If youve had pregnancy complications in the past or if you have health conditions that put you at risk for pregnancy complications, your provider may refer you to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. This is a doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. High-risk means youre more likely than most pregnant people to have problems with your pregnancy. If youre referred to this kind of doctor, it doesnt mean youll have problems during pregnancy. It just means they can check you and your babies more closely to help prevent or treat any conditions that may happen.

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    Things You Didn’t Know About Twin Pregnancies

    13 Ways My Twin Pregnancy Was Different Than My First

    Experts share their advice if you are pregnant with twins.

    If you are expecting twins and wonder what it will be like, many people can relate. That moment when you find out you’ve got two babies on the way often comes from out of the blue. Although you probably can’t fully imagine what it will mean for your day to day life, you can learn a lot before the twins arrive.

    A twin pregnancy is a double blessing, but it can also carry greater risks than singleton pregnancies.

    Get to know these things about twin pregnancies from conception through delivery.

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    How Twin Conception Happens

    If you want to understand your chances of getting pregnant with twins, its important to know how they are conceived.

    There are two different types of twins:

    • Identical: Identical twins occur when one egg is fertilized by one sperm. The egg then divides into two separate embryos. Identical twins might share a placenta and an amniotic sac, or they might share a placenta and each have separate amniotic sacs. Genetically, the two babies are identical.
    • Non-identical: Non-identical, or fraternal, twins occur when two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm. Non-identical twins have their own placenta and their own unique genetic composition.

    Can Boy/girl Twins Be Identical

    Boy/girl twins are always fraternal or , rather than identical. They can only form from two separate eggs that are fertilized by two separate sperm. The terms identical and fraternal dont describe what the twins look like, but actually how they form.

    Identical twins are always of the same sex because they form from a single zygote that contains either male or female sex chromosomes.

    Fraternal twins can be either two girls, two boys, or one of each. These are the possible sex combinations:

    • A set of boy/girl twins: Can only be fraternal , as boy/girl twins cannot be identical
    • Two boy twins: Can be either identical or fraternal
    • Two girl twins: Can be either identical or fraternal

    Note that the mono in monozygotic means one, while di in dizygotic means two, as in deriving from one or two zygotes .

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