How To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

Q2 How To Manage Anger During Pregnancy

Managing Stress During Pregnancy | Kaiser Permanente

Ans. Stress during pregnancy leads to anxiety, panic attack, or sometimes severe irritability or anger. To conquer your anger, meditating regularly can help you with anger issues as it calms your mind and keeps you relaxed. You can also try breathing exercises whenever you are feeling irritated or angry. Deep breathing increases oxygen level, which naturally helps you stay calm and relax.

Stay Active Every Day

Exercise releases endorphins that will lift your mood. You dont have to do aerobics classes or hit the gym. Just try to make staying active part of your everyday life. For example, you could go for a walk or do some office exercises. This can reduce stress and its good for your unborn baby, too. Find out more about exercises you can do when youre pregnant.

Why Its Important To Manage Stress In Pregnancy

Managing stress is good for your health and your babys health during pregnancy and beyond. If you can manage stress, you can reduce your chance of premature birth and your babys chance of childhood health problems like asthma and allergies.

Also, when you manage stress, your pregnancy is likely to be a more positive experience overall.

If you have life stresses under control and stress management strategies in place during pregnancy, you might also be able to cope better with new stresses after birth. These new stresses include lack of sleep and the challenges of looking after a newborn. And for some new mums, they include the after-effects of a difficult birth and other complications.

Unlike some other lifestyle factors that youll be told to avoid during pregnancy for example, smoking and alcohol you cant get rid of all the stress in your life. But you can learn how to recognise and deal with stress. This can help you have a healthier pregnancy and manage life more easily once your baby is born.

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What Feelings Can Happen

Mood swings are normal during pregnancy. But if you feel nervous or down all the time, it could be a sign of something deeper going on. Stress over being pregnant, changes in your body during the pregnancy, and everyday worries can take a toll.

Some pregnant women may have depression or anxiety:

  • Depression is sadness or feeling down or irritable for weeks or months at a time. Some women may have depression before getting pregnant. But it also can start during pregnancy for a number of reasons for example, if a woman isn’t happy about being pregnant or is dealing with a lot of stress at work or at home.
  • Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear over things that might happen. If you worry a lot anyway, many things can stress you out during pregnancy. You might worry that you won’t be a good mother or that you can’t afford to raise a baby.

Pregnant women may have other mental health issues, such as:

It’s important to treat mental health concerns during pregnancy. Mothers who are depressed, anxious, or have another issue might not get the medical care they need. They might not take care of themselves, or they may use drugs and alcohol during the pregnancy. All of these things can harm a growing baby.

If you have a mental health issue, talk with your doctor so you can get the help you need during and after your pregnancy.

Dealing With Stress At Work During Pregnancy

6 Ways To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

Trying to maintain your career, earn enough so you can support your baby, and ensure you have a job to return to after your maternity leave all while youre dealing with pregnancy is clearly a major source of stress.

Some workplaces are more supportive of pregnant women than others, and work adjustments, such as cutting hours, different schedules, or different workloads can be arranged.

The reality is that many managers or even your co-workers wont be able to fully understand why your productivity is lower if you are facing constant morning sickness or you merely have to do more pre-natal check-ups if your pregnancy is at risk.

Since your rights as a pregnant worker are protected, there are safety procedures in place and risk assessments you should call upon.

It is entirely reasonable that you want to continue earning up until your maternity leave, but if you feel that work pressure is making things worse for you, then you should consider your health and your babys health first, and take the unpaid leave.

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Rest Whenever You Can

Finding time to relax seems simple, but is sometimes very difficult. However, not only is it good for you but is great for the baby as well. So do not feel guilty for taking the time to “do nothing.”

While you’re at work, try to find a place where you can relax during lunch and put your legs up. When you get home, try to take a break from housework. Although many of us like having the house shining, now is not the time to be a perfectionist.

If you already have children, it’s even more difficult to find time to relax, but you could ask your partner, a friend or the grandparents to care for them one evening from time to time so you can enjoy a well-deserved rest.

We also recommend getting a comfy pregnancy pillow. They’re ergonomically designed to help relieve tension and pressure and allow you to sleep more comfortably when you’re dealing with stress during pregnancy. This pillow from Leachco is extremely popular and highly recommended.

Pregnancy Stress And Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands and it plays an essential role in the way your body responds to stress. In highly stressful situations, cortisol helps your body react quickly to the outside world by raising your blood pressure, speeding up your heartbeat, and making you ready to face the challenge.

However, the problem with modern day stress is that it is usually caused by threats and challenges that cannot be immediately solved. The physical readiness cortisol provides does little to help if your stress is caused by financial problems, relationship issues or workplace pressure. In fact, it causes more problems than it solves.

In pregnancy, there are many sources of stress, and if you are exposed to prolonged and intense stress, high cortisol levels can affect how your baby develops .

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I Love You And I Know You Can Do This

It’s best to keep your goodbye short, even if your child is crying or clinging to you, and trust that you have chosen a good place for them to be. Most children recover from hard goodbyes quickly after the parent leaves.

If your child is having a hard time saying goodbye, give one good strong hug and tell them that you love them and know they can do this. Saying something like, “It’s just school, you’ll be fine” belittles their feelings. Instead, acknowledge that this is hard, but that you’re confident they’re up to the task. This validates the anxiety they’re feeling while ending on a positive note.

After a quick reassurance, make your exit, take a deep breath and trust that they will be okay.

Work Is Insane And Your Boss Is Driving You Nuts

Tips to Manage Stress During Pregnancy

Taking just a couple of minutes for some deep breathing and gentle stretching during a hectic day will help instill the mental clarity to organize your thoughts, says Kim Watters, Fitness Manager at Red Mountain Resort in Utah. Here are her three favorite officefriendly stretches. Hold each one for at least 20 seconds.

Abs and side stretch: Sit near the front edge of your desk chair. Lengthen your arms overhead and exaggerate your reach. Now stretch up through your right hand, lengthening the right side of your body more while pressing down with your left heel. Switch hands and repeat to the other side.

Neck stretch: Sit near the front edge of your chair. Raise your shoulders up and press down. Repeat a few times. Then roll them forward, up, back and then down. Repeat a few times. Turn your head as far to the right as possible. Repeat to the left. Now, tilt your head to the right and then repeat to the left. Finally, tilt your chin down and then pull it in towards the chest.

Back stretch: Sit forward on your chair with your legs a little wider than your hips. Lean forward from the hips and drop your torso down so your head is resting between your thighs . Let your head and arms hang down toward the floor.

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Strategies To Facilitate The Journey To Work

If you work, you may have planned to continue doing so until near the due date to spend more time with your baby once they’re born. But the round trip to work can become a source of stress, that worsens further along into your pregnancy.

If you are using public transportation, ask your boss if you can start and end the workday earlier or later to avoid rush hours. If your work is done primarily by computer, maybe you can ask permission to do so from the house one day a week.

When traveling by bus or subway, try sitting. If the bus is full and no one offered a seat, ask. Exposing yourself to a fall is not good when you’re pregnant. Most people willingly give way to a pregnant woman, but sometimes you have to remind them.

How Can You Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

Here are some ways to help you reduce stress:

  • Know that the discomforts of pregnancy are only temporary. Ask your provider about how to handle these discomforts.
  • Stay healthy and fit. Eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep and exercise . Exercise can help reduce stress and also helps prevent common pregnancy discomforts.
  • Cut back on activities you dont need to do. For example, ask your partner to help with chores around the house.
  • Try relaxation activities, like prenatal yoga or meditation. They can help you manage stress and prepare for labor and birth.
  • Take a childbirth education class so you know what to expect during pregnancy and when your baby arrives. Practice the breathing and relaxation methods you learn in your class.
  • If youre working, plan ahead to help you and your employer get ready for your time away from work. Use any time off you may have to get extra time to relax.

The people around you may help with stress relief too. Here are some ways to reduce stress with the help of others:

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Attend A Pregnancy Support Group

Pregnancy support groups can provide you with a safe space to share your thoughts with a group of women who may be having similar feelings and experiences. They also allow you to give and receive feedback and advice from others. This can help you realize that your feelings are normal and provide you with different ways of thinking about or approaching a problem. Feeling supported during pregnancy can also help you after your pregnancy is over. One study found that having more support during pregnancy was linked to lower rates of postpartum depression.7

Support groups are usually run by a mental health professional or someone who is trained to run groups. You can attend local in-person groups or support groups online. In-person groups can provide you with an opportunity to connect face-to-face, while online groups can be helpful if you donât have a lot of time, feel anxious about attending in-person, or do not have any groups in your area. Either way, finding a supportive group to speak with can be beneficial.

Get Ready For Delivery

6 Ways to Reduce Stress While Pregnant

Perhaps you are suffering from thinking about childbirth and how to endure pain, or how your partner reacts. If you learn as much as you can in advance, you will feel much more secure.

You can learn a lot about all the stages of labor, as well as physical and emotional aspects that mark each stage by enrolling in a childbirth class, reading books and magazines. If you’re going to have the baby in a hospital, it may also help you to visit the maternity area and enter the rooms where women are in labor.

If you feel overwhelmed by fear, talk to your doctor or midwife. Studies indicate that with proper support, you can overcome fear.

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How To Manage Stress Naturally During Pregnancy

Pamela Geller, PhD Associate Professor, Ob/Gyn and Public Health, Drexel University

Balancing multiple roles and demands while also managing life stressors and taking time for yourself is always difficult, but may be even more challenging during pregnancy. In our fast-paced world, advice to slow down and take time to relax while preparing for your babys arrival is often easier said than done. However, finding ways to keep stress at bay has numerous health benefitsincluding increasing the likelihood of a full-term pregnancy and reducing the risk of health complications for both mom and baby. The good news is that there are science-based strategies for managing stress and anxiety. The strategies for coping with stress during pregnancy can fit into your everyday life, including mindfulness-based practices, getting enough sleep and exercise, and making the most of social support.

Mindfulness-based Practices

Mindfulness is simply defined as being as aware of what you are experiencing as you are experiencing it, without judgement. Mindfulness is a great way to treat stress naturally during pregnancy. Research shows that mindfulness is linked to improvements in mood, depression, anxiety, sleep, interpersonal communication and self-compassion. During stressful times, mindfulness can help you calm your body, and appreciate the fleeting moments of your pregnancy. Three simple tips for starting a mindfulness-based practice include:

Enhancing Sleep Quality

Get Moving

Relieve Stress With Pregnancy Massage

If there is one thing that comes to mind when thinking about an ideal stress antidote, its a soothing massage.

Not only can massage help to relieve muscle and back pain that often accompanies pregnancy, massage can also be a great way to give yourself a relaxing treatment you deserve.

One critical thing to consider when choosing a massage therapist during your pregnancy is to ensure your therapist has experience with an antenatal massage or uses pregnancy-safe massage positions and tables.

In case you are at risk of miscarriage or face another complication in your pregnancy, its best to avoid massages unless approved explicitly by your midwife or ob-gyn.

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Best Ways To Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, in most cases, is a life-changing phase of a womans life. During this phase, a woman may go through every possible emotion due to the release of different hormones.

Hence, it may be natural that she may feel overwhelmed at times. However, it is critical to take care of your physical and mental health at such disturbing times.

Researches show how moms-to-be may experience stress during their pregnancy. Though stress is normal during this phase, it becomes a concerning issue when it bothers you constantly.

At this time, you should seek support for the well being of the baby and your health. During stress, the body releases several hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

The hormones help you to fight stressful situations and combat physical exertion. Once the intense circumstance gets over, your body returns to its normal state.

However, this is not the case with pregnancy. During this phase, when you take tension related to childbirth, your stress levels do not decrease.

This can further lead to several health and development problems for your baby. The foetus may face problems like impaired cognitive development, ADHD and so on.

All such problems verify the fact that it is very crucial to maintain chronic stress during pregnancy. This guide will help you to balance your hormones and improve your well being with the following methods.


How Does Art Help With Stress

Aromatherapy During Pregnancy â Natural Relief For Stress, Anxiety, Nausea

According to, just a 45 minute art session can reduce stress levels, regardless of your artistic expertise.

They further explain that when youre engaged in an activity for a while, you enter into a state of flow which some psychologists refer to as a meditative flow. This flow becomes extremely helpful to people who play an instrument, and becomes very beneficial when drawing or coloring, because it allows you to experience timelessness, feelings of serenity, and feelings of personal control over the outcome of your tasks.

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Therapy For Pregnancy Stress

Therapy can be a beneficial treatment option for women dealing with pregnancy stress. Therapy involves meeting with a psychologist, social worker, counselor, or therapist either individually or in a group. It provides you with an opportunity to talk about how you are feeling and learn healthier ways to cope with your emotions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy are two types of therapy that are effective for treating depression during pregnancy.14 CBT helps you identify when you are having unhealthy or irrational thoughts and teaches you how to change them. IPT focuses on helping you improve your relationships, which in turn helps you improve your emotional state. Some therapists may also utilize other approaches, like psychodynamic or solution-focused therapy, to help pregnant women better cope with stress.

How To Practice A Breathing Exercise In Pregnancy:

One useful way to practice breath work is to get into a comfortable sitting or lying position and closing your eyes. Take notice of your breath through your nose. Focus on the air coming in and out of your nose. You may focus on taking long deep inhalations and long slow exhalations until you feel better and less anxiety.

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