How To Treat Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Coconut Oil Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

How to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Because stretch marks are scarring from skin damage, coconut oil may assist heal the appearance swiftly.

Coconut oil has been researched for its recovery homes as well as was discovered in rats to reduce the time it takes for skin injuries to recover.

Applying virgin coconut oil to your stretch marks daily might remove some of their red appearance. Unless you dislike coconuts, this oil is taken into consideration secure.

Why Do We Get Stretch Marks

As our skin stretches or shrinks drastically, this abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin which usually hold the skin together to rupture. Thus stretch marks.

However, stretch marks appear when the skin has healed, when they may appear red and itchy. Red and itchy stretch marks indicate your skin starting to heal itself from the strain.

How Do Stretch Marks Form

Skin is naturally pretty stretchy due to the collagen that makes up our skins structure. When it is stretched too quickly or too much , it does not give the collagen enough time to do its job, causing breaks in the skins connective.

These breaks are what we see as the dreaded stretch mark. Stretch marks are considered scars. And we all know scars do not like to go away. So prevention is key!

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Maintain A Healthy Weight

One of the main reasons for the stretch marks is the sudden weight or weight loss. The skin gets stretched due to the weight gain and the think skin can easily get torn. The weight of the baby is already a cause of the weight gain so it becomes important for you to eat healthy, exercise regularly to avoid additional weight gain. You can ask your doctor to make some changes in your diet and suggest a few exercises to prevent the weight gain during pregnancy.

For Any Questions About Pregnancy And Stretch Marks Talk To The Doctors At Rosh Mfm

4 Easy Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy ...

The team at Rosh Maternal & Fetal Medicine are prepared to give you answers and provide top-notch medical care so that you have a healthy pregnancy. If youd like to schedule prenatal care or have questions about stretch marks during pregnancy, in the Midtown East area of New York City, or schedule an appointment online.

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Common Questions About Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are almost inevitable in life, especially in pregnancy. Your body is undergoing so many huge changes and stretching beyond your imagination.

Stretch marks happen, and they are very common.

Almost every woman has stretch marks. Whether on her belly, hips, thighs, or arms. The fact is, they are normal and okay, and shouldnt be seen as ugly or unattractive.

However, we all have questions, and we are here to answer those commonly asked questions for you!

-Are they common?

-Why do we get stretch marks?

-Will I get stretch marks during my pregnancy?

-Where do they appear?

-How can I prevent them?

-Why are they red?

-How can I treat existing stretch marks?

So lets dive right into it all the juicy details:

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How Can You Treat Stretch Marks

Once you start seeing those red stretch marks, dont despair. Now is the best time to treat them.

Using a stretch mark therapy cream like this one will help soothe your skin and minimize scarring. However, this must be applied religiously and may take a month or two before you start seeing results.

So, dont give up and keep going!

Already have white stretch marks you are wanting to firm up? Try treating them as soon as you have delivered your baby and your stomach is starting to shrink. There are still somewhat new and fresh, and your skin will react better to treatments.

Doctors can prescribe you a Retin-A or Renova cream to help minimize the look of stretch marks. Other methods include laser treatments or simply embracing them!

PS: If you are very self-conscious about your stretch marks, try applying a self-tanner. Stretch marks are most noticeable on pale skin!

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B: Take Good Care Of Your Skin

1. Apply Natural Oils

Apply natural oils to hydrate and moisturize the skin.

Apply the oils on areas of the body that are prone to stretch marks, such as belly, sides, legs, thighs and lower back.

Examples of natural oils that are perfect for hydrating and moisturizing the skin include:

Cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, almond oil, Shea butter.

Pure lanolin oil can also do wonders.

Apply these natural oils in the morning after a bath and at night before retiring to bed.

If the area where the skin is stretched is itchy, consider applying more oil to it.

2. Avoid Chemicals

Most body washes contain sulfates, which dry out the skin.

This reduces the elasticity of the skin.

Consider using cleaners that are made of natural oils.

Use coconut oil on the skin and the rinse it off with warm water before drying it using a soft towel.

Avoid cleansing your skin, if it is prone to dryness.

All you need to do is use some Luke-warm then pat dry.

3. Dry Brush Your Skin

Use a dry brush to brush your skin.

This helps to exfoliate your skin and keep it healthy.

Dry brushing is not only recommended as a stretch marks preventative technique, but also a way of reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Follow the steps below when dry brushing your skin:

4. Apply Sunscreen

If you like spending time out in the sun, ensure you apply enough sunscreen to your body,

especially on the belly, sides and chest areas as well as other body parts that are prone to stretching.

Can I Prevent Stretch Marks


You cant always prevent stretch marks occurring, especially during pregnancy. Stretch marks affect about 8 out of 10 pregnant women.

You are more likely to get stretch marks if your weight gain is more than average in pregnancy. Every pregnant woman gains weight differently so there are no official guidelines for how much weight you should gain. The most important thing is to eat a healthy, balanced diet, which will help to keep your weight gain to a safe and healthy level for you and your baby. Most women put on between 10kg and 12.5kg during their pregnancy, although this varies from woman to woman.

Gaining the weight steadily during your pregnancy can help reduce the effect of stretch marks.

The appearance of stretch marks can be difficult for some women and affect their confidence. But even if youre concerned about stretch marks, don’t try to lose weight while you’re pregnant. This is not healthy for you or your baby.

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Ice Stretch Marks To Reduce Inflammation

As you know by now, stretch marks are tiny scars that form as your skin stretches. As they heal, these tiny scars can cause inflammation and swelling, which can make stretch marks look even worse. Rubbing ice on stretch-marked skin can help relieve and reduce this swelling and inflammation.

A reusable ice pack that is stored in the freezer makes it quick and easy to apply cold whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you dont have an ice pack, try putting some ice cubes in a Ziploc bag.

Wrap the cold pack in a dish towel or pillow case so that the ice doesnt come directly in contact with your skin. Start with your belly. Hold it on your skin for up to ten minutes, then move to your thigh and hold the cold pack on your skin for another ten minutes. Repeat this process for all areas of your body that have stretch marks.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Apart from using creams, lotions and ointments, there are other methods that women can use to eliminate pregnancy stretch marks.

Laser therapy, for example, is considered to be an effective method to treat stretch marks.

During the procedure a beam of light is passed through the skin resulting in the removal of a thin layer of skin.

The high energy laser light, normally the ultra violet rays, is used to disrupt the bonding of the molecular tissues of the skin. The tissues disintegrate in a process which is commonly known as ablation.

Once the process is completed the treated areas will gradually turn reddish and tender until they heal. This is mainly due to the reason that the skin in those areas is removed and new skin is developing.

There might be some occasional blisters but this will be short-lived. The areas will heal within two weeks, although there are some who may experience it for a little bit longer depending on your skin type.

Laser therapy is found to be highly effective especially with removing recent stretch marks.

The success of this method, just like many other options, is dependent on the prevalence of stretch marks as well as the age of the scars.

Older stretch marks as well as those that are spread to other parts of the body may not be effectively eliminated by laser therapy. They would most likely need a combination of different treatments.

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Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks eventually get lighter with time but will never disappear completely. Though you may not get rid of them in a natural way, certain remedies might help in minimizing their appearance . You may consider some massaging creams, lotions, and oils that may turn your skin smooth and supple.

Over the months and may be years, the marks gradually turn into fine lines which are almost closer to your skin tone. Though you may have to bear the natural battle scars, they become less visible in three to six months after delivery, write Janet Arenson and Patricia Drake in their book Quick Look Nursing: Maternal and Newborn Health.

How Can I Erase My Stretch Marks

How Do You Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy ...

To erase your stretch marks, choose a targeted body treatment such as the Body Partner. Applied daily in sweeping circular movements, this treatment is perfect for minimizing stretch marks and restoring beautiful skin. Its formula is designed to restructure skin tissue and protect skin’s elasticity and firmness. Over the days, stretch marks appear less visible. Comfort and suppleness are restored. Note: You can boost the effects of the Body Partner by adding the Tonic Body Treatment Oil to improve firmness and resistance.

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Rejuvenate Skin With Home Remedies

Egg White Peel

Egg whites contain a whole host of beneficial nutrients, such as protein, potassium, riboflavin, and magnesium. These nutrients are great for the health of your skin and can be used to heal pregnancy stretch marks. Heres how they work:

  • Protein maintains skin elasticity, tissue repair, and growth.
  • Potassium puts moisture back into your skin and keeps it from evaporating.
  • Riboflavin eliminates toxic free radicals in your skin.
  • Magnesium delays the aging process and keeps skin looking youthful and radiant.

The easiest way to direct these healing nutrients to stretch-marked skin is to whip up an egg white peel. Heres how to do it.

  • In a small bowl, separate 2 egg whites from their yolks. Note that 2 egg whites are enough for an area about the size of your face. Use more or fewer egg whites depending on the area you need to cover.
  • Whisk the egg whites until theyre foamy.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser.
  • Apply the whipped egg whites to stretch-marked-skin.
  • Let the egg whites dry for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off the egg white peel with warm water.
  • Pat skin dry with a soft towel.
  • Your skin will feel tighter and more radiant, and the nutrients will penetrate deep to heal stubborn stretch marks.

    Aloe Vera

    Follow these instructions to treat your stretch marks using aloe vera gel:

  • Rub the gel directly over your stretch marks.
  • Leave the aloe vera gel on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Apply twice per day as needed.
  • Honey Scrub

    When Do I Start Using Stretch Mark Creams During Pregnancy

    You can use them as early as you want, in fact, the earlier the better, because even if your skin isnt stretching yet, the creams will still provide your skin with hydration. That being said, when you move into maternity pants and your belly is starting to show, thats a good time to start using the cream to support your skin as it stretches out.

    “Stretch marks happen from the sudden weight or volume changes and are not really improved with the more common OTC regimen of a cocoa butter like product that has been touted as preventative,” says Dr. Allenby.

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    Are Stretch Marks Painful Or Dangerous

    If youve never had stretch marks before, you might wonder if theyre painful or dangerous. The good news is that while theyre unsightly, stretch marks are neither painful nor dangerous.

    In fact, the majority of women will get stretch marks during their pregnancy . And theyre no worse for the wear!

    If you have the urge to scratch your stretch marks, this is also common. Itchy stretch marks probably mean you have dry, itchy skin.

    But another cause of itching is a pregnancy rash called PUPPP or PEP. This itchy rash begins in stretch marks and spreads to other areas. While its fairly common, doctors arent quite sure what causes PUPPP.

    Regardless, this annoying rash is harmless to both mom and baby and goes away by itself within a couple of weeks after delivery.

    But enough of the technical stuff! Lets get to the best ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

    A What Are Stretch Marks

    How To Remove PREGNANCY STRETCH MARKS Naturally?

    Stretch marks are small and depressed streaks around the skin and are seen mostly in the stomach in future stages of pregnancy. This happens when the stomach is expanding fast to accommodate the growing baby. At other times women also get them in other parts of the bodies such as buttocks, Thighs, hips, or breasts.

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    Medical Treatments To Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

    Doctors suggest that natural remedies are far better than medical treatments, especially if you are breastfeeding. But if you are too tired of the pregnancy stretch marks to try home remedies, here are the treatment options. These have to be done under strict guidance and supervision of a qualified dermatologist. However, some of them could pose serious complications.

    How Real Moms Handled Having Stretch Marks

    Read on to hear what The Bump Clubs real moms had to say about their stretch marks.

    I just woke up with my first stretch mark, and Im freaking out. Ive been massaging my stomach with the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula cream thats specifically for pregnant women. I know theyre one of those things that come with the territory however, Id like to do everything I can to keep them at a minimum.

    I tried everything to prevent them with my first pregnancy, but that didnt help. What does help fade them is time. I started using Bio-Oil before I got pregnant again, and I think it helped with the appearance.

    Neither of my grandmothers nor my mother got stretch marks, but I got them with my first pregnancy. I will say, though, that they do fade. You can hardly see mine anymore, and they were horrible and covered 90 percent of my stomach during my first pregnancy.

    Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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    Tips To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

    How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks â Causes ...

    The majority of women will experience stretch marks as their belly grows to accommodate their growing fetus.

    Stretch marks occur when the skins elasticity cannot keep up with the growth of the body. These jagged marks are usually red, purple, or white, and they show up on the stomach, thighs, chest, and shoulder areas.

    Stretch marks often go away with time or fade into a white-ish hue that is less noticeable.

    Theyre mainly attributed to family history, but there are a few lifestyle changes that you can make to avoid these marks. A facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles details some of the ways you can keep your skin looking fresh and young in these 9 months of growing.

  • Take Your Vitamins
  • Getting your daily recommendation of vitamins is important for both you and your childs health. On top of that, stretch marks can pop up if you were missing out on certain essential nutrients. Vitamin C, E, D, and Zinc can help prevent stretch marks from forming.

    Taking a handful of pills each day isnt desirable, and a prenatal vitamin should have all your essential vitamins in one single pill. Protein is essential to building the body, and it can also minimize stretch marks. Its important to have meat or a protein-filled substitute like cheese or tofu in each of your meals while pregnant.

  • Drink Water
  • Enjoy the Sun
  • Treat Stretch Marks
  • If you recently gave birth and want to under laser surgery to reduce stretch marks, contact our cosmetic surgery office.

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