What Tums Are Safe During Pregnancy

Are Tums Safe During Pregnancy

How can I ease heartburn during pregnancy?

Indigestion, also called heartburn or acid reflux, is common in pregnancy. It can be caused by hormonal changes and the growing baby pressing against your stomach. During pregnancy, hormone changes can allow the muscles in the esophagus, including the LES, to relax more frequently. The result is that more acids may seep back up, particularly when youâre lying down or after youâve eaten a large meal.

In addition, as your fetus grows during the second and third trimesters and your uterus expands to accommodate that growth, your stomach is under more pressure. This can also result in food and acid being pushed back up into your esophagus.

What are TUMS and how do they work?

TUMS is an antacid used to relieve heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, and upset stomach associated with these symptoms. Many other heartburn medications are absorbed into the bloodstream and can take hours or day to fully work. TUMS, with active ingredient Calcium Carbonate, travels directly to the source of the heartburn.

TUMS has been providing heartburn relief for more than 90 years. Created in 1928 by pharmacist James Howe to treat his wifeâs indigestion, the TUMS brand was introduced to the public in 1930 and quickly became an American favorite among antacid treatments.

Can you take TUMS while pregnant?

How should I take TUMS during pregnancy?

What other things can I do to improve my symptoms?

How Can I Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy

They say prevention is the best medicine, so knowing common heartburn triggers can help you keep the acid at bay.

Of course, pregnancy itself is a major trigger for heartburn. As your growing uterus puts pressure on your stomach, this pushes stomach acid up your throat.

Those lovely hormones are no help either. They tend to relax the valve between your stomach and esophagus, which makes it easier for acid to make its way upward.

While theres nothing you can do to stop this entirely, there are a few things that can help prevent heartburn from flaring up during pregnancy:

Can Too Many Tums Harm My Baby

High blood levels of calcium, known as hypercalcemia, are possible from taking an excessive amount of Tums. Maternal hypercalcemia can lead to restrictions in how much the fetus is able to grow in utero, as well as how the parathyroid gland is developed .

While these effects are possible, rest assured that this is most often seen when the mother has a diagnosed medical condition that affects her ability to regulate blood calcium levels. Currently, there have not been any reports of such complications from taking Tums.

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When Can I Expect Heartburn To End

Someday, scientists may very well invent a miracle medication that promises permanent pregnancy heartburn relief. Unfortunately, that hasnt happened yet.

So, if youre wondering how long you can expect to deal with heartburn while youre pregnant, it will probably be throughout your entire pregnancy.

However, just because theres no cure, that doesnt mean you cant find some relief in the meantime.

Does Tums Really Work

TUMS While Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Tums works as an antacid so it will relieve the heartburn in no time. An active ingredient in TUMS is Calcium Carbonate . Tums reduce the amount of gas in the stomach and intestines, provide a barrier to restrict the backflow of stomach contents into the esophagus, and neutralizing the acid in your stomach.

Based on the claim and the customers review, Tums is effective and works fast.

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Make Sure You Understand The Dosage

You must speak with your doctor and have clear indications of health and to take medicine correctly. Make sure you understand the exact dosage and if you do not want to risk any mistakes ask the doctor to write all the instructions on a piece of paper.

Learn these instructions by heart because they will help you always to take the right dose of Tums. Always follow the instructions and never take any action regarding the dosage of medicines.Dosage is essential and taking too much, or too little medicine is very harmful to your health.

How Can I Control Heartburn During Pregnancy

Prevention and Treatment of Heartburn During Pregnancy

  • Eat several small meals each day instead of three large ones.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Avoid fried, spicy, or rich foods or any foods that seem to cause relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter and increase the risk of heartburn.
  • Drink less while eating.
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    What If I Think Ive Had Too Many Tums

    Though safe to use while pregnant, taking too many Tums is certainly a possibility. After all, pregnancy heartburn can be very intense and its easy to lose track.

    While overdoing it on Tums isnt likely to cause any immediate and serious harm, it is best to keep tabs on your body. Excess calcium can lead to kidney stones, GI upset, and in severe cases alterations in heart rhythm or fainting .

    If you notice any unusual symptoms, give your medical provider a call and discuss the amount of Tums youve taken, including your best estimate of how many Tums you have had.

    Possible Causes Of Heartburn

    Heartburn during pregnancy

    Certain types of foods, most notably of the spicy variety, can contribute to heartburn. However, even foods like tomato products, peppermint, and chocolate can trigger these symptoms.2 Heartburn may also be caused by daily habits and lifestyle choices, such as exercise routines and the type of clothes worn 4, 5

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    Learn What Causes Heartburn For Youthen Avoid It

    Fat, caffeine, chocolate, citruspregnant women with heartburn have been advised to avoid all of the above at one time or another. But what causes reflux in one woman might not be a trigger for another.

    Rather than tell his pregnant patients to avoid a specific food, Dr. Richter says he advises them to stay away from foods that specifically aggravate them. Everybodys different, Dr. Richter says. Some pregnant women can chow down on spicy Mexican food or a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with no ill effects.

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    What Can I Take For An Upset Stomach While Pregnant

    People often get stomach upsets and diarrhea during pregnancy, but is it safe to take Pepto-Bismol for these symptoms when pregnant or breastfeeding? Pepto-Bismol is an over-the-counter medication used to relieve an upset stomach, heartburn, and diarrhea. It is usually safe to use when not pregnant.

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    Dont Use Tums If You Have Parathyroid Glad Disorder

    Using TUMS During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

    The parathyroid glands are located behind the thyroid glands. If you have problems with these glands, you have a history of problems, or you are predisposed to having problems then you can run the risk of suffering from a severe imbalance of the calcium levels in your body.

    Tums has a lot of calcium and taking this medicine while having problems with the parathyroid gland can irreparably worsen your health and that of your unborn baby.

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    Besides Tums What Else Can I Take For Heartburn During Pregnancy

    You may consider taking other antacids such as Rolaids, Maalox, Pepcid and Zantac . However, check with your healthcare provider before using any of these medications. Besides medication, eating smaller meals, avoiding acidic and spicy foods, drinking lots of water, unsweetened coconut water, and mint tea can also provide relief from heartburn.

    Indications And Side Effects Of Tums

    All medicines can leave side effects. In Tums, the side effects are minor. The side effects are rare to occur in the patients.

    Contraindications of Tums:Hypersensitivity, Renal calculi, Hypercalcemia, Hypercalciuria, and Hypophosphatemia. Yet, some patients report suffering from some allergies after taking the medicines.

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    Do Not Take It As A Calcium Supplement

    As what Ive discussed earlier, Tums has a fair amount of calcium that your fetus might need. You really need calcium for the fetuses bones to develop however, tums shouldnt be the supplement for calcium. To add more calcium in your body, dont just focus on taking Tums. Concentrate on adding foods which are rich in calcium in your daily diet. You can drink plenty of milk and eat foods with dairy products as ingredients.

    How Do I Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy

    Gaviscon, Safe to use for Heartburn in pregnancy

    When youre growing a human being, you dont have time for that yucky acid reflux. But your usual go-to methods for treating it may not be safe for your unborn baby.

    Instead, here are some of the safest and best ways to get rid of heartburn when youre pregnant:

  • Dip into some yogurt. Its probiotics and soothing texture make yogurt a great option for extinguishing heartburn or at least dousing the flames a little.
  • Drink milk with honey. According to the American Pregnancy Association, a tablespoon of honey mixed in a glass of warm milk may be just what you need to neutralize heartburn-causing acid.
  • Snack on almonds. Munching on a handful of almonds may provide heartburn relief since these nuts have a lower acidity level than others.
  • Eat pineapple or papaya. For some women, the digestive enzymes in pineapple and papaya have helped ease symptoms. Eating these fruits after your meals can aid digestion and reduce your chances of heartburn.
  • Try a little ginger. You probably knew ginger was a good remedy for an upset stomach. Well, that makes it a helpful candidate for fighting off heartburn, too. Among gingers many benefits, it can reduce inflammation and prevent stomach acid from traveling up the esophagus.
  • Chew sugar-free gum. Another effective method for taming the burn is to chew some sugar-free gum. One study found that chewing sugar-free gum for 30 minutes after a meal can reduce acid reflux.
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    How Many Tums Can I Take When Pregnant

    There is no question that calcium is an important nutrient for bone health, both in mom and baby. Since Tums is made from calcium, any Tums you take will count toward the 1,300 mg daily recommended amount of calcium .

    There is an upper limit of how much calcium per day is safe, however. It is best not to exceed 2500 mg of calcium per day .

    The maximum number of Tums that you can take per day depends on the strength of the product. Original-style Tums are 40% calcium. There is an easy way to figure out how much calcium is in each tablet.

  • Take the strength of the Tums
  • Multiply this number by 0.4
  • For example, say you took 1 Tums 500 tablet. Take 500 x 0.4 = 200 mg calcium

    Do keep in mind, you are likely also getting some calcium from your diet, so it is best not to meet the 2,500 mg upper limit from Tums alone. To help you dose Tums, the brand offers a helpful pregnancy dosage guide on their website. You can find it here.

    While there is a maximum as to how many Tums are safe to take each day, the tablets are still safe to use on a regular basis. If you have specific questions regarding how many Tums are safe for you and your baby, be sure to reach out to your medical provider or pharmacist for individualized advice.

    It is also worth mentioning that taking Tums right before eating can block the proper absorption of other essential nutrients, such as iron and phosphorus.

    Or Inquire About Proton Pump Inhibitors

    If other medications don’t help, there are also proton pump inhibitors , such as Prevacid. These have a more powerful acid-suppressing effect than H2 blockers, and most are available over the counter.

    Although PPIs are, in general, safe for pregnant women, animal studies have raised concerns that omeprazole could harm a developing fetus, Dr. Richter says. “My recommendation to patients would be to avoid that one because there are about five or six out there on the market, with the H2 blockers,” he says. “All of them look to be safe during pregnancy.”

    Be sure to discuss any medications with your doctor.

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    Heartburn While Pregnant What Is It

    Heartburn is also known as indigestion. In this pathology, you feel a sensation of fire inside the stomach that also reaches the throat. While you are pregnant, heartburn is caused even by the hormonal and physical changes in your body.

    During pregnancy, the placenta produces a hormone called progesterone, which affects the muscles of your uterus, allowing these muscles to be much more elastic and provide more space for the baby. This process of relaxation and the hormone significantly affect all the muscles of the digestive system and the muscular valve that divides the esophagus from the stomach.

    This valve divides the esophagus and the stomach, but in some circumstances it can not be completely closed, and the gastric acids produced by the body and by the digestion manage to come out and reach the throat, creating the sensation of burning of the stomach.

    Don’t Treat Tums Like Candy

    Must Know Things About Consuming Tums During Pregnancy

    As with most things, moderation is key. According to the manufacturer’s website, pregnant individuals are advised to limit themselves to a maximum of 15 TUMS Regular Strength 500 within any 24 hour period. The maximums differ from product to product, so be sure to read the bottle carefully and consult with a healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

    Dr. Clark suggests keeping an eye on intake and symptoms. “If you find you are using TUMS daily or they do not relieve your symptoms, be sure to let your obstetrical care provider know.”

    But if TUMS aren’t working to relieve your symptoms after a while, don’t fret. “It may be time to consider alternative therapy for your symptoms of GERD, like a prescription medication,” says Dr. Clark.

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    Are There Safe Antacids To Take During Pregnancy

    Antacids are the most common way to address pregnancy heartburn. When you take any medication during pregnancy, over the counter or not, you should talk to your doctor about it first. There are several different types of antacids available over the counter. Lets review what they are, if they work and any known risks.

    Avoid Taking Tums If You Have Kidney Problems

    If you are currently diagnosed with kidney problems and are pregnant, avoid taking tums. Also, if you are at high risk of getting kidney diseases, you should stay away from Tums too. As what Ive mentioned, Tums provide a good amount of calcium. But too much calcium might form stones in your kidney and will worsen your situation. If you have a healthy kidney, then youre good to go.

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    Discuss H2 Blockers With Your Doctor

    If an antacid isn’t working, it may be time to consider stronger medications.

    Your first option will likely be an H2 blocker like Tagamet or Zantac. These drugs suppress stomach-acid production. All four H2 inhibitors on the market are now available without a prescription and considered to be safe during pregnancy. But talk to your doctor before taking them.

    “They really work,” says Einarson. “You only have to take one or two a day.”

    Ask Them About Themselves

    What medications are safe to use during pregnancy?

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    Can I Take Antacids While Pregnant

    What medications are safe to take during pregnancy? Over-the-counter antacids such as Tums, Rolaids, and Maalox may help you cope with occasional heartburn symptoms. Those made of calcium carbonate or magnesium are good options. However, it may be best to avoid magnesium during the last trimester of pregnancy.

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