How Do You Feel Pregnant

What To Expect At 7 Weeks Pregnant

Implantation and Early Pregnancy Symptoms: How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test?

Regardless of whether youre experiencing no pregnancy symptoms, or every single 7 weeks pregnant symptom on the list, youre probably feeling a bit out of sorts. Even if youre as excited as you could possibly be, adjusting to the idea of a pregnancy, and the lifetime of parenthood that comes with it, can be a lot. Its okay if you feel overwhelmed or frightened, and its okay if you also just feel kind of blah. You have plenty of time to adjust.

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Changes To Your Body At 1 Month Pregnant

You probably wonât be noticing any changes to your body just yet, but that doesnât mean there isnât a lot going on under the surface. At this point, itâs important to prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth by paying attention to your overall health and nutrition. This often means taking a multivitamin supplement to make sure you have all the nutrients you and your little one will need for the months ahead. Talk to your healthcare provider at your first prenatal visit to make sure youâre getting the right amounts of the right vitamins. It can also be helpful to begin or continue an exercise routine this month. Check in with your provider to make sure your favorite activities are safe during pregnancy, but in general, getting regular exercise can help build the strength and endurance youâll need throughout your pregnancy.

Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms can be subtle. You may notice your breasts feel different when you put on your bra, you feel more tired than normal, or your usual breakfast is unappealing.

If you start to feel some of the early pregnancy symptoms below, you may very well be pregnant. Here are some of the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

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Moodiness And Mood Swings

Sometime between weeks 6 and 10 you might notice shifts in your mood. This is common in early pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, points out Nemours Childrens Health System. Mood shifts are caused by you guessed it! shifting hormones, which can also alter brain chemicals that regulate mood. The fatigue and physical stresses brought on by early pregnancy likely also contribute.

Mood shifts are usually nothing to worry about, but if they drop you into a deep depression, or if you develop thoughts of self-harm, its crucial that you reach out to a professional, the Cleveland Clinic cautions.

Feeling Pregnant Symptoms Feelings And Side Effects During Early Pregnancy

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What does it feel like when you first get pregnant? How does your body and mind feel when you are first pregnant? Find the answers to these questions and more here.

The feeling of being pregnant can be the most amazing feeling in the world. If you are looking forward to raising a child of your own, the first feeling of pregnancy can seem like an answered prayer. It may be accompanied by all kinds of emotions joy, hopefulness and even a twinge of nervousness but many say that the first feelings of being pregnant are the most wonderful moments in their lives.

For others who werent planning on becoming pregnant, the first feelings of pregnancy may come as an unwelcome surprise or something that induces anxiety and worry. Whatever your situation, know this: There is no one right way to feel when pregnant, especially when you first discover this newfound reality.

But, how do you first know that youre pregnant? How does it feel when you first get pregnant, and what should you feel in the first weeks of pregnancy?

In the meantime, you can find some basic information about the feelings during early pregnancy below.

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You Get Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is caused by any movement, but its usually associated with riding in a car, boat, or plane, says Dr. Behar. And similar to an ear infection, motion can cause an imbalance in the semicircular canals of your ear and can result in vertigo, nausea, and motion sickness.

Luckily, the nausea usually subsides once you are out of the moving vehicle, but if you are prone to motion sickness, you can take antihistamines before a trip like Dramamine, Zyrtec, and Claritin, says Dr. Behar.

How Does Conception Occur

Conception is when sperm and an egg join together. Its one of the many steps that happen to create a pregnancy.

Conception is closely related to a persons menstrual cycle. A menstrual cycle describes the sequence of events that occur within your body as it prepares for the possibility of pregnancy each month. Women or people assigned female at birth ovulate during their menstrual cycle. Ovulation is when your ovary releases an egg for fertilization. Tiny finger-like structures called fimbriae help guide the egg through your fallopian tubes towards your uterus. During this journey through your fallopian tubes, an egg can be fertilized by sperm.

If a sperm is successful on its quest to fertilize an egg, the now fertilized egg continues to move down your fallopian tube, dividing into two cells, then four cells, then more cells. About a week after the sperm has fertilized the egg, the zygote has traveled to your uterus. It’s now a growing cluster of about 100 cells called a blastocyst.

The blastocyst then attaches itself to the lining of your uterus . This attachment process is called implantation. However, just because conception occurs doesn’t mean implantation will. Sometimes implantation doesn’t happen, and you pass the fertilized egg in your next menstrual period.

Timeline of getting pregnant

The process of getting pregnant in a 28-day menstrual cycle is:

Conception and a positive pregnancy test

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Weeks Pregnant: Your Checklist

  • Make sure youre getting enough folic acid and other essential nutrients in the form of a prenatal vitamin.

  • Read up on what you may experience in the next few weeks of your pregnancy in our go-to Pregnancy Guide.

  • Get a flu shot early in flu season.

  • Read up on prenatal care so you know what appointments and tests are likely to happen over the coming months.

  • Play around with our Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator to get an estimate of healthy weight gain based on your pre-pregnancy weight.

  • Sign up for even more pregnancy tips here:

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How Big Is My Baby At 3 Weeks


You ovulated this week, and the moment youve been waiting for has finally arrived: Youve conceived! Meaning your soon-to-be-fetus has started on its miraculous transformation from solitary cell to bouncing baby boy or girl.

Once the winning sperm makes its way through the egg’s outer layer, the single-cell fertilized egg or zygote immediately forms a barrier to keep other sperm out.

But your zygote doesn’t stay single for long. Within hours, it divides into two cells, then four, and so on, until the growing cluster comprises around 100 cells just a few days after that crucial first meeting between sperm and egg. Some will form the embryo, others the placenta, but for now, its still just one microscopic ball of cells thats one-fifth of the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

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What Else Could Be Going On

Keep in mind that many of these symptoms can also be the signs of other conditions, such as your period being ready to start or a hormonal imbalance. They also can result from stress or occur when you change birth control pills, so they dont always mean that youre pregnant. Be sure to see your doctor if you suspect that youre pregnant.

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When Should I Test

Home pregnancy tests can be very accurate , especially if you wait to test until after your period is officially late. Some tests claim to accurately detect pregnancy up to a week before your missed period, so if youre experiencing some pregnancy symptoms and are champing at the bit, go for it.

Youre more likely to get an accurate test result if you wait until your period is late, according to the Mayo Clinic, because the hormone thats detected in home pregnancy tests, hCG, doubles every two to three days after an embryo attaches to your uterus, meaning theres more to detect in your urine if you wait a few days.

Because this hormone can sometimes take a while to build up, false negative results arent uncommon in early pregnancy. Its much more rare to get a false positive. If you get a positive test result, you are very likely pregnant, or experienced a recent pregnancy loss, and can confirm the pregnancy through a blood test or ultrasound.

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What Is An Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that happens outside of the uterus. This happens when a fertilized egg implants in a structure that cant support its growth. An ectopic pregnancy often happens in the fallopian tube . In rare cases, an ectopic pregnancy can occur on an ovary or in the abdominal cavity.

This is a life-threatening condition. An ectopic pregnancy is not a pregnancy that can be carried to term and can be dangerous for the mother if not treated right away.

Twin Development At Week 5

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If youre carrying multiples, you may be able to detect your babies through an early ultrasound during week 5.

Your babies are measured in millimeters at this point, but you might see two gestational sacs or even a couple of tiny fetal poles as the week goes on.

Occasionally, youll detect two gestational sacs at this early stage, but only one baby at a later ultrasound. This is called vanishing twin syndrome. Theres often no clear reason for the loss, per . You may have cramping and bleeding, or you may have no symptoms at all.

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When Will You Experience Pregnancy Symptoms

One factor to consider is the fact that many of the earliest signs of pregnancy are the same symptoms you might have right before your period.

With that in mind, you probably won’t experience significant symptoms before your missed period. Most classic pregnancy symptoms dont start until one or two weeks after conception at the very earliest. Many women dont notice anything until one or two weeks after their missed period .

Other Early Signs Of Pregnancy

These early pregnancy symptoms tend to appear around or after the time that you miss your period, usually sometime between weeks 4 and 9. But again, every woman and every pregnancy is different, so you may not experience these symptoms at all, while other moms-to-be may notice them a little earlier.

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Food Cravings Or Aversions

Does the sight of something you normally love to eat make you suddenly want to vomit? There is little scientific evidence between smell sensitivity and food aversions, but one study did find a correlation between pregnancy and a heightened sense of smell. So, those stories you hear about pickles and ice cream may not be so far-fetched as you may think.

Coping With Common Discomforts Of Pregnancy

Can I tell if I’m pregnant by feeling my belly?

Pregnancy produces many physical changes. Aside from weight and body shape, other alterations in your body chemistry and function take place. The heart works harder, your temperature registers slightly higher, body secretions increase, joints and ligaments are more flexible and hormones are altered.

Mood changes are common, resulting from a combination of hormonal changes and greater fatigue, as well as normal anxiety over body image, sexuality, finances, marriage roles and impending parenthood.

The following is a list of the most common discomforts of pregnancy and some guidelines for coping with them.

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When Does Nausea Start

Some women feel this nauseous feeling but not yet entirely the extreme morning sickness as early as their 2nd to 3rd week of pregnancy, and its one of the signs of pregnancy. Some of the nauseous feelings you might observe is a heaving stomach, again queasy feeling and dry retching.

Morning sickness doesnt start right after you found out youre pregnant. According to Michelle Hakakha, an ob-gyn, nausea or morning sickness is likely to start between 6th and 8th week of your pregnancy. Its also unheard of that it will start before the 6th week.

Again, women will have different experiences in a simple feeling or nausea and morning sickness. Others will experience the extreme morning sickness where they experience excessive vomiting to the point of losing weight. Others become too tired and sick to work throughout the day, and others are very sensitive to smell and become irritable.

You Have An Ear Infection

This may surprise you, but ear infections could be the culprit. The semicircular canals in the ear are one of the main components of balance in our body, and if you have inflammation in the canals, you may experience nausea and vomiting, Dr. Behar explains.

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This inflammation can be caused by bacteria, viruses, and a buildup of fluid in the ears that throws off your bodys ability to regulate itself and maintain balance, leaving you feeling nauseous and dizzy.

So, if you have ear pain or pressure accompanied by nausea or dizziness, check in with your doctor and theyll likely prescribe an antibiotic to fight off the infection, adds Dr. Behar.

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Can My Pregnancy Continue After An Ectopic Pregnancy

Unfortunately, an ectopic pregnancy is fatal for the fetus. It cannot survive outside of the uterus. Quick treatment for an ectopic pregnancy is important to protect the mothers life. If the egg has implanted in the fallopian tube and the tube bursts, there can be severe internal bleeding. This can lead to maternal death.

How Do I Work Out My Due Date

When Can You Feel the Baby Kick?

Most babies are born about 38 weeks after conception. Since many women ovulate and conceive about 2 weeks after their last period, this is often about 40 weeks since the beginning of their last period. Thats why people often talk about pregnancy lasting for 40 weeks.

Women with a regular 28-day cycle can calculate an estimated due date for their baby by counting 40 weeks from the first day of their last period. This may not be so simple or accurate in other situations, such as if you have long or irregular cycles, dont remember when you had your last period, or if you became pregnant while taking contraception that affected your cycle.

Use the due date calculator to calculate your estimated due date.

If youre not sure when you conceived, your doctor or midwife may refer you for a dating scan that uses ultrasound to estimate your due date based on your babys size.

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Tingling And Numbness In Your Hands

Carpal tunnel syndrome tingling and numbness in your hands affects up to 60 per cent of women during pregnancy. It is caused by compression of the median nerve due to an increase in the tissue fluids during pregnancy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may be mild, intermittently painful, or severe, which may cause partial paralysis of the thumb or loss of sensation. Symptoms usually resolve on their own soon after birth.

If you are experiencing tingling and numbness in your hands, inform your doctor or midwife. In very severe cases, your doctor may recommend corticosteroid injections or surgical treatment.

What Precautions Should You Take During Early Pregnancy

Even if you havenât spotted any signs of pregnancy very early on, youâll want to do everything you can to stay healthy and safe. In fact, itâs always wise to take some precautions as soon as you start trying to conceive or learn that youâre pregnant.Even simple adjustments can help support you as you start your pregnancy! Though youâll want to consult your healthcare provider to determine whatâs best for you, some worthwhile lifestyle changes and precautions include

When you start trying for a baby or learn that youâre pregnant, folic acid is essential, as itâs a B vitamin that helps reduce the risk of certain birth defects that affect the babyâs brain and spine. Your healthcare provider can recommend a prenatal vitamin that contains at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. Pre-pregnancy is also a great time to eliminate some less healthy habits, including

  • exposure to secondhand smoke

  • drinking alcohol.

In addition, your provider may recommend limiting your daily consumption of caffeine. Talk with your healthcare provider about the best ways to stay healthy and safe when youâre pregnant. For more general advice, download our pregnancy guide!

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Nausea In The Morning Noon And Night

Most mothers are aware that they may experience morning sickness. You may even know that it may be persistent sometimes throughout the day. Not many know that they will be plagued with constant nausea. Some deal with nausea and vomiting so much that they have to be hospitalized. It can get so bad that it hinders the growth of your baby. The doctor must intervene with medicine or some other methods. Vomiting can lead to dehydration and become very serious for the mother and the baby.

Nausea is just a part of pregnancy, but most mothers combat it with some simple fixes that include eating smaller meals more often. You should try never to get empty. Always keep a snack. Avoid milk and foods that may spoil on your stomach. Hard candy is a known remedy that helps with nausea for some

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