How To Get Pregnant After Abortion Fast

Possible Risks And Side Effectsexpand All

How to get pregnant quickly after Miscarriage? – Dr. Shefali Tyagi
  • Is abortion safe?

    Abortion is a safe procedure. Major complications requiring hospitalization are rare. As with any medical procedure, there are risks. These risks can include:

  • Incomplete abortionIn rare cases, the pregnancy is not removed completely. When this happens, a follow-up procedure or more medication may be needed. Incomplete abortion is more likely to happen with medication abortion than with a procedure.

  • InfectionYour health care professional may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. Antibiotics also can be used after an abortion to treat an infection if one develops.

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding or hemorrhageSome bleeding during and after an abortion is normal. If you have heavy bleeding, call your health care professional.

  • Injury to the uterus and other organsDuring a procedural abortion, the uterus, bowel, or bladder can be injured. If this happens, additional surgery at a hospital may be needed to repair the injuries. Rarely, the uterus or cervix can rupture during a second-trimester medication abortion. The risk of these complications during a second-trimester abortion is less than 1 in 1,000. The risk increases the longer a woman has been pregnant.

  • What side effects may happen after an abortion?

    Some side effects may develop soon after an abortion, including

  • abdominal pain and cramping

  • Make Sure Youre Ovulating Regularly

    The most efficient way to get pregnant is by tracking ovulation and planning sex accordingly. This is especially true if you have recently had an abortion, due to the fact that it may take a few weeks or months for your cycle and ovulation patterns to return to normal.

    There are several ways that you can monitor ovulation over time in order to get to know your cycle better. A few of the most common methods include:

    • The Calendar Method where you simply track the dates of your period over time in order to calculate your day of ovulation .
    • The Basal Body Temperature Method where you take your temperature at the same time each morning in order to detect the 0.5°F increase in temperature that typically happens 12 hours after ovulation.
    • Ovulation Predictor Kits where you take an at-home test that is similar to a pregnancy test, but instead of testing for the pregnancy hormone hCG, it tests for luteinizing hormone which surges right before ovulation.
    • Comprehensive Hormone Tracking where you use a hormone tracking system like Mira to accurately monitor your individual cycle and predict ovulation.

    It may take some time to figure out the best method for you. However, with a bit of patience, you will be able to better understand the patterns of your cycle and successfully plan a pregnancy following an abortion.

    Give Your Body Time To Heal

    Having an abortion can take both a physical and emotional toll on your body. Thats why its so important to make sure that your body and mind have had sufficient time to recover in the aftermath of an abortion. This is not only best for your health, but it is critical to the health and safety of your future pregnancy.

    In terms of your body, it is a good idea to wait until your menstrual cycle has been regular for at least a few months before trying to get pregnant after having an abortion. Additionally, due to hormonal fluctuations, you may experience increased feelings of fatigue and irritability, difficulties with sleeping, and in some cases feelings of anxiety and depression all of which can impede your efforts to get pregnant.

    If you do find yourself struggling to cope with your emotions following an abortion, it is a good idea to prioritize your mental health by seeking help from a counselor, taking time off work, or joining a support group. Once you feel like you are physically and emotionally ready to get pregnant, you may also find it comforting to have a conversation with your doctor before trying to conceive again with your partner.

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    What The Experts Say

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says there is no medical reason to delay getting pregnant after a miscarriage. However, they suggest you might want to wait until after you’ve had one menstrual cycle so that you can more accurately date your subsequent pregnancy.

    Because older people are at higher risk of recurrent miscarriage, age is an essential factor when deciding how long to wait. In addition, fertility starts declining after age 30, so it may take a bit longer to get pregnant.

    Fertility After An Abortion: Video

    How To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

    In this short video, Julia Hogan, contraception nurse consultant at MSI Reproductive Choices UK’s, will talk about the gold standard of the contraception world: LARC methods. LARC stands for long acting reversible contraception, such as the implant, coil and injection.

    These methods are fantastic because not only are they the most effective, they dont interrupt sex and once theyre fitted you can forget about them. But theyre all reversible so, if you want to, you can plan a future pregnancy at a time thats right for you

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    How Do You Pick The Best Birth Control To Use After An Abortion

    Picking a method to use after an abortion is just like picking a birth control any other time. Think about what matters most to you in your method. Is your top priority using the method that will be the most effective at preventing pregnancy? Something easy to use? Something that makes your period lighter? Something that you can stop and start without seeing a provider? There are good birth control options for all of these. Check out Bedsiders method explorer for help choosing and speak to your provider before your abortion to make a birth control plan.

    Which Contraception Methods Can I Use After An Abortion

    Discuss with your doctor which methods you can choose from. Any method assessed as suitable for you by your doctor can be safely used after an abortion.Most methods can be started and will be effective straight away or within the next few days.

    Contraception methods include short-acting, long-acting or permanent types:

    • short-acting methods include barrier methods or methods that require taking a contraceptive pill daily
    • long-acting reversible contraception these are the most effective reversible contraceptive methods, requiring no further action for several months or years, depending on the type you use. They include implants , injections , and intrauterine devices
    • permanent methods include female sterilisation and male vasectomy intended to be non-reversible.

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    How Long Should You Wait To Conceive After An Ectopic Pregnancy

    Doctors generally advise waiting for at least three months or two full menstrual cycles before trying for pregnancy. But how long you should wait will also depend on the complications of your previous pregnancy.

    This timeframe is recommended so that the doctor can be clear about the Last Menstrual Period date. This date plays a major role in preventing an ectopic pregnancy.

    Usually, the first period after an ectopic pregnancy has a heavier flow. However, you will have a normal period from the second period. If youre looking to get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy, you must wait for at least 3 months before trying.

    How Soon Can You Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage

    You Must Know This How To Get Pregnant Fast After a Miscarriage [ Tips & Care ]

    Brian Levine, MD, MS, is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

    If you’ve experienced a miscarriage, you may be wondering when you can try again. Depending on your situation, when you’ll be able to get pregnant again may vary. A doctor can help you determine the ideal time to start trying from a physical health standpoint, but there are emotional factors to consider as well.

    Ultimately, only you can know when you’re ready. This article explains what experts say about trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage, the medical considerations, and how to determine when you’re ready.

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    My Breasts Are Leaking Should I Be Worried

    This is quite common following an abortion if you were over 10 weeks pregnant. Your body has been preparing for the pregnancy for a few weeks and your breasts may have enlarged to produce milk for breastfeeding. It can take a while to get back to normal and during this time your breasts may leak. It’s very important that you do not squeeze or stimulate your breasts and nipples for the next couple of weeks as this will increase any leakage. Wear a supportive bra to help with any discomfort.

    When Are Pregnancy Tests Accurate After An Abortion

    Shortly after an abortion, a pregnancy test may give a false-positive result. This occurs because the body still contains significant levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin .

    While hCG levels tend to fall quickly after an abortion, they can take several days or weeks to return to baseline.

    Usually, a home pregnancy test shows an accurate negative result 3 weeks after the end of a pregnancy.

    If a pregnancy test shows a positive result after 3 weeks, it may indicate a new pregnancy. To be certain, see a doctor, who can carry out a blood test or an ultrasound.

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    Can I Get Pregnant After An Abortion

    You can get pregnant immediately after an abortioneven if you are still bleeding, even if you have a history of infertility, even if your partner says they are infertile. It can happen even the day of the abortion. If you have sex, sperm can live in your reproductive tract, waiting for an egg, for many days. If you ovulate within a week or so, sperm will be able to fertilize that egg. So assume you are fertile, and use contraceptives.

    If you normally use natural fertility methods such as monitoring cervical fluid, basal body temperature, or ovulation testing, these methods may not work until your first period returns. So use a back-up method or abstain from sex.

    Learn about other strategies to care for yourself after abortion here.

    How Does Abortion Affect Future Pregnancies

    How Fast Can You Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage

    Abortion does not affect future pregnancy health. Dr. Amersi says when patients who have had an abortion have a miscarriage, they often worry that the two are related. But she assures them it’s completely unrelated. “There’s no increased risk of miscarriage ,” says Dr. Amersi.

    Furthermore, if you decide to become pregnant again after having an abortion, you don’t have to worry about facing additional side effects. The signs of pregnancy after abortion do not differ from the typical signs of pregnancy.

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    What If You Cant Get Birth Control At The Place Where You Get Your Abortion

    No problem! There are lots of places where providers can help you get started on a birth control method. Check out our clinic finder to find a provider who can help you get the birth control you want. If an in-person appointment doesnt fit your schedule, you can also check out these telemedicine companies where you can get birth control online!

    Colleen Denny, MD, is an attending ObGyn at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, where she is the Medical Director of the Womens Clinic, and a clinical assistant professor with the NYU School of Medicine. She enjoys taking care of women in all phases of life and is especially interested in issues related to contraception access and public health. Outside of work, shes a runner, a dancer, and a bit of a crossword puzzle nerd.

    Tips To Get Pregnant After An Abortion

    Here are some tips for safe pregnancy after an abortion:

    • Speak to your gynaecologist before planning for a baby.
    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking, and drinking. Lower your caffeine intake.
    • Having an active sex life with your partner increases the chances of pregnancy.
    • Have sex frequently when youre ovulating. You can buy an ovulation kit or download an ovulation tracker app on your smartphone.
    • Post-intercourse, elevate your feet and hips by placing a pillow under your buttocks.

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    Can An Abortion Cause Infertility

    Having a miscarriage takes a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. If the abortion was legally performed by a skilled surgeon, you should not have any issue conceiving whenever you are ready for pregnancy. However, the chances of conceiving a second-time decrease if the termination was done illegally or by untrained doctors, midwives or in unclean conditions. There could be complications like infections, scarring or incomplete abortion, resulting in major health risks to the woman.

    Infertility problems are caused in case of:

    • An incomplete termination where the pregnancy has ended, but remnants of the fetus have not been removed completely. Thus, increasing the risk of infections, scarring and complications.
    • In some cases, if the D& C procedure is not done correctly and with care, chances of damage to the uterus while cleaning are high.
    • Pelvic Inflammatory disease is an infection that can set in post-abortion. If not treated on time, it can cause blockage around or inside the fallopian tubes and enhance the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
    • If you have had a history of multiple abortions, you may have a cervical weakness, which could be because of dilation of cervix done during the procedure. This may be treated by a few stitches to keep the cervix closed.

    Is It Safe To Conceive After Abortion

    When can one plan pregnancy after Miscarriage? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

    Abortion, if performed by a certified medical practitioner under proper guidance is usually a safe procedure. It does not affect fertility in any way.

    Dr Rahul Manchanda, consultant gynae endoscopic surgeon at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute , Delhi, says, âConceiving after abortion is quite possible. One must only fear complications if the procedure did not go well and damaged reproductive organs like ovaries or the fallopian tubes.â

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    When Does Your Menstrual Cycle Return To Normal After An Abortion

    Your menstrual cycle should resume immediately following an abortion. However, everyones body is different, and while some women may have a period again in the next four weeks, it may take others 8-12 weeks for their menstrual cycle to return back to normal.

    If you have not had a period after 8-12 weeks following an abortion, speak with your doctor and they can provide further advice and guidance.

    Recovery Time After Abortion

    Every woman is different, so the recovery time may vary greatly. Many factors can have an impact, such as how many weeks pregnant you are at the time of abortion. Most women will take a few weeks to recover completely.

    You may experience light bleeding after a surgical abortion, and it is not going to be heavier than your period. Expect your period to return to normal after 4-6 weeks after surgery. You may also experience cramping after the procedure, but it will resolve on its own.

    Generally, you can return to work after a few days, but be sure to listen to your body and make sure that you are ready.

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    What Should You Do

    If you just found out you are pregnant and this was not expected, you have the right to full disclosure regarding all of your options.

    At Your Options Medical, we can provide you with the pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and pregnancy options counseling you need! Each patient is treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. Because we do not financially benefit from your decision, there is no pressure to decide while youre in our clinic. We allow you time to ask questions and process the information received.

    How To Get Pregnant After Abortion Fast And Easy

    Getting pregnant: How To Get Get Pregnant Fast after Birth Control ...

    Dont have a shower or bath immediately after sexual intercourse, as it changes the vaginal pH and your chances of getting pregnant.

    But, which sex position is more likely to give results quickly? Do sex positions matter while trying to get pregnant? It is believed that missionary position is the one that leads to speedy pregnancy. The missionary position is the sex position in which the man is on top of the woman. It is also recommended that women continues to lay down, on her back, just as she was during missionary position at least for another 30 minutes after the job is done. While it makes some sense, due to the fact that gravity does it work, the semen has its time to get deep into the vagina, through the cervix and right into the tubes where it should fertilize the egg .

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    Can You Get Pregnant After An Abortion

    Yes, you can get pregnant after having an abortion. Generally, having an abortion does not affect fertility or increase a woman’s risk for other health issues, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists . Research has also shown having an abortion doesn’t significantly increase the risk for future pregnancy complications or miscarriage.

    Can Ectopic Pregnancy Be Prevented

    Theres no way to prevent ectopic pregnancy but there are chances of lowering the risk or serious complications associated with it. Early diagnosis and treatment and maintaining good reproductive health can help. By maintaining good reproductive health and lowering your chances of catching STIs, the chances of an ectopic pregnancy may reduce. Going for regular check-ups to your gynaecologist and getting essential tests done, and leading a healthy lifestyle may help reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy. But you must remember that theres no sureshot way to prevent an ectopic pregnancy. You must follow a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy and go for regular pregnancy check-ups. Sometimes, early diagnosis can help in the treatment.

    Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but it comes with its share of complications. Ectopic pregnancy, shouldnt be ignored as it poses a risk to two lives that of the mother and the baby. For safe and smooth delivery, consult your gynaecologist.

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