How To Have Sex Without Getting Pregnant

How Do I Take It

Does Pulling Out Prevent Pregnancy? (Withdrawal)

You will be given three pills to take immediately, and three pills to take 12 h later. If you will be unable to take them in 12 h, you can delay your first dose so that you can take the second dose 12 h later. For instance, if it is 10 oclock at night, and at 10 tomorrow morning you will be in math class, you can wait until midnight to take the first pills and take the next ones at lunchtime. The second dose of pills is very important.

  • Do not drive or drink any alcohol for the next 24 h after the second set of pills. The medication that you take to prevent nausea may make you feel drowsy.
  • Do not take any extra birth control pills. They will not decrease your chance of getting pregnant and will likely increase nausea and vomiting.

Consult A Doctor To Check Whether You Have Contracted An Std

Another thing you must care about is contracting any STD . All the above-mentioned tips can help you avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex but they cannot help you in avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. You should consult a doctor to check whether you have contracted any such disease and take further steps. Both the partners should consult a doctor about the issue and get themselves checked. Seeing a therapist at such times to deal with emotional distress can also help you a lot and stay calm. They will help in managing your emotions and family planning as well.

Can I Get Pregnant Any Time Of The Month

“While pregnancy can occur at any time during the menstrual cycle, the risk of pregnancy is greatest within 24 hours of the LH surge, which signals ovulation,” says Dr. Prince. “The chance of pregnancy decreases to extremely low levels immediately before a period, as ovulation would have already passed and the uterine lining has already broken down in preparation for menses. Pregnancy may occur immediately after your period depending on the day a woman actually ovulates and the day of intercourse.”

While fertile women have a 20% chance of getting pregnant after unprotected intercourse, there are factors that can lead that number to go up or down. Those factors include the woman’s age, whether there are any issues with her Fallopian tubes, and her ability to ovulate.”

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Can You Get Pregnant Without Having Sex

Do you remember hearing about that friend of a friend who got pregnant just by kissing in a hot tub? While that ended up being an urban legend, you may be surprised to learn you actually can get pregnant without having penetrative sex.

Heres more about how fertilization happens, what sexual activities may result in pregnancy, and what you can do if you think youre pregnant or want to avoid pregnancy entirely.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Natural Family Planning

How To Have Sex Without Getting Pregnant

Advantages of natural family planning are:

  • it does not cause any side effects
  • it’s acceptable to all faiths and cultures
  • most women can use natural family planning, providing they’re properly trained by a teacher in fertility awareness, and keep accurate records
  • once you have learned the techniques, there should be no further need for input from health professionals
  • natural family planning can be used to avoid pregnancy or to become pregnant, according to your wishes
  • it does not involve chemicals or physical products
  • it can help you recognise normal and abnormal vaginal secretions, so you can be aware of possible infection
  • it involves your partner in the process, which can help increase feelings of closeness and trust

Disadvantages of natural family planning are:

Factors such as stress, illness, travel, lifestyle and use of hormonal treatments can disrupt your fertility signs. This includes oral emergency contraception. If you use the emergency contraceptive pill, you’ll need to wait for 2 complete cycles before relying on natural family planning again

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When Can I Take The Morning After Emergency Contraception Pill

There is a special morning after pill that you can take up to five days after having sex, though it is most effective within the first 72 hours. The sooner you use it, the more chance that you won’t have an unwanted pregnancy.

“There are no medical contraindications for Plan B use the way there may be for other hormonal birth control options,” says Dr. Prince. “That means even if a woman has a medical condition which would increase her risk for adverse effects if a hormonal birth control option is used long-term, the same does not hold true for Plan B as it is a one-time use versus long-term use.”

The pill works by causing an early abortion if you are pregnant. It is usually more expensive than birth control tablets that are taken before sex.

The Standard Days Method

Another calendar-based natural contraception is the Standard Days Method. Stricter than the Calendar/Calculator method, this process uses a fixed window in a womans menstrual cycle to determine which days are safe for unprotected sex.

In this method, days 8 through 19 are used as the fixed window to avoid sex if you do not want to get pregnant. The wide window accounts for variations in ovulation between women and between cycles. There is no real tracking required with this method but, as you can imagine, it is not the most reliable method of contraception especially for those with abnormal cycles, underlying hormonal conditions, or women who are breastfeeding.

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How Does Emergency Contraception Work

Pregnancy doesnt happen right after you have sex. Thats why its possible to stop the pregnancy within a couple of days after having sex. The key is timing.

Sperm remain within the body for up to six days after having sex and is waiting for the egg to fertilize. If you ovulate at that time, the sperm could fertilize the egg, resulting in pregnancy. Morning-after pills prevent the ovary from releasing eggs.

Its like pressing the emergency brake on the ovulation. What stage youre in your menstrual cycle, as well as the time after unprotected sex you take your morning-after pill, could determine the degree to which it stops pregnancy. Morning-after pills will not work in the event that your body has begun ovulating.

This is why timing is so important.

Vitamin C Supplements To Avoid Pregnancy After Sex Naturally

Follow these tips to avoid unwanted pregnancy | ft. Dr. Sudeshna Ray

Vitamin C is another effective remedy to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This vitamin interferes with the hormone progesterone and thus prevents conception. Take about 1500 mg of Vitamin C tablets 2 times a day for 2-3 days after having unprotected sex. Make sure to not over-consume Vitamin C as it can have adverse effects on your health and body. Also, vitamin C supplements are not suitable for females who are suffering from sickle cell, anemia or are on anticoagulant medications.

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When And How Often To Have Sex To Get Pregnant

Planning sex can help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant

Rachel Gurevich is a fertility advocate, author, and recipient of The Hope Award for Achievement, from Resolve: The National Infertility Association. She is a professional member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and has been writing about womens health since 2001. Rachel uses her own experiences with infertility to write compassionate, practical, and supportive articles.

Meredith Shur, MD, FACOG, is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as a certified medical examiner.

Verywell / Jessica Olah

If you want to get pregnant faster, it’s important to know when you should have sex, how frequently to have sex, and whether there are factors that can increase or decrease your chances of becoming pregnant each month.

You’re most likely to conceive just before or during ovulation, but you can get pregnant at any time during your menstrual cycle, even if you are having your period. This is one of the reasons that birth control methods like the “rhythm method” are not reliable in preventing pregnancy.

When To Ask For Help

If you or your partner are feeling stressed or anxious about trying for a baby for whatever reason, try to give each other time to talk about it. It can help both of your wellbeing to approach making a baby as a couple, so its important to talk about it and support each other through the process.

It can sometimes help to get professional support. Relate can offer you a space to talk about your worries together confidentially with a trained counsellor.

If youve been feeling extra stressed or anxious and it doesnt go away or your anxiety is affecting your daily life, its a good idea to see your GP. Some people can find it difficult to talk about their feelings, but mental health problems can be treated with the right care and support.

Find out more about planning a pregnancy and managing your mental health.

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Basal Body Temperature Method

BBT is a natural method of contraception that involves you measuring your bodys resting temperature, or basal body temperature, every morning before getting out of bed. Based on temperature readings , women can predict when they are most fertile.

This method relies on accuracy, consistency, and timing and youll need a special thermometer to do it correctly. Consistency in taking your BBT requires at least 3 cycles to track your basal body temperature in order to learn your bodys baseline temperature.

The Chances Of Getting Pregnant Without Protection


Many teenagers and adults make mistakes when it comes to rushing into a relationship or into bed with someone. Of course, in the heat of the moment, it’s entirely possible to forget about protection.

However, if you don’t use birth control, it’s very easy to fall pregnant or contract a disease or infection. The following information is written for anyone who has had unprotected intercourse and wants to know what their chances are of pregnancy.

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What Other Information Should I Know

Keep all appointments with your doctor.

Ask your pharmacist any questions you have about levonorgestrel.

It is important for you to keep a written list of all of the prescription and nonprescription medicines you are taking, as well as any products such as vitamins, minerals, or other dietary supplements. You should bring this list with you each time you visit a doctor or if you are admitted to a hospital. It is also important information to carry with you in case of emergencies.

Track Your Fertility Period

If your cycles are fairly regular, you can depend on fertility awareness methods. These involve tracking the signs when your body is about to ovulate and avoiding sex during those days. In the days preceding ovulation, avoid making love. However, this involves quite a correct estimation of the ovulation date.

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Tips To Track Your Fertile Window

You can use your fertile window as birth control in case you have consistent cycles. Keeping a track of it can help you with the prevention of pregnancy in an effective manner. However, you have to keep in mind that the cycle can still change by arriving either early or late. Many factors including diet, exercise, physiological conditions like obesity, psychological conditions like stress smoking, etc. can affect the number of days in your cycle by either reducing or extending.

Let Us Explore Various Options Of Birth Control

Male and female condoms when used correctly every time you indulge in sex are capable of being 98% effective against unwanted pregnancy. By using it in the right way there is a slim chance of you getting pregnant. Most condoms are made up of latex, so those who are allergic to latex can opt for other types. These are available without a prescription. In addition, these are the only types of contraception that can help prevent sexually transmitted infections .

You need to insert the diaphragm a few hours before sex and it has to be left for around 6 hours after sex, and you can remove it after 24 hours. Note that, diaphragms do not protect against STIs.

  • Hormonal methods

To Conclude

Understanding The Added Value Of Using A Condom

How to do it without getting pregnant?
  • 1Consider a condom for STI risk reduction.XTrustworthy SourceCenters for Disease Control and PreventionMain public health institute for the US, run by the Dept. of Health and Human ServicesGo to source Before making the decision to forego condom use, it is important to consider the role that condoms can play in STI risk reduction as well as in preventing pregnancy. Even if you are using other contraceptive devices, such as a hormonal form of birth control, other contraceptive methods do nothing to prevent you from STIs . Therefore, condoms have an important advantage when it comes to practicing safe sex.
  • 2Use a condom if you do not fully trust your sexual partner. If you are in a long-term committed monogamous relationship, you will know whether your partner is taking alternative forms of birth control, such as taking “the pill” or using an IUD, as you will have developed a trusting relationship with that person and have presumably discussed the best contraceptive strategies for the two of you. However, if you have a new sexual partner who you do not yet know well enough to fully trust, it is important to understand that a condom can be one of the more reliable methods of contraception.
  • If you are a man, you can never know for sure if a new female sexual partner is actually on “the pill” , and taking it reliably.
  • It is possible for a woman to be dishonest about using birth control while purposefully becoming pregnant.
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    Why Is This Medication Prescribed

    Levonorgestrel is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse . Levonorgestrel should not be used to prevent pregnancy on a regular basis. This medication is to be used as an emergency contraceptive or backup in case regular birth control fails or is used incorrectly. Levonorgestrel is in a class of medications called progestins. It works by preventing the release of an egg from the ovary or preventing fertilization of the egg by sperm . It also may work by changing the lining of the uterus to prevent development of a pregnancy. Levonorgestrel may prevent pregnancy, but it will not prevent the spread of human immunodeficiency virus and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period

    For those with a shorter cycle the average is 28 to 30 days theres still a possibility pregnancy could occur if you have sex during your period. For example, if you have sex toward the end of your period and you ovulate early, you can conceive. Using birth control, condoms, or another barrier method is typically the best way to prevent pregnancy.

    Read on to learn more about how to time sex and other ways to prevent pregnancy.

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    When To Take A Pregnancy Test

    A woman can take a pregnancy test if she suspects she is pregnant, especially if her usual method of contraception has failed recently.

    Signs of pregnancy include:

    • a missed or late period
    • enlarged or tender breasts

    Home pregnancy tests are inexpensive and available in pharmacies, drugstores, and from reputable websites online. It is a good idea to have the results confirmed by a doctor.

    You’re On Your Period


    While it’s not impossible to get pregnant while on your period, your chances are pretty slim. If you consider what’s happening inside your body, it’s easy to see why: The egg that was released from your ovaries wasn’t fertilized, and as a result, your uterine lining sheds . In other words, your body flushed the unfertilized egg during your period.

    Your lowest chance of getting pregnant while on your period is during the first day of bleeding. But the chances increase with each passing day as you get closer to your ovulation window. If your typical menstrual cycle is close to the average 28- to 30-day cycle, then the likelihood of getting pregnant while on your period is low. But if your cycle is shorter, your chances of getting pregnant while on your period go up.

    The only way you can get pregnant from sex during your period is having a particularly short cycle with ovulation that occurs soon after menstruation. “Sperm can live in the uterus for up to five days, so if you have intercourse towards the end of your period, sperm can still hang around long enough to fertilize an egg that is released days after your period ends,” explains Dr. Brauer.

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    Ginger To Prevent Pregnancy After Sex

    Ginger can induce a period and prevent pregnancy. You can consume simple ginger tea as a remedy. Add crushed or grated ginger to boiling water. After 5 minutes, strain the mixture and it is ready to drink. Drink 2 cups of strong ginger tea each day to prevent pregnancy. Ginger tea will not harm you or your body in any way, no side effects plus it is good for your skin, helps in weight loss, and induces a period.

    What Are The Chances I Am Pregnant

    • For every fertile woman who has unprotected sex, there is a 20% chance that she will get pregnant. What does this mean? For every 100 women who have unprotected sex for a month, 20 of them will get pregnant.
    • Whenever you have penetrative sex or contact between male and female genitals, it is possible to become pregnant.
    • You can get pregnant the first time you have intercourse or at any time of your monthly cycle.
    • Even if the sexual contact lasted only a few seconds there is a small chance of pregnancy.

    That’s the general information. For more specifics about whether you might be pregnant and what to look for, read on.

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