Is Latisse Safe While Pregnant

Is Latisse For Me

Are Lash Serums Safe in Pregnancy? Eye Doctor Investigates

LATISSE® is the only FDA-approved prescription medication proven to enhance eyelashes by increasing fullness, thickness and darkness over a 16-week period. Although LATISSE® does not replace the need for mascara, it can thoroughly enhance your appearance and create a more dramatic look that many patients seek. Keep reading to find out if this procedure is the right choice for you.

How old do I have to be to use LATISSE®? This prescription is FDA-approved for both female and male patients that are at least 18 years old.

If I am pregnant or nursing, can I begin or continue LATISSE® use? It is recommended that use of this medication stops once a woman becomes pregnant, and does not start again until she has finished breast feeding. There havent been enough studies to determine whether the product may harm a growing baby or be transferred to a baby through breast milk, so its best to avoid LATISSE during pregnancy. The good news is, prenatal vitamins help tremendously with hair growth, so lashes may look fuller during pregnancy even without this treatment.

I wear contact lenses, can I still use LATISSE? Yes you can, however, contacts should be removed before applying the prescription. Contacts can be reinserted 15 minutes after application.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Latisse

Relatively common side effects associated with Latisse include eye redness, itching, and irritation. These were experienced by approximately 4% of subjects in a clinical study of Bimatoprost published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

In terms of side effects, most people experience lash elongation and no adverse effects, says Dr. Rhonda Klein of Connecticut Dermatology Group.

Other less common side effects may include allergic reactions, dry eyes, eyelid skin darkening, darkening of the iris , and unintended hair growth in areas frequently coming in contact with the medication.

According to Dr. Klein, a more serious adverse event is a condition called prostaglandin-associated periorbitopathy a constellation of symptoms that includes periorbital fat loss, sunken eyes, and laxity of the eyelid skin. However, this condition is more common with Bimatoprost glaucoma eye drops, and should resolve with cessation of treatment.

Everything You Need To Know About Latisse


Sometimes, a thicker, fuller, and longer lash cant be achieved with a coat of your favorite mascara. Or, maybe youve noticed that lashes just dont look as full and luscious as youd likeand thats when you need to bring out the professional-grade treatments. The solution? Latisse.

Unlike other lash serums, Latisse is the only FDA-approved solution to combat hypotrichosis, the medical term for having an insufficient amount of eyelashes. If youre looking for a proven, effective, and safe treatment to grow, thicken, and darken your lashes, Latisse might be an option for you.

Below, we break down everything there is to know before using your first dose of Latisse.

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Is It Safe To Stop Using Latisse And Then Get Pregnant

Yes, do not use Latisse while you are pregnant or nursing. Your OBGYN can definitely guide you on what medications are allowed during pregnancy.

Yes, do not use Latisse while you are pregnant or nursing. Your OBGYN can definitely guide you on what medications are allowed during pregnancy.

Yes, I would highly suggest stopping Latisse once you are pregnant. It’s never a bad idea to stop it before you are as well, but I did when I knew I was pregnant.

Yes, I would highly suggest stopping Latisse once you are pregnant. It’s never a bad idea to stop it before you are as well, but I did when I knew I was pregnant.

Yes, it is safe to stop using Latisse.

Yes, it is safe to stop using Latisse.

Yes, that is safe.

Yes, that is safe.

Can I Use Latisse If I Have Glaucoma

Is Lash Boost Safe For Pregnancy : Lash boost is suitable for tinted ...

It depends. Combining Latisse with glaucoma medications, particularly Bimatoprost eye drops, may yield unpredictable results on eye pressure.

Generally speaking, people who have glaucoma should not use Latisse. However, pending close monitoring, and depending on what type of glaucoma medication you are taking, your physician may prescribe you Latisse.

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Can I Use Muscle Rub While Pregnant

The experts its okay to use a muscle rub. Achilles tendinopathy is a condition in which the tendons and ligaments of the Achilles tendon become inflamed. This can lead to pain, stiffness, and weakness in the foot and ankle.

It can also cause a loss of range of motion in your foot, which can make it difficult for you to walk or run. In some cases, this condition can be life-threatening, so its important to see your doctor as soon as possible if you notice any of these symptoms.

What Can I Use For Muscle Pain While Pregnant

It is a common over-the-counter medication that can be used to treat a variety of pain conditions. You can buy acetaminophen over the counter or in combination with other pain killers. If you are taking any of these medications, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the best way to manage your condition.

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Can Pregnant Ladies Drink Coconut

In a world where there are so many foods claiming to have all the nutritional flavors and benefits you seek, coconut is topping the charts as the best beverage for overall wellness. Coconut on several occasion has been accused of several negatives like inducing labor, but there are no proofs yet to back up this claim.

Any food that is not ideal for a pregnant woman is a food with the tendency of aiding bacteria growth, and this is why so many pregnant ladies wonder if it is safe to consume coconut water or even coconut milk. If you are concerned about this then you should put your mind to rest.

The good aspect of coconut water is it helps to quench taste and makes the body feel refreshed, but there are other health benefits attached to consuming coconut. We are talking about benefits like

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Latisse Is A Category C Drug

Eye Doctor Uncovers The Truth About Lash Serums

When it comes to drug classifications, there are specifications when it comes to pregnancy. Specifically, there are categories that range from Category A to Category X, with Category A not posing a threat to pregnant women and their babies and Category X which is a drug known to cause fetal abnormalities, according to American Family Physician. Latisse falls in the middle of the two as a Category C drug.

Latisse was assigned as a Category C drug by the FDA given that, according to Belashed, animals studies showed that using the product was shown to increase the chances of “certain birth defects and miscarriage.”

The studies concluded, based upon observation of pregnant rats and their offspring, per the publication, that there was an increased risk of:

  • Low birth rates
  • Pregnancies not making it to term

Though Latisse is not going to be tested on humans to see if these same findings result, the FDA is not going to take any chances that the product will do the same to babies while in-utero. As such, the only time that Latisse should be used, according to the FDA Category Table is if “the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.” Given that a baby is more important than long lashes, there likely is not going to be a time when using Latisse would be considered during pregnancy.

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How Is Latisse Applied

For the best results, Latisse should be used once each night. Follow these instructions for proper application:

  • Before applying Latisse, gently clean your face and remove all makeup. Contact lenses should be removed.
  • Pull out a single applicator from the package, making sure not to touch the tip.
  • Holding the applicator horizontally, gently squeeze the dropper to place a single drop of the solution on the brush part of the applicator.
  • Carefully draw the applicator across your upper eyelid margin . Start at the inner part of your lash line and move towards the outer part. Do not apply to the lower lid or into the eye.
  • Blot any excess solution with a clean tissue.
  • Discard the applicator.
  • Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the other eyelid, using a new sterile applicator.
  • What Is The Best Time To Drink Coconut Water During Pregnancy

    Everything you must have read in this post points to the direction that coconut no matter the form it is consumed comes with so many huge benefits. I bet some people never knew this benefits existed, but what is the best time to drink coconut water during pregnancy?

    If you are to tap into all of these benefits discussed in this post then you need to know when it is right to take coconut water. The early hours of the day remains the best time for pregnant women to take coconut water, and why is this so?

    The early hours of the day remains the best time for the body to easily absorb nutrients and electrolytes, so the morning is the best time pregnant women can have their coconut water drink.

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    Who Can And Cannot Use Bimatoprost

    Bimatoprost eye drops can be used by adults aged 18 years or over.

    Bimatoprost is not suitable for everyone. To make sure its safe for you, tell your doctor before starting bimatoprost if you:

    • have ever had an allergic reaction to bimatoprost or any other medicine
    • are about to have or have had eye surgery
    • have any problems with your cornea
    • wear contact lenses
    • have ever had a viral infection or inflammation in your eye
    • have liver or kidney problems
    • have low blood pressure, or your heart beats slower than normal
    • have any breathing problems, such as asthma or COPD
    • have an allergy to silver, as Eyreida eye drops contain small amounts of silver

    Alternative To Latisse During Pregnancy

    Latisse Vs Natural Alternatives   Your Key for Having Long, Thick, and ...

    For those who want to attempt to make their lashes look fuller during pregnancy safely, there are a few options to consider. And for some, these products may already be in their home.

    According to Greatist, both castor oil and coconut oil have been proven to condition eyelashes. As a result of this self-care regimen, there is less damage that occurs to the lashes. Less breakage makes them appear thicker and fuller. However, if the results desired are longer lashes, users will be disappointed. This is because these oils will not grow lashes, because the only thing known to date to do so is Latisse. And as soon as pregnancy and breastfeeding have come to an end, women can safely use the product to grow their lashes again.

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    How Does Latisse Work As An Eyelash Grower

    According to some scientific data, Latisse may lengthen the growth stage of eyelashes. It does this by increasing the duration of time that your eyelashes spend in the growth stage.

    Human hair including the eyelashes passes through a hair cycle with four distinct stages. The cycle begins with the breaking of hair from the hair follicle. It grows to achieve the final length. A new strand of hair replaces it later.

    Latisse may increase this growth time interval and hence causes eyelashes to grow thick and long as compared to normal.

    Is Icy Hot Safe During Pregnancy

    Hot isnt considered a restricted substance, and its generally regarded as safe to use. However, it is not recommended for use in children under the age of 12, as it can cause serious side effects, including seizures. Icy hot is also known as ice cold or snow cold, and is used to treat colds and flu. It can also be used as an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes.

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    How Does Latisse Work

    In a normal cycle, eyelashes sprout, grow and then fall out. Latisse extends the growth period and makes the lashes darker and thicker. Latisse comes with sterile applicators that are used to apply the medication on the upper lashes. When you blink, Latisse spreads to the lower lashes.

    Before using this medication, be sure to wash your face, remove makeup and sure there are no contact lenses in your eyes. In addition, never get the medication in your eyes. It should be applied carefully or else it can trigger hair growth in unwanted areas.

    Latisse should be applied every night. It is important to use a new applicator each time. If you reuse them, you run the risk of contracting an allergic reaction or eye infection. The results should be visible after two months of regular use, with the medication taking full effect by week 16. At that point, your doctor may recommend using Latisse every other day.

    What Foods Should Pregnant Avoid


    When you are pregnant, there is a long list of food you need to stay away from. It doesnt matter if these foods used to be your favorite before pregnancy, but you might have to stay away from them as they are not ideal for you and your unborn child.

    Any food you are asked to avoid during pregnancy has the tendency of hurting you and the baby, and the best type of food for a pregnant woman to eat are foods that are freshly prepared or foods that are freshly cooked. Below is a list of some of the foods to avoid during pregnancy

    • Some types of cheese
    • Foods that have soil on them

    Since you will be eating for you and your unborn child, it will make sense if you eat foods that will keep the both of you in good shape, and make you feel alright. Wholesome foods are the best in providing support, and they do not support the growth of bacteria.

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    Can You Use Latisse While Breastfeeding

    Unfortunately, there is not a black or white answer on the use of Latisse when breastfeeding. This is due to the limited studies available on the subject. According to FDA, it is not known whether Latisse is excreted in human milk, although in animal studies, bimatoprost has been shown to be excreted in breast milk. Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when Latisse is administered to a nursing woman. Therefore, to stay on the safe side while breastfeeding, its recommended to avoid using Latisse while breastfeeding. If you are interested in using Latisse while breastfeeding, it is best to speak to your doctor first.

    Does Latisse Have Side Effects

    Like other medications, Latisse can cause some side effects. However, theyre uncommon and generally mild, meaning you shouldnt let any of the potential side effects affect your decision to use Latisse.

    The most common side effects of Latisse include itching and redness of the eyes, skin darkening, and dry eye symptoms. These all affect less than four percent of people who use Latisse. All are reversible after you stop using Latisse.

    Since Latisse is applied directly to the eyelids, its important to use the sterile applicators that are provided with the medication. Applying Latisse using an unclean applicator or reusing the applicator could increase your risk of developing an eye infection.

    A very small percentage of people who use Latisse notice increased pigmentation of the eyes, including a change in eye color. This side effect is rare and typically occurs when bimatoprost gets into the eye, either due to direct application or accidentally while applying Latisse.

    Weve explained how and why this increase in pigmentation occurs, as well as your options if it affects you, in our guide to Latisse side effects. In general, the risk is low if you use Latisse for its intended purpose and are careful not to apply the medication directly to your eyes.

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    Can Pregnant Women Use Latisse

    Latisse is classed by the FDA as pregnancy class C. Class C means that animal studies have shown there might be some negative impact of the medication on pregnancy. In the case of Latisse, animal studies showed that at the approximate equivalent of 41 times the human dose, mothers saw a decreased gestation period and fetal weight, while there was an increase in dead fetuses, fetal resorption, fetal mortality, and pup mortality. Whether this means that women will experience negative impacts as a result is unknown, but in general this does not seem like a good risk to take except in special circumstances.

    Animal studies have also shown that Latisse can be passed through breast milk in animals. This also means you should probably not resume using Latisse until after you have finished nursing your baby.

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    Pregnancy And Nursing Safe Lash Serums

    Latisse Eyelash Treatment In Utah County

    We all want long, amazing lashes. Im not a lash extension girl , and Im horrible with applying false lashes. Instead, I go for a great lash serum and I love to layer my mascaras.

    This list of pregnancy safe lash serums is a much requested addition to my pregnancy safe beauty guide, which includes information on what ingredients to avoid while pregnant and a huge list of pregnancy safe beauty brands. This list is by no means comprehensive, and there are more options in the brand list.

    If you have a lash serum you want to ask about, you must include a full ingredient list in your comment below. Dont forget to check the list of pregnancy safe beauty brands, many more lash serums are included there. As well, you do not need to worry about mascara style primers/serums. Theyre similar to hair conditioner, in that they are moisturizing your lashes and preventing breakage. I do not screen those. Please dont ask about other random products here, including mascara or lash glue, it makes it difficult for others to find a lash serum they may be wondering about. I will delete those comments.

    This list was last updated on 2/18/2022

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