Is Native Deodorant Safe For Pregnancy

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Erica and Jason now have two children and both pregnancies were safeguarded in part by the food-grade, effective ingredients in Pit Liquor deodorant. What you put in and on your body every day matters, but there’s a heightened awareness of that during pregnancy. Your skin absorbs deeply what’s slathered on it and carries it to all parts of your bodythat can include your growing baby. The alcohol in Pit Liquor quickly evaporates and all that’s left for your skin to absorb are stink-fighting ingredients safe enough for you to eat.

Our fearless founders would not compromise on what their babies were exposed to and you don’t have to either. Pit Liquor allows you to use a truly non-toxic deodorant formulated specifically for the high standards of pregnancy safety. Finally, there’s a safe deodorant for pregnant women you can trust with your pits and your progeny! Pit Liquor safe, natural deodorant is the stench-quenching unicorn wonder of the deodorant world, so pregnant or not, give it a try and smell the magic for yourself!

Laycie McClain lives nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. It’s a handy place to live for a Wyoming native who treasures mountain adventures, a good craft beer, and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors with her husband and daughter.

Amount Of Perfumes Or Deodorants To Be Used During Pregnancy

Although deodorants and perfumes are considered to be safe during pregnancy it is always better to take precautions, especially when its about your baby. it is thus advised that you limit the number of deodorants and perfumes on an everyday basis, especially when you are pregnant. It is always better to make the minimum use of such scented products. Instead of using perfumes or trying out new products, you can rather use safer essential oils like citrus oil.

Native Deo Packaging: Plastic

Just like most conventional deodorant brands, Natives standard deodorants come in a regular plastic tube with a twist-up stick for an easy, mess-free application. But they also have plastic-free options available on their website, which come in a cardboard tube. Their plastic-free versions are available in a wide variety of scents and sensitive formulas. Most of these arent available in stores, though.

To apply the plastic-free deodorant, you have to push the stick up from the bottom and then hold it there with your finger while you apply it. So its not quite as easy to apply, but I personally didnt really have an issue with it especially considering it can help me decrease plastic use!

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Best For Sensitive Skin: Earth Mama Bright Citrus Deodorant

This refreshing deodorant from Earth Mama is curated especially for breastfeeding and pregnant women. It contains organic grapefruit, tangerine, and calendula that add a mild and gentle scent to prevent giddiness. The formula is free of toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals that irritate your skin.

The soothing ingredients in the formula prevent foul odor and leave a fresh and clean feeling post-application. The corn starch, baking soda, and arrowroot powder in this deodorant eliminate excessive sweat and keep your armpits dry. This coconut oil-based deodorant nourishes your skin, has antibacterial properties, and prevents foul odor instead of masking it.

Key Ingredients: Organic grapefruit, Tangerine, and Calendula


This super effective mineral stick is long-lasting and blocks and eliminates foul odor. Due to its non-aluminum formulation, it does not leave a chalky residue on your skin or clothes.

This powerful deodorant stick forms an invisible yet protective barrier over your skin and provides an odor-free solution that lasts up to 24 hours. The potassium alum salt fights against odor-causing bacteria and leaves you feeling super fresh. It does not leave your skin oily or sticky and settles in comfortably. This deodorant is free of toxic add-ons and safe to use on sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients: Potassium alum

Make Sure The Bedroom And Entire House Are Clean And Well Ventilated

Which is the Best Safe Deodorant for Pregnant Women 2022

A clean environment during pregnancy is good for your physical and mental health. Make sure the house is clean especially the room where you always sleep.

Using an air conditioner helps you cool down especially on hot days. If you donât have an aircon at home, you can open the windows, especially at noon to get good ventilation and let the air in.

Just make sure thereâs a screen in those windows to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from invading your house.

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The Dangerous Ingredients In Conventional Deodorants

For anyone trying to get pregnant, stay pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, or avoid hormone-driven cancers like some breast, ovarian, uterine, endometrial, and prostate cancers, the worst ingredients in deodorants are the endocrine disruptors. Im talking about parabens and phthalates primarily. Also, some deodorants sneak in triclosan, an antibacterial that has been banned in many other personal care products in the U.S. but is still lurking in deodorant and toothpaste.


Ohh, the destroyer of sperm! Phthalates are linked to decreased fertility in men and women, miscarriage, and pregnancy complications. They are also linked to cancer and to intellectual and emotional developmental complications in children. In other words this is stuff you DO NOT WANT in your deodorant.

You want to find a deodorant that specifically says pthhalate-free. Watch out for any ingredients such as fragrance,perfume, or parfum- these are the phthalates.


Parabens are nasty ingredients that act as endocrine disruptors and have been linked to diminished ovarian reserve. In other words, they AGE YOUR EGGS. They are also linked to male infertility. Meaning, they RUIN YOUR SPERM. They are also linked to breast cancer. Run from these!

Only buy personal care products that state they are paraben free and avoid ingredients such as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and other ingredients ending in -paraben.


Diethanolamine & other Ethanolamines

Soapwalla Organic Deodorant Cream

Getting used to a cream that you have to apply with your fingers as deodorant may take some getting used to, but if you want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals, the extra effort and time are worth it. Soapwalla deodorant uses safe ingredients, such as fine vegetable powders, clay, and oils, to prevent bacteria growth and inhibit sweating.

This deodorant has a tolerable light citrus scent for most women, especially those with morning sickness. Its vegan and cruelty-free, and free of aluminum and parabens. Its not technically an antiperspirant since it wont entirely clog sweat glands, but it will limit how much you sweat.

What We Like:

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The Best Natural Ingredients In Deodorant For Pregnant Women

Weve spoken about what deodorant ingredients to avoid during your pregnancy. Now were going to talk about safe ingredients and what you should be looking out for. Most people know what to avoid but not so many know what to include.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural ingredient that a lot of pregnancy-safe products deodorant will use. Its an excellent replacement for deodorants that contain aluminum because it prevents sweat and body odor by keeping the armpit powdery and dry. So if you see natural deodorants that use baking soda, dont be alarmed. Its safe and great for those with sensitive skin.

Shea Butter

Quite a common active ingredient in safe pregnancy deodorant is shea butter. Its naturally high in fat, antibacterial, long lasting, and fantastic at preventing body odor. Its probably the most common ingredient in natural deodorants and something to look out for during your pregnancy.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is by far my favorite fragrance thats both safe for pregnant women and perfect for those unfortunate enough to suffer from sensitive skin. Its one of the common ingredients in natural deodorants. Coconut nourishes our skin, making it less susceptible to irritation and performs a fine job of preventing body odor. For smell, its natural and commonly used in deodorant for pregnant women.

It can make a suitable replacement for ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, and aluminum that irritate your skin and are potentially linked to many health problems.

The 100 Best Pregnancy

I Tried Every Natural Deodorant to Find out Which One Is Best

December 6, 2022 by Admin

This master guide to the 100 best pregnancy-safe skincare and beauty products on the market today combines scientific research, beauty editor tips, EWG and environmental advocacy recommendations, and other holistic health insight into the coolest, safest products every mom-to-be needs to try.

When shopping for pregnancy-safe skincare and beauty products, always remember: What goes on your skin gets into your bloodstream. What gets in your bloodstream gets to your baby. So, skincare matters!

Below is an overview of the kind of toiletry audit you should take while pregnant. Make sure your sunscreen contains non-nano zinc without any harsh chemicals, try to switch to a deodorant that doesnt contain aluminum , and also stop using retinol at least 1 month before your pregnancy begins, if youre planning it. These are the biggies.

^ Most people who are into natural skincare already know this. But, many people dont!

And, you should still systematically review the ingredients in every single one of your skincare products while pregnant, as up to 60 percent of what we put on our bodies ends up in our bodies. As a result, you should be a real stickler about your skincare during pregnancy. Natural is the way to go, if you can.

However, all of this info can be overwhelming and pregnancy is hard enough as it is which is why we created this handy reference guide.

Youre doing great, mama!

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Deodorants Brands That Are Safe For Pregnant Women

Using deodorant is not bad for pregnant women as long as you make sure that its ingredients are safe.

Here are some brands that are not only safe for pregnant women but are also gentle on your skin while doing the job.

Mamaâs Choice Dry Serum Deodorant View Details

Get the confidence to bear your underarms! The miracles of sunflower oil now come in a dry glide formula for silky-smooth, no-wait dry application.

Diy Pregnancy Safe Deodorant

Control what you put in your body by making it yourself. Explore your creative side with these easy DIY antiperspirants for pregnancy.


  • 1/4 cup baking soda

  • 1/4 cup non-GMO arrowroot starch

  • 1/3 cup organic unrefined coconut oil

  • 3 drops organic lavender essential oil

  • 3 drops organic wild orange essential oil


  • Mix baking soda and arrowroot starch together.

  • Mash in coconut oil.

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    What If Native Deodorant Doesnt Work For You

    Not all of the Native reviews are positive. As I said, everyones biochemistry is different. Some people need stronger deodorant than others, while others dont need to wear deodorant at all

    If Native doesnt work for you, here are a few tips you can play around with:

    • Do a pit detox mask. I use this bentonite clay powder or this charcoal mask from Beautycounter. Even though I switched to natural deo a long time ago, I still do a pit mask every few months. This helps to unplug pores and get rid of andy built-up aluminum and/or bacteria . I swear it works!
    • Try a different non-toxic or natural deodorant. Different brands work for different people!
    • Try decreasing caffeine intake . I have found that on the days when I drink coffee, I get stinky faster.
    • Try to decrease stress when possible. Stress sweat actually smells different than normal sweat, and for a lot of people, its smellier!
    • Consider switching up your diet. Factors like the amount of processed food you eat as well as your veggie to meat ratio can affect your body odor.

    What Is Grove Collaborative

    The 7 Best Deodorants for Pregnancy (Fresh and Dry All Day)

    At Grove, we take the guesswork out of which products are good for you and your home. Every product meets strict standards for being nontoxic, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free. Once you find products you love, we ship to your home on a flexible, monthly schedule.

    If you’re ready to make the transition to natural cleaning, beauty, and household products, shop Grove Collaborative’s natural products for the eco-friendly tools to tackle the job.

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    Also Remember To Avoid Cbd Products

    When pregnant, be sure to avoid CBD oil in general. Do not consume or smoke it, and do not use it topically.

    To quote the FDA:

    FDA strongly advises against the use of cannabidiol , tetrahydrocannabinol , and marijuana in any form during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products have become increasingly available in recent years, with new and different types of products appearing all the time.

    There is no comprehensive research studying the effects of CBD on the developing fetus, pregnant mother, or breastfed baby. FDA is continuing to collect and study the data on the possible harmful effects of CBD during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, based on what we do know, there is significant cause for concern.

    High doses of CBD in pregnant test animals have caused problems with the reproductive system of developing male fetuses. In addition, based on what we already know about CBD, we expect that some amount of CBD will be transferred to babies through breast milk.

    Best Deodorant For Pregnancy 2021

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    If youre a mom-to-be, you know pregnancy can be a little uncomfortable. One of the things that you might notice is an unpleasant body odor.

    The question is: What do you do about it? One option is deodorant. But not just any deodorantthe right one for your bodys needs.

    So how do you find the best deodorant for pregnancy? Weve got five suggestions below to help you find the right product for you and your baby.

    Lets look at what to consider when choosing a deodorant for pregnancy, as well as five of the best options on the market.

    In A Rush? Check out our top picks here:

    Best Seller

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    Best Pregnancy Safe Deodorants Of 2022

    Are you pregnant and worried that your current deodorant isnt safe to use anymore? Youre not alone. After learning theyre expecting, many moms start to look more closely at the products they use.

    Some women would rather avoid traditional deodorants. However, most women feel overheated during pregnancy, thanks to hormones and weight gain, making deodorant an absolute necessity.

    Having faced this dilemma ourselves, weve spent a lot of time researching and carefully examining the safety of deodorant ingredients. Weve searched for options we feel good about using, and wed like to share five of the best deodorants for pregnancy with you.

    Weve also included a complete guide to deodorant use during pregnancy to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

    Are Crystal Deodorants Safe

    A Day in my life | Slow mornings at home #mumlife

    You may have seen or heard about the all-natural salt sticks that are trending in the natural deodorant category. They typically contain one ingredient. Thats one of the indicators that they could be considered safer than other options.

    However, the one ingredient is usually potassium alum. Although its a naturally occurring mineral salt, I personally wouldnt use it as a pregnancy safe deodorant.Potassium alum is stated to be unabsorbable by our skin, because its a larger molecule. A French study proves otherwise.14

    The fact is, natural crystal deodorant stones do contain aluminum, and it has the potential to be absorbed. I personally wouldnt use crystal deodorants during pregnancy.

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    Best Pregnancy Safe Bath Salts

    The Honest Companys Me Moment Soaking Salts are a great unscented mineral-rich salt soak that de-stresses and relaxing pregnant bodies. Its great if you have sciatica, back pain, or lots of lower leg swelling in the third trimester.

    This calming, hypoallergenic blend is made without dyes, magnesium sulfate, SLSA, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or PEGs. Simply add 1-2 cups to warm water and allow the salts to fully dissolve before soaking.

    When taking a bath while pregnant, always remember to use comfortably warm, not HOT, water. You want to avoid submerging your bump in water thats hot enough to raise your core body temperature.

    Humble Brands All Natural Deodorant

    Humble Brands all-natural deodorants come in a variety of scents and sizes, including a plastic-free version for the earth-conscious mamas-to-be! They are free of aluminum, talc, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. When you purchase through their website, you can choose bundles to try multiple scents, or pick travel sizes if you are still deciding which brand of pregnancy safe deodorant is right for you.

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    Does Native Deodorant Have Antiperspirants

    First let me get down to the root of question: What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? Well, if you break down the words, it leads you right to the answer: antiperspirant stops you from sweating. Kind of weird, huh? How does it work?

    While Native deodorant is pro-perspiration, they dont want you to stink and theyre against being wet. They think your body knows best and plugging your sweat glands is unhealthy for your body. Thats why there is no aluminum in their deodorants.

    The aluminium in antiperspirant acts like a seal in your bodys sweat ducts. So, not only does it keep you from sweating, but it also keeps you from releasing byproducts of sweat. Wait a second, you might be thinking hey, I dont want to smell. Dont worry, natural deodorant reduces and neutralizes the natural odours associated with sweat but your body still gets to do the natural process it is built to do. Its a win for everyone.

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