What Are The Best Shoes For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

When Swelling Becomes Serious

The Best Shoes for Pregnancy With Swollen Ankles : Pregnancy Fashion & Style

While gradual swelling in your lower and upper extremities is normal, sudden or severe swelling in your face, hands, or feet might be a symptom ofpreeclampsia. This pregnancy complication involves very high blood pressure.

If you have preeclampsia, you may need to stay in the hospital until you give birth. Delivery is the only way to treat preeclampsia. Left untreated, the condition can cause seizures, kidney or liver damage, and in rare cases, death.

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Talk with your doctor about foot and leg swelling, as well as any other pregnancy symptoms. The more we know about your current condition, the more we can help reduce your risk of future complications.

While we cant fully prevent foot and leg swelling, we can recommend ways to reduce your risk, such as:

What Are The Best Work Shoes For Pregnancy

Wondering which shoes are the best to wear to work during your pregnancy? Weve got you covered. Finding the right pair that are both suitable for the office, but provide you with comfort throughout the day is essential. Sneakers for the office are a perfect choice. Their comfy nature, due to the stretch in the material and the flat soles will ensure you can focus on your work during the day, rather than your feet. For smart offices choose an all black pair that will fit seamlessly with your workwear, or for a casual option choose a bright pair of green or pink sneakers.

The best shoes for pregnancy shouldnt add anything to your load. Due to their EVA soles, our knitted sneakers are also extremely lightweight. Youll appreciate having lightweight sneakers the further you get through your pregnancy!

Best Shoes For Pregnancy 2022

During pregnancy, your feet may grow, flatten, or you may need a larger size for width. Even if your feet do not grow , you will want new shoes to improve comfort and support during your pregnancy life. Here is the scoop on maternity shoes that will make pregnancy easier and hopefully provide you with more comfort.

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Best Choice: Old Friend Mens Adjustable Strap Slipper

  • Inconsistent quality reports
  • Not many sizes available

The Old Friend Adjustable Straps Slippers are ones of the best shoes for swollen feet that feature a few classic designs of traditional sheepskin shoes. They come with a lot of outstanding features to be able to give your feet the necessary support such as adjustable straps, soft and shearling fleece lining, and padded footbeds. Its all to give your swollen feet the comfort and warmth needed to make sure that you can feel the most comfortable to have these shoes on.

People with wide feet can also try on these Old Friend slippers, as they have a spacious design and roomy toe box, which makes it easy and comfy to move your feet inside the shoes. The uppers are also stretchable to adapt well with the foot state, which is very helpful for the swelling conditions.

Due to the elegant traditional design, the Old Friend slippers will be one of the best shoes for swollen feet that go well with types of your outfits. Its time to invest in something worthy.

What Is The Cause Of Swollen Feet

Pregnancy Foot Pain

Many women experience swollen feet during pregnancy. Swelling is common at this time because the body retains extra fluid to protect and support the growing fetus.Medical News Today

Swelling of the feet typically occurs later in the pregnancy when there is extra pressure on the legs and feet. This pressure could lead to poor circulation and a buildup of fluid in the feet.

Standing or sitting for long periods of time and caffeine are just a few things that can increase the chances of swelling in the feet.

If the swelling in your legs or feet is extreme or concerns you in any way, please consult with your physician.

Otherwise, there are many home remedies for swollen feet including the use of comfortable and high-quality shoes.

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How Can I Keep My Feet Healthy During Pregnancy

  • Wearing orthotics can provide extra support for the feet and help distribute weight evenly
  • Minimize the amount of time spent walking barefoot
  • Wear shoes with good arch support
  • Wear shoes that allow for good circulation to the feet
  • Elevate feet if you experience swelling
  • Massage your feet
  • Get regular, light exercise, such as walking, to promote blood circulation to the feet

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our physicians at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle located in Glassboro, Sewell, Marlton, Cherry Hill, and Mount Holly. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

Cornerstone Foot & Ankle is a full service foot and ankle specialty office with locations in Sewell, Cherry Hill, , Mt. Holly, and Glassboro serving the South Jersey region. We offer a full suite of services including surgery, fracture care, fungal nail care, diabetic foot care, pediatric podiatry, custom braces and orthotics, wound care, limb salvage, and treatments for arch pain, heel pain, and sports injuries just to name a few. If it hurts below your knee, we can help you! CALL NOW or request your appointment online TODAY!

Best Slippers For Swollen Feet: Minnetonka Mens Pile Lined Hardsole Slippers

  • No arch support
  • Not suitable for summer days

These moccasin shoes with classic designs are one of the good-quality shoes for swollen feet on the market. They come with thorough, traditional craftsmanship with the top materials to offer the best comfort, sturdiness, and even a timeless appearance for the great adaptation to your casual day outfits.

The chief materials of these shoes are leather, so they can provide the softness and comfort to wear for a long time. Since you need much room in the shoes for your swollen feet, this footwear is very suitable as they feature moccasin silhouette build, which offers more area from the bottom of your feet to the top of the shoes. The stylish collar lacing allows you to adjust the fit for the best state of comfort.

It will be a mistake if not mention the faux fur lining that provides your feet with great cushion and warmth. However, it may not be very suitable for summertime. But generally, these shoes for swollen feet will make it the best casual wearing.

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Our Best Shoes For Pregnancy

At Giesswein our sneakers are made from high quality merino wool, making them the perfect pregnancy shoes. Our Wool Sneakers are made from our unique 3D-Stretch material. This material stretches and molds to the foot, so however swollen your feet are youll always have the perfect fit. Importantly, due to the stretch, these shoes for pregnancy wont feel tight whilst youre wearing them. They are also our lightest pair of sneakers, so will keep you feeling light as a feather however far along you are! Whilst keeping comfortable is a high priority during this time, that doesnt mean you should have to sacrifice style. These shoes have a classic sneaker design and are available in a range of colours, so youre sure to find a pair that fits seamlessly into your wardrobe! These sneakers look flawless with dresses, as well as with skirts and leggings.

If youre looking for a pair you can reach for everyday, our Merino Runners are a fabulous choice. Their stylish design can pair with any outfit, whether it be formal or casual. More importantly, they are designed for ultimate comfort. Made from soft merino wool, these shoes also feature the same stretch technology. They also feature a merino wool footbed, this gives you a cushioned feel with every step. These are some of our best shoes for pregnancy as the wool and footbed allows these to become barefoot shoes, so when you dont want to confine your feet to socks you can still enjoy the comfort of these sneakers.

When Does Swelling Begin During Pregnancy

The best shoes for pregnancy With Swollen ankles : Pregnancy fashion and style

Its most common for swelling to develop later in pregnancy, usually during the third trimester . However, it can start around the fifth month or sooner in some cases. It could even start earlier in pregnancy for people who live in hot climates or spend long hours standing.

Often, the swelling will continue until after you give birth. The extra fluid usually goes away within a few days or weeks after delivering your baby.

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What Foot Problems Arise During Pregnancy

One problem that can occur is over-pronation, which occurs when the arch of the foot flattens and tends to roll inward. This can cause pain and discomfort in your heels while youre walking or even just standing up, trying to support your baby.

Another problem is edema, or swelling in the extremities. This often affects the feet during pregnancy but tends to occur in the later stages.

How can I keep my feet healthy during pregnancy?

Wearing orthotics can provide extra support for the feet and help distribute weight evenly Minimize the amount of time spent walking barefoot Wear shoes with good arch support

Pregnancy And Foot Pain: How Mothers

During pregnancy, it’s not uncommon for women to experience an array of aches and pains all over the body. Among these complaints are tired, swollen, achy feet- a common and painful symptom experienced by mothers-to-be during their nine months of pregnancy.

One of the most common foot problems that occur during pregnancy is swelling or edema, which results from the extra accumulation of blood. The natural weight gain and enlarging uterus puts pressure on the veins that lead to the legs, causing circulation to slow down and increasing fluid retention. The legs and feet may become swollen, making shoes tight, and in some cases causing pain and discomfort. Slight swelling during pregnancy is normal and usually subsides after giving birth. Women should pay close attention to edema symptoms. Swelling to the face or a sudden onset of swelling could be a sign of a more serious condition called preeclampsia and should be reported immediately.

  • Take short breaks during the day and elevate your feet to relieve pressure and swelling.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Wear shoes that are soft, comfortable and give your feet room to move.
  • Wear seamless socks that do not constrict circulation.
  • Exercise or walk regularly to promote overall health.
  • Stretch legs frequently and avoid crossing your legs when sitting.
  • To prevent arch pain, stretch daily, avoid going barefoot and wear supportive low-heeled shoes.

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Adidas Slides The Best Shoe For Your Hospital Bag

I would like to thank everyone who made Adidas slides popular again. These shoes can be worn in public whether or not you have swollen pregnancy feet. They are perfect for every occasion, from the supermarket to the doctors appointment.

These are also another great option to pack in your hospital bag . They come in a variety of colors, from traditional black and white to pretty mint on top.

Birkenstock In Arizona Suede The Easiest To Put On And Take Off

Hot Water or Cold Water for Swollen Feet during Pregnancy ...

If at any point in life you have the excuse to buy stocks and socks, pregnancy is definitely it. You have to use that, because Birkenstocks are so comfortable! Once they have formed on your feet, you wont want to wear anything else. Theyre perfect for swollen feet as you can stretch the strap before you put it on.

However, I caution you to rub these in before your feet swell!

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Birkenstock In Arizona Suede The Easiest To Slip

If there is any time in life that you have the excuse to where stocks & socks, it is definitely when you are pregnant. You have to take advantage of this because Birkenstocks are so comfortable! Once they have formed to your feet, you wont want to wear anything else. They are perfect for swollen feet since you can widen the strap before you put them on.

I will warn you, though, break these in before your feet start to swell!

Adidas Slides The Best Shoe To Toss In Your Hospital Bag

I would like to send a huge thank you to whoever made Adidas slides popular again. These shoes are completely acceptable to wear in public whether you have swollen pregnancy feet or not. They are perfect for every occasion from the grocery store to a doctors appointment.

These are also another great option to pack in your hospital bag . They come in a huge variety of colors from the traditional black and white to the pretty mint above.

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Best For Edema Patients: Mt Emey 728

  • Only available in black
  • Velcro straps are easy to break

These Apis Mt. Emey Lycra Casual Shoes are specially made for edema, swelling feet, and other types of severe foot conditions. They have to be one of the perfect pairs of shoes that have great adaptation and protection for such foot conditions.

The symmetrical straight last design provides the additional depth of 5/16 for the roomy area to put in some orthotics inserts. These shoes come with many sizes and widths for you to choose the ones that you feel fit you most. Plus, the durable Reflex leather heel counter helps to decrease the achilles pressure on your feet, combines with the thick foam padded collar that gives extra cushion, and reduces the friction at the ankle parts.

The flex area has cut-off marks on the lateral sides to offer more bunions relief and enhance support for the swelling foot and edema. Besides, the stretchable Lycra fabric and soft Napa leather uppers with the seam-free design will deliver more comfort and excellent accommodation for many types of foot-shape and foot conditions.

If you need more ankle support shoes, here is an article of top 15 best ankle support shoes for men.

Dearfoam Mama Bear Slippers

17 Best Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Could there be a more fitting slipper for an expecting mama bear? We think not. In addition to their adorable good looks, these cozy scuffs are made with a memory foam insole to give your aching feet some instant ahhhh. Even better, they have a rubber sole so you can keep em on while grabbing the mail or letting Fido out, and theyre also machine washable. But perhaps the best part is that you can get matching Papa Bear, Lil Bear, and Baby Bear slippers for the whole family Theyre also available in a handful of different plaid patterns and one faux fur design.

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Skechers Sports Womens Breathe Easy Fortune Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Womens Breathe Easy Fortune sneakers are athletic casual-comfort shoes that you can wear all day whether running errands or working around your house. The relaxed fit that the sneakers offer make the shoes an easy go-to option for walks to stay in good physical condition during pregnancy.

The sneakers feature a soft-woven mesh that allows your feet to breathe, and a rubber sole to provide cushion and reduce pressure on your joints and ankles. Additionally, the air-cooled memory foam inner soles give enhanced arch support to your feet.

How Can You Help Relieve The Swelling And Reduce Discomfort

I have pulled together a few top tips which I found helpful at the time, and which should help relieve some of the swelling and discomfort you might be experiencing:

  • Take the weight off your feet – sit down and keep your feet raised. Get someone to make you a nice cup of tea!
  • Wear comfortable shoes – If you find you are struggling to get into your normal shoes then look for alternatives that don’t hurt your feet. You will make the pain and discomfort a lot worse if your feet are squeezed into ill-fitting shoes. Wider fitting shoes will give your feet extra space to breathe. They will become your great friends as the day wears on and your feet get more swollen.
  • If you are planning to attend a special event where you know you will be on your feet a lot, all the more reason to choose wide fitting shoes. My personal advice, if your feet swell as the day wears on, is to choose shoes with an adjustable fastening so you can loosen it as your feet swell .
  • Drink lots of water – Although you might feel you are bloated enough, by drinking water you actually help flush out excess fluid.
  • Keep walking – a bit of exercise will help reduce swelling and keep your blood circulating but walking in ill-fitting shoes will only make matters worse! Find a pretty wide fitting pump with a low heel to offer proper support for your feet .
  • Shoes with an adjustable fastening, which you can loosen, are useful if your feet start to swell throughout the day.

Choose shoes with adjustable straps

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