What To Do If Your Pregnant At 14

Weeks Pregnant: Ask Your Doctor

14 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect
  • Is your weight gain healthy and on track? Your healthcare provider can help you establish the right weight gain goals based on your BMI and other individual factors. Although your provider is the one to give you personalized guidance and advice, in the meantime you can also play around with our pregnancy weight gain calculator.

  • What activities can you add to your exercise routine, and is there anything you should avoid in the second trimester?

  • Can you use the same over-the-counter medicines youâre used to if youâre feeling a little sick?

  • Are there any genetic tests recommended for you during the second trimester? What are the risks and benefits of each?

  • Is a nuchal translucency ultrasound recommended?

And Pregnant: The Aftermath

Pregnancy at a very young age has its peculiarities. A 12-year-old girls body is growing and developing actively. But when a girl is pregnant all the resources and strength of her body are spent on fetal development. Apart from that, pregnancy requires a lot from all the young girls organs and systems which have already been under pressure due to age specificities. Such pregnancies take a difficult course and are very hard for teenage girls because of their immature bodies. Its always a true test for a girl who herself is still a child.

There is no doubt that pregnancy at an early age speeds up puberty. The estrogens and progesterone secretion is in no way inferior to that of adult pregnant women.

Teenage pregnancy is, as a rule, unplanned and unwanted. The length of gestation is 1-2 weeks less than that of adult women . A lot of young fathers are not ready to care for a family at such an age and thus run away from responsibility. As a result, a 12-year-old girl becomes a single mother.

Even if the babys dad does feel responsible for his child and its mother, the relationships between young people are usually not very stable, such marriages are often unhappy.

Some of the young mothers dont have time to complete their education and that leads to doing low-paid work for the rest of their lives.

Breathe A Little Easier

If you’ve been concerned about early pregnancy loss this week brings a little sigh of relief. By week 14, the risk of miscarriage drops significantly. While some parents-to-be might not truly feel relief until after the delivery when they’re holding a healthy baby in their arms, this is a critical step to getting to that point.

If you find that you are worried all the time, share your concerns with your health care provider. It might be helpful to get a referral to a mental health professional to help you through this time.

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Talk To A Professional

Now that you know all about your options for your pregnancy at 14 years old, you are ready to make the first step forward.

Take some time to really think about what you want in this situation. Also, talk to a trusted family member or friend.

Its going to be okay, and you have the strength to get through this!

Texas Adoption Center is a loving adoption center that can help you choose the option that works best for you.

Not only is Texas Adoption Center modern and professional, but they are also filled with people who want to help girls just like you. They are warm, caring, and dedicated to your happiness and wellbeing.

In the end, they want to empower you to make choices that will lead to your success and happiness.

You deserve to feel empowered and strong, and Texas Adoption Center can help you build a strong foundation for your future.If you are unsure about what to do or which option is best for you, call Texas Adoption Center at 512-893-7943 or text them at 361-461-3742.

Resources For My Pregnant Teen

How big was your 14 week bump?

There are a few articles on teen pregnancy that should be of use to your daughter. They can guide her through the decision process , how to juggle pregnancy symptoms and her relationships and day to day activities, how to stay healthy, what to avoid, and more. Have her check out:

Below are other resources that she may need to support her pregnancy, her choices for her pregnancy, and parenting resources if she decides to parent. Medical Insurance:

  • Medicaid for pregnancy contact your state chapter by clicking here to see if your daughter qualifies.
  • Healthcare.gov if she is not on your insurance, does not qualify for Medicaid, and is 18+ years, she can find subsidized insurance here call 1-800-318-2596 or apply online here.

Adoption Resources:

  • National Council for Adoption general information on adoption, more on infant adoption specifically, and an adoption agency search.
  • American Adoptions information on choosing adoption for the baby or you can call 1-800-236-7846 for more information .

Food assistance:

Childcare assistance:

Housing assistance:

Schools for pregnant teens:

GED Programs:

Parenting classes/material assistance/support groups:

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Your Common Symptoms This Week

You might already feel less nauseous and exhausted, but if haven’t started feeling better yet, hang in there. Those not-so-pleasant early pregnancy symptoms don’t abruptly end on a specific dateand they technically don’t all disappear when you hit week 14.

However, the symptoms of early pregnancy do often begin to fade when the first trimester is overit might just be more of a gradual shift to feeling better. Either way, you are entering the least symptomatic phase of your pregnancy.

Truth: It Can Take Multiple Months To Get Pregnant

You may have gotten the impression in your high school sex education class that getting pregnant is almost too easy. One time in bed and thats ityoull be expecting. Years of using birth control can also put you into this mindset. When you spend so much time worrying that you might accidentally get pregnant, you may be surprised when you dont conceive instantly.

The truth is that few couples get pregnant the first month they try. Its completely normal to take up to six months to get pregnant. Some couples take up to a year to conceive, and thats also within the realm of normal.

How quickly can you expect to get pregnant? One study found that after three months of trying, 68% of the couples were pregnant. After a year, 92% conceived. Additionally, these women were using fertility tracking techniques. So, it wasnt hit-or-miss intercourse that got them pregnant.

What if youre not pregnant after a year? Go see your doctor. If youre age 35 or older, go see your doctor after six months.

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Help With Childcare Costs

If you’re under 20, the Care to Learn scheme can help with childcare costs while you study.

You can apply if you’re going to study at school or sixth form college or on another publicly funded course in England.

You cannot get Care to Learn if you’re an apprentice who gets a salary or if you’re doing a higher education course at university.

Moms Body At 14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need To Know – Channel Mum

Youâve finally reached the second trimester! Around this time you may start showing â although every mom-to-be and every pregnancy is unique so it may happen a little earlier or later for you. Initially you may just feel that your jeans are a little snug. If youâre not showing yet, thatâs OK too! It could be just weeks away. Read up on when do you start showing for more.Soon, your healthcare provider may start to note the size of your belly and uterus at each prenatal visit by measuring the distance from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus . During your pregnancy, your uterus is growing upward out of the pelvic area, and generally this measurement helps your provider track your babyâs growth. The second trimester is often referred to as the âhoneymoonâ period of pregnancy. This is because some of the pesky early pregnancy symptoms may start to subside and many moms-to-be experience some positives, including:

If youâre wondering how many months along you are at 14 weeks pregnant, the answer is that youâre likely 4 months pregnant.

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Signs You’re Pregnant With An Iud According To Experts

As far as birth control goes, intrauterine devices are fairly foolproof. Unlike other birth control devices, its not something you have to remember to do like popping a birth control pill daily and its highly unlikely that you can get pregnant if you have an IUD. But, not entirely impossible, either. Unfortunately, if you become pregnant with an IUD in, it can be really dangerous. Thats why you need to know the signs youre pregnant with an IUD, and what to do if you suspect you may be pregnant.

Heres the good news: an IUD is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, according to Planned Parenthood. So, if you think about it, more than 99% would mean 100%, right? Not necessarily. Its in that .1% grey area where you could still potentially conceive, and if you have your IUD in, thats probably not what you were planning. The problem with getting pregnant when you have an IUD inserted is that it can do damage to both you and your unborn baby, OB-GYN Dr. Kim Langdon, tells Romper. You have a higher risk of miscarriage and preterm birth if it stays there throughout the pregnancy, she says.

Take The Time To Think

Different issues will influence you and affect the amount of time needed to make your decision. The following questions may help you work out what is the best decision at this time in your life.

Your relationships:

  • Do you have support from family or a partner?
  • Can you work things out through the tough times?

Your responsibilities:

  • What does being a parent mean to you?
  • Who can you call on to offer you support emotionally and financially?

Future plans:

  • How will this decision affect your plans for the future?
  • Where do you see yourself in 1, 2 and 5 years time?

Its your right to have:

  • confidential care
  • safe, non-judgmental care
  • respect, whatever choice you make

If you need advice or someone to talk to, please call Pregnancy, Birth and Baby on 1800 882 436.

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What Are My Rights As A Parent

In certain states, your permission is required for your daughter to get an abortion. Some states also require parental consent for adoption. Otherwise, your rights depend on your living situation. If your daughter lives under your roof, obviously she has to abide by your rules. And if she wont, you will need to sort out temporary to long-term alternate housing. The important thing to know is that you do NOT have the right to force any decision on your daughter, whether that is parenting, adoption, or abortion. You can, of course, refuse to pay for certain things or set punishments, but you legally cannot coerce your daughter into the pregnancy decision that you wish for her. According to research from Guttmacher Institute, here are states laws regarding parental consent for minors who want an abortion:

  • States that require parental consent: AL, AZ, AR, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NC, ND, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, and WY
  • States that do not require any parental consent: CT, D.C., and ME
  • States that require the parents be notified about an abortion: CO, DE, FL GA, IL, IA, MD, MN, NH, SD, and WV
  • States that had a law requiring parental consent or notification, but the law is not currently in effect: AK, CA, MT, NV, NJ, NM,
  • States that do not specify about minors and abortion : HI, NY, OR, VT, and WA

New Or Changing Moles

14 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Belly, Bump &  More

Skin changes occur throughout pregnancy. One issue that might pop up is the formation of a new mole or changes to an existing mole. Pregnancy can do funny things to moles like make them bigger or darker. While pregnancy is the likely cause of these changes, it’s always smart to have any new or changing moles looked at by your health care provider.

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What Should You Expect During Prenatal Visits

Youll see a lot of your doctor during your pregnancy.

During the first sixmonths, youll probably have an appointment at least once every month. In the last months of your pregnancy, you may see your doctor every other week, ending with weekly visits in your final month. These visits are to make sure you and your baby are healthy.

At the doctors office, youll be weighed, your blood pressure will be taken, and your stomach will be measured. As your baby develops, the doctor will feel its position and listen for its heartbeat.

Your doctor will ask how youre feeling and if you have any questions. Theyll usually then explain what you can expect during the upcoming weeks of your pregnancy.

Its a good idea to write down any questions or concerns you have so that you can remember to ask them during your appointment. Make sure you talk to your doctor about your health, the babys health, and any emotional or family concerns you have.

See your doctor right away if you have:

Im Pregnant What Do I Do Now

Finding out youre pregnant can feel overwhelming, but try to stay calm. Youre going to be okay, and there are people who can help you.

If youre pregnant you have 3 options:

Parenting giving birth and raising the child.

Abortion ending the pregnancy.

Adoption giving birth and placing the child with another person or family, forever.

If you think you might choose parenting or adoption, you need prenatal care to make sure you stay healthy during the pregnancy.

If youre thinking about getting an abortion, try to make an appointment as soon as you can. It can be harder to get an abortion as time goes by. If you live in a state where abortion is illegal, you may have to go to another state to get an abortion and it can take time to arrange travel. Whatever you decide to do, go to a doctor right away so they can help you stay healthy.

The staff at your local Planned Parenthood health center can give you accurate information about all your options, answer your questions, and offer support. You can also find a trustworthy abortion provider at AbortionFinder.org.

If youre having a hard time finding someone in your life to talk with, check out All-Options. All-Options has a free, private hotline where you can talk about your pregnancy and get support, no matter how youre feeling.

No one should pressure you into making any decision about your pregnancy, no matter what. Only you know whats right for you.

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Can My School Make Me Get A Doctors Note For Participating In Activities If I’m Pregnant

The school can make you show them a doctors note to continue in a program or activity only if the school usually requires medical certification from all students for other medical conditions that require medical attention. This means that the school cannot make you provide a doctors note for your temporary medical conditionpregnancyif it would not require another student with a medical condition, such as asthma, provide a doctors note to participate in a school program or activity.

Youre On Birth Control

Your pregnancy: 14 weeks

Birth controlwhether its the pill, patch, ring, implant, IUD, or the shot greatly decreases your chances of conception. These methods work in various ways for example, IUDs block sperm from reaching the egg, while hormonal contraception prevent the recruitment of a mature egg, explains Dr. Brauer. Even if youre committed to taking your birth control, you still have to use it correctly and consistently.

Also, if you rely on contraceptive pills, take note: Some pill packs contain four to seven days of sugar pills without any hormones. In rare ocassions, this may be long enough to allow for recruitment of a mature egg. This is often referred to as escape ovulation and is one reason for oral hormonal contraception failure, says Dr. Brauer. Missing doses of hormonal contraception could also increase the chances of accidental pregnancy.

How hard is it to get pregnant on birth control? If youre on birth control and following all instructions, then your chances of getting pregnant are generally less than 1 percent. The effectiveness decreases with typical use .

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Soare You Ever Just Too Old To Have A Baby

Technically, as long as you are still ovulating and havent reached menopausewhich happens around age 51, according to ACOGits possible to conceive a child naturally, says Sridhar.

Theres no right time to have a baby, so theres also no wrong time.

But advancements in fertility treatments and prenatal care has made becoming a mom in their forties or early fifties an option for more and more women.

Carrying a child is different than conceiving a child, so as long as your uterus is healthy and able to support the growth of a babe, its possible to have a child into your early fifties with in vitro fertilization or donor eggs, says Sridhar.

But keep in mind, IVF or using donor eggs is super expensiveit can run you about $13,000 to $15,000so it may not be a feasible option, depending on your financial situation.

Basically, there is no right age or time to get pregnant and have a babywhich means theres also no wrong time. Instead, choosing what age to have a child hinges on a number of factors that are different for everyone.

Women look at it as a significant change in their life, so I think its valid for them to think about it and see what works best for them, says Sridhar. Its all about how you feel and when you can make up your mind.

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